Red Apple Restaurant

32711 Michigan Ave, Wayne
(734) 722-4100

Recent Reviews

kevin wright

They forgot my sausage links but the rest of the food was fantastic my server was awesome

Laurie Hayes

First time here. I got a nice Juliene salad with mustard dressing. It was delious.Food: 5/5

david speer

Super nice waiter. Avg to slightly above avg food but for the price feels like a good value nowadays!Flavored coffee creamers a plusOld but clean bathroomFood: 3/5

Jason Chrispen

Super awesome staff. Very friendly place. Would be a great after bar meal.

Mary Danna

I think like everywhere they are short staffed,however our waitress kept disappearing...and took.a long time to respond not usual for this place,the food was still good and a nice family hometown atmosphere

Alex Young

The Red Apple Is A Great Place To Eat Fresh Cooked Food And Great Staff - Waiters ..

Bluez Tonez

Been going to this restaurant for a good many years. It had been a long gap though till recently. I'm glad to see the food is good and wait staff was attentive and delightful. Can't go wrong to eat here.

Sharon Macdonald

Love this family owned restaurant always home made soup Delicious soup Good service Owners also work cooking helping there employees Good business men

Gregory Perry

Our waitress we'll call her the 'Honey lady' was super nice. We well visit again next time we are in Michigan

Chef T.

I remember this restaurant from 40 years ago. I'd hate to think my taste buds were so unrefined as to think the food was good. That's not the case. in the 80's you could get a good meal and quite often my family ate there. I moved back to Wayne after almost 40 years away. we tried to order twice in the past few months and there was no answer to the phone. Got lucky, or so I thought, tonight and ordered dinner for myself, husband and grandson. They only wanted salads so it's kind of difficult to mess that up but the pita was old and dry. The guys don't care what you shovel their way so it's ok. I made the mistake of liver and onions. I fully expected that this would be frozen and then thawed in the microwave before cooking so my expectations weren't too high. What I didn't expect, however, is that they would actually thaw it on high long enough to cook it. it literally was so tough I couldn't get a fork to pierce it. I picked it up with my fingers to take a bite and my teeth wouldn't do the job either. The mashed potatoes were instant, as is pretty much everywhere, but they had been mixed with too much water. They were runny and cold. Good thing the Cole slaw was edible. Sadly, I don't think I'll be going back for another 40 years - Maybe for my Last Supper.

Mark Raupp

4 out of 5 stars.The atmosphere was welcomeing and clean. The wait staff was extremely friendly and pleasant. The food was reasonably priced. The flavors were average, but filling.Really, there isn't much more you can expect from a diner.Overall 4 out of 5 stars ?

Thomas Zabik

One of my favorite places, i go at least 2x a week. Friendly statf, great food and good deal, Recommended for sure!


We go eat breakfast every Sunday. Everything is also correct staff is always on top of everything and make sure everyone is well taken care of

Pamela L. Johnson

Ordered my favorite sandwich the Tuna Melt. Can't go wrong with a tuna melt... Hubby ordered Stuffed Cabbage, he really enjoyed the meal.

Cha Sma

Horrible management and even worse wait staff specifically the thin blonde woman. This used to be one of my favorite places from childhood the food quality and value have declined tremendously since changing owners don’t waste your time or money

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