Young Joni

165 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis
(612) 345-5719

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Tanea M.

We love young Joni! It is so hard to get a reservation, that take out was almost easier. Though we still miss it! Since her addition of the GF crust, I can eat pizza here agAin, because life is not complete without the Korean bbq pizza! But the very best thing on the menu is the cauliflower, I know that sounds crazy, but I could eat it every day! Thanks for the great Takeout!

Aleah H.

For Yelp's Big Night In, I ordered Young Joni take-out with my roommates. This was my first time trying Young Joni, and boy it did not disappoint! My first impression when I picked up my pizza was that parking was a breeze, and the restaurant space had a really cool atmosphere with dark wood and plenty of plants. I want to come back when I can sit in their cozy restaurant! Regardless, I ordered La Parisienne, and it was truly the best ~unique~ pizza I have ever had. I am guilty of loving arugula on pizza, but it can be so hard to enjoy with take-out. I have had a lot of wilted greens fails. What really stood out to me with Young Joni was that when I picked up my pizzas, they had my arugula and pickled mustard seeds in a separate to-go container for me to add to my pizza when I got home. This ensured they were perfectly crispy and fresh when I ate my pizza. It is a small thing that I find SO considerate and appreciated. Truly above and beyond! Now to the pizzas-- Because my roommates also ordered, I tried a few of their options. I was totally validated that I made the right choice with La Parisienne. It was somehow perfectly tangy AND sweet AND crispy. However, The Basque and YOLO were also amazing if you are into a more savory, meaty pizza! I definitely look forward to trying seasonal options they have rotate through in the future!

Monique S.

I came to Young Joni while visiting Minneapolis. I live in NYC and am a big pizza girl and I can definitely say Young Joni's pizza can hold its own against some of the best NY pizza joints. Their sauce is really special, flavorful with just the right kick. We ordered the Yolo pizza and it was super delicious. They also do vegetables in a pretty incredible way! We ordered the sweet potatoes and the cauliflower which were both superb. The cauliflower is rich and perfectly crisp, and the sweet potatoes taste like candy in the best way. We were sat at the Chefs counter which was such a treat to watch these artists at work as we waiting for our food! Definitely recommended requesting a seat here if possible. Will most definitely be returning on my next visit to Minneapolis!

Kara D.

Yet another review update to support my beloved Young Joni... this time it's a COVID-19/Coronavirus edition. Young Joni currently offers contact-free pickup. Here's the current process: 1) Call ahead @ 612-345-5719 x11 (keep trying if the line is busy) 2) Pay by card over the phone (highly recommended; maybe required?) 3) Give your name for the order 4) Show up at the specific time they assign you 5) Enter and pickup your order which will be placed on a table with your name on it. Contact-free! Keep 6ft from anyone else that may be waiting, but it seems like they time it so there won't be much overlapping. 6) Enjoy the James-Beard-Award-winning goodness that makes the quarantine suck less. YJ is open for pickup Wednesday & Thursday 4pm - 8pm, Friday & Saturday 4pm - 9pm, Sunday 4pm - 8pm, and their phone lines are open at 2pm to start taking orders. Their menu is currently a little limited to accommodate more efficiently, but still features all the best stuff like all their pizzas, Korean short ribs, and Church/dessert plate. There are a couple salad and veggie options too. Some of their menu items come deconstructed with preparation instructions (like how to dress and add the arugula to the Korean BBQ pizza), which preserves that YJ quality. I'm looking forward to supporting them more during this weird weird time.

Mindy LaBossiere

By far my favorite restaurant! The Korean BBQ pizza and their wings are amazing. Nothing that I have ordered from he has been short from amazing.

Kayla Prusinski

Delicious as ever. Great service. The chefs do an amazing job at pairing interesting foods and tastes. The sweet potatoes and Korean beef short ribs were great to start the night. This Lamb is Your Lamb was perfect. The flavors felt like a Mediterranean pizza in the best kind of way. And the Basque was another great pairing of flavors.

Sophie C.

I can't stop coming back to Young Joni! The ambiance and food are amazing. I've gotten the Korean BBQ pizza every time, and it is so flavorful, with the sauce on top of the beef and arugula. However, that does make other dishes taste a little flavored, so make sure to try the other dishes first! The pork belly ssam is very unique and juicy, so it is definitely a must-try. Make sure to make a reservation at least 3 weeks in advance if you want to eat around regular dinner times since this is a very popular place!

scott M F.

