Hungry Howie's Pizza

5711 S Wayne Rd, Wayne
(734) 326-8990

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I do not eat pizza. My rating is for friendly staff thanks for treating door dash drivers so we'll.

Liquid Sun

I like pizza so i suggest cheese

John Muldowney

The pizza with cajun crust was delicious.

Whiskey Bound

Very bad customer service. They like to hang up the phone on you. And cant deliver 2.3 miles away. Dont waste your time with this place. Wasted 30 mins of my time trying to order a pizza just to get hung up on.

Charles Badon III

Did Not Folllow Instructions!!I order from here frequently! But this time it was ALL WRONG... Did not add butter crust (I paid for) The attendant who got my order was very sarcastic. Saying my suffix as if I were telling lie of who I was. I've never experince that type of customer service at this location not once until this day.. I had my children with me and because their so discerning , when we got in the car they all said the gentlemen who said to me "Have a very fantastic day, while telling my children bye bye" they said "Daddy he was weird!" Talking about out the mouths of babes... Yep!! Horrible customer service TODAY and messed my order up. I expect better!

Jonee Shonda

I am not happy with the service. The wrong pizza was delivered. I paid money for different toppings but received a plain pizza. When I called I was placed on hold forever. The correct pizza was delivered but it was wet and cold. I couldn’t eat it. I normally don’t complain because I understand customer service and I work in Customer Service so I understand and have empathy for complaints but this whole situation was unprofessional from the representative and the presentation of the food.

Mrs Black

Pizza was dry looking and uncut/unsliced. The kids wanted sliced pizza. I never went to get a pizza and it was unsliced until here.

michael tietz

Website expressed that delivery would be there in 40 minutes that did not happen when I called about my order being messed up I received nothing but attitude when they corrected the issue I had to drive to the store and what greeted with dirty looks and more attitude ? get it together

Jada Hill

Customer service TRASH! Kenny C personality & demeanor unacceptable! Missing items on receipt! NO I don’t feel like coming back!

Florine Bond

I just love their cheese pizza! The church bible study group buys 2 pizzas after each class. The staff person, Rich, is friendly and sweet.

Shatina QueenLioness Wilkins

I love hungry Bowie’s my favorite since forever the number hasn’t changed in over 35 years

Micahh Thomas

So this location got us messed up. My mother tried to order some pizza for my daughter and they called her back 15 minutes later after ordering online and told my mother that she could no longer order from that location. They red listed her because they stated she made a complaint about their service too many times. However, when my mother asked them why they NEVER told her why. They just stated that it’s been like this for a while. So I myself, called them asking why because I thought it had something to do with the location of the city she is located at. They tell ME, NOT HER, ME, why they stopped her ordering and it was simply because she makes complaints about their service or food. My mother is not irate at all and very nice and soft spoken. If she makes a complaint she is being honest yet respect. Me on the other hand I’m totally different so I am the worst person they could have told this to. How they handled this was NOT professional. And it is NOT a customers fault if you franchise can’t get it together. They made me so mad I was to the point of going up their in person to the GM and cursing them out. However, it’s no point. I reached out to the headquarters to make them aware of this situation. I believe they can’t take complaints. This not only effected my mother but my daughter as well. I will never ever EVER recommend this location ever. I barely buy food from here and they got me so heated. How do you discriminate against someone making a complaint???

Bee Kiddo

I got a medium meatlovers pizza and 12 wings. The wings were really really small for 12 bucks. I won't be ordering them again.

Christian Smith

I love a nice BBQ chicken pizza with Cajun and butter crust!

Laurie R.

The absolute best pizza!! Here's the medium, supreme from dinner... YUM!!

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