Wow Mediterranean Cuisine Express

1015 N Campbell Rd, Royal Oak
(248) 542-2588

Recent Reviews

Chris White

Wow is my go-to neighborhood food place. I've never been disappointed with the food or the service. The portions are generous so you usually get 2 meals out of your order.

Harry Grongstad

Great Mediterranean fast food. Qdoba style - you tell them what ingredients you want and they make it in front of you. Very consistent on taste and quality.

Elizabeth Meyer

The fact this place has a 4.5 rating makes me not trust reviews. This is place is nasty y'all. The falafel was gross and all their veggies kinda have the same nasty taste to them like they all sat on the same dirty fridge for a few days.

Kristen m.

Pros fast service and fresh ingredients. Cons chicken shawarma turned out to be plain grilled chicken that you can get anywhere. I would go elsewhere for Mediterranean.

Kendal N.

Amazing chicken schwarmas (and everything else!)!!! I am beyond a regular here and would recommend to anyone who loves deliciousness and fast service. I've gotten to know everyone who works here and they are always so welcoming and friendly. Take out only.

Vinay Genthikatti

Really good and small take out mediterranean restaurant. Friendly staff and good quality food.

Lisa Argo

Love the people and the food is great. Thank you

Heather Quayle

Delicious and fresh!! This place is usually packed but worth the wait!

B Casl

I have been coming here for quite some time and the food here is delicious. The owner and staff are wonderful. I definitely recommend that you check this place out. Order ahead of time since this place is always busy.

Brock M.

I have been here 3 times and are overdue to leave a review. When I am in the area, I am excited to stop here. They are good at what they do! So far I have enjoyed the falafel, stuffed grape leaves and chicken shawarma. I hate to be a person of habit, but these are so good here that I keep ordering this!

Jacob Kuhn

I love this place! Great family business and sandwiches made to order with lots of customization options

Justin Leppan

The chicken tastes like nothing it was horrible one of the worst chicken shawarmas I have ever had. I asked for mujadara. The lady fills me up a whole container full then tells me they are out. It was $10 for one small chicken shawarma that was nasty what a rip off

Grace M.

We have been long time customers and love the fattoush salad with chicken shwarma! We always have more than enough to eat. Plus the hummus is the best around. We definitely recommend this place.

Chad Ebling

Favorite mediterranean place in RO. Great food and it's ready fast.

Rateb Alwazeer

Ordered combo platter. Food is good, and serving size is generous. It was prepared and ready in timely manner.

Dominic Bertolini

My favorite thing about Royal Oak. Amazing food, quick, cheap. Recommend the chicken shawarma wrap.

Sinan K.

8 bucks for below average shawarma sandwich. When I paid that I was like to my self it better be one heck of a shawarma sandwich. But not even close. Disappointed

Hannah Lieberman

My absolute favorite place for shawarma and (especially) rice almond salad! Always extremely fresh and amazing. Never disappoints

Maisam D.

This is disgusting The food is soooo nasty and the workers are helllaaa rude And the owner is piece of trashhhhh

Johnny Delly

Excellent real Middle Eastern authentic food i love coming here cant wait until next time and you get to try another cultures food and everyone is gonna have a different insight mine is 100% awesome

Kristopher Prevost

I stumbled on this undiscovered gem right in our neighboorhood. After my meal, I was knocked into a food coma. Make sure to save room for the chicken kobobs because that was the best part of the meal! This was one of the best mouth-watering shawarmas I've had grace my taste buds in a long time. This is definitely a spot I'll be frequenting.

Stephen Haigh

Good place to grab a quick bite. The place is just a kitchen and the ordering counter, no seating, so take out only. I generally go for the chicken shawarma wrap with garlic spread, which has a good kick. The falafel wraps are good too (so my wife tells me).

Bob L

Delicious and fresh. The chicken has a great flavor.


