Calumet Pasty Company

19401 E 10 Mile Rd, Roseville
(586) 771-8030

Recent Reviews

Tony McCrary

Tasty pasties. They're slightly different than what I'm used to, the dough is a little pierogish and shaped differently. But it was delicious, I'll definitely be back.


One of the worst places I've ever gone to. The place is filthy, the food is not any better. It's worse than gas station food. The food in the dumpster behind the Coney Island is better than this food. The dirt under the owner's fingernails can grow mushrooms.

Claire Z

I’ve been coming here for years and have loved it every time. The owner is one of the most kindest, genuine, down to earth people. The food is spectacular. Craving it right now!

Tamara Darby

5 star bakery!!!! Ordered the sweet potatoe pie for Easter, it was just how my grandma use to make hers. Super smooth, delectable flavor, flaky and yummy crust well worth every cent. Will be back soom for cake.

Inspector Butters

My grandma was from the UP and used to make the best pasty and this is the only place I’ve tried that matches my grandma’s pasty in terms of overall quality. The dough is perfect texture and consistency and the ingredients are cooked to perfection.Will be a regular customer. Highly recommended.

Nickol Best

The owner is super friendly, the food makes u feel like u r back in mom's kitchen.

Sarah Waring

This place is wonderful!!! Food is great and the owner is very nice and clearly takes pride in his business.

Richard Bielaczyc

Very friendly chef. Authentic Polish and UP dishes fresh and cooked to order. Great homemade potato pancakes and applesauce.

Justin Ryan Nowicki

The owner is awesome. Very friendly and sociable. His food is amazing. Just had the poutine, polish taco, pierogi's, dill pasta salad, and the eagle burger. He even threw in some free fish. Everything was amazing. Highly recommend.

Ricardo Marmol

Had the meat pasty and while it was my first time trying it i have to say very tasty. Meat was very tender, potatoes and carrots tasted fresh and cooked to perfection. My wife had poutine - which she loved. I also had a cudighi and I have to say I was impressed! The gentleman at the store was very friendly as well. Recommended!

Raeann McGehee

This place is a small gem but big on taste. We will be going here again soon.

Ted M.

Their pasties leave a lot to be desired. Crust dry, and tough. The contents not very good or plentiful. Now the Polish food was a different story. It was all pretty good, a lot better than the pasty. People claim these pasties are as good as the ones in the Upper Peninsula. I just hope the ones in the UP are better than these. I ate half of the pasty, and I'm going to throw the other half in the trash.

Matthew Wint

Stopped in here after moving down the street hoping to find a pasty that is as good as anything you can find in the UP.I ordered a whole polish meal and a meat pasty.The polish meal was just OK. Nothing crazy to write home about. Kraut barely had any flavor, smoked kielbasa also was sort of bland. Asked for no horseradish but it came all over anything anyway. Big turn off.The pasty, however, was absolutely amazing. Golden brown, STUFFED full of great tasting ingredients. And the gravy? Boy, I wish I would have ordered another side.Overall I do plan on coming back again but strictly only for the pasties.

Edward Smith

I sent my friends to this restaurant with my highest recommendations. I go their often. I get very good feedback from my friends. The the cooking is flavorable and the crew is very friendly and cooperative. Every time we go to this place we pass a pleasing evening. I recommend this place with pleasure.

George Zeolla

Kraut Pierogi are very good. Closest to Mama's we can find. We used to buy Mrs T. But no one carries the kraut anymore. Anyhow very nice man runs this handy place, and he sells dinners, pasties etc. Would recommend definitely.

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