Big Boy

30460 John R Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 588-6600

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Alaina Goss

I went with my boyfriend, mother and father for the anniversary special. If you cannot pull off a deal like an 84 cent Biig Boy, please please just don't do it! Only kids working, no prices on the rest of the limited menu (paid way too much for the chicken sandwich) and my parent's Big Boy hamburgers were cold. Not like sat out too long cold, like never heated out of the freezer cold. While they were cooked, they were freezing. French fry pieces, I don't think I had a whole fry on my plate. And lack luster cole slaw. Oh, no refills either. Poor experience.

Michael Woodcox

Good was good as always and my server was a nice young man doing his best .But forgetting to put his mask on or pulling it over his nose. Trying his best thou.Manager is walking around with her mask not on probably with her nose out pushing for closing side work to get done .I don't like push brooms and things of this nature being used when trying to eat my food.So they got some kinks to work out, but I'm sure they will back to 4&5 Stars soon.

Steven Wisniewski

Where do I begin? Visited on September 30, 2020.The owner has his kids (?) working here...not trained, doesn't know much about customer service. They tried. IT WAS COMPLETE CHAOS for them. Even for a limited menus, they've changed. When you used to get the big beautiful onion rings, they are now the equivalent of BK onion rings. They are made with the onion paste, not real onions. Got the 84 cent Big Boy hamburger. They could have made the effort to assemble it properly. No thousand island on it. Took a half hour to get drink refills, and that because we had to chase someone down.Really disappointed and will try visiting another Big Boy on the future. Will not be returning to this one.

ladykamin 007

I haven't been to a Big Boy restaurant in about 40 yrs. le more. I wanted breakfast for brunch.

John Tusset Jr.

Food is still good and the service is alright but it seems like aomeone left the kids in charge.

Matty Shay

The service was lacking and the food was cold. Our server was polite for the most part, but his attention span was short. I don't believe he is an actual server. As the owner's children/family members were working of which several were underage.

Kim Harris

The Big Boy hamburger was small looking more like a White Castle burger except it had two pieces of meat and it was dry as all outdoors in a sandstorm & the drink u were forced to buy in order to get the discount for the dry burger. The container was/is flimsy & the lid didn't fit & I watched two people carrying their drinks to their car & they dropped it.

Diamond Gilliam

From the moment I came to establishment I felt the experience was wrong. Me and my family got placed at a half booth that wasn’t sanitized freshly. Then they messed up our order three times. Also in the process of that we had to switch our order more than three times because they was out of a lot of items on the menu. I love big boys but I was very disappointed with that location.

Tory Q.

Waiter was great the food not so much it the bun was burnt 2 times in a row the french fries sucked and they they completely messed up on on the rest of the order cold chili food wasnt great menu was half ass. quality of the food was horrible would not visit again

Titan Records Inc.

They did a great job with their social distancing attempts during this pandemic. The food was delicious as always.

Rhoda Gilliam

My lemonade was watery they didn't have onion rings, or cheese sticks, my fries were cold so since my lemonade was watery i asked for a sweet tea instead i got a watered down tea that i had to put sugar in they only brought me 8 packs of sugar and that still didn't make the tea sweet. My service was bad.

Roy Underwood

I was attacked by a door Dash driver who almost smashed my car in the parking lot and then felt it necessary to try to chase me into the restaurant and attempt to attack me. The staff was amazing they quickly got her out and wouldn’t let her come back. The food was great too!!!

Karen Lyman

Haven't been to a big boy in over15 yrs. An I enjoyed there soups.

Micheal A.

Went to this place with my family of 4 and was greeted by a nice waiter. My family and I ordered "The Big Boy" with a side onion instead of fries and the onion rings were okay but the burger tasted like rubber. Lastly we ordered the hot fudge cake for my sons birthday and it smacked. The food was average but not bad would go again. The waiter Yousif was very pleasant and chatty. Had good conversations with him definitely made my experience better.

Mary K.

Decent food, okay place. The Mac and cheese was a bit cold, but the taste was fine. I did not like the burger, it tasted horrible. The dessert was delicious though!!! Amazing server though, Thank you Yousif!!!!!!

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