Element Wood Fire Pizza

96 Broadway St NE, Minneapolis
(612) 379-3028

Recent Reviews

Erin Murray

So yummy! Fun varieties of pizza with a few you expect. Really liked the feta and red pepper appetizer too!

Matt Jones

Partner brought me here and I instantly fell in love (Do not tell her that I love somethings else). I honestly find this to be my favorite pizza place now and haven't tried to see if they would deliver to my house in Columbia Heights for my own fear of spending all of my money getting my favorite pizza! If it's close by definitely check it out and give it an honest try!

James Berreau

Wonderful, quaint atmosphere. Love the spinach dip. By far one of the best wood fired pizza joints in the cities.

Aaron Iverson

Excellent pizza. Quick and friendly service. I recommend this place to friends all the time.

Jeff W.

Psycho's and 1029 were BUSY so we found this awesome pizza place! We ordered the Nordeast and the Bacon Cheese Curd and then went out to the patio. It was GREAT!

Kirsten Makela

Great tasting pizza, tons of options to choose from, and a fun little patio. (Plus I had dreams about their garlic cheese bread last night.) Officially my new favorite neighborhood hangout!

Jethro Oelrich

Great pizza at fantastic prices! One of my favorite places to hit up for pizza in Minneapolis! Really love their flat bread appetizer as well!

marissa heinz

We were there on a Sunday evening. Nice outdoor seating. Pizzas and hot artichoke /spinach dip was awesome.

Ka Kuehn

Food is unique, baked in a large open wood-fired oven. That's not all - they serve truly artisan pizza with all fresh ingredients. Also had the roasted olive appetizer - yummy! Top that with a cute little patio and excellent service, and you will be highly satisfied, as we were. Happy dining!

Brian V.

Wow I have never seen a business close for a week do to a none payed holiday good pizza but bad practice I was back to work today why can you be wow I think they are closed more then they are open

zKristin T

Nice place. Affordable. Good pizza. Recommend the Wind. We couldn't get in to nearby Young Joni, but super happy with Element. Not pretenious. Chill. Nice outdoor area.

Jakob Ealy

One of the best pizza joints in the Twin Cities! Pizza Luce is overrated. This place uses fresh ingredients for their pizza, then cooks their food in a brick fire oven. Their appetizers are really nothing to speak of, but their pizza, oh their pizza. Tastes fantastic hot or cold.

Nawang M.

Never a bad moment at this joint. Unless the weather isn't cooperating in which case the limited indoor seating might pose some problems. While you're at it, make sure to pick up an Element Pizza punch card - every 7th pizza is free. About the pizzas. Well they're wood fired and the crust has gotten ever so slightly bigger. In the past, I could easily eat a whole pizza and feel just right but now, 2/3 pizza and I'm done. Thankfully the taste is still the same. The "Fire" and the "Nordeast" pizzas are my usual favorites but took a chance on the bacon cheese curd pizza and wow. While it lacked the punch of the "Fire" and the familiarity of pepperoni/mushrooms, the cheese curds and bacon combo was just the right balance without going overboard. Hope this one gets added to their regular menu.

Ashlee Stine

This place never disappoints. Pizza is delicious, salads and appetizers are delicious. Restaurant is clean and cozy. Outdoor seating is surprisingly quiet given its location. Staff is some of the most friendly staff I've encountered at any restaurant in the twin cities.


My mom and I have tried just about all the pizza places in the area, and since Element opened, it has been, hands down, our FAVORITE pizza spot. When I was overseas and thought about the food I missed back home, Element pizza was what I thought about. Delectable sauce, tasty pizza dough, yummy cheese, friendly staff, great atmosphere. This little restaurant has become a place of comfort for my mom and I.

David Lovett

I've typically had a great experience here. However, during my last visit the service was unusually slow. Waited half an hour for two pizzas. When we asked, they said "your pizzas are next" in a way that suggested they'd forgotten us. The real point of concern came when people who ordered after us received their pizzas before us. Perhaps it's not a place to go if you're feeling impatient over lunch, or they were just having an off day. Either way, I am less enthusiastic about this restaurant than I used to be.

Melissa Brede

So amazing that I don’t even know how to put it into words. Service was wonderful! Staff was so friendly! I’m coming back again and telling everyone I know!!

John M.

I've had the Element Pizza, the Old World Pizza, The Farmer's Pizza, the Artichoke Spinach Dip, and the Sampler. The sampler was excellent. I definitely enjoyed the feta dip more than the hummus, but the hummus was tasty as well. I also had the artichoke and spinach dip. While the artichoke and spinach dip was tastier than the sampler, I feel the sampler is more bang for your back. The Element Pizza is pretty tasty and has a variety of vegetables. The Farmer's Pizza is a tasty spin on a standard cheese pizza. The Old World has a really tasty kick. If I had to have just one I would get the Old World for certain. Element is the best pizza I've had in MN so far. We'll see if it stands the test of time but for now I'm very satisfied.

