Jimmy John's

35155 E Michigan Ave, Wayne
(734) 722-1430

Recent Reviews

Ann Knust

The staff are friendly and personable; the service is fast and the food is great! Happy to have them in Wayne!

PUREx Arctic

As one of the 1st customers of the day I did not expect to find a really long hair mixed into the lettuce and mayo on my sub. Too bad I was almost finished.

Shawnna Borman

This location is terrible, never get your full order or the sandwhich is also wrong! You can't even call the location as there phone never works.


Waited over an hour for delivery.Watch out when placing a pickup order, they don't put all your items in your bag.

Ethel Copeland-Benson

Came to this location because the terrible service I received at the other location In westland. I called first because I didn't want to make a dry run. I called the young man was very pleasant and took my order and asked asked would I like to pay before getting there I said yes and getting ready to proceed to get my card the young man then asked was I driving I said yes.the young man then stated I could just wait until I git there and my order was ready when I arrived. I would just like to say. MARCUS and the Jimmy John crew on Michigan Are Rock.!!!

Edwin S.

Food was mediocre at best. The sandwiches were a bit doughy and lacked flavor. Prices were too high for what you get, and not a good value.

Cathy Lawson

I do love JJ’s, we order from there at least once a week, twice if I’m lucky. But I wish I could get it delivered from a different store. I have no issues with the drivers, i always give them a good tip no matter when they show up, it’s the store I have issues with. The only variation I make to my order is less onions, some days I get what tastes like an onion sandwich. They forget items and act annoyed when I call and say YES I want it, it’s part of my lunch. Today my sandwich has mayonnaise on it, it’s an Italian sandwich I don’t want mayonnaise on it. So I called the store and was told I could come there and get another one or they’d put me down for a free one next time. I said thanks I guess I don’t get lunch today.

Kimberly C

Almost every time they've gotten the ingredients wrong...we customize on the app and this last time, nothing extra was added. And then random ingredients not chosen WERE added? Weird??

Sandi Lombard

Good food, very slow delivery and won’t even acknowledge you spoke when delivered

Cristopher Russell

I fell in love with JJ's after my first sandwich. I wasn't disappointed with my BLT.But inflation sure is making it harder to eat out

courtney stone

Started to order but sorry no sub is worth $23 plus tip delivered less than a mile away. Prices are ridiculous.

creepy girl

I rode my bike up there because the it said it closes at 9 but when I tried to open the door it was locked ( I went at around 6 30 pm)And there was a worker there a man and he just looked at me , didn't say anything . Rude , don't say your open when your not .

Scott S

The quality at this location has really slipped lately. The subs are poorly put together, and the meats, cheeses, lettuce, onions and peppers all seem to be rather skimpy too. The past 5 visits in the past couple of months have really disappointed me. I had to delete my previous 5 star review so that I could update to the new normal here.I hope that the owner or manager gets this place back on track.

Sarah Lynn

Never had an issue with delivery

Trinity Ray

Derek took my order today and I felt like he was rushing to take my order that’s why he didn’t ring up it right the first time.

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