Papa's Italian Sausage

1219 King Hwy, Kalamazoo
(269) 373-5707

Recent Reviews

Phil Dennison

Still good over 20 years later

J G.

Used yelp to find the best Italian beef located in Kalamazoo Ray Ray's came up first so I decided on to go there. Well they were closed Monday's. So Papa's Italian Sausage came up as number 2 in kalamazoo. Well we came in at approximately 3pm and ordered Italian beef along with another Italian beef that came with sausage. When sandwich arrived the order was wrong. I had order my Italian beef with their hot spicy sausage along with giardiniera well did not get what I ordered. I received a sandwich with pre-sliced what maybe consider beef but sure was not Italian beef. "see attached picture". My wife would not even eat her's. The sausage that came with sandwich was good. The fact they heated up in microwave not good. If you consider yourself an Italian sausage maker you should be embarrassed serving pre-sliced overly processed beef product. So if you are looking for Italian beef do not come here. If you are looking for sausage you should be okay coming here but loose the microwave. Using a microwave to cook or warm your product that I am assuming you made from scratch should be embarrassing to you. If you are of Italian heritage please no what you are passing off as Italian beef should be disgraceful to yourself. Thank you for the sausage but take the Italian beef off menu please. I am going to Ray Rays today I will let you know about them.

Jason Saari

Best chilli in the city.


He makes his own Italian sausage either hot or mild plus they have low carb bowls which is really good if you're on the keto diet!

Brad Hoercher

Amazing food! Great service and super cheap!! Great little lunch spot. Hidden gem!

Tim Dy

Amazing sauce, pizza sub and hand made meat balls

Kirk Decker

Great great food. A little gem of a place.

Karen Baker

Nose runs, mouth burns,,,, it's All GOOD! THE BEST CHILI IN TOWN!

Kristina K.

Papa's sausage is the best! Excellent sandwiches and sausages to go. Have always enjoyed them at the farmers market but decided to check out the restuarant on kings hwy and was not dissapointed. Tiny hole in the wall but that is what makes it so good.

Ronald Olson

Long history here and good food.

Mary Alfieri

One of the best sandwiches in town and courteous and polite customer service

Not Sure

Very good eats here, chilli cheese dogs are the best.

Scott L.

This place has probably been here 20 yrs but I always pass by. The sausage was outstanding, service excellent. Small dining area but I'll be back!

Gerid Bowler

Great small place to grab a quick bite to eat for lunch!

Mary Lou

The sausage is amazing! Try the lasagna for your private party!

Chad Doubblestein

Carl, Molly and the whole crew serve the best sausage I have ever had. You can buy it ready made or by the pound. We buy it buy the pound at the holidays. And we come for lunch all year long.

Dave Weir

Lived in Kalamazoo for 20 years transplanted from Chicago and had their italian beef sandwich, Chicago style. I should have asked if it was wet or dry. Turns out it's wet, which is fine. Good and sloppy like a dipped italian beef should be. Good seasoning and Giardiniera was good and spicy, though the oil was a tad stale. Otherwise a great sandwich, and will be trying their sausage on my next visit.

Gerid Allan

Great small place to grab a quick bite to eat for lunch!


Had the Italian sausage, peppers, onion, and provolone cheese sub. It was tasty but not up to the Chicago version. The peppers and onions were grilled but the sausage appeared to be boiled and marked on the grill. The piece of provolone cheese was too small to really be part of sandwich. Overall, tasty but I'll wait until I'm in Chicago for a more generous version for the price.

Ed Bennett

You know its a good place to eat when there are always cop cars in the parking lot during lunch hour!

William Mccurdy

Great sausage sandwich (Not greasy)!

Amy Gamm Streitel

Best Italian sausage aroud

by son

Small well known place for homemade sausage...really good...fresh pasta made daily...great value..very popular..

Carol Belz

Employees are very attentive and friendly. Best chef salad I've ever had.The fahita was really good too,!! Very cozy!

Imma B Me

Great food...good prices.

Jonathan Shank

Amazing food, love the meatball sub, it is very delicous!!


Wanted to try this since it advertises Chicago style Italian sausage and beef.Tried the Italian sausage for lunch , was just ok since it was not cooked over a grill, it was boiled, since this place does not have a grill or fryer. Next time I will try the Italian Beef and see how that goes

samuelj kline

The Best a must for visitors and locals.

Joe Johnson

I've eaten here several times and have always been very impressed with my meal. Carl and his staff are always friendly and helpful. Keep up the good work.

ProPlayer 403

The Best a must for visitors and locals.

Ryan James

Good italian food. Quick and friendly staff.


Everything tastes made from scratch. I have been a long time fan of the sausage. It reminds me of the sausage I ate growing up as a kid that was made from an old fashion local butcher.

Frank Wilcox

Went here on a whim I am from the Chicago area and really enjoy a great Italian sausage sandwich

James Horn

Love Carl and his staff. Great food at a fair price!

Whitney Olson

Very friendly, great service and always accurate, great food at a decent price, family-owned. Highly recommend!!!! Thank you Papa's!

Dawn Caffrey

The pastrami sandwich was awesome... I'll order with light angry mustard next time tho

justin zegerius

I'd give it 6 stars if I could. If you have been to Papa's, you know what I mean.

PJ Stamnard

Oh my...this tiny storefront turns out such fantastic Italian foods! We've sampled pretty much everything on the menu, including the typical salads and cold sandwiches which are good but we keep returning for Papa's sausage, meatballs and sauce (so, so good). Whenever we stop in we always make sure to get sides of the Rosamaria potatoes, peppery and balsamic, served room-temperature. My only complaint? Papa's isn't open on weekends and closes at 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Rhonda Nelson

I love this place the food is always amazing 100% authentic potato larama amazing with sausage cut in it that's just one of the many amazing dishes this place is great if you're out for a quick bite or if you want to dine in

Rich Miholick

Had the Bella supreme. It was good but it wasn't supreme enough. It needed red sauce or a dip in au jus. It was a bit dry even with the peppers and onions. With some red sauce it would be perfect. Staff was nice and friendly. Good food for a good price.