Blaze Pizza

112 S Main St, Royal Oak
(248) 278-0918

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They have some really nice people there. Also there is my favorite his name is James. He is great😄

Rachel Stimac

First visit. It was really good. Pepperoni pizza & fountain drink was $9 which isn't horrible. The pizza was their basic crust option which is like a thin crust & came with 8 slices. It was tasty. They ask if u want salt & seasoning added on top right before it goes into the oven. I said yes. Next time, I'll say no. I didn't care for the seasoning which I think was oregano, but that's just a personal preference.

Leah Johnson

Me and my family was there last night and the female manager with the brown hair showed us a great time we had a BALL. She made all our pizzas just right and she handle the unpleasant customers well. Great job I love the customer service and the food definitely will be coming Back

Iryna Loi

Love this pizzaaaaa! Love the idea of building your own pizza on a thin crust! Yum! The place itself needs a more thorough cleaning and more smiling staff.

Hunter W.

Best pizza place around. Chain or not this place is so good it doesn't matter. You got to customize it however you want and can be as specific as you can imagine and it will always come out right. I highly recommend the keto crust for a lower carb option!

Vic P.

The customer service is fine. The food tastes good. But it gave me and my friend both food poisoning. We each got different pizzas and both ended up sick the next day. There are fruit flies visible behind the counter. Its a shame that it isnt a healthy environment.

Kathleen Nickel

We ordered the Green Streak Pizza. Delicious! Fast and great tasting. Would definitely go there again.

James Thompson

I walked in today and saw all smiles the ladies were beautiful! One lady stood out to me the one with the lashes and brown hair i didn’t catch her name I believe it Mirrah or something but she did a great job on my pizza

Mapear Williams

I went into blaze the other day with my husband and 4 children and it was super busy. Even tho it was the girl Marquiese was very patient with me and my children, it was delicious. Thanks again! Ps. Love the Cali Crust

Maria Cristina Kent

I paid $2. For thick crust well worth it. Toppings: pesto, ham, fresh basil, mushrooms, kalamata olives,grape tomatoes, oregano, salt, mozzarella cheese,roasted red bell pepper. Cooked to perfection. Love this place ❤️

Deaira M.

Came in yesterday and boy can I say this is the best pizza that I have had yet. I was able to build my own and put what Eva I wanted on the pizza... I will be back.

Ashlee Reighard

Tried this place for the 1st time today and was super impressed. I did the BYO personal pizza with spicy sauce, vegan chorizo, mushrooms, roasted garlic, banana peppers, red onions and arugula. It was too die for!!! Not only is the food amazing the prices are very reasonable. I will definitely make this a weekly lunch stop.

Gina P.

Blaze is amazing. One of my favorites in royal oak because I know it's a quick in & out place if I'm planning on getting my order to go...not to mention the fact that the hours are very convenient since they are open late. l appreciate how affordable the price is for a build your own personal pizza with unlimited toppings... they have a variety of toppings one can choose and they have alternatives to the typical dough and mozzarella for those with special diets, which I really appreciate as well. The staff has been patient and friendly with me each time I've gone, and they will create your pizza exactly how you want it. Just knocking off one star for cleanliness but I understand that it gets busy at times where it's difficult to clean. Overall I love it. I wish they had closer locations of blaze...however this one is definitely worth the drive for me!

Christopher W.

This is my second visit and first review of this place. I'll give it a star for price and a star for taste. I can't, unfortunately, give it any more stars. At noon the place was in serious need of a cleaning. Wipe down the surfaces a little. Dust seems to be nearly falling from vents above the food. The biggest criticism is the staff. With the exception of one person, the entire staff lack any personality or enthusiasm about the food or the establishment. I felt like I was interrupting their lives. There was even a person walking behind the counter around the food that was in a string tank that did not appear to have any business in the food prep area. I doubt I'll return even though the food was good. A large part of dining out is the experience, the ambiance. Blaze can be such a fun place if the employees seem to care. Definitely not the case here.

Jarod Hoekstra

I feel like they went a little cheap with the goat cheese. I get that it's a little different but for the price it was I would've liked to see a little more. Also, what happened to all the parmesan cheese??

Kate E.

They've removed their gluten free crust from the menu in exchange for cauliflower crust which contains dairy. So if you're gluten free and dairy free you have no options here. This used to be my favorite pizza place. I've got tons of rewards points saved up and now I can't even use them. Really disappointed.

Stephanie R.

The pizza was really good. I love all of the options including the cauliflower gluten free crust. I wish they had a ground turkey option. That is just a personal choice. Nice location nice decor.

