Boukie's Grill

105 S Main St, Royal Oak
(248) 584-2222

Recent Reviews

Jaclyn L.

The best Shawarma I have ever had. The lunch special is a great deal. Will definitely be back!! Garlic sauce is the best I've ever had. Can't say enough great things about this place. Every time I'm in Royal Oak I stop in. You can't beat the great prices. I wish they would open up more locations closer to home but definitely worth the drive.

Evan B.

The chicken Schwarma is delicious. Garlic sauce great. Pita bread they serve warm with the garlic sauce and hummus is great.


The best Shawarma I have ever had. The lunch special is a great deal. Will definitely be back!! Garlic sauce is the best I’ve ever had. Can’t say enough great things about this place.

Shannon Fry

I will say that the food was fabulous, HOWEVER i had a dead mosquito on my plate. When i took my plate up front a waitress said "Where was it?"...I'm sorry, i didn't snatch a mosquito mid-air and put it there. They were going to charge me full price and when i said something the owner offered to take 50% off of the entree. I ate FOUR small pieces of the meat and 2 bites of rice before seeing the dead bug. Ok. Then he took the receipt BACK and mumbled something. When all was finished he took $8.50 off of an $18 entree (NOT 50%). A "good" restaurant would have remade the dish AND taken it off of the tab. It was wonderful food so i was disappointed that i couldn't eat it. The waiter was very nice. I don't go out trying to get anything for "free", but if they wanted to keep us as customers they should have been more accommodating. Not saying "The door is open and that's why you have a dead bug on your plate". I don't care WHY it's there, I'm understanding, just FIX IT properly and don't treat me like i was the one that did it. Would've gave 5 stars except for this incident and will no longer visit this establishment. Palm Palace in Ann Arbor and Kebob Garden in Belleville are the best Mediterranean restaurants by far!

Jamie Nelson

We randomly stopped at Boukies Grill, we thought they had a cute little patio and it was a nice day. We ordered hummus to share and let me tell you PHENOMENAL! The warm, fresh pita bread, with the hummus, oil and garlic...Wow! I want some more right now thinking about it. Also ordered the chicken kabob pita which was good. Next time I'll probably get the chicken kabob not on the pita as I didn't care much for the sauce on it. But that was my error, as I'm picky and knew I should have ordered condiments on the side especially at a restaurant I've never been. Service was absolutely amazing! Never once had to ask for a refill on our pita bread or beverages. We will definitely be back!

Michael Svitil

By far this is one of my favorite places to eat. Any chance I have I am here ordering the vegetable + hummus and the hot tea!!! I promise you will not be disappointed.

Tim Lankin

Some of the best Mediterranean food l have ever had. The staff could not be nicer. The service was excellent. They always go above and beyond to make the experience one to remember. From our family to yours. Thank you.....

Joe Hakim

Great food. Ask for the kibbeh spicy with fresh jalapeño on the side if you enjoy heat. Each element of the vegetarian platter was tasty. I especially enjoyed the grape leaves.

Anastasja Mendelev

The lamb gyro was amazing. Prices were outstanding. Staff was very friendly. But...the chicken shawerma was a little dry and came with no rice or fries. However there was good hummus. Also beware...they are popular so there is a wait during lunch time.

Shrim Shaymin

Amazing food and staff! Definitely coming back! Best garlic sauce in town!

Alana D.

I ordered a carry out for lunch and was very impressed by the lunch combo options! The chicken shawarma was so fresh and delicious! Great quality of chicken and the hummus was one of the best I've had! I can easily say this is the best Mediterranean in Royal Oak! I'll definitely be back!

Melanie M.

Great food. Regular for take out. Also Grub hub. Have used them for multiple parties. Orders are always 100% correct and extra bread!

Bill N.

