Pinky's Rooftop

100 S Main St 2nd Level, Royal Oak
(248) 291-6506

Recent Reviews

Tara Kook

Awesome place! It's cute, atmosphere is fun, and great food! The service was amazing she was on top of things and very nice. She knew everything on the menu if you had a question about anything. Great Job Pinkys

Scot Brown

Drinks fantastic!!! Staff top notch! Our waiter was excellent, his name was Micheal and he had only been a waiter for 3weeks but he was great! Food was well prepared and tasted great. a must visit. I was there with my daughter and wife.

Lashawn Pierson

First time going to this restaurant for a bday dinner for someone. Small portions but foot was great and good drinks. They will will accommodate kids but it a place I would take children.

Ebony Lucas

We went in with no reservation so they told us there would be an hour wait. It was so cute that we decided it was worth, and boy was it! We headed downstairs and had drinks and an appetizer in the steak house. When they called our table we were able to take our drinks upstairs with no problem. (Extra points for no stupid rules). The service was attentive, prompt, and friendly. We ordered several things on the menu and shared. The vegan potstickers were the stand out. Cauliflower was ok. My friends really enjoyed the short rib tacos. Drinks were creative and delicious. We were celebrating 2 birthdays so we also had dessert. The carrot cake and cotton candy were more than a delight. We took most of it home. So delicious! Great experience. I definitely recommend and would go back!

justyna choma

Such a cute place! Very nice stuff and yummy food- I?m obsessed with Brussels sprouts appetizer

Fatima Alfatlawi

Went there for my birthday and i must say, it?s a very cute place with good service and overall a great experience. Although, even though i did reserve a lounge on a Saturday , i felt as if we were being rushed to finish up. So we didn't stay long. I suggest going on a slower day of the week so you can take your time. Other than that i highly recommend!

Charlene Rhead

Cool venue, all the decor fits the theme. The balcony feels like you're in a jungle with the all the plants and is equipped with fire places. The cocktails are all very fancy and tasty but definitely on the pricey side. Worth going for the experience though.

Jeff S.

If this place is on your list, skip it... nothing special about thier overpriced craft cocktails and small plates. Pinky's is trying too hard to be the "cool kid" on Main Street but this isn't Miami, NYC or Los Angeles. It's Royal Oak... spare us the kitchy nonsense and focus on delivering great food and customer service if you want to survive your much better competition. Given that you have 3-stars with another poor review about to drop, take the free advice

Nick Garlinghouse

Pinky's is a cool place with really good specialty drinks and good appetizers too. The decor is ecclectic. Lots of pink! The outdoor part of the rooftop is awesome, with fire pits with seating all around. The prices are moderate to high, but worthwhile for a special occasion.

Tracy Marlene

Very cool place to have drinks. The cotton candy hair dessert is a sweet treat and really pretty. This is not a place to go if you are hungry... They have small plates that are very tasty but they are no meal.

Jennifer J.

Very fun place to come and catch up with friends. We sat out in the rooftop and ordered some drinks and the chips app. The food was overpriced and average taste so I'd recommend eating somewhere else but the drinks were really cool and all came out in very fun cups! It's also very nicely decorated and had super friendly. It was pretty chilly outside until they turned on the heaters. I came late September/early October time so I'm not sure if they have those on for all day in the cooler October days . We had reservations here for a Wednesday evening and thought it was pretty busy for a Wednesday! It was really easy to make them on open table so I'd recommend that too!

Darjo Batts

Truly a special establishment... it is a must see. The word Rooftop in the name sort of undersells it's truly unique appeal from A to Z. The bar has been raised on the competition for sure... It's like spotting a unicorn in this region of the country.

Marquette D.

I had an amazing experience at Pinky's! I came on a Saturday night, 2 people, with reservations. We sat and ordered drinks, which took a minute to come out, but I will say that they are NOT cheap on the alcohol. We ordered the roasted cauliflower, brussel sprouts bruschetta, prime rib tacos, shrimp dill fritters, and the surf n turf entree. When I say everything was unreal, I mean it! The meat and shrimp in the surf n turf was mouthwatering, and all of the sauces/creams served were so flavorful. It was a teeny bit pricy, but any small plates typically are. Cute vibes and good service!