Sande Robbs

Great service and friendly staff

John Rosemeyer

This place is perfect. The inside is bomb and cozy in the winter, the patio is beautiful in the summer. My girlfriend and I ordered a pizza each once and mine took about 5 or 10 minutes longer so they gave me a completed punch card for a free pizza. And besides all I just said, the pizza is the most flavorful pizza I've ever had. It's just such a good place. Never a bad experience, perfect crust, incredible sauce, it's just a place you gotta go.

Zack K.

Great local NE pizza! Can't count how many times we've ordered, but always satisfied! I enjoy building my own pizza with their tasty veggies and add their delicious cheesy garlic bread.

Ashley Gruhlke

Absolutely delicious pizza, Artichoke and Spinach Dip was wonderful, and friendly staff. Great choice if you're looking for Napoli Pizza!

Jace Bresina

Good tasting pies at a decent price! Love the wood fired element of the pizzas, provides a unique but subtle flavor.

Donna W.

Great casual little joint for tasty wood fired pizza! We ordered 4 pizzas and were surprised how quickly they were brought out to us, as each finished cooking. Service was very good and we enjoyed our meal al fresco outside on their cute patio. I would recommend Element pizza!

Molly Weisenburger

I used to work at an excellent pizza restaurant and therefore had pizza 4x+ per week for more than two years... that being said, I am picky about where I choose to go now. Element's pizza is awesome and the crust is everything I want - doughy, delicately flavorful, and fresh. Element is the kind of place that could be pretentious, but isn't. I would recommend to anyone.

Patience Metal Fabrication

One of my favorite pizzas in town. Quick and inexpensive. The spicy sausage with oregano sauce

Robert Cline

If you like Punch pizza you will LOVE Element. Loads of options! Don't forget to check their specials. They recently had a very tasty cheeseburger pizza option that was very enjoyable.

Kathy Maxwell

Really good wood fired pizza place. Custom pizzas available. Skip the line at young Joni and head here, pizza is just as good.


This seems like a family owned place. The pizza was delicious. I also had a salad that was good. It has a nice cozy feel. When it is warmer it would be great because they have outdoor sitting. They also serve alcohol if it is a date night.

Scott Trenda

Delicious pizza!! The crust is the BEST.

Renee Boynton

Amazing, unique pizzas. Charming little place. Recommend picking something you've never had, ordering a beer, and enjoy! Very friendly staff as well.

Chase Nelson

I had never heard of Element Pizza until last night. I liked the choice selection for each type of pizza, nothing was crazy unique. I ended up with a Fire pizza which I wish I could order a larger size but I understand the marketing around making only mediums.

Stephanie Zins

The service is fantastic! The food is amazing. I got enough food to feed 4 and paid $40. I waited way too long to give this place a shot.

Logan O.

Leaving the car show w/ a friend and we're looking for a place to eat. He tells me there's a pizza place with 4.5 stars on yelp. I didn't know what to expect coming here. Found out they were solo pizza (8 slices) so we created two pizzas that we could share. Walked away with left overs. Pizza has a little flop , great crust , good vibe, gay pride

Deb V.

This is a new place for us & we loved it! My husband had the NE & I built my own with pepperoni, pineapple & jalapeño. Both were yummy & we brought plenty home for lunch tomorrow. The pizzas were hot, fast and fresh. It's tiny in there but it looks like they have cute patio if summer ever returns .


As I was returning to the table with my to-go container, the server had just scooped up all the dishes. Even though I was going to take only two pieces home, he insisted that I take a whole fresh pizza to make up for his very slight error. I walked out with a fresh hot pizza five minutes later!!!!!!! Super nice!!!!

MarLynn Schleeter

The absolute best wood fire pizza!

Emily Z.

Artichoke lovers beware: The alfredo sauce said there would be artichokes on the pizzas but apparently it's just blended into the sauce... There aren't actually artichoke pieces on the pizza itself (at least I didn't see any on mine). Disappointing because I would've ordered artichokes as a topping on their own if I knew this. It's priced higher so I don't know why there aren't actually artichokes ok it already (not worth the extra charge since you can't taste ant of the "blended" artichokes anyway). Either way, going to minus a star because it is confusing and the pizza was a little underwhelming this time.

Erica Ellis

The artichoke spinach dip is a MUST along with your favorite pizza. Food comes out quick and is absolutely delicious. Love to bring people here that have never been, they're always impressed!

Michelle O.

Great spot for great pizza! They have some great vegetarian pizzas or you can "build your own". They have a great list of toppings! We started with a garden salad which was a really good pizza parlor salad. It also came out with baked dough wedges. That was an unexpected pleasant surprise. They are a small place so, the dining room can be tight. It's worth it. They also have beer and wine. This is my new go to place for pizza.