Fantastic. I really want to leave the review that simple. Apps, salad, Pizza - all wonderful. Fantastic staff and space.

Maggie Domski

Started with a drink at back bar. Very fun experience and staff. Thanks, Ruby! Dinner at restaurant was great. Excellent server. Loved the winter citrus salad, cauliflower dish. Prawns were WAY small for the price and disappointing. Texture a bit mushy and seasoning not great. Enjoyed the Tavern pizza and church basement dessert. Birthday celebration gets you a free candle in the dessert. But enjoyed the whole experience for sure!

Ia Ong H.

The ambience and atmosphere is really neat. Food was amazing. There were 4 of us and of course, we had to get 4 different pizzas. Hahah. Our favorites were the Korean bbq and Margherita. But I'll be coming back to try the others. They also have a photo booth in the hallway near the restrooms where you can purchase a ticket from your server or the bar--only $2. Super cute.

Braxton Ray

We tried the This Lamb is Your Lamb pizza and the Sweet Potato side/appetizer. Both were fantastic. We caught the restaurant at a not super busy time on a weekday and had excellent service. We will definitely be returning to share the experience with others!

Nate M.

Updating this after giving Young Joni another shot. I think the biggest difference is that we ate in the restaurant rather than ordering pizza for pickup. The atmosphere inside is awesome, but hard to explain. It's got a relaxed but classy vibe, and includes communal seating. We were lucky enough to be seated at the bar facing where all the entrees other than the pizza are made, and enjoyed watching all of the different combinations come together. After watching all those great creations go out, we now have a list of things to try when we return, which we definitely will. As for the pizza, this time we tried the Amatriciana and the La Parisienne after after a variety of great info from the waiter (service was top notch). Just as he told us the Amatriciana is quite a bit saltier than you might expect by reading the description, but we both liked it. That said the La Parisienne was hands down the better of the 2, and might be one of the best pizza's I've ever had. When we arrived they told us there would be a 30-45 minute wait, but they take down your phone number so they can send you a text when your table is ready. I know this isn't revolutionary technology, but mention that to point out even if you have a long wait it gives you time to check out their unique back bar (look for the light in the alley) for a quality cocktail or head over to Dangerous Man for a beer. If you head to the back bar and your table is ready before you finish your drink, they will bring it to the restaurant for you. Overall a great experience. The only negative I want to point out is that I wouldn't recommend parking in their off street parking lot. There were a number of cars broken into while we were there, and we were told by locals walking down the street that this happens quite often.

Carl K.

I went to Young Joni this last week with a party of five for dinner after making the dinner reservation several months in advance. To drink I had the Pryes Miraculum which was a solid IPA. Appetizers: Starting things off we ordered the sweet potato, cauliflower, and chicken wings. Chicken wingers were excellent but had a bit too much spice to them. Cauliflower was a surprise - it was very different flavor with multiple kinds of peppers. The sweet potato was the best of the bunch. Sweet potato was grilled with some creme freche. Pizza: The pizza overall was excellent. The dough they use has a little chew to it but not too much. To top it all off, it is cooked in a wood fired over that slightly chars the crust. We had the YOLO, Tavern Pie, This Lamb is your Lamb, and Korean BBQ. The standout here was the Korean bbq- very different flavor for a pizza but well executed. Security Security in a good review!?! Yep! *warning* This area has been having a problem with car break ins. A co-worker has their car window broken and work laptop stolen. When the owner came to tell the coworker they said, "We've been having a problem with break ins". The parking lot is simply lit with no security cameras. I would think if they know it is an issue they would in the very list purchase 1 camera and improve their lighting to deter thefts. The lack of concern for the security of their guests and their property is why this place got bumped from a possible 4-5 stars to 3.

Tim P

Really good pizza! We had the Korean BBQ and the Tavern pizza. The Korean was delicious and had nice beef slices and arugula on top. We ordered the tavern with gluten free dough and it wasn’t as good. They have a nice selection of wines by the glass as well.

Merv M.