Alex J

I tried this Blaze Pizza location when they first opened up and became a regular since. Pizza and salads are really good and it’s always fresh. My most recent visit today I had a Caesar salad and half of pizza ( white sauce, chicken, bacon and black olives) and a soda. Service was prompt as always and employees professional and courteous.

sunil m

Blaze offers a vegan option for pizza lovers and that's exactly what I was looking for. Quick ordering and service.

Tara Forbes

This was my first time coming here! I had their chicken pizza. It was so amazingly good. I also met some of my family there for lunch. I loved the atmosphere. Will definitely eat there again the next time I'm in town.

Michael E.

I was doubtful. I mean, I've never really had a real Neapolitan pizza in the Detroit area. We're known for "deep dish" pizza here, and while it's better than the garbage they serve in Chicago, it's still not the pizza I knew from my youth. So I was doubtful. Buit you know, I came away impressed. I ordered one of their standard pizzas, the "Red Vine," which comes with ovalini mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, parmesan, basil, not too much red sauce, and an olive oil drizzle. It was... very good. The crust was thin and crispy, like a real pizza crust should be. For my second visit I ordered on line, and the pizza was ready to be fired as soon as I showed up. This time, though, they got the ingredients wrong, and it was way too wet- sloppy instead of crispy. My third visit, I went with the Red Vine again, and once more it was very good. So while this isn't great pizza, it's way better than anything the chains are offering and much better than any of the independents out there. If you do go, a few suggestions: 1. Don't overload your pizza with stuff. Keep it simple. I know, the temptation is there, when you can have all the ingredients you want, but trust me, simpler is better. 2. Stick with the ovalini mozzarella. It's much tastier than the rubbery ground stuff that shows up on most pizzas as a sea of sticky goo. 3. Go for the red sauce, and get fresh basil leaves and oregano. That's what a pizza is supposed to taste like. Now if only they'd offer anchovies... Update: Lately they've become a little less reliable. Staff turnover has been higher, (probably thanks to lower unemployment and more job opportunities out there.) In the past I've been in Blaze when there were only two or three employees and a long line, and they just processed those pizzas one after another without missing a beat. Total pros. Today when i visited the place was almost empty and they had four people working. They screwed up my pizza order, took a lot longer than usual to get it started, and then undercooked it. Maybe they just had too many inexperienced staff working today, or maybe the managers aren't paying enough attention.

Ronnie F.

Came an the store (blaze) pizza 2 young ladies was workin hard backed up on orders upset me to see to of their co worker just watching them not trying to help take the work load off. (domo & ke ke) was workin hard tryin to keep up with the amount of work load they had in store plus online order

Kyndall S.

This is a classic Blaze Pizza location, the food is great as always. For the most part, ingredients are always fresh but the line can't seem to stay cleaned. It took about 20 minutes to go through the line completely but it also was a busy yet short staffed night. My pizza ended up being slightly under done, while over cooked on the bottom. Overall, I enjoyed the pizza but some bites ruined the experience a bit.

Shannon H.

Literally JUST ordered delivery through Postmates and this was the saddest excuse of Blaze pizza I've ever seen. The location we used to go to loaded the pizzas with so many toppings it was almost ~too~ much, this location was 98% crust, half our order was wrong, and it was ice cold. I ordered one pizza with red sauce, one without -- neither one had any sauce. One was supposed to have green bell peppers -- it didn't. The other was supposed to have "seasonal vegetable" -- it didn't have anything other than the vegetables I specified. The vegan chorizo tasted like nothing, and the toppings that WERE there were so sparse it was laughable. We added our own hot sauce and spaghetti sauce to the pizzas to make them somewhat edible. But still ice. Freaking. Cold. Only gave 2 stars over 1 star because at least they got the vegan cheese and vegan chorizo right so we COULD eat them... Not that we really wanted to at this point. Severely disappointed in this location and will not be coming here again. Gross.

Justin R.

NIGHT CREW DESERVES A RAISE! Always calm, polite and on point. Never have a bad pizza or customer service. No matter how busy they are always have a smile and very calm!

Christine T

I used to love Blaze, but after the experience I just had, I will never go to this location again. I work downtown Royal Oak, and there are plenty of other great restaurants who value my business! I received an email from Blaze yesterday encouraging me to "🍕🚘 Kick off the weekend with FREE delivery!" I thought this was the perfect lunch solution to my busy day. I used the blaze app to place a delivery order from the Royal oak location, only realizing at the end of the process that it never asked for my address and had converted my order to pick up. I immediately clicked "cancel order," but the app said I had to call the restaurant directly. After three tries at getting through the cumbersome phone menu options, I finally reached a person at the restaurant. She advised me that they do not permit cancellations, and most people know that their location does not deliver. I told her that I never thought any locations delivered until I got an email encouraging me to use the app to try free delivery. The Blaze app clearly lists delivery for that location. I have now been on the phone for over half an hour waiting to speak to the manager. Never again!

