Blaze Pizza

112 S Main St, Royal Oak
(248) 278-0918

Recent Reviews

Chad Bradley

What an amazing experience. The staff was incredibly helpful. The food was on point and was ready in minutes. Couldn't recommend this place enough. Will be back for sure.

Lisa G.

Their pizza is pretty good for a chain pizza place. I've never really had any issues here. The service is usually pretty quick and the order is ready when they say it will be. All employees had masks on properly except one had his under his nose. They are enforcing social distancing by having only every other table open if you choose to dine in. They also have markers on the floor for standing when waiting for your order. This is the location I frequent the most. It just depends whose working I guess and how much effort they want to put into making your pizza if it's good or not. It's hit or miss. Sometimes it's very good and other times it's just ehh. I usually get the simple pie which is just a cheese pizza so it's not hard to mess up but there have been times when it has been. The last time they forgot to put sauce on my pizza ‍. It's only 5 bucks for a simple pie so I guess that's why it's hit or miss. However the employees are usually friendly and greet you when coming in.

Abhi kulkarni

Amazing pizza. Building your own pizza with whichever toppings you want. Amazing Crush.

Noah B.

I've lived in downtown royal oak for the last year and a half and have driven/walked by this place almost every one of those days and decided enough was enough and it was time to try this place!Pre-COVID this place was always packed on the outside patio, now not so much but it still appears to be decently busy. I had no idea really what this place had to offer before going in and was pleasantly surprised. I hope this doesn't turn you away with my next comparison but it's like the Subway of pizza's - you make your own step by step! Pretty awesome! They then cook it for you as you watch in their pizza oven! If you want to opt for something quick they do have a menu behind the counter clarifying pricing and basic pre-made options.My partner and I opted to split one pizza with the original dough, cheese, extra tomato sauce, half banana peppers on mine and half mushrooms/arugula on the other. I also got a s'mores pie as one of the dessert options.We walked home and the pizza was very good, doughy and fresh. I definitely think next time we are in the mood for pizza we will walk and grab it from here. The S'mores pie was extremely crumbly and not very good if I'm being honest- would not get it again. Workers all wore gloves/masks - one of the off duty workers was sitting in the dining room with his phone on loud speaker talking to somebody and watching movies while eating a whole pizza on his break - customer spacing wasn't needed at this point in time but you'd think he'd sit in a corner or in the back rooms instead of the main area with everyone else. All in all a great place that if you want something yummy but not the same chain you ALWAYS order from - this place is it!

Candy L.

I like their thin crust pizza. I would go back. A little pricey but they sometimes have good deals online. Workers arent that friendly though and seems like they don't really wanna be there. Def needs improvement in customer service.

Kari Hearsch

I have never encountered another location that can mess up a delivery order as bad as this location. I have tried a couple of times just to give them a chance but no more. Today when my order was delivered it had green peppers instead of green olives. My order very clearly says green olives. Also, they forgot to put on the goat cheese.

Alexander T.

The pizza was great, not too doughy perfectly cooked and the spicy scorpion and ghost pepper slaw was awesome......but the customer service is wack. The people at the register couldny answer my question as far as topping, no cold glass bottle cokes, After I finished eating I wanted to leave out the back door, which is closest to where I parked. I was informed that the door was locked, it was raining and I told them this fact and I got the not my problem look. It felt like some of the worker just didn't care or they didn't want to be there, not all just some. I've worked in the pizza industry for years, but forcing you customer to walk around the block in the pouring rain is unsatisfactory.

Arrika Hancock

The Lobby was clean and as I ate my DELICIOUS pizza , the manager came to check on us many times. He was very nice and polite. Would highly recommend.

Daniel T.

The pizza is decent, crispy crust-style, but the hipster-pricing is a bit high for what you get. Counter-person had nose out of mask entire time. Kitchen worker "wore" her mask under her chin whole time I was there. I work with the public - I know what it means to keep one on properly for an eight-hour shift. I do it for everyone else and I expect the same. Based on the overall experience, I do not expect to come back.

Katey W.

It felt like we were in a fast food joint for pizza. I can't tell you how many people brought their pizzas back up because they were made wrong. The lady who took my order and told me they didn't have any dressing other than ranch and Greek. She also didn't know the menu at all. The place was dirty and they were so poorlyManaged.

Aaron K.

Employees seemed resentful and were less than inviting, to say the least. I felt like I was bothering them to place an order, even though I was the only customer there, at the time.Also, there was an employee or two that weren't wearing a mask for a fairly prolonged period of time (during a time where COVID is still a concern).The pizza itself was pretty good, but I personally have a tough time supporting a business that doesn't respect its employees and, in turn, its customers.

Sarah DiPietro

This location is wonderful. I’ve been to a different location one time and had a bad experience so I was a little unsure what to expect. The pizza chefs here were friendly, helpful, and made great pizza. They even suggested adding the pesto sauce on the crust and enhanced my experience without me asking for it. Thanks for changing my mind about Blaze :)

Branden b

Good but some days , they burn your pizza.

Lou L. Cezar

I generally don't like chain restaurant pizza but I had some of the best pizza ever here. And I've eaten pizza all over the world! Keep up the great work!

Muhammed Elgammal

Pizza is my weakness, I am always in the mood to eat pizza! But Blaze is not usually my go to place or style of pizza that I like. However, their high rise dough had me change my view.Prior to this visit, I have had Blaze Pizza. That time it was the original dough, and I did not really care for it. It was mainly because of its thin size and taste. My most recent visit to Blaze Pizza, I wanted to give them another try, but instead ordered the high rise dough. I enjoyed it much more than the original; it had more of a pizza feel to it.I am glad I had the high rise dough. I can see myself coming back to Blaze Pizza in the future for another snack!

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