Chicago Munchies Fried & Grilled

790 N Westnedge Ave, Kalamazoo
(269) 888-2266

Recent Reviews

Syed Fawaz

The Food here is always fresh and amazing. Every single thing we have tried so far is delicious. The Gyro, Chicken Tenders, Philly cheese Steak, Chicken Nuggets etc. Plus Everything is Halal! Alhamdulillah. The Head chef/owner is a really hard working person and makes sure you get your order like you want. The other staff is really good as well. Unfortunately this place is located in not so neighborhood with countless people just hanging outside the restaurant with no purpose. Other than that the food is wonderful and a must try. Its reasonably priced and portion size is really generous.

Mubi K

Love their Philly cheese steak sandwich and cheeseburger with gyros!

Amy A

I waited over 30 minutes for my food. When I got it they put seasoning on it when I said none. When I brought it back they said it would be another 20 minutes. I made them give me a refund.

Mike Vansyckle

Very disappointed... we were excited to try a new restaurant. Unfortunately they were closed. Everything online said they were open 11 am to 11 pm. We arrived at 1 pm, and doors were locked and lights off.

Clarence Boroc Taylor

It was all right but that's just me

SF 3312

Their Philly cheese Chicken and Beef steak sandwiches are so delicious and satisfying. Gyro plate very generous in portion and tastes amazing. The Head chef and owner of the restaurant works very hard.

Osvaldo G.

The 10Pc Buffalo wings with fries sprinkled with the "crack".... I was 7 wings deep till I started talking again. Delicious

Ify Iwu

The food is really good.

Samona Allen

The food is good but the workers are ghetto and rude. I don’t spend my money here anymore

basil abdullah

There is a problem with the Internet, it is very bad. When I tell the office, he tells me you are going to contact the Internet company. This is not my problem

Jerahmi Bowen

Great food and the prices are good

Charlie Ewing

OMG yes!

Mohamed Bzizi

The best burger I ever had from here and all of his food are really good

D Nichols

I called ahead of time before I went to work when I got there my food was ready love the shrimp and chicken combo

Hunter Feraco

Initial Thoughts: the name is misleading. When I read "Chicago Munchies" I was thinking more of iconic foods like Chicago Style Dogs or Pizza and stuff along those lines. Instead, this is a fish and chips, fried food type joint.

Chef Man

This place is the truth. Everything hot and fresh. Never mind the pand handlers outside they wont hurt you.

Derrick Phillips EL

A real jewel in the black neighborhood, good food and hard work is a great combination

Nisa G.

My boyfriend and I absolutely love this place we get excited anytime we think about it if we never know what we want or what we have a place where this is our go to their chicken and fish are to die for I personally love their fish there catfish is just cook so perfectly in season right french fries are seasoned

James T.

A little dirty and lots of homeless hangout, but the food was amazing. Had the chicken wings and a cheese stake and chicken. Pro tip, order ahead. They get backed up.

Daryl Selby

Food was good, little bit of a wait. Loiterers are kind of a nuisance.

B 13

It says it’s Hala but there os no other indicator of knowing if it’s hala or not so they need to clear that and explain it more instead.

Toni Whittmore

Always a great place to grab a quick bite to eat..thanks...

Rishav Mishra

One of the best burgers in Kalamazoo area. It's a small place but packs a great punch in terms or their food offering. Definitely try their crab salt as well, they are the ones to die for.

Ashley Wilson

There chicken wings are over cooked and there’s no flavor to it

Kierra Misters

Don’t recommend, I had got food poisoning from eating here

Sharjeel Karim

The food is mouth watering good. I've been here a few times and so far have had the double cheeseburger, Italian beef sandwich, beef polish, fried shrimp and cheese fries and they all have tasted amazing. I've heard the Philly cheese steak, gyros cheeseburger and chicken wings are also really good. The prices are affordable also. Especially the lunch specials before 3pm are all $6.99 and there's a lot to choose from. Everything comes with fries and a drink for no extra charge, and you can upgrade your fries to cheese fries for 50 cents. The only complaint is it can take a little long to get your food sometimes, 15 mins or more, but in their defense there are only 1-2 guys in the kitchen and they make the food fresh. You can call ahead, but sometimes need to call 2-3 times before they answer cause they get busy. Also the neighborhood isnt too great, it's fine during the day but late at night it gets a bit more dangerous. Not a place to eat at with family, but you can always carry out.

Helen Randle

Food is good, but their attitude sucks. The customer is spending their money, so respect is due when dealing with the community.

Raabia Waheed

The best Crispy Chicken Sandwich I've ever had. The place is sketchy but the food is worth it. Plus it is halal.

Juane Whitley

Fresh food. Should call a head. Big fries. Good fish. Fully cooked food.

Brianna Durr

Was looking for great friends fish and shrimp and I found it.Trust me this is what looking for..The customer service may not be the best but the food is.

AbdulHakeem Al

Fair price friendly and helpful people

Mubi K.

Tried this place for the first time and my family and I really liked it. Their Philly Cheese Steak sandwich with hot peppers was delicious! My kids enjoyed the cheeseburger and I really liked the double cheese burger with gyros. Everything on the menu comes with fries and drinks and since we didn't need that many drinks they gave us bottled water for the remaining drinks. The lady who helped me with my order was really nice. It's hard finding Halal burger joints here so this one's a keeper.

Hakeem Al

Fair price friendly and helpful people

Amber Miskovitch

I love this place and servings sizes are great. My favorite onion rings karma grilled chicken sandwich with fries.

Hira A.

I'd been meaning to try out Chicago Munchies mostly to test out their Philly cheesesteak - and I was pleasantly surprised. Philly steaks can be a huge miss if the meat is chewy or if the meat to cheese sauce ratio is off - but these guys definitely nailed it. In addition, I was really excited to see that they have a complete zabihah halal menu which only a handful of restaurants in town offer. Each sandwich is decently priced with a large side of fries and a drink. And they have daily specials Monday thru Thursday. Check out my menu pix. Will definitely be back to try out their famous fried fish and other sandwiches!

Stacey Johnson

You can call a order in and still have to wait 30 minutes once u get there. But the food good tho.

Theo Overstreet

Great service and food...

Ali Tariq

First time visited TV he place. Ordered Family combo ( 10 wings & 6 fish pieces) for $ 25. Both were really good, we ordered extra fries as well, I felt fries had a bit less salt. Not the best sit-in but good place for take aways. Really friendly staff, chef even gave us free drinks since it is our first time. Overall good experience, would recommed to others

Safwan Zulfazli

Great selection of American food that's Halal. I got the Philly Steak and it was good. What was more exceptional was their nuggets! People usually call this place before hand and order a take out

Jessica Lloyd

Love, love, love!!! Always great service, good quality food, & beautiful prices!

Chicago Munchies Fried & Grilled

790 N Westnedge Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49007
(269) 888-2266