Young Joni is always a dining pleasure. The service is outstanding! Pizza options are terrific with my favorites being the YOLO and Broccolini. Fantastic vibe when you walk in the door. Reservations are ideal given the wait times for walk-ups.

Alexander Behm

This place was amazing. Starting with the beautiful atmosphere. The food was incredible. We shared 3-4 small plates and a pizza. All with so much flavor. We also tried the Basque pizza, although odd ingredients, it worked. Would definitely come back.

David DaMour

An absolute must. Young Joni atmosphere is top notch, pair with some delicious pizza. I really enjoy spicy so the Tavern Pie is my favorite. It has jalapenos and honey on it! They offer cute and small desserts - Mini ice cream cones and brownies.

Grace Meehan

Amazing experience all around. The pizzas are really unique and amazing tasting. The sides are incredible and the drinks had their own twist on them and were so yummy. Don’t forget to get a ticket to the photo booth!

Rolando Almodóvar

The pizza is to die for. Excellent atmosphere. Very attentive staff. Highly recommended.


Everything was delicious. Our large group tried six different pizzas - not a single one was disappointing. The cocktails were just as good as the pizza.

B Fox

The pizza here is nothing short of fantastic. Their dough is unbelievably good. Chewy, crispy, flavorful , and perfectly cooked. Every single bite is incredible and leaves you wanting another. The pizza alone warrants five stars. However, the service does not disappoint either. Delightful staff with incredibly fast turnaround. I couldn't believe how quickly my pizza was out to me, especially considering how busy they were. I don't know why anyone would eat anywhere else

Karen P

I’ve now been to Young Joni about 6x. I’ll spare my usual wordy review and simply say - you MUST go. Great service, stupendous and imaginative food, delicious cocktails, a back alley speakeasy. Just go. Weekends are insane w/very long waits. Because it’s amazing.


Food, service, atmosphere, drinks ....... all great. 1st time visiting and will definitely be stopping in again. Make this a must on your list of great restaurants.

Lana T.

OVERALL: Fantastic place to bring people if you want to impress! Thank you to Ann Kim for bringing these great flavors to minneapolis. FOOD: I've been here 3 times now and have been impressed every time. My go-to pizza is the La Parisienne. I'm a sucker for prosciutto! I love the thin crust pizza and the buttery flavor in the crust. It had just enough crunch too. PRICE: it's definitely high end pizza but 100% worth the price. There's the basic pizzas that range from $10-$12 and then the more upscale ones are around $15-$17! ATMOSPHERE: It's beautiful and feels so nice inside. It's so homey and there's wood fire ovens. I loved sitting at the chefs counter and being able to see them make all the food. SERVICE: kind and fast service! *miscellaneous notes: they have a photo booth for $3 that is always fun :) they also have a parking lot. Woo hoo!

Richard Torres

This spot is the one I like best. I eat in a lot of restaurants but to this restaurant I keep coming back again and again. The team is very chummy and the cuisine they serve is so tasty. I would always prefer to have a decent dinner in this restaurant. I highly recommend this place.


Great pizza, wood fire and with some interesting toppings on them. Thin crust and pretty good ! Atmosphere is really relaxing and nice. Now not sure how people can wait so long for a « real » Italian pizza, this is the way the pizza should be...

Kamrin D.

I can't believe I've lived here for a couple years and I've never been to Young Joni. It's a beautiful space and the food is amazing. I've heard it can get quite busy but we arrived at opening on a weekend and were a seated right away. The menu surprised me a bit because there is such an array of item. You can get anything from salad and pizza to a whole fish. I had the potato pizza and my husband had the sausage and fennel. Both pizzas were delicious and had perfect thin crispy crust. The potato pizza wasn't as flavorful as I would like so we both preferred the sausage and fennel. For dessert we tried the sweet potato pudding and it was spoon drop delicious. It had a toasted marshmallow topping and the pudding was rich but not too sweet. It was definitely our favorite of the entire meal. Service was good, parking is on the street so I imagine that can be difficult at times. I think Young Joni could be a great date spot but also somewhere you go to celebrate. It's definitely worth a visit and i can't wait to go back to try more of their pizza.

Cory Birchard-Weissman

One of the best places to dine in the Twin Cities. We waited two months for our reservation and it was worth it. The service was prompt and friendly. Our food selections were all delicious. We ordered the chicken wings, citrus salad, Caesar salad, two different sausage pizzas and the church basement desert. We left feeling satisfied and know we will be back.

