Claddagh Irish Pub

2900 Centre Blvd, Lansing
(517) 484-2523

Recent Reviews


So the food was a solid four and the experience of the space was really nice because of the decorations but whatever should have been special and immersive and fun was lost over offending hospitality.

Allison Frame

Tasty food and great staff.

Annette Pratt

The food is good and the wait staff are attentive.


great food! everything we had was delicious. recommend the Scottish eggs, shepherds pie, and paddy mac. drinks they had a mule type drink that was a hit.

Cindy Reuss

I was looking so forward to some of our friends for an Irish dinner. We arrived at 4:30 my husband and I had a drink while waiting for our friends to arrive they got there about 10 minutes later. They order drinks and we ordered appetizers for the table. We waited for several minutes for our food to arrive. We the. Placed our dinner orders which also took several minutes. By then, we ordered another round of drinks. The food was delicious, but as we were finishing up, our waitress came to tell us in the next 20 minutes a table of 6 was going to need our table. We weren’t even done with our drinks yet. About 10 minutes later she told us not to worry they found another table. About 10 minutes later the manager arrives at our table and asked us how the food was, we said it was great. Then he folded his hands and my husband asked him: You want us to leave? He said yes not to be mean but yes we need the table. Seriously? We just spent a lot of money on drinks, appetizers, and dinners for 4 and we were never asked if we wanted dessert, coffee or more drinks. Just we need the table. I’m insulted, as were our friends. We eat out a lot and I’ve never been asked to leave a restaurant. We recently returned from a trip to Ireland where some of the friendliest people I’ve ever met welcomed us as strangers to their country. They never asked us to leave and instead encouraged us to stay longer. Very disappointed with your hospitality! Our total time there was 1.5 hours. Not excessive by any means.

M Donohue

Food is great. Nice ambience. They have tasty burgers. Bangers and mash. Fish and chips.

Tiffany Ann Clark

Finn is awesome! Very attentive and personable. One of the best waiters I’ve ever encountered. Food is great and so is the atmosphere.

Chad Konieczny

Claddagh has a great combination of Irish fare and typical pub food. Their staff are always friendly and the food is always good. You'll see a great mix between young and old there on any given night, so it's a great place for everyone.

Keri Waters

We just got done eating here for the first time and it was for our 2 year anniversary. We wanted to try some place we both haven’t been. We were both disappointed and won’t be coming back.

Joe Messerly

Quick, convenient. Friendly, helpful staff. Ordered the double fish and chips for my wife and I. Plenty for two and VERY good. Monday's are two for one fish and chips ?


We had lunch here, ordered the spinach dip for an appetizer and both of us ordered fish and chips. The food was great, loved the atmosphere and our waitress was wonderful!

Gregg Dietz

Always an enjoyable dining experience. Onion rings are hot, crispy and fabulous. Side salad with my meal was an example of what other chains should strive to emulate.

Lietta Broskey

Fast and friendly staff. I tried the Ginger Bush cocktail, if you like whiskey and Moscow mules then this is a fun twist on that. Super refreshing. I also had the pan seared trout, very good! Would definitely have it again ?

Todd Calder

Excellent server named Fynn. Food was delicious. We celebrated Corey getting all a' s this semester. Great job!


It has a real "Irish pub" feel and if traveling alone, feel free to eat at the bar. Very good food and an EXCELLENT Scotch selection.

B. Weeks

Fantastic food at a great price. Had the fish and chips and a Guinness for dinner. Excellent meal in a cool Irish pub environment.

D Mitchem

Love this place, not only the coolest place around but really good flavored foods. Try the Jameson Burger, and or the Chicken bites, the Bangers & mash, wow you will never forget any of the eats here !!!

Sarah Ankoviak

Excellent food, short wait times, great live music, friendly staff, homey & inviting atmosphere

denise weston

Great night for grilled cheese and tomato soup! The pie was amazing and service was great!

Ann Craddy

Bar staff friendly and welcoming. Good food.

Scott I.

Great food and even better atmosphere. The corned beef and cabbage rolls rule. Top it off with a good dinner of shepherds pie and all is right with the world.

Paige Mouth

I got the grilled cheese with a bacon jam and it was very tasteful! The sweetness of the bacon jam went very well with the mixture of cheese & my waitress, Theresa was great!

