KhunNai Thai Cuisine

2523 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis
(612) 874-7721

Recent Reviews

Margaret Peyton

The food tasted pretty good, HOWEVER, I ordered the Tom Kha soup, vegan with tofu, and found numerous pieces of pork floating in the broth. Luckily I found them before I ate one. But... yuck. I don’t know what happened there...

Mark B

During covid they are doing everything right. Not complicated. Efficient and safe.Last visit the Beef Noodle soup (Bun Bo Hue) hit the spot. Sea Bass (on weekends), chicken with lemongrass (carmelized), Pho, Vermicelli bowls, spring rolls and Banh Mi sandwiches - all are great.In 20+ years I haven't tried a dish I didn't like. And the prices are still the most reasonable you will find.

Brian B.

Great Thai place in an area with several dining options. Prices are reasonable. Food is delicious. Service was good. The curry had a creamy hint of peanut. The soup had the traditional thai combination of spicy, sour, deliciousness!

CuongFBI Pham

Spicy good foods always. I am addicted to their wonderful dishes.

Devin Onadipe

We ordered take out. They said it would be 15 min. I get there to fine zero staff around. I waited a solid 6 min. I see other delivery drivers are waiting as well. Finally someone comes out with bags of food. She asks my name and says mine isn't ready yet. Shortly after, she comes out with it. Then she's ringing up my order and says its $43. I'm confused because online it says it was $30-something. Then she explains theres a 3.99% fee for using a card. We're in the middle of a pandemic where some restaurants are CARD ONLY due to there being a higher risk with exchanging cash. By using a card, you don't have to come in contact with me and I don't have to take change that millions of people have touched from you. Why during this time would you punish someone for using a card? I told her I would see if my husband had cash (which I knew he didn't). I got in the car and told my husband about the fee, then we decided to leave and get food elsewhere. I've never tried the food here before. I would of liked to, but that's just a ridiculous policy especially right now.

Anya Gianlorenzi

My kids & I cannot get enough of the Pra Ram Long Song! I'm not kidding, it's one of the best things I've ever eaten! Now I'm drooling...better make an order!

Brittany Ranney

This has the best Thai food around! The pad Thai is amazing, every other place I go to around here the pad Thai is average but this place has the best. I got it for takeout every couple of weeks during quarantine and can’t wait to go back when they’re open for dining.

Laura Buczek

Amazing pad see ew and red curry. Also keep a safe environment for pick-up

Donnie D.

This review does not need to be written. The pictures here tell the story. This place is amazing. Great flavors. Everything was cooked perfectly. Maybe a weird compliment but I love that the tables are nicely spaced. Was looking for great Thai in MN and this is it.

Tracy A.

Pad Thai is amazing and great egg rolls. We've ordered here three times in the last month to get decent pad Thai without having to drive all the way to sawatdee. Similar style, similar price, really good egg rolls. Fed try this spot if you haven't!

Nate H.

Don't be fooled by yelp. They ARE OPEN ON MONDAY'S. Ordered take out for the 2nd time. So good!!! Crispy pork belly is awesome. The dipping sauce is a great compliment to it. Dynamite wings. So crispy and well seasoned. Not very spicy, but the jalapeños and crispy basil add what it needs. Pad see ew with beef. Medium spicy is making me sweat. Also so good. This is my now go to for Thai food

Brianna Oliveira

The khao soi might be the best I've ever had. We'll absolutely be back!

Joshua N.

This review is for online delivery order only. GOOD: My pad see ew and Thai sausage were both delicious. Online ordering is convenient (though misleading - see below) and my delivery order arrived very fast. BAD: 31% delivery and convenience fees! (And that's before tip, mind you.) That should be a crime. Their online ordering site (run by Menufy) does not warn you in advance of these exhorbitant fees. I know these are tough times for restaurants, but that's simply too much extra to charge. I especially hate that the ordering website doesn't warn you about these tacked on fees until after you hit the submit button. I upped my initial review to 3 stars because the food is actually good. And I hope to eat in the restaurant itself once the Coronavirus pandemic is over. But the 31% pre-tip fees are too steep for me to recommend ordering delivery from here.

Brian Murphey

Ordered pick-up and food was very hot and well packaged when I got home. Staff was friendly and portions were huge!! I got mine "hot" spice wise and was still able to eat it without issue. Was hoping it would have been hot hot!! Will def be back!!

Taylor Haas

This spot knows how to please their customers. Always with a very friendly mindset. The food is affordably priced, regularly fresh and neat.

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