Great food. Crisp, fresh salad. Expertly grilled vegetables. Good prices. Thoroughly enjoyed our visit

Hali Mason

Frozen mint lemonade is amazing! Garlic spread is often complimentary and it tastes incredible. They use a stone oven to toast fresh pocketed bread for the table. Best baklava I've had in years. I enjoyed their rice pudding as well. Both desserts were very affordable. Only complaint ever is that sometimes their meat, chicken in particular, is dry. When it is not, however, it is delightful.

Bastian Schorm

Delicious vegetarian dishes won't let you leave hungry. Very friendly service.

Alvin Williams

The food and service is very good.I went in and sat down, the waitress took my order and my food was ready at a good time.

Vernon B.

Excellent middle eastern food this side of Dearborn. Everything is freshly made and tastes amazing. The Kibbeh nayyeh, garlic spread and hummus are the best I've had. The chicken shawarma and fahtoosh salad are equally amazing. Raw juices are a nice addition to top off the dining experience.

Kai Rod

Best! Best! Best chicken shawarma! Juicy meat an delish garlic sauce! I get extra on the side. They never dissapoint :)

Chintan P.

If you're looking for authentic & high quality middle eastern food, this is simply the best. They provide consistently fresh food at fair prices. They beat the competition in terms of quantity of each plate will leave you feeling extremely satisfied. Don't waste your time with anyone else but Boukies Grill when you want middle eastern cuisine. A++ & highly recommended!

Théo MrD

Went for lunch, combo plate ample portion, freshly grilled, well seasoned, excellent piping hot bread, good service, friendly staff. Definitely will return. In an ocean full of mideastern fare, this one, for a first visit, shines.

Grace M.

This place does not joke with your portions. I love getting a small hummus topped with grilled chicken. Even the small is enough to feed me for lunch and dinner. The pita bread pockets that are served with the hummus are the absolute best!! I cannot stop eating them (literally perfect for a dunk and scoop of hummus). Not only do they fill a bag full of fresh baked pita pockets, they also give a baggie full of 2 pita breads! If I am going to order a tub of hummus, I want to know and make sure I am getting a good amount of pita as well! Their Greek salad also has some of the best dressing i have had!! Boukie's never disappoints.

Tina M.

We really wanted to like this spot but unfortunately, we had to head to Walgreens to buy medicine after eating our dinner here. My husband mentioned to the waiter that he has an egg allergy at the start of dinner and a dip was brought over which unfortunately caused him to have an allergic reaction. If something is brought over to be shared by the table, we would expect the ingredients which cause allergies to be announced or at least discussed with the kitchen. Other than the issues with service, the food was pretty good. We would have considered going back had we not had an issue with the food.

Becky Caracci

Beautiful presentation, delicious food

Sarah C.

Holy wow, this place is yummy. We've gotten it at work a few times and I went to the restaurant for dinner once, and it never disappoints. The location itself is perfect and the restaurant is quaint, but not crowded. Staff was good, although our particular waiter never brought us 3 different things. The food though (omg!)! It's middle eastern perfection! The garlic butter is one of the best I've ever tried, the bread is amazing, salad is just right...I could go on and on. There's a reason it's our clinics go-to lunch! Yum!

Enjoli M.

How am I an avid yelper/foodie and have never been to Boukie's??! This review will be short and sweet as I only just ordered from GrubHub and haven't been to the actual restaurant. I ordered the Shish Kafta Pita sandwich and a minty lemonade. The shish kafta was really delicious! The meat which was a beef meatball, was seasoned so well I could taste the cumin and all the wonderful flavors and the meat was very tender. Ugh, I could eat that everyday! The minty lemonade was everything it should be, refreshing, tasty, full of FRESH lemon literally tasted like they juiced the lemons themselves, muddled the mint and turned it into a refreshing lemon slushy! so good! and it killed 2 birds with one stone and freshened my garlicky breath. It's safe to say that I will most definitely be back and I'll recommend them to my office for catering lunches. s/n my grubhub order was super fast!

Dayna Charlton

The food here is always on point. They make one of the best garlic sauces around, served with fresh bread. One of my all time favorites is their Greek salad with shwarma seasoned chicken on top. It never disappoints. I eat here, and feel good after.