Sarah M

The food here is great. I love the atmosphere, and the service is very nice and on point. They do automatically include a gratuity on the bill. It can be a surprise to some.

Zachary Narovich

Love the food and generally a good experience. Was just left on hold for over twelve minutes while trying to place a togo order by Melanie. Poor service for a fellow Eastwood employee.

Nichole Krist

Food was so amazing! Place is gorgeous and we all had a great time!


Thank you for the kind words. The gratuity is only included on groups of 7 or more and that is discussed with the group during the initial reservation.

Vonnie agrah

Spectacular drink menu!. Try the Guinness Bloody Mary! Fish and chips crispy, flavorful. Monday's is buy one get one if you also buy 2 drinks. Never had scotch eggs before, definitely will again.

Hannah Phelps

We arrived on the day of the MSU/U of M game and we were refused a table since our whole party wasn't present, even though they were on their way. We had stated that we were going to order without the rest being there yet, but were still refused a table. Regardless of it being game day, they refused paying customers. We won't be going back there again. Which is disappointing, because I love their food, but the service there today was unacceptable.

Janice D.

Great environment and food. Very cozy pub. The onion soup was a little on the salty side but everything else we ordered was fabulous. We tried all the Irish specialties from fish n chips to Irish beef stew. Will definitely be back.

Marshall Sandum

best spicy wings I've had in a while. great drinks and a great bartender.

Blake Webb

Bad service, bland food.

Barbara Ryan

Great fish and chips, scotch eggs and local craft beer. What's not to like reasonable prices and a nice outdoor patio for nice days and evenings.

Tim Smith

Great place to eat and drink, even with a large group (18).

Tia L.

Now I'm gonna be honest, the reason they're getting 3 stars and not 4 is because of the staff. That harmed the overall experience. We had a group of 5 and were there as soon as they opened. It took us 25 minutes to get our drinks, and 40 to get our food AFTER that... there was maybe 3 other tables there the whole time we were so it shouldn't have taken that long. Also wasn't offered or brought water at any point. Other than that, the food was really good. Except my Caesar salad came out kinda warm? Must have been sitting too long.. -------------- What we all ordered: Bloody Mary. Delicious. Hot cider with fireball. Delicious. Tequila Mule. Delicious. Scotch eggs appetizer - Really good, but the sauce with it wasn't tangy like it should've been. The Monte Cristo sandwich and pub fries - Really good. The French onion soup with Caesar salad - Really good minus the warmth of the salad. The Jameson burger with pub fries - Was okay. The fish sandwich and pub fries - Really good. The wings, half Cajun, half Parmesan - Was okay.

Jeffrey Bozeman

Great salads, great service, beautiful decor, quiet for a big place. Bread pudding was delicious. Will visit again. So much more than expected.

Jason Gee

My favorite spot in Lansing! Great food! Awesome service and atmosphere!

Matthew Wolfe

Love this place. After visiting Ireland this has become our new favorite place and Irish home away from home. It was great to find our Irish favorites so close to home. Great food and service.

Actually A Bee

The food is really good and the atmosphere makes the meal. The wait staff are a bit slow but they were really busy so I dont blame them at all. The fish and chips were alright. The fish was amazing but the fries erred on the side of eh. My boyfriend got the Monte Cristo and loved it.

Mike S.

Had corned beef and cabbage, corned beef was very tender and lean with a great taste.Guinness onion soup was different, but good. Service was a little slow.

Mark P.

So the food was a solid four and the experience of the space was really nice because of the decorations but whatever should have been special and immersive and fun was lost over offending hospitality. The whole vibe of my experience was ruined by the smug host and pedestrian service just adequate enough to earn a tip. Even though there were plenty of good tables seemed like because I didn't want to sit at the bar I got stuck with a really bad table in the middle of everything so I kept getting bumped and knocked into. I really should have walked out when I started feeling like things weren't going to go well but I was so hungry and tired I just went with the flow and I'm sorry I did. I'm also sort of miffed that they had a BOGO fish and chips promo going on but that somehow I didn't get it. I suppose if I really wanted it I should have made a very specific point of it but I thought because I ordered the fish and chips by default they would just give me the promotion. Not so much. Overall, disappointed for what should have been a really enjoyable experience.