Restaurants in Wayne

Best Restaurants in Wayne

Avenue American Bistro 3632 Elizabeth St, Wayne American • $$

Customers` Favorites

Reuben Egg Rolls
Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls
Shrimp Tacos
Brussel Sprout Salad
Cheddar Crusted Quesadilla
Korean Beef Brisket Tacos
Firecracker Shrimp
Garlic Parm Fries
Smoked Wings

“My family and I went here on Saturday and I must say that this is probably the best food I’ve had at a restaurant in a long time!!! Ditch the chain restaurants and head over to Avenue American Bistro!!!”

4.6 Superb170 Reviews
Wally’z Grill 35512 W Michigan Ave, Wayne Fast Food • $

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Shawarma
Cheese Sticks
Chicken Tenders
Beef Shawarma
Onion Rings
Smash Burger and Fries
Chicken Wings
Beef Bowl

“Outstanding food, I got the mixed bowl and it was delicious!!!! The guys working were super informative, told me about all the awesome items and made recommendations, since it was my first time. DEFINITELY will be back.”

5 Superb51 Reviews
Billi's Shawarma 35600 E Michigan Ave, Wayne Mediterranean • $

Customers` Favorites

Boneless Chicken
Shish Kebab
French Fries

“10/10 no questions asked, first time customer here and I ordered the lamb shawarma and pita bread with hummus and it tasted exactly how I imagined a proper shawarma and hummus to taste like.”

4.5 Superb81 Reviews

“My family and I went here on Saturday and I must say that this is probably the best food I’ve had at a restaurant in a long time!!! Ditch the chain restaurants and head over to Avenue American Bistro!!!”

4.5 Superb76 Reviews
Wayne Chicken And Fish 4429 S Wayne Rd, Wayne American • $

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Wings
Fried Fish
Mac and Cheese Bites
Two-Piece Breasts

“I've tried a couple different places in the area and this is hands-down the best. I usually get the butterfly shrimp and tonight I tried the hush puppies. The shrimp is always super crispy, absolutely delicious, and you get a lot for a little. Trying the hush puppies they were crispy with just the right amount of seasoning and flavor. They dust everything with a certain kind of seasoning that is out of this world. I've went here a few times and I'm not a big review type of guy but I just got to say this is the best I've had from a chicken and fish place. Next I'm gonna have to try the chicken.”

4.6 Superb60 Reviews
Red Apple Restaurant 32711 Michigan Ave, Wayne Diner • $

Customers` Favorites

Fish & Chips
Potato Soup
Hash Browns
Broasted Chicken Breast
Chili Cheese Fries

“Ordered the "pork chops" special but it only came with one pork chop. Should say "pork chop" special. Kid friendly restaurant.

Parking: Not much parking available. Severalwarning tow away signs posted.

Kid-friendliness: Kid friendly restaurant. Little pricey for kid choices.”

4.3 Superb62 Reviews

Customers` Favorites


“nice little place, they have a fun atmosphere, good prices and they host recurring events. I always enjoy a visit.”

4.6 Superb32 Reviews
US 12 Bar And Grill 34824 W Michigan Ave, Wayne Bar & Grill • $

Customers` Favorites

Truffle Fries
Tater Tots
Fish and Chips
Street Tacos
Greek Salad

“Great music awesome double cheeseburger”

4.2 Good73 Reviews
Quiznos 39345 Michigan Ave, Wayne Sandwich Shop • $

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Carbonara
Honey Mustard Chicken Sammie
Build Your Own Chicken Sub
Peppercorn Steak Sammie
Broccoli Cheese Soup
Potato Chips

“staff was friendly and the food was great”

4.6 Superb27 Reviews
Brookie’s Cafe Wayne 35234 W Michigan Ave, Wayne Bar & Grill • $$

Customers` Favorites

Steak Bites
Lamb Chop
Mashed Potatoes
Steak Alfredo
Salmon Bites
Turkey Chops
Loaded Mash
Alfredo Fries with Chicken

“Food appearance just as advertised. Our 1st time there & was happy. Great staff, great atmosphere. The only thing we wasn't aware of gratuity for 2-peopke”

4 Good74 Reviews
My Place Restaurant 35454 W Michigan Ave, Wayne Family • $

Customers` Favorites

Greek Omelette
Fish and Chips
Coney Island w Mini Greek Salad & Fries
Vegetarian Omelette
Chili Fries
Garden Salad
Grilled Cheese
With Sausage Patties
Biscuits and Gravy with Hash Browns

“We enjoyed the food and the staff were very personable ? I lost my wallet and they made it possible for to Cashapp them so we could still pay our bill. I'll definitely be back‼️”

4 Good64 Reviews
Wally's Fish & Chicken 5756 S Merriman Rd, Wayne Chicken • $

Customers` Favorites

Wing Dings
Chicken Tenders
Chicken Strips and Fries
Catfish Nuggets
Fried Pickles
Hush Puppies
Whole Wings

“I suggested my mother order wings for the holiday from here. we have been coming here for 5 years, and have referred many. their website prices does not match in store pricing,, nor their menus.. she ordered a 100 wing dings, website 54.99, in store 79.99. She even called beforehand and confirmed price. when she arrived she was given a different price. So bad customer service and false advertisement. Me & my family won't be returning. I also will be notifying all the people I referred plus letting my co workers at the airport know of this. we will just go to or other spot..he was also rude and disrespectful. buyers beware! I also will be posting a review on any platform they host, ridiculous. you don't get to disrespect your customers and think people will return.”

