Element Wood Fire Pizza

96 Broadway St NE, Minneapolis
(612) 379-3028

Recent Reviews

Isabelle Schwarz

So good. Especially for vegetarian’s. Got the Old World, sub Feta for goat cheese and a Carafe of Cab, just like in Italy. Pizza is AMAZING! Will definitely be back again. Quick stop. Great quality.

Jenny Smith

Love this place! Great pizza.. Great atmosphere.. and Great Service!.. We went this weekend ordered the artichoke spinach dip and the Nordeast. Brought my 5 year old sister, the wait was not long at all it came out so fast it was perfect she loved it and so did we!


Good fast kind service. Very tasty pizza!

jason van clark

Really good wood fired pizza in a small, great atmosphere restaurant. Reasonable prices too!

Dewey Crosby

Went with friends. Pay and "tip" b4 even tasting the pizza?? Well, i have been a Broadway pizza lover for 56 yrs and this was not even close to taste and texture. I know some people love it but i won't go back... Sorry

Alex Miller

Hands down the most under appreciated pizza spot in the Twins. All these best-of pizza lists I see online about pizza in the Twins and this place never gets a mention. Insanity. I just saw Eater had the top 15 pizza spots in the Twins and included Cosetta's trash slice of pizza over this place.

Kamrin D.

I love this little pizza spot! There are so many options for pizzas including different sauces, cheeses and toppings. Everything is made fresh in a stone oven. They beer and wine options available as well. My husband tried one of the pizzas on the menu and I made my own with goat cheese and prosciutto. Service was great and they were polite when I took forever to decide what I wanted. The space is small so you might have to take your order to go. There is a small parking lot though which make everything convenient. I will definitely be back if I'm craving pizza.

Larry Everson

This place is awesome! Reasonable rates, big portions and the employees are always very kind.

Kāwika Kolomona Kamake'e'āina

This is hands down the best place to get pizza in the entire Twin Cities. We stop in at least twice a week. The space is small and in warmer weather there is a small outdoor patio. Despite the limited space it is very comfortable, warm, and the staff is amazing. We've tried other places, but Element Pizza is where our heart is. Will continue to support them for as long as they will have us.

Jared Mortimer

Tiny quaint pizza place with great pizza selections, along with build your own, and specials. I ordered one of the specials, which was the Philly cheese steak. My goodness was it delicious. Plus you have the options to get wine or beer if you'd prefer that to water or pop. Will be coming back here more frequently!

Michael Brush

This is a pretty standard pizza place, nothing to complain about really, but also nothing too impressive. One comment would be that the cheese could use some work, seems a little rubbery, no real melt or stringing to it as you’d hope for when you grab a slice, but other than that, good flavor of the pizza. Ordered take out; quick, friendly service at the counter.


The family and I really enjoyed the wood burning fire pizzas at this place. Kids thought It was also cool to see them making the pizza. Great location and good ambience.

Jocelyn Walsh

Element is great! I love their pizza and always really like the folks working there- they're super nice!

Melissa A.

I LOVE this pizza! Since moving to the cities we've tried dozens of pizza places and this is the best, by far!

Anna O.

Went here for lunch. Exceptional quality and I'm still craving the Spicy Feta dip with flatbread and Wind pizza... it's like Punch Pizza before it became a lower quality chain restaurant.

Lori C.

The pepperoni and sausage pizza was excellent and the service are very friendly. I would turn again.

Duccio Mondanelli

Pretty good pizza. No real complaints here other than I had better in the neighborhood, hence the 4 stars.

Robert L.

This pizza spot is fabulous! Their pizza comes hot and fast and is delicious! They have a wide variety of unique toppings and if you just crave the usual toppings, they have them too. There's not much seating, so come early or wait for someone to finish, but for a change from the usual pizza change, this is a fabulous pizza joint to check out.

Dan Pullis

One of the most consistently best pizza joints in town. The hidden gem on the menu is the Aegean salad. Quite often, we split a pizza AND split an Aegean salad, adding chicken to it. Simply amazing dressing! Quaint and family-run makes it even better.

William Hinkley

Great place to do lunch or anything. Really fast and great taste!!!