I was really sick this week and my husband went to go get Lentil soup for me, which is my favorite. When he walked into this establishment, the person at the counter said, “you know we are closing soon, right?” My husband said no, he didn’t know the hours. When do you close? “In 35 minutes.” Really? Also they didn’t have any soup. This is the second time we have been in this place and both times the staff was rude. Go to Mr Kebab in Berkley instead. The food is better and the portions are bigger and they always have lentil soup.

Aaron R.

Great food and really nice people. This is one of my favorite restaurants for Mediterranean food. I love the shwarma and grape leaves!

Greg B.

Had their grape leaf bowl and chicken swami bowl Greek salad and hummus All were very good Called in my order they were very nice on the phone told me 15 minutes it was ready when I got there Definitely worth trying

Gin Price

Good food, though ordering anything special definitely seems to be overwhelming to the crew. Taking a moment is also clearly off-putting. True, everyone has a bad day, but three for three signals a rudeness that's usual for business. I wouldn't recommend call ahead either, as you are told you can't add or subtract anything from your item. All and all, an attitude adjustment and appreciation of customers would make this place a shining star. Until then, I'll be driving past it to the next Mediterranean place.

Alexandra Greig

My favorite Mediterranean place of all time! The flavors are incredible. Chicken shawarma bowl and wrap are my favorite. The place is always clean and quick service. Very friendly staff and owner.

Anastasja Mendelev

Guy was easy going but a little too curt. No seating. Food is a little expensive for the quality and amount you're actually getting. But definitely edible if you're in a hurry.

Cate Zatkoff

Quick food and friendly service. Great Mediterranean food when you don’t feel like cooking dinner for the night.

walaa hanna

Good food great customer service aylin and merna

Chris C.

There food is okay. Service is always lackluster and somewhat comically. New low they wouldn't sell me a side of garlic dip when ordering my food, sorry but I like the dip. So decided to go elsewhere. Thanks but no thanks.

Steve S.

Great food, loved it!! Would recommend their food very highly.

Jonna Malinowski

Really cool set up. There are so many options. Delicious.

Reem H.

We wanted to pass by for a quick bite on the road. We don't eat fast food, Wow popped up on my yelp, & I'm so glad we tried it.. the chicken shawarma was so good! The place is more like a stand, no seats. The people working there are very nice, and the service was fast. We'll defiantly try more =)

Kathy Clark

I just had a horrible conversation with the owner Ken! I had to give a 1 star review to post my experience. Otherwise it would be (0 ZERO). Me and my co workers order food on a regular basis. My co-worker called a order in for a couple of different meals. I ordered a Chicken Shawarma Bowl, I specified NO tomatoes. I heard my co-worker call the order in, she said please make sure you don't add tomatoes. Well! I got the bowl and wouldn't you know it!!!! there were a ton of tomatoes!!!!! I immediately called spoke to Ken (JERK) the owner of the establishment. I explained the bowl has tomatoes, Ken said yes I know "I did add tomatoes" No I'm sorry, I apologize for the mix up. Instead he suggested that I bring the bowl back, and he'd remake it! Well I explained to Ken, I am at work and do not have the please of taking as many lunch breaks as I would like, therefore I am unable to come back today. Ken had the Freaking NERVE to say "ok then bring it back on Monday which is 3 days from now, and he'd replace it. My reaction was WOW really what a JERK!!!! this is how you treat a customer. Most business owners with Class, Integrity and good business SENSE! would have 1st Apologized, 2nd Ask if I wanted a refund, 3rd Replace it without me having to hold on to the meal for 3 whole days. I will not be giving anymore of my $$$$$ to this Jerk.... His demanor was not friendly or courteous at ALL. Ken the owner is a JERK!!!

angel santana

Delicious. Try the baklava. Only 1 buck a piece!

craig swann

One of the best shawarma in the area, prices are very affordable has become my go to for quick carry out

Katherine Garrett

Delicious, fast Mediterranean food. The owners and staff are always very friendly and welcoming.

T. J. Cusumano

Some of the best Mediterranean fast food you can get in the area. A great option if your looking for something fast, healthier & fresher. Service is great, too.

Wow Mediterranean Cuisine Express

1015 N Campbell Rd, Royal Oak, MI 48067
(248) 542-2588