4 Good46 Reviews
White Castle 32925 Michigan Ave, Wayne Fast Food • $

Customers` Favorites

Impossible Sliders
Burger and Fries
Sliders with Everything Fries and a Drink Meal
French Fries with Cheese Cal 400-410
The Original Slider Sack
The Impossible Slider
Sliders Cheese
Fish Nibblers
1921 Burgers
Clam Strips

“The service was absolutely great!!! This was my first time having White Castle and I very much enjoyed the food! My girlfriend may have gotten sick from it, and they didn't remove the onions from her sliders”

3.9 Good88 Reviews
China Garden 35125 E Michigan Ave, Wayne Chinese • $

Customers` Favorites

Egg Roll
Almond Chicken
Shrimp Fried Rice
Egg Drop Soup
Vegetable Fried Rice
Orange Chicken
Sesame Chicken
Wonton Soup
Sweet and Sour Chicken with General Sauce

“Came across this place on a holiday when my usual place was closed. Now this is my usual place. The sweet and sour chicken is amazing and it comes with crab Rangoon instead of the usual egg roll.”

3.9 Good63 Reviews
Jouli's Coney Island 5006 Wayne Rd, Wayne American • $

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Noodle
Chili Cheese Fries
Chicken Fingers
Med Beef Hash
Chicken Gyro
Onion Rings

“Driven by multiple times. Carry out available w/fast service. Finally stopped in and very impressed support local not big chains. Lots of homemade food.Update loved it so much I got a job there. Come let us fill your bellys”

3.8 Good60 Reviews

More Restaurants in Wayne

Dairy Queen 3007 S Wayne Rd, Wayne Ice Cream Shop • $

Customers` Favorites

Banana Split
Choco Brownie Extreme Blizzard Treat
Reese Blizzard
Cotton Candy
Cookie Dough
Peanut Buster
Birthday Cake
Brownie Batter
Hot Triple Chocolate Brownie

“Had a fantastic experience while attending the midsummer festival! Even with the freebie, they were happy to accommodate my daughter's request. Very friendly staff! Only wish we lived closer to visit more!”

4.4 Superb39 Reviews
Michigan Market 39375 Michigan Ave, Wayne Pizza • $

“Nice people, Looking for a lunch bargain try there Roast Beef sandwiches. Guy i work with is such a Drunk, he will stay sober just so he can get one for lunch (my treat) 1pmish”

4.4 Superb5 Reviews
L George's Coney Island 34438 Michigan Ave, Wayne American • $

Customers` Favorites

Grilled Chicken
Chicken Salad
Chili Cheese Fries
Greek Salad
Chicken Strips
Reuben Sandwich
Onion Rings

“nice place to go for supper”

3.7 Good67 Reviews

Customers` Favorites

Italian Sub
Cheese Pizza Pepperoni
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Deep Dish Pizza Comes
Medium Supreme Pizza
Butter Crust
Sesame Seeds
Cajun Crust
Fresh Salad

“Omg these guys here are the best they are on it and the pizza is so good Come see these guys you will not be disappointed”

3.7 Good47 Reviews
Baker's Acre LLC 34914 W Michigan Ave, Wayne Bakery • $

“I loved the cake the made for my daughter. Looked just like the picture I gave them.”

4 Good4 Reviews

Customers` Favorites

Build Your Own Pizza Small 4-6 Slices
Chicken Margherita Pizza
Hawaiian Pizza
Bambino Bread
Topping Pizza
Deluxe Large
Greek Salad

“these guys go above and beyond for their customers!! Tonight we ordered pizza and cheese bread and we were told 45 minutes. they were behind and when I called I was told the situation and I completely understood the holdup. yes we were hungry but the manager took up the slack and took the driver's shift. they do the best they can to please everyone and it's tough in this day and age. thank you papas for always coming through no matter what and we will continue the buy from you.”

3.7 Good33 Reviews
Steve's Coney Island 5727 S Wayne Rd, Wayne American • $

Customers` Favorites

Hash Browns
A Veggie Omelette
Hot Dog
Chilly Dog
Double Bacon Cheeseburger Cheese Fries

“Great food great service great prices”

3.6 Good51 Reviews