Boukie's Grill

105 S Main St, Royal Oak
(248) 584-2222

Recent Reviews

Maria Farmer

One of the best Mediterranean restaurants I’ve ever experienced, the lemon chicken rice soup is delish. It’s clean and modern. Cloth napkins ect. And the lunch menu is not extensive! I called in at around 3pm on a Tuesday and they had the food wrapped and ready for me in 15 minutes. 5 stars.

Dave A.

I love Fattoush salid and I was very disappointed. No flavor, maybe a quarter of pita chips. $7 dollars for a bowl of lettuce. The rest of my meal was good. I won't be back.

Bassam S.

Really good lamb shank really nice fattoush salad, was very pleasant dinner all around but was very disappointed when the bill came so they charge me a dollar to chop my salad and they charge me four dollars for a side of turnips and pickles were in most places those are free, If they're going to gouache customers like that they won't be in business too long and I know they don't supposed to be giving things for free but those items are very common Add a middle eastern restaurant for free

Emily P.

I recently moved to the area and am SO excited to be living so close to Boukie's. Every meal I've had here so far has been fresh, flavorful, and filling! They are very generous with their portions and are always filling the table with more bread. 10/10!

Jhalisha Lawton

The owner blocks the public’s vehicles in with his Honda van and refuses to move his vehicle. Instead, he encourages you to call the police in an effort to get your vehicle towed. The police arrived and still had him remove his vehicle. He is very hostile and irate for no reason at all. I was simply speaking to him to understand why he was so angry and why the situation was escalating when there was a simple resolution. He states the public can not park on the side of his building. However, in the photos, you can clearly see vehicles parked on the side of his building. There were already 3 vehicles parked there when I arrived. Not only did he block my vehicle in today, he had other individuals waiting to get out as well. He is very rude and irate and I was very pleasant with him the entire duration of what started out as a very minor issue. He needs to learn basic customer service skills and he also needs to be a little more subtle when talking to/approaching a woman. I am sure he would have never reacted the way he did if I was a man or had a man with me. His main issue is that he kept saying it wasn’t a parking lot, but again, vehicles were parked there when I arrived and there is not a single sign in sight that says “No Parking”. He escalated this issue pretty quickly and I am still confused as to why. There were individuals outside stating people have had issues with him in the past and now I see why. He is very confrontational. I would never do business with a supposed to be business owner that is as rude as he is and has not learned how to talk to the general public, put up the proper signs to notify the general public, or better yet, have simple problem resolution skills to deal with the general public. This was absurd! Don’t believe me? Look at his lowest reviews on Google and look at how he responds to bad reviews. It speaks volumes about his character. Very unprofessional. From one business owner to the next, I hope you plan to do better. And I’d like to say, happily, that I still had an amazing Sunday! He claims you can’t park in this area AT ALL. Not once did he say it was for his customers. Furthermore he didn’t even know if I was a customer of his or not until way after the fact he had already escalated the issue. Seriously you need to grow up and stop responding to reviews like you’re a toddler and not a grown adult who owns a business.

Kevin Philips

Ive been coming here a long time, fairly regularly! very good lemon rice soup, the platter is not for 2 unless those 2 are sumo wrestlers (who are cheaters, look it up), the sandwiches are the best bang for your buck

Angela J.

I'm so late writing this review because of the drama that followed after we left Michigan. Anywho, Mediterranean food is one of my absolute faves and this spot did not disappoint. Me and my friends decided to stop in for lunch on a Sunday afternoon. Not crowed at all, we were seated right away. If I had to describe the place, it was average seating. Nothing bad but nothing to talk about. It was clean though. One of my favorite things to order is the tea because they use fresh leaves and it also taste so good! My girl ordered the fresh lemonade. She said that was thee best lemonade she had ever tasted. She couldn't drink it all and asked for a to go cup to take it with her, lol. For appetizers, we ordered spinach pies, and the fresh pita bread with hummus. Those spinach pies were so good. So so so so good. Omg, they were good! The pita bread was extremely fresh and very delicious with the hummus. We asked the waiter to bring more bread. Yeah, it was that good. Our meals was a falafel wrap, chicken shawarma plate and the lamb gyro platter. When I tell you we all enjoyed our meal, we really did. Everything was so fresh and delicious! Their portions are large so we had some to take away with us. And on top of the the waiter was divine! I can't remember his name but I do remember he was a young 20 year old that was going to enlist in the military. He was so good, we left hin a $20 tip for our $45 meal. This place was excellent!

Elizabeth P.

This is my boyfriend and I's go to restaurant. We get it catered at my work a few times a month and I'm always excited when we do. Boukie's always provides hot, fresh, and healthy Mediterranean food. I have not had one item that I have disliked so far. Their portions are very generous. I always get the deboned white meat chicken with pilaf and lentil soup. Their garlic paste is to die for. YUM!!!

