Wow Mediterranean Cuisine Express

1015 N Campbell Rd, Royal Oak
(248) 542-2588

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Lentil soup and chicken cream chop ?

Elise Kathleen

If I could give zero stars. I would. I was ordering my bowl and when he went into the back to get the meat, i noticed his staff not wearing masks in the back as well as someone up front on a phone call without her mask breathing directly next to the food prep station. When I apologized (which I shouldn't have done because what they're doing is illegal) and said I'm sorry i can't get food here because you don't require your staff to wear masks. He said "thanks for wasting my time lady". We are very much still in the middle of a pandemic and it's comforting to know that they care more about their "time" than public health and safety. Disgusting. Mr.Kabob Express is way better and they care about public health and safety. Its worth the extra drive. But something tells me they don't care about reviews with how filthy their establishment was.

Kelly Hyer

Delicious! Hummus was extremely good. Fattoush salad with chicken was really good too.

Jennifer R.

Had Wow last night. Always fresh and delicious. Can't wait for their 2nd locations to open up!

V Akula

Tried their cream chop chicken. Enjoyed every bit of it

Matt Rose

Fast, affordable, and delicious Middle Eastern food. I love Wow more than most humans.

Jennifer Romanczuk

They have great safety precautions in place. The food was amazing and a bright spot in a deary day.

D L.

Wow coli is more accurate of a name imo... Got carry out yesterday for the family, both my wife and I were sick, especially my wife.

shreepal chanduri

It's just a to go place .. good place at a very reasonable price . The chicken was tender and warp was tasty.. little salty for my taste but my co workers liked it.The service was fast too..Looking for a quick bite ? Go for it..

Nora Gojcevic

Nothing fancy, just delicious mediterranean food and quick service. It's always my quick go-to. It's quicker and much healthier than McDonalds (and even around the same price)... so it's an easy choice to make :D

Kim L.

I know I'm late to the game on this one, I've been driving by it forever and never stopped in. Well, that has changed and I'm glad I finally gave Wow a try. This is a carryout place - no seating inside or out. My first visit I got a chicken kafta wrap and some rice pilaf. My kafta had tomatoes on it, so my 2nd visit I asked for no tomatoes and extra pickles. The wrap was delicious, the chicken was tender, the sauce was perfect and the pickles added the right zing. The rice pilaf was good, but I probably won't get again - there was enough rice to feed me for a week, I just won't eat that much. As a side dish for multiple people it would be a winner.

Only quirk was when I called in my order both times I was told 15 minutes. I showed up at my 15 minute time frame - only to be told he'd get right on it! I guess from now on I'll just show up, calling ahead doesn't seem to make any difference.

Prices seem reasonable and I'm looking forward to trying a few more things.

Jeremy Gemus

The absolute best at what they do. Best pickled veg, best shawarma, best cream chop, prepared how you like it, with good social distancing protocol. I love WoW

Chelsea S

Easy to order vegan here. Great service and great food, the place itself is a grab-and-go but there’s a couple of cement tables outside if you need to sit. I recommend the falafel rice bowl.

Danielle S.

The combo platter was enough for at least 3 at my house! Thinking about making it a Friday night routine since the price is right and the food is good.

Kara R.

I just went in to get a chicken bowl and the young owner was on the phone taking an order which is no problem when he got off the phone he was touching his face and nose and then proceeded to pull his mask up over his mouth. I saw that all so I politely asked him to wash his hands and he started to argue with me that he would not be able to put the gloves on and then right after he washed his hands the gloves went right on. He said very rudely "what do you want in the bowl" and he was rushing me throughout picking what I wanted then he was talking crap under his breathe saying this chicken bowl looks like shit because of the gloves and me making him washing his hands. Very very rude and I will never go back again this why pEople are getting sick because people don't know HOW TO BE CLEAN! Also chicken is old

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Wow Mediterranean Cuisine Express

1015 N Campbell Rd, Royal Oak, MI 48067
(248) 542-2588