Rummana-Mary Ryan

I love that you can customize your pizza any way you want with the build your own option and that all the toppings are included with no additional charge. I usually get tons of toppings. Often times I've wished though that the distribution of the toppings was more even and generous. It's kind of pricey, and you don't get a ton of pizza, so it's more of a treat for me and my family. All in all, I love the flavor, but it's too expensive to eat it very often.

Sarah Williams

I was there on Wednesday night for the fundraiser for it to be a long line of people and what looked like to only be 4 employees they all did good but the female did an amazing job. I forgot her name but i do remember her long eyelashes and long hair . It was greet customer service and she was moving quickly for her to be the only one making pizzas. My pizza was delicious i love the unlimited toppings GREAT JOB BLAZE I will be returning!!

Venkata Sagar Varma Godavarthi

(updated review) 04/09/2019 - The customer support has responded to my previous comment. This time, I went back to the same restaurant. The helper who took my order was good, stuffed my pizza with veggies and the experience was pleasant.

Megan R.

Went to Blaze around 9 o'clock on a weekday and it was pretty empty. The service was slow; it was like the employees were ready to close up even though they were going to be open for several more hours! They had put away the pesto already and moved so slowly to go get more out for me and the next guy in line. They also mixed my pizza up with the to go order ahead of me, which I had to tell them several times. My pizza, however, was really incredible. I love that you can customize your pizza with whatever you want. I piled on tons of veggies and other toppings. The ingredients seemed fresh and decent quality, especially for a fast-casual chain. Still a Blaze fan, but I may be avoiding this location in the future.

Tomi Saveski

This was our second visit to this location... The good news, the speed of slow seems to compliment the effectiveness at which this location is managed.

Alonzo G.

So I came to Blaze Pizza tonight following a movie across the street and a custom pizza was the perfect ending to the movie. Dominique, Jackie and Keshia made my pizza quickly, exactly how I asked and did it all with a smile. Will probably see me back again next Tuesday following another movie.

Tamun G.

Worst customer service I've experienced in a while. I'll never spend another dime here.

Stacey S.

This is my go-to place for pizza! They always take good care of my gluten free son with food allergies! Fast and delicious!

Meilani D.

I'll give 3 stars because my pizza was amazing which I attribute to the product itself and not those preparing. Everyone looks annoyed and not pleasant at all. My pizza was cut where I had tiny pieces and a huge piece, not a huge deal but I guess that just goes to not caring about your job. I stated it was for "here" and the person put it in a to-go box. There also weren't any lids for the drinks. The bathroom also isn't equipped with paper towels and the hand dryer does not work.

Katelynn A.

Leon & Aries did an amazing job! They were very kind, persistent, and cooked it perfectly! Talked to us while we waited and did a good job! Coming back for sure! Thank you guys!

Jeannine C.

Once again I go and wonder how is this place still in business?? The rudeness of the cashier, the "cook" is serving burned pizzas, they couldn't be more lacking of personality. How do they think people will come back to this lame place?? Wow.

George Younis

I have had blaze before at other locations and I love the concept and the way it tastes. Service however at this location wasn’t the best. Employees were horse playing with each other as they prepared our pizza. The place wasn’t very busy but the tables weren’t clean. Some ingredient items were missing or half filled. The lemonade dispensers were not full or fresh looking two of them had like an inch of lemonade in them the third wasn’t dispensing correctly. In the corner there was a sleeping man on the table. And this was at 5 pm. The pizza is delicious but if the leadership in that location doesn’t fix some of the issues they have I personally don’t think it’ll be there long.

K C.

Unfriendly. Slow. Unsanitary. Wearing gloves when touching ingredients would be nice.

Millie Smalley

The service was quick and efficient. I like that you are able to decide what ingredients you can put on your pizza. I was also able to get gluten free pizza dough for my pizza. That in it self was awesome.The servers were very cordial while preparing your pizza, as they kept the line moving. There were a lot of toppings to choose from. We ordered three pizza's, and we were in and out in twenty minutes. The pizza was delicious. The only problem was there cooked gluten free pizza dough wasn't very good it was hard. Aside from that I give them a thumbs up for the fact that they had gluten free pizza.