Catha Radenbaugh

Fast friendly service. Delicious pizza. Great drinks and neat atmosphere. Clean bathrooms. I love that they have cribbage. I left a few more decks of cards since the ones there were short.

Lindsay G.

This place lives up to the hype! The restaurant can be very busy and it is difficult to get reservations on a short notice. However, they have lots of first-come, first-serve bar seating and save some of their dining room for walk-ins so don't feel like you can't go if you don't have a reservation. If you want to solidify a seat or have large party I would recommend making a reservation at least 1 month in advance. We had the Cauliflower and Tavern Pie which was the perfect amount for two people to share. There pizzas are all 12", so you definitely could eat it all if you wanted, but it is very comfortable to share. The cauliflower is some of the best cauliflower I have ever had and the pizza crust is the perfect balance between thick and thin. Highly recommend!!

Brandon Onopa

Young Joni lives up to the hype - a warm atmosphere and quality food to match. Come here for a relaxing, yet upscale meal. We ordered the short ribs, mushrooms, Basque pizza, and cookie dessert dish. The dining area feels established and there's ample room between tables so you do not feel cramped. Views of the kitchen and a well-stocked bar complement the experience perfectly.

John W.

What can I say about my No. 1 go-to spot for local restaurant recommendations and friends who visit the city? Should I describe the incredibly flavorful pizzas with crisp and crunchy crust edges that come from the visible wood-fired oven? All the dreamy pizzas that are thin crust but big on creativity and finesse, from the Tavern Pie with pepperoni and jalapeño and honey to the La Parisienne with prosciutto, gruyere, ricotta, and arugula? Or the masterful cauliflower dish with shishito peppers or the Japanese sweet potatoes or the Korean beef short ribs? Would I tell you to get wine for the table because the list is superb and suits any food you order? And perhaps might I suggest dessert, such as the knockout best version of a common Midwestern treat, the Church Basement Cookie and Bar Plate? Well, I'll just say get your reservations well in advance so you can enjoy some of the most deserving James Beard Best Chef Midwest Ann Kim-created dishes in this cozy and beautiful restaurant. Other pizza well worth your time: The Basque and Korean BBQ. Other drinks worth your time: basically any cocktail they make. Don't even get me started on the Back Bar. Two words: Social Hour. OK, four more: rare vintage sound system.

Shannon Grossman

Korean Sweet Potato... great flavor and cooked to perfection

Harvey Vidrine

I sent my friends to this restaurant with my highest recommendations. I go their often. I get very good feedback from my friends. The meals are tasty and the team is attentive and cooperative. Whenever we visit this place we pass a cheerful evening. warmly recommended.

Heather S.

We came here in between lunch and dinner and there were still quite a few people in the place - very popular! Our server, Branson - was wonderfully attentive - not too much, not too little. She made a great old fashioned with her own spin on it. Excellent service! We had the wings and the Korean BBQ pizza. Both wonderful. The wings came with a nice spicy sauce that we kept to dip our pizza bones in. The lime for the wings added a great tang. Nice Asian flavors. Pizza crust had great consistency and the toppings were perfect. Highly recommended!

Becky Degendorfer

Cauliflower App was lick-the-plate tasty. Savory and spicy. Had the Amalfi Coast pizza. It was light, flavorful, and with a bit of heat. Can't wait to go back and build my own potato pizza!


Everything I’ve had is delicious! Definitely get the church basement cookie & bar plate!

Gary Redondo

two days ago was our first time we came to that fine restaurant. But It is obviously not the last time. We had great time with the generous service, with the first-rate food and fine drinks and with the decent cost. We will absolutely go back there in a short time.

Mark Stoehr

Excellent and innovative food, drinks, and service. No television.

Cassy W.

I wish I had pictures of our pizza, but I guess you'll have to trust me that it was amaze-balls! The Korean BBQ pizza is the definition of craft pizza and like nothing I've ever had before. One thing I wish other yelpers would have mentions is the atmosphere. It's a semi-classy place where most people are dressed rather nice. The service was decent: nothing bad, nothing amazing, If you're starving and looking for food fast, this probably isn't the place for you as the restaurant gets packed and seating takes quite a while.