Matt C.

Extraordinary, fine Mediterranean cuisine. The food here is delicious. From the homemade, fresh-baked bread to the homemade garlic sauce to the chicken cream chop to the lam chops. My wife and I love this place for either eating in or carrying out. We carry out the Cream Chop dinner and Vegetarian Platter every other week. Every other dish we've tried is amazing and, when I its not perfect, they stand by their food and will make it perfect. Highly recommended!

Bob B.

Friendly staff, great food, reasonable prices. I have been here twice for lunch recently and the food and service were consistent across visits.

Candace B.

I have been eating here for about 6 years now. I've tried almost everything on the menu and I have never been disappointed. Everything is always very fresh and delicious! The service is incredible. The staff is very warm and friendly. The restaurant is always spotless! I recent tried their catering service for a group of 30. The order was completed on time and everything was correct as I ordered it, they even helped me load my car. Hands down one of my favorite restaurants in downtown Royal Oak. Highly recommend this place if you're looking for something healthy, quick and tasty

Andrew Copper

If you have to make a trip to come here, do it! Authentic, delectable, mediterranean food at its finest. Can't wait to visit again.

Danny Karadsheh

Delicious Mediterranean food. Portions are huge, you get bang for your buck. Prices are great as well.

Leila K.

The portions are insanely big, so if you're hungry go get your moneys worth here! The food is also delicious and the bread taste so fresh and hot out the oven. This is the food I grew up with and they do a job so well I think of my moms cooking. Staff is fun and attentive, and the space is very well located in downtown royal oak

Diane Kay

Excellent food and manager is outstanding! Very positive.

Charlene Smith

Yummy hummus, very smooth. The pita bread was so cute and could be described as puffy pillows of warmth. The Boukie's Platter was plenty for 3 with left overs. If you have men who love meat, this was a great variety of everything. The sauces for dipping were very flavorful. Try the lemon chicken rice soup on a cold day. The grilled veggies were cooked to perfection. Dessert was a perfect ending with baklava and rice pudding. The staff was cheerful, very helpful and friendly. They love their regulars...They have a great take out business too.

Brent G.

Love Boukie's!! I've been going here for years, a main go to for carry out. Highly recommended.

Shanna C.

Came here once because I was told the food here is delicious. Most of the reviews support this too, so I decided to stop by. The inside is larger than I thought, so I think this would be good for groups. Our table got the chicken shawarma, tabbouleh, and babaghanouj. The food was not the best, the chicken was lukewarm, and the tabbouleh was not well-flavored. While the table did come with free bread, the server would only give us 2 at a time... we would ask for more, and she would still continue to give us 2 at a time, and even said "don't eat too much bread." Like what??? We were eating the bread with the meal, and it's not like we were asking for an excessive amount. The basket was never full. With the 3 times we asked, that equated to one full basket. If a restaurant is going to cheap out like that, then I would rather take my business elsewhere. Definitely will not be coming back.

Kristy Y.

Great service, good food :) nothing to complain about. Lentil soup is creamier and thicker than the one at La Saj and has a thinner chicken and rice soup. The garlic sauce has a bit fewer spices, but tasted good. The bread looks like sopapillas. Chicken Schwarma was really good and had spices on it.

Beth Ann Giannosa

Excellent, EXCELLENT food !!! Great service as well !!

Katie J.

Having lived in Metro Detroit my whole life and working in Dearborn I have had Lebanese and other Middle Eastern food at countless restaurants. Some of the dishes I always get at any of these restaurants are fattoush, falafel, hummus - Boukie's has the crunchiest and best falafel I've had. I also love the crunchy vegetables they add to their fattoush salads. Their bread is fresh and pillowy soft and the hummus is rich and delicious. Glad I live around the corner! Prompt and polite service every time I go.

Marji L.

This was our first time ordering from this restaurant and it was a major fail. We ordered food to go and it took a very long time, so I ordered a juice smoothie while I was waiting which was good. We ordered fattoush salad, tawook sandwich, extra baked puffy bread, grilled Mediterranean vegetables. They didn't give us any bread, not even what we paid for, sautéed veggies weren't Mediterranean veggies at all and tawook was ridiculously soaked with sauce. I wouldn't suggest this place

Dakota D.

The best shawarma I've ever had! My husband and I have been eating here on a weekly basis for years. We recently moved out of Royal Oak and still make an hour round trip drive on occasion for Boukies! We highly recommend the chicken shawarma salad, shawarma wrap, and any soup.

