Young Joni

165 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis
(612) 345-5719

Recent Reviews

Kelly McCrimmon

After all the great reviews, I had to see what all the hype was about! Young Joni certainly lives up to its reputation - everything was phenomenal. My party of three was able to get in on a Tuesday evening without waiting, but expect to wait if you're here on the weekend and don't have a reservation.

Spencer G

The food, ambiance, and service are amazing, and best of all, it isn’t pretentious at all (unlike some other Minneapolis restaurants).

Ashley Hjelle

Service great ! Food great! I have high expectations, and I was more than pleased. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting this area. It is even worth an ‘out of the way’ trip. Excellent!

Reid Kaplan

While it may be hard to get in to eat that’s because it’s absolutely amazing. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the food. The flavor combinations are great and I love the dishes that are a little spicy. The service is friendly and attentive and don’t get me started on the vibe and atmosphere of the restaurant. . Can’t wait to eat there again next time I’m in town.

Sara Bush

Stopped in for lunch and instantly got a seat up at the bar. Which was actually really good seats, we got front row to watch them cooking the pizzas in the wood fire oven.

Starsea Deoss

Young Joni is one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis. Hands down. Modern but cozy ambiance and cool overall aesthetic with a warm feel. Great date night spot as well as nights out with friends and groups. Food for anyone. Lots of vegan options/ items that can be made vegan. They have a cool speak easy space out back through the alley where you can also have unique beverages while you wait for your table. Finish the night off with their fun photo booth for memories to last a lifetime. ❤ Always a top pick! && not overly expensive either!!

C Du

I love the Korean BBQ pizza and the sweet potatoes appetizer 👌 everything was perfect. It was the perfect seasoning, cooked great, and fast service.

Bradley S

Great food and fun place, very lively but make sure to book. We didn’t and we’re told 2.5 hours wait for a table on a slow evening. Ended up snagging seats in the bar after about 45 minutes and yes, after 2.5 hours a table was ready.

Vaishnavi Soundar

It is IMPOSSIBLE to get a reservation. We booked our table 2 months in advance and even then had a 10pm dinner slot. They weren't able to accommodate us