Kurt Stoun

Wonderful place! Absolutely loved the pizza's. Would definitely come back if I happen to be in the area

Alex M.

This is fantastic pizza. Period. Good Prices as well. Delivery options available via bitesquad. Takeout is fast.

Erin Murray

So yummy! Fun varieties of pizza with a few you expect. Really liked the feta and red pepper appetizer too!

Dennis Guldan

Always great: pizza, bread, salad, wine & people. It is our favorite pizza place in town.

Matt Jones

Partner brought me here and I instantly fell in love (Do not tell her that I love somethings else). I honestly find this to be my favorite pizza place now and haven't tried to see if they would deliver to my house in Columbia Heights for my own fear of spending all of my money getting my favorite pizza! If it's close by definitely check it out and give it an honest try!

James Berreau

Wonderful, quaint atmosphere. Love the spinach dip. By far one of the best wood fired pizza joints in the cities.

Aaron Iverson

Excellent pizza. Quick and friendly service. I recommend this place to friends all the time.

Jadi Patel

We eat lots off places wood fire pizza

Jeff W.

Psycho's and 1029 were BUSY so we found this awesome pizza place! We ordered the Nordeast and the Bacon Cheese Curd and then went out to the patio. It was GREAT!

Kirsten Makela

Great tasting pizza, tons of options to choose from, and a fun little patio. (Plus I had dreams about their garlic cheese bread last night.) Officially my new favorite neighborhood hangout!

Jethro Oelrich

Great pizza at fantastic prices! One of my favorite places to hit up for pizza in Minneapolis! Really love their flat bread appetizer as well!

marissa heinz

We were there on a Sunday evening. Nice outdoor seating. Pizzas and hot artichoke /spinach dip was awesome.

Ka Kuehn

Food is unique, baked in a large open wood-fired oven. That's not all - they serve truly artisan pizza with all fresh ingredients. Also had the roasted olive appetizer - yummy! Top that with a cute little patio and excellent service, and you will be highly satisfied, as we were. Happy dining!

Brian V.

Wow I have never seen a business close for a week do to a none payed holiday good pizza but bad practice I was back to work today why can you be wow I think they are closed more then they are open

zKristin T

Nice place. Affordable. Good pizza. Recommend the Wind. We couldn't get in to nearby Young Joni, but super happy with Element. Not pretenious. Chill. Nice outdoor area.

Jakob Ealy

One of the best pizza joints in the Twin Cities! Pizza Luce is overrated. This place uses fresh ingredients for their pizza, then cooks their food in a brick fire oven. Their appetizers are really nothing to speak of, but their pizza, oh their pizza. Tastes fantastic hot or cold.

Nicki B

This place is great. Bread is amazing! We had a pizza and artichoke dip. Would go back! Great atmosphere minus that it is on a busy street.

Nawang M.

Never a bad moment at this joint. Unless the weather isn't cooperating in which case the limited indoor seating might pose some problems. While you're at it, make sure to pick up an Element Pizza punch card - every 7th pizza is free. About the pizzas. Well they're wood fired and the crust has gotten ever so slightly bigger. In the past, I could easily eat a whole pizza and feel just right but now, 2/3 pizza and I'm done. Thankfully the taste is still the same. The "Fire" and the "Nordeast" pizzas are my usual favorites but took a chance on the bacon cheese curd pizza and wow. While it lacked the punch of the "Fire" and the familiarity of pepperoni/mushrooms, the cheese curds and bacon combo was just the right balance without going overboard. Hope this one gets added to their regular menu.

Ashlee Stine

This place never disappoints. Pizza is delicious, salads and appetizers are delicious. Restaurant is clean and cozy. Outdoor seating is surprisingly quiet given its location. Staff is some of the most friendly staff I've encountered at any restaurant in the twin cities.


My mom and I have tried just about all the pizza places in the area, and since Element opened, it has been, hands down, our FAVORITE pizza spot. When I was overseas and thought about the food I missed back home, Element pizza was what I thought about. Delectable sauce, tasty pizza dough, yummy cheese, friendly staff, great atmosphere. This little restaurant has become a place of comfort for my mom and I.