Brookie’s Cafe Wayne

35234 W Michigan Ave, Wayne
(734) 895-3083

Recent Reviews

Takara J.

The food here is AMAZING!!!!! I would say Brookies is known for their pastas, Alfredo potatoes, and the lamb chops. Great quality food at great prices as well. Great addition to the city of Wayne. Even better it's a Black owned establishment! There is hustle classes on Friday, Karaoke nights, and daily drink specials. If you're visiting Detroit or in the area please come and check them out.

Angelic Taurus

Best drinks ever!! They need a Happy Hour for sure!! Food is good as well though my son didn't like the Chicken Alfredo. The turkey chops are EVERYTHING!! BUT they need to add another piece or two for the price since they're basically bites!!They lost a star because the male bartender had an attitude, but he apologized. The DJ made it Old School Fridays without it being known.... mix the old with the new!! I love old school Hip Hop as well as Pop Smoke and GloRilla!! ??

Kevin S.

Food was just not good. The Raw egg rolls and raw French fries were enough. I wouldn't dare order food from here again.

Kris E

This is my first time trying this place and I ordered the Salmon Alfredo and the sauce was very good and the salmon was cooked to perfection. I would definitely order from here again.

wade curtis

First time here. Food was really good! Just wish they had beer on tap. When I go to a bar I prefer tap beer, just my preference. But overall, a great place.

James Tucker

My wife and I were looking for somewhere to hangout and have a few drinks on our night away from the kiddos. We stumbled on this bar completely by accident and decided we had to try it. Walking in felt a little awkward seeing as how we were the only white people lol (got the "are you lost vibe" at first ?. Turns out this place has some of the best food I've ever tried and our server was on the ball all night! Music was great and the atmosphere after we got acclimated was so comfortable I could have sat there all night. The drinks are definitely worth the price thanks to the awesome bar staff and I would recommend this lounge to any and everyone. I will definitely be going back and I will absolutely be ordering take out from here on a regular from here on out. Keep up the great work Brookie's!

Brenda Taylor

Great environment, FANTASTIC BARTENDER! Food, Drinks, Live Music- saxophone player phenomenal, TV screens to watch your sporting event, Room for private events, No cover charge! A great spot for the evening!! My friends will be attending again!!!

Where To? Travel

Worst experience ever. Steak bites were ordered medium and came back OVER well done. Mac and Cheese so dry it needs some moisture of any kind. Charged $2 to add cheese on top of my broccoli, I received about 25 cents worth if that. They forgot AN ENTIRE MEAL as well. I’ve tried this place three times and every single time it’s the same. Do not recommend. Never go here.

Michael Burnett

Where you have no other options we accept what's available. Price for the portions don't equate but when you got overhead bills gotta be paid. Steak bites were tasty as the asparagus. Music n Drinks killing the wait time.

Bob C.

Seems to be a black owned establishment, which I was excited about for diversity reasons. However, the staff didn’t seem to be welcoming to blacks, ironic. I stress this is my personal opinion, but I felt very much disappointed. Like another review here says, I thought black people liked black people.

Booker Sawyer

I had the Steak bites dinner which included two sides. The loaded mashed potatoes were on point but the Mac and cheese left much to desire. I've are here before and the Mac and cheese were delicious so I don't know what happened this time. Steak bites were exceptionally tender.

Shannon Johnson

First Time Alert! The atmosphere was Great, Not to busy when we first arrived, then it quickly was picking up.. we sat at the bar and the bartenders were awesome! (Even the Dude scamming ppl in cards) ;) I had the turkey chops, Loaded Mash, asparagus.. it was Good!! There is a automatic 10% and a upcharge for the Mash although we were not told it was good and I Will definitely be back!

Loren Canty

I ordered the pasta and it was good overall. The sauce is a homemade blend or something because you can taste the flour a tad bit. The seasoning takes that taste away some but if you are a foodie then you know the taste I am talking about. Considering I had seafood and chicken and all the other stuff I expected to pay more. So check it out.

IKON Lewis

I had been to Brookies in Ypsilanti when it was open, but that place was more of a carryout place for food. I drive past this place everyday and didn't realize the vive that was inside. Its a real bar with live DJ playing great music and still with the same good food from before.On the night I came here it was not crowded when I got here but by the end of the night the place had definitely filled up. It was like a reunion for a bunch of people from Inkster and Wayne that I knew and the vibe was all love.As far as food goes they seem to kinda specialize in all things alfredo (pasta,fries, baked potatoes, etc) and they have other fried food like wings, salmon, steak bites, etc. Drinks selection is decent. I recommend they expand their bourbon offerings.Will definitely go back.

Rebecca Linder

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