Yae Sul J.

I went here on my birthday... Oh wow and what an experience. The interior of definitely super pretty and New York feel vibes. Cute, pink and very insta-worthy. For those of you guys have been here or live in the area, you've seen this pink place on the second floor rooftop and all, probs wondering: what is that? That's why I was most excited to check it out! But the rest of the experience was what made me turn away and not wanna go back The food: some were meh but some were acceptable. Incredibly small portions for the prices (so just FYI i think it's more like a tapas kind of mind set for those going). The gnocchi was actually not bad - that was one of the ones others had recommended and the satay was ok. The tacos were nothing to write home about. The carrot cake was good but a tad too sweet for me. Also it was mind blowing for a very high cake cutting fee they had suggested to my friends. They wanted to charge 25 dollars per person for a cake cutting fee! Which I thought was they're trying to say you can't do that but in passive aggressive way (which I don't think any of is really appreciated, maybe it was the tone of voice) The cocktails. This was what I was looking forward to! I love craft cocktails but I was disappointed in all of the choices me and my friends got for the price we got it too. I've been around so I don't mind paying a bit if it's for a great cocktail but these were really off. I think I would have been better off with ordering a beer or a wine! Which was disappointing since I feel this place was advertising their business as a rooftop cocktail bar :( So overall, I would maybe recommend to go for the pretty instagram pictures to maybe grab some appetizers and a beer or wine but not for anything else

Amber H.

This is a great Instagram restaurant/experience. You come here for the ambiance, decor, and pictures. Small plates on the menu, so you share your food or order a few things so you won't be hungry. Speaking of the food, it was just ok. I honestly didn't enjoy anything I tried other than the shrimp fritters. I felt that the menu was not fully descriptive, so certain ingredients that I don't care for such as tofu in the veggie lettuce wraps and seaweed in the fried dumplings were not mentioned. I ended up sending both plates back because of this. My drink, TASTES LIKE JESUS was good but then again nothing I need to try again. You definitely need a reservation in my opinion. It was crowded and a long wait for a table. I would MAYBE return under special circumstances but this isn't a must go to for me when I visit the area.

Malisa M.

Cute and quirky restaurant/bar that will peak your interest! walking up the stairs to the actual place keeps you guessing and maybe not what you expected to see! Centered around pink and white fun/random decor, there is a bar, seating inside and outside, along with couches along one side of the place. It's not that big of a spot. Summary: Very interesting crafted cocktails! Try them. Menu is shareable plates great customer service. Great ambience Model head with cotton candy as the hair! Order is as an appetizer for fun GREAT girls night out vibe Prices are pretty reasonable. I cant wait to go again. Glad to see RO opening different and unique type places instead of the same old hangouts.

Tai Kimmerly

I went to Pinkyâ??s for brunch over the weekend. The carrot cake french toast was amazing. My husband had an egg dish that was delicious. Their breakfast potatoes were also very good. The only thing that I would change about the food is that they donâ??t have bacon.

Nicole Smith

The staff is so sweet and professional. Food is good, but pricey for the potion size. Atmosphere is the girl power that was in the room. It's a great place for a awesome girls day/night out.

Ciara J.

The ambiance is definitely eye catching! There are so many intricate details to view while dining at this establishment. I only had a cocktail, which was ok to me. I can not recall the name, but it came in a ceramic cat glass/container. My friend orders two appetizers - brussels sprouts and a beef taco. I didn't get to sample her beef taco, which means that she enjoyed it! Her review of the sprouts was just ok. They were presented on a bed of bread that could be removed totally from the dish. I would go back to try some of the other popular cocktails I saw many patrons ordering.

Raquel T.

Pinky's is easily in my top 5 dining experiences and restaurants. I love the theme and attitude the restaurant has and the food lives up to the hype. You can't go wrong with any of their cocktails, I'm partial to the dancing raspberry's or one of their processo popsicles. The cauliflower makes a great appetizer for the table, everything is meant to be shared. The filet is a must, creamy parsnip purée, perfectly cooked steak, refreshing chimichurri sauce and crispy onion rings. You can't go wrong with any of the desserts as well. The carrot cake is from Diamond steakhouse downstairs and is so moist and the cream cheese frosting is perfect. The blondies and brunettes is a hit too!