Mel W

I enjoy the lamb shank with rice and lentil soup. The servers are always polite, get my order right and the food is always portioned, cooked perfectly. I also like the environment its quiet, you see couples and family dine here.

John Putnam

One of the better middle eastern food places around. Affordable and willing to make modifications to their food, unlike a place of similar quality called “Bucharest.” They also are fast with their take out orders.

Jacob O'Connell

A solid restaurant. Nice portions for low prices, and the food is really good. Owner and staff are all very nice.

Jeff S.

My family and I love this place... delicious food and ridiculous portions; the dinner plates will feed you for at least two meals :) When we're feeling lazy and don't want to deal with Main St. parking we'll use GrubHub and delivery usually takes 30-mins max. Greek food travels well too so nothing ever ends up soggy. Our favorites - Fattoush Salad, Falafel, Shawarma Plate, Lamb Gyros Plate, Chicken plate, Shish Kafta... you can choose soup, rice, salad or fries as a side for any of the their "plate" meals... their food is well seasoned, full-of-flavor and tastes very fresh. Their sandwiches are also very good - I usually go with the Lamb Gyro. I highly recommend their hummus and pita as well... it's to die for, super creamy and delicious. It's great with pita or veggies and you can order it with several toppings including any of their meats. If you're craving Greek, give this place a shot... I don't think you'll be disappointed.

David Veillette

great food omg so goooooood

Mae C.

This place is one of my staples during the week! I love the chicken shawarma and garlic spread. You get a lot of food for your money!

Francine P.

Nothing special. Good food and service. There are other restaurants serving better Mediterranean food in the area.


I used their catering services for business. The clientele that I serve was largely middle Eastern and they were all raving about the food. Some people usually don't eat lunch because they're too busy but heard the food was good and came down to join.

Jason Reiter

Let me tell you, this place is amazing. Great customer service, great food. I have not had one bad dish. Prices are good, and that’s always a plus. I look forward to eating at Boukies every time I’m in royal oak.

Shelly G.

Went for lunch. The very best Chicken Shawarma ever!! Hot bread and garlic. Fattoush Salad has the perfect amount of dressing, fresh green peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Grilled vegetables to perfection. I cannot tell you how happy I was to visit this place for the second time and it was better than I remembered. My girlfriends were extremely impressed!! We will absolutely be back soon!!

Hillary S.

Soooo much food! Stopped in here for dinner and got the vegetables with hummus for an appetizer (just about enough food for three or four people already) and the two of us split the Mix Shawarma Plate. There was so much food that we took half of both home and we were stuffed! The hummus was good, and there was a variety veggies that were all fresh and tasty. The shawarma was great. Absolutely huge portions, well seasoned, and it comes with amazing garlic sauce on the side. Staff and atmosphere were pleasant, everything was very clean, and parking wasn't too hard to find nearby. We paid around $25 for two full bellies and two meals of leftovers to go--great deal!

Emmanuel P.

Great food and very friendly and helpful staff!!! Everything was made fresh - kids loved their chicken gyro and the portions are big

Cindy W.

First time here. Service was impeccable. Attentive, polite. Food was great. Tasted great, nice portions. Pleasantly surprised with the garlic sauce side that came with humous. Restaurant was clean. Family friendly. Nice atmosphere. Gave 4 instead of 5; 1. 1 tiny picked turnip on the humous (most places give a few on top). Without ordering a huge side of it, would have liked a few on top. 2. It was cold inside the restaurant. Like; really cold. It was really cold outside, but it never warmed up enough to unbundle from wearing winter coats (a few patrons has their winter coats in thru the meal). Wish parking was better in RO (nothing to do with restaurants) All in all, would def come back!

Ivallee Ahrens

Excellent food, service is great, atmosphere is warm and inviting, prices are good. In the summer they offer street side patio that is a great dining experience as well. The ingredients are fresh and portions plentiful! An absolute must try for great Mediterranean food!