Benders Downtown Wayne

34830 E Michigan Ave, Wayne
(734) 858-7090

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Dont go there unless you’re some white guy in a biker club. Owner sits at the bar gets wasted with the locals and kicks out anyone she doesn't know or like then she tries to have the locals kick you out. Bouncer even mentioned her having a drinking problem. It was like i walked into an episode of bar rescue. No food, drinks over-poured, Owner getting drunk at the bar and locals stumbling around everywhere but yet the new faces that you should be wanting in your bar get turned away for no good reason whatsoever. Honestly you should feel ashamed as a business owner because you use your establishment as your personal playground. You'll never get as far as where you're at now at i can bet in the next 5 years you gotta sell that dump in the wall and 5 years is stretching it.

Beth Marshall

Don’t go there if you want to have a fun evening out. You might get attacked by a drunk regular and the owner will stick up for them because they spend a lot of money in her establishment.

Nicholas Daniels

Free pool good food nice people cant beat it.

Shan S

Called my bf whom I was fighting with and bar tender who is owner decided it was appropriate to run her mouth about me. Yes he knew her but she does not know me. I’m sure more to the story, but I found this very unprofessional as a business owner. I’ll just go to US12 when I’m out that way ….. better quality not some corner bar dive. Wasn’t that impressed when it was the Village, not impressed now ??‍♀️

crystal thornton

Maybe the night life has more to offer...but midday doesn't even provide a hygienic atmosphere. I watched the waitress go smoke outside (NEVER washed her hands or even use sanitizer), come back in, take some money, give change, make a drink, pat an ice bucket (BAREHANDED) all whilst coughing uncovered!!! I politely passed back the food menu and drank my glass of contamination. I couldn't leave fast enough!

Dan Sparks

Thanks but no thanks , $4.50 burger + $5.50 Livewire -= $11.50 . I didn't graduate from school but dropped out and did not attend High School. But I have $10.00 so I'm not educated but know how to count thanks Woody for the Biden increase! Too bad because that extra $1.50 would have went to you. So long Benders you need someone who knows how to add . No bad feelings but people need to know there being over charged when told a price before hand. Happy Thanksgiving to Benders and staff for they do there best! Its a great bar come and visit free pool 7 days a week great food and awesome beer and friends!

Daniel Wezo

Great place and the regulars are friendly enough. Had a nice time with my lady.

LOUIS hagg

Bar tenders were all very polite and prompt, my fries were nice and hot just like i enjoy them and i had a wonderful meal and time. Will be back again

Aileen King

First time here. Ordered a burger and fries! Aces. Bar tender was polite funny and had some tricks! Thank you for a nice afternoon lunch! I will be back!

Rob Lockard

It was a nice place.

Jerilynn B.

Dive bar.....underwhelmed. Internet said fresh burgers daily, wrong. After our burnt burgers and mediocre onion rings, we felt mislead.

Kilijah C.

A group of 4 of us walked in and we got seated and the waitress was really rude to us the place looked unclean and the food and drinks were terrible I would 100% not recommend the environment is not inviting I felt uncomfortable the whole visit and will never go back again

Star Fleissner

Amazing staff and great atmosphere. Live music and an awesome bloody Mary bar on Sundays. Definitely worth checking this place out!!!

krissy florek

Great pub! Woody is the best bartender! You NEED a experienced mixologist along with a great presentation for your cocktails! He shakes them up like a bartender should! AND an actual place that serves crispy bacon in their wraps! If you are in the area and don't stop is your loss!! FANTASTIC ESTABLISHMENT!

Dana Tripp

Very friendly atmosphere. Good burgers and nachos

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