Nicole S.

Upon walking into Pinky's the first time, I actually laughed out loud. It's like they found a 6 year old girl and said, if you could design a restaurant, what would it look like? She responded with (in your best run-on, 6 year old girl voice), "it would have barbies on the wall, everything would be pink, they would serve cotton candy out of heads, and everything you can drink has clouds coming out of it!" Pinky's responded with a huge thumbs up. It's obnoxious in there. They're trying way too hard. I could handle it if everything else was great, but on second thought, maybe not. Anyway, everything is a bit overpriced. I've been twice now, but only ate this most recent time. My friend and I sat at the bar and split the Brussels sprout bruschetta and the truffle saganaki. I honestly would have rather gone downstairs to Leo's and ate their saganaki for a third of the price. The Brussels sprouts were good and had a great flavor, just overpriced for what you receive. There's a good selection of drinks between beer, liquor, and cocktails, but it's nothing special that you can't get elsewhere, which is why I don't really have any reason to come here again. I can see it succeeding in the near term as women want to check it out for the first time after seeing pictures of it, especially any basic bitch wanting to take an Instagram selfie along the decor - like the 6 groups we saw doing the same when we were there. And I say women because the entire establishment was full of them minus a few men who did not look like they were enjoying it.... excpet for the dude that was hardcore making out with a woman a few seats down from us at the bar while we ate.

Olivia A.

So the atmosphere and ambiance is great. The food was okay. Some stuff was pretty good and some stuff was gross. The service was alright but mostly super slow. The drinks were amazing and the only thing I really liked. I would probably come back to give them another chance. The place has potential. I think we might have came on a bad day. It was super busy. We had reservations and still waited a very long time.

Shelly Waters

The food is delicious and the drinks are good/unique also. Definitely a place for women more than men. One downside is that the staff didnâ??t know the names of the wines they were serving which was sort of odd to us. They would bring us red wine and ask who ordered the Chardonnay...

Laura Dembowski

Pinky's is the cutest new spot in Detroit. You can't go wrong sitting anywhere but the outdoor seating makes you feel like you're in a tropical paradise. The drinks are fun, tasty, and reasonably priced. The cotton candy is also fun but the house made carrot cake totally steals the show. Don't let summer go by without a stop at Pinky's.

J Levs

I wanted to love this spot! It is definitely Instagram worthy decor. The server was nice the food delivery was just so darn slow. I doubt I'll be back. It's one of those slots you need to experience for the cute pics with your girlfriends but you know you'll never be a regular.

Lex C.

Went here for drinks with a friend. The food was amazing (though a little expensive for small plates) and the cocktails were creative and tasty. I brought my significant others here as well and he was pretty impressed. 4 stars only because of the price, and they brought us food and drinks that weren't ours, twice.

Ta'Mika W.

Came here for drinks, it's the cutest place ever!!! Our drinks were good, the service was great. We will definitely come back

Miranda O.

If you want to do it for the Gram, this is the place to go. It reminds me of Barton G... the small plates are cute. The cotton candy head is a good dessert to share and take photos with. This is a good place for a girls night out! There's a lot of good photo ops in the restaurant.

Anita S.

I hate reviewing places that haven't been open for a super long time. But I've checked this place out a hand full of times now and one thing remains consistent-slow service but pretty good food. I personally enjoy the breakfast items more than the dinner. The buckwheat pancakes, avocado toast and Brussels bruschetta are great!! Some of their better apps include the Roasted cauliflower, short rib tacos, and the surf n turf skewers. I think with more time, this place can be better than just a cute photo-op filled trendy spot.

Jillian L.

Total Instagram restaurant but terrible management. Their manager Michelle is absolutely awful. She is incredibly rude and does not care about their customers. I am shocked this place is still open and wouldn't be surprised if it closed by the end of the summer. Great idea and decent food but until they do something about the management it will continue to infect the restaurant.

Noah B.

