Cafe Boba

4314 Division Ave S, Kentwood
(616) 303-0088

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Lucy N.

Avoid their milk tea boba - the milk tea consistency was not good, did not taste good, and their boba balls were hard. Atmosphere - very cute place to sit down I would go back to try the food but not the drinks


Placed order for avocado smoothie. Was told it would be 25 minutes. I said politely I would try again another time.The manager I presume, said to me it would be 10 minutes so I placed the order. It took exactly 20 minutes. The server brought it to me and said sorry about the wait which meant nothing at all by that point.I have had a problem with the wait time before, here, but I won't again.

Novi Bear

Was gonna get some Pho but both of the nearby shops had a 30 minute or higher wait time so we went and got some Boba. It was nice to stop by again and try the seasonal flavors.Food: 5/5

Mike Trent

I've had bubble tea at a few different places around town, but Cafe Boba is just a little better than the others. I can't quite put my finger on what it is, but there's a difference. Of course, the service and the atmosphere inside are great as well, but the tea is outstanding. Lots of options, flavors, add-ins to customize it too.

Sandra Herrera

Cafe Boba is a must try. Very cute inside with a lot of seating options. The matcha latte with oat milk was very good. My friend had a broken cup, and we noticed a few other customers had leaking cups too. So just check your cup for any leaks before leaving the counter. There were some dessert selections but did not try. I'll be going back to try one soon!

Karla Ramirez

Beautiful shop. The staff was kind & patient with the young girls I was with. They answered their questions & offered wonderful suggestions.The girls didn't feel pressured or rushed while ordering. ♥️The space offers an experience through the beautiful decor, rather than just products.

Brie Chen

I enjoyed this place a lot for the customer service and the ambiance of the place. Their soft serve is very good and their prices are amazing. The boba is lacking though - the milk tea was not good and the boba was hard and not flavorful. Would definitely recommend the mango smoothie though!

Saurabhi P.

Love this spot!! It's so cute and charming. The staff is great and friendly. The only downside is that there's limited seating, so it can be hard to get spit during their busy time. I have been there a few times and always love what I get! Last time I got the matcha Boba tea, it was amazing!! I have tried their egg tart and that was also good. I want to try some of their food at some point. This is definitely my go to Boba place!

Keely N.

Took my daughter here as a start to her birthday. She loves boba and we haven't been here yet. As you pull up please try not to judge it based on outside appearance because inside it is absolutely adorable! They have sofas, comfy chairs, bar stools, and tables to choose from for seating. Not to mention a little variety of games to play if you want to hang out for a bit! Girls working this day were very polite. We ordered the bubble waffle w/ chicken and maple syrup. She said there were three sauce choices. Maple syrup, brown sugar and I forget third! It was good but nothing legendary! Mainly it makes for a cute instagram photo! My daughter got a tropical smoothie ( eek forget legit name, I think paradise something ) with mango popping boba! That was my daughter's first time doing a smoothie drink and it was very tasty and refreshing. I'm boring and just got an iced coffee with no boba and I could tell they're like ummmm miss this ain't Starbucks!! Ha! But I'm just not big fan personally of boba or tea or popping things in my coffee. I was here solely for my daughter who's obsessed and definitely will be returning with her friends. She even got a punch card; which she liked! Food options are limited but there are some are dessert choices. Overall nice experience...

Megan B.

Love the egg tarts, especially warm and fresh. Variety of other baked goods and desserts in addition to tea or coffee. Great atmosphere.

Victoria Mason

This is a great little spot! I love going here for lunch, specifically their veggie dumplings, and boba at any time of course. Everything tastes fresh and is very filling. The wait time is a little long due to items being made fresh, so that is not a complaint in any way, just a heads up.

Josh L.

This place has a great vibe but their boba needs better technique. The tapioca isn't the best and their drinks are very watery and lack flavor. Other than that their service people are nice. But it just needs and upgrade on ingredients, equipment and techniques.

jayla tetro

Never had boba before, they helped choose something that I would really enjoy and made it quick. If it's busy it will be a wait because they make everything fresh and custom to you.

Amelia Adkins

I love going to cafe boba. My mom and I used to come in all the time because I won't to school around there. Now that we don't go over there as much anytime we are over on this side of town we go. We will never go to any other Boba cafe because they do not compare to this palce. Love the employees they are also so kind and helpful when you don't know what you want to order.

Cecily Shi

We enjoyed every bite of the boba.

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