Wings Etc.

6740 Seeco Dr, Kalamazoo
(269) 365-9464

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Nannii ___

Went there with family and the food was nice. Except our credit card info was stolen. They spent nearly $500. We went to the place later that same day and the manager said they have been experiencing a lot of that lately and other customers/workers have been getting their cards comprised as well. Very disappointing outcome. Foods great as long as you don’t mind getting your information robbed. 2/10 would recommend to a friend I do not like.


Buffalo/ Tweener jumbo wings were so good! Ranch was thick and not even watery compared to other competitors! Cajun fries hit the spot! On Monday’s they have a wings deal. Def coming back as this was my first time visiting! #TakeOut #Quick #15min

Mark Anauo

Had the absolute best boneless wings, ordered the bbq sauce with ranch and it was heavenly, our chef, Steve, came up to our table to ask us how everything was tasting and I got the opportunity to thank him in person for such an amazing meal, hands down the best boneless wings and tater tots I’ve had, all thanks the the best cook, Big Steve. Five stars, 10/10

Mike Garcia

I had the boneless chicken wings and they were ok, some were a bit over done and they were drenched in sauce. Normally sauce is good but, the honey mustard was over powering and the amount of teriyaki sauce on the wings made them salty and bitter. I was hungry so I did eat lol!!!

Zachary Ganton

I didn’t have high hopes for Wings Etc. But I gotta say, my first time was far more dismal than I expected.The sauce was not mixed right and was like water. They just poured watery sauce liquid on my wings. I couldn’t even taste the Buffalo sauce.I sent it back and the waitress argued that the sauce is just buttery. I had her bring a cup of the sauce and it was much thicker.Nasty restaurant. I will never come back. Buffalo Wild Wings (which is also terrible) is 10 x better.

Ryan Chapman

Great experience. Our server Jaylynn was very curtious and professional. There was great energy from the time we walked in to the time we left. The rest of the customers were enjoying themselves as well. Our food came out in a timely fashion and was amazing. I will be back to enjoy another experience. Thank you Jaylynn, great vibe honey.

timothy neslson

Greta time with a few friends. Played a little keno, the kids played the claw machines that they had. Food was great would recommend if you like wings.

april barnes

Waited for over 10 minutes for someone to welcome us and ask what'd we like to drink. The waitress went out of her way to not make eye contact. My husband and I just walked out.A simple "I'll be right with you", would have been sufficient.We are very patient and I work in retail so no, I'm not being petty.

Willis Ed K.

A pub with family dining, who knew? Clean restaurant with a great wait staff. Menu looks good as well prices aren't bad either. Worth a visit. Enjoy the wings!

Malary V.

Great food and staff! Love me a good wing night with the girls. Great prices and not a very long wait for food. Shout out to the bartender Grace! She was very friendly and personable. Also our server, (I think her name was Carrie) you were the best! We will definitely be back. Thinking of making it a regular thing after our softball games. If you go, be sure to ask for Carrie or Grace! They rock!

Stephen Ryder

Horrible we waited 30 minutes to be served cold wings and rock hard chese sticks .The did make an attempt to fix the order wings were microwave warm not saying that's what happened but just seemed that way .( reason ) well we waited 30 min for cold wings and in 1 minute they fixed it.Hmm ? ?.The appetizer was switched and the fried pickles were pretty good.Service so definitely being fair they looked short handed but we waited so long for drink refills we went to the bar and got it ourselves.

Sue Boyer

Terrible service no acknowledgement that we were even there. After 15 mins finally able to order 2 waters and appetizer. Took 30 mins to recieve appitizer with no updates or check in from waitress. Put food order in before and should have probably just left with the same result of another 30mins ticket time recieved no silverware or a refill on our 2 waters. So in summary almost 2 hours 2 waters and middle of the road food. Would have been fine with wait times as long as people are personable and informative. Will not be back.

Mommy Toytoy

Tried it for the first time, the wings were ok, pizza hut has better wings, the pulled pork was not good, I sent it back, wouldn't go back for anything.

Shawn Marie Thierbach

Excellent service provided and good food

Alfie T.

Big and juicy. They were generous with their sauces and traditional wings were terrific! I'll be back for-sure

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