Aero Raptor

My first time here in this charming place. I will be definitely coming back with my family and friends. Truly authentic. Delightful experience. Lovely atmosphere. FIVE GOLDEN STARS. I would like to thank Ali for suggesting the best things to have. They were indeed.

Mihir Joshi

Nice place to try out different stuff.

Stephanie K.

I attended a wedding with Boukie's Grill as the caterer. So many people were impressed with the delicious food! It was really nice to have something different than what's often served at weddings. Staff was professional, but seemed unapproachable. They arrived on time, and did a great job setting up at two locations at the venue.

Lindsay S.

My favorite Mediterranean place their food is always so consistent. And they listen never mess up my order

Enrique Colville

Im a middle eastern food fan. And I must say this place has the best chicken shawarma (meal and sandwich)I've ever had. The pricing is great. Ive had the lamb Gyro also and it was great. Their catering platter are great for most parties (as long as you don't mind garlic breath)

Jaclyn L.

The best Shawarma I have ever had. The lunch special is a great deal. Will definitely be back!! Garlic sauce is the best I've ever had. Can't say enough great things about this place. Every time I'm in Royal Oak I stop in. You can't beat the great prices. I wish they would open up more locations closer to home but definitely worth the drive.

Jay D

I usually come for their lunch specials, which is a good value and the food is delicious and fresh. Meat shawarma platter is one of my favorites (tastes more like lamb than beef, which is a plus for me) and the grilled vegetables is one of an options for a side (some Lebanese places just offer rice or fries) It also comes with soup or salad and bread and garlic. Bread is delicious. Lunch specials ends at 3pm. Service has been spotty in the past (never terrible, just okay), but really improved lately.

Chrissy Frescura

Great lunch time specials! They have THE best Garlic sauce around!

Evan B.

The chicken Schwarma is delicious. Garlic sauce great. Pita bread they serve warm with the garlic sauce and hummus is great.


The best Shawarma I have ever had. The lunch special is a great deal. Will definitely be back!! Garlic sauce is the best I’ve ever had. Can’t say enough great things about this place.

Shannon Fry

I will say that the food was fabulous, HOWEVER i had a dead mosquito on my plate. When i took my plate up front a waitress said "Where was it?"...I'm sorry, i didn't snatch a mosquito mid-air and put it there. They were going to charge me full price and when i said something the owner offered to take 50% off of the entree. I ate FOUR small pieces of the meat and 2 bites of rice before seeing the dead bug. Ok. Then he took the receipt BACK and mumbled something. When all was finished he took $8.50 off of an $18 entree (NOT 50%). A "good" restaurant would have remade the dish AND taken it off of the tab. It was wonderful food so i was disappointed that i couldn't eat it. The waiter was very nice. I don't go out trying to get anything for "free", but if they wanted to keep us as customers they should have been more accommodating. Not saying "The door is open and that's why you have a dead bug on your plate". I don't care WHY it's there, I'm understanding, just FIX IT properly and don't treat me like i was the one that did it. Would've gave 5 stars except for this incident and will no longer visit this establishment. Palm Palace in Ann Arbor and Kebob Garden in Belleville are the best Mediterranean restaurants by far!

Angela Adams Spierling

Excellent fresh and healthy food! We ordered a sampler plate for 2 and really liked it. It came with at least 6 things and our waitress was super nice! We will definitely come back again!

Jamie Nelson

We randomly stopped at Boukies Grill, we thought they had a cute little patio and it was a nice day. We ordered hummus to share and let me tell you PHENOMENAL! The warm, fresh pita bread, with the hummus, oil and garlic...Wow! I want some more right now thinking about it. Also ordered the chicken kabob pita which was good. Next time I'll probably get the chicken kabob not on the pita as I didn't care much for the sauce on it. But that was my error, as I'm picky and knew I should have ordered condiments on the side especially at a restaurant I've never been. Service was absolutely amazing! Never once had to ask for a refill on our pita bread or beverages. We will definitely be back!

Michael Svitil

By far this is one of my favorite places to eat. Any chance I have I am here ordering the vegetable + hummus and the hot tea!!! I promise you will not be disappointed.

Tim Lankin

Some of the best Mediterranean food l have ever had. The staff could not be nicer. The service was excellent. They always go above and beyond to make the experience one to remember. From our family to yours. Thank you.....

Joe Hakim

Great food. Ask for the kibbeh spicy with fresh jalapeí±o on the side if you enjoy heat. Each element of the vegetarian platter was tasty. I especially enjoyed the grape leaves.

Anastasja Mendelev

The lamb gyro was amazing. Prices were outstanding. Staff was very friendly. But...the chicken shawerma was a little dry and came with no rice or fries. However there was good hummus. Also beware...they are popular so there is a wait during lunch time.