Pizza Hut

25240 Gratiot Ave, Roseville
(586) 445-1700

Recent Reviews

Tameka James

Timely customer service was a plus. Pizza it self was not what I expected


I spoke with the manager about a request that I had for my order and he adjusted it with no problem! Also the lady who waited on me at the pick up window was so nice.

Regonda Smith

Order online , ready when pulled up to drive thru . polite service, food was delicious. Will be back

Karen K.

Horrible pizza! I ordered a medium Detroit-Style PizzaSpecialty Pizza: Detroit Double PepperoniWhole Ingredients: Premium Tomato Sauce, Pepperoni, Crispy Cupped Pepperoni Seriously, I got maybe 16 pepperonis, it was barely cooked. Definitely, not a Detroit-Style Pizza. The Garlic Parmesan - Breaded Boneless Wings were very good but I only got 14 instead of 16. I don't even want to call and complain because I definitely don't want another pizza.

Sue Cox

Not what it used to be food wise.Service staff were great.

Dawn Beito

I rarely order from Pizza Hut anymore for the #1 reason that the dipping sauce has changed and taste like cold tomato sauce now. The bread sticks barely had any flavoring to them with no seasonings on them. Highly disappointed an regret ordering from them and thinking things have changed.

Stacey Meixner

My order was incorrect - when I called to have it fixed, I was placed on hold for over 15 min. In that time I drove to the restaurant and was not even given an apology for the error. If you want me to recommend this Pizza Hut I suggest better training and customer service.


First and last time supporting this location. The white lady working the drive through, had her daughter no more than 5yrs old at work hanging out the drive through window. I ordered cheese sticks that were given to me whole an burnt, and was told that they don’t have to cut them anymore. Also, ordered a large cheese pizza, that was more like a thin crust pizza. Don’t waste your money at this location.

Monica Meldrum

Always serves up the best pizza. The man that served me at the window absolutely deserves extra recognition for his fine service, wonderful demeanor, sweet smile and great customer service!!!!! Sorry ate it too fast to add photos.

Stacey Buckley

You were out of alot of the items on your menue, but service was good, food was good.

Bryce Owens

Great food but they must have gave me the end of the boneless wings bag because I got crumbs. Other than that it was great.

jennifer korba

Pizza was cooked to long and the seasoning was not right. Too much sauce. Was really not hapoy this time

Simon Maxwell

The edge pizza that I ordered was delivered and was barely even warm. Upon opening the box, all of the pieces cut were jumbled up like a jigsaw puzzle that had been shaken prior to opening. Was definitely not meeting my expectations.

Evans Pate

Ease of ordering online. Pizza was ready when I arrived. Counter person was friendly and engaged.

Hannah Stewart

I was sent the wrong pizzas and the team member had an attitude and asked if I would like the correct pizzas and I said yeah so I went to pick the correct order up and the manager had such a filrhy attitude and she did not refund me for my delivery fee or the tip that I gave the delivery driver even though I had to waste time and money going up to the store to get my correct order. Never ordering from this store again.

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