TLDR at the bottom, long post incoming: So I waited about a month after my first bad visit to go again, and it was the same experience so I think its a fair assessment with 1 star to write this review. I moved into downtown royal oak almost 2 months ago and around the time this place Pinky's was popping up all over instagram and I heard people talking all about it and wanted to try it out, so about 6PM I went to Pinky's, which the entrance was hard to find, not labeled clearly as its a rooftop restaurant the door/stairwell is inside Diamonds steak the restaurant below it. Upon entering we were greeted and asked for a table, the place wasn't busy but steady I'd say. There were 3-4 tables open and we were told we would have to wait until 10PM for a table! WHAT? That's 4 hours from time of arrival! The tables open were reservations but because it might rain outside that day they're holding all the tables inside for people who made reservations outside in case it rains - unbelievable an establishment would do this but whatever its fine - we can sit at the bar if we can find a seat (we couldn't) or theres a small fire pit table outside we can sit at but it might rain (it sprinkled for about 1 hour total off and on that night. After about 10 minutes we asked a server nearby if somebody could bring us menus/take our order and we were then assigned an individual who was very kind and nice but not quick. We placed a drink order and it came back another 10 minutes later, at that point we wanted to order food but the menu at Pinky's isn't a good one, its not large or plentiful, so we went to Diamonds and put our name in for a table while we finished our drinks upstairs, after about 25 minutes and nobody checked on us our server came and asked if we were ready for food, we said we will take another drink but we are getting food downstairs - 10 more minutes our drinks came and Diamonds has a texting/call system for when your table is ready, after Diamonds told us 15-20 for a table and it was now 35-40 minutes and we still haven't gotten a text/call we decide to just order a quick meal at Pinky's since our server mentioned its the same owners, same food just bigger menu downstairs and we are already here and started talking to another couple next to us at this fire pit so we both order the steak which took 35ish minutes to get, we ordered medium but it came well done and my steak was received before my partners, not the same time and they looked different, not presented the same even though we ordered the same steak it was not good at all. It was a steak comparable with what I'm sure Applebees steak is like. When we placed our steak food order we asked for a red wine to be delivered at the same time our steak was and surprise, it wasn't. We had almost finished our steaks when we asked where our wine was because thats how long it took to see our server again, she didn't ask if everything was okay shortly after seeing us or checking if it was cooked properly. At that point we asked for our wine and bill and the manager to get everything over with at once so we could get out of there. After speaking to the manager and asking what was going on or is it normally like this we got the response that it was very busy tonight, kitchen was understaffed, it was our servers first night, and they were still working out the kinks after only being open a couple months at that point. He asked us to come back a few months later after the kinks are worked out - we came back about a month later and it was still slow and the drinks were just okay - again. We didn't bother with food the second time. The people we met at the fire pit all had the same experience, no server assigned to them, they actually had a different server than we did who was equally as slow, food was equally as bad (they had some sort of chip appetizer that tasted like soggy Doritos, no joke). And they ordered a bottle of Rose which they didn't like then trie

Janey Golani

We had a large party of 17 for my daughters birthday. It was awesome. The food was fresh, tasted wonderful and beautifully presented. The price was great, drinks were very creative and the cotton candy mannequin they brought out at the end was the best!!! We loved it and will definitely go back!

Lillian Lazzarini Beatty

Awesome place. Love it. So calming. Not noisy. Sit inside or out

Taylor A.

I love when new places like this open up around me, it's nice to see places keeping it fresh and interesting. Unfortunately, Pinkys is an Instagram restaurant. Most of what they make is for people to take fun pictures of and share with friends. As long as you know that going in, it shouldn't be a problem. We made reservations for 4 people on Saturday night. We were told it was high-top seating only but when we go there they sat us at a regular table. The decor is so fun and interesting, I absolutely love the open rooftop area, and the fresh breeze coming in, so wonderful for a summer evening. The service was less than impressive. We had to flag down our server three times to get more water or another drink and each time he started walking away before another person got the chance to order something. With prices like these, I expect a higher level of service. They suggest 2 plates a person as everything is shareable and each plate is around $12 and up. Add in two drinks a person you are looking at a bill around $90 for two people. That is really high for Royal Oak. The attire is also kind of strange, most people were super dressed but other people were in jeans and a t-shirt.

Elizabeth Doyle

Great atmosphere ! Food was delicious and staff was wonderful, I had a great evening

Alisha B.

Came here on a Saturday night within the first couple weeks of them opening. Asked for a table for 2, but they said they didn't have any available and were doing "reservations only", even though there were at minimum 5 empty tables just by a quick glance. We were told we could go stand by the bar and order a drink, and wait around until some seats freed up there. So we headed to the bar to grab a drink. I ordered the dancing raspberries, and my boyfriend just asked the bartender to make him a french 75. Presentation of the drinks was great. Mine was served in a champagne flute, and had dry ice. I waited until all the dry ice settled down, as I don't like it bubbling right in my face. By the time it was done, my glass was about half way filled, mind you this drink was $10. The taste was good, but not that good. No seats ever opened up at the bar, so we were forced to leave as we felt very awkward standing right behind people sitting at the bar, and were right in the walkway. Disappointed because I wanted to try their food, and also their beauty school dropout (I love cotton candy). This place had super cute decor, everywhere you looked there was a perfect background for your next Instagram photo. Unfortunately, I just don't have the desire to return here.

Lindsey Peters

such a cute and fun place! I love the theme that runs throughout the two floors. They have an awesome second floor balcony with big and small tables. The second floor has a bar and additional seating. The smalls plates were fun and delicious. All of their drinks are unique and fun. It was a really hot day and I tried the popsicle cocktails and I would do it again! Very delicious and refreshing. Such a fun place to go and lots of fun to go with co-works for a nice treat. I ate the lettuce wraps and it was big enough to eat as an entree. Chips and dip trio is very good as well with fresh made seasoned chips and a mango salsa that was very refreshing. I definitely plan to go back to Pinkyâ??s! The staff was fun and interactive. Our bartender while we waited for our table interacted with us, gave great recommendations, and even let us try some stuff! Had a lot of fun while I was here.

Steven Kitakis

We had a nice brunch here yesterday. The space is well laid out, with plenty of open air tables that are still shaded. I was expecting high peices but they were very reasonable. Service was friendly and attentive. My only complaint is that the food took a while to come put so just plan on that.

kendra komp

Cute, trendy, girly atmosphere. We stopped in for a cocktail on a Sunday afternoon. We sat at the bar and the bartenders were friendly and efficient. The cocktails were on the sweet side, but that may just be what we ordered. Definitely a fun place for a date or girls night/brunch. Tip for those who may be daunted by the very long staircase, because of physical limitations, or just too high heels, there is an elevator available just inside the downstairs steak house.

Aparna B.

I don't want to discredit this place or say it's bad, because it's not. It just didn't "wow" me the way some other places did. I came here for brunch and we were able to sit outside under the covered area so we weren't in the hot sun. We had a reservation and we arrived earlier so we were seated without an issue, which was good. The decor is super cute in there - I can see why folks go there "for the 'Gram". It's all pink, vintage/eclectic in design with mirrors on the wall, pink murals, nice chandeliers and the space itself is really nice. For brunch they offer their lunch menu and a brunch menu only served on weekends. Since we were there for brunch I opted for that. Their drink menu seemed pretty cool -- all pink-ish drinks so I ordered a "dancing raspberries". It was very crisp and refreshing, though *very* sweet (probably the St Germaine in it). They put a dry ice capsule in the drink so it stays smoking for a while and the raspberries in it "dance" - pretty cute. The prices for the drinks weren't that bad, which was a plus. Where I dock some points are food. Their brunch menu was only kinda ok. nothing on there really wow'd me. I ordered their Avocado toast which was Zingermans bread, garlic creme fraiche, pickled carrots, their house seasoning. I asked for poached eggs to go with it but had expected it to be ON the toast - instead they were served on the side which was kind of weird and hard to eat. The dish was hard to eat because the toast was piled very high with the carrots - and there was like a pound of carrot on the toast. It was hard to taste the bread, garlic, and avocado because the vinegar of the pickled carrots took over the entire thing. It was also very hard to cut since all they give you are butter knives. The other area where I dock points is service. It wasn't bad service, just incredibly S L O W. It took way longer than usual for us to get our drinks, then put in our order, and then for our order to show up. We arrived around 11am and didn't leave until probably 12:30pm. I do still recommend this place - it's cute, their drinks are priced well and are delicious and their lunch/dinner menu sounds pretty good. But where I dock points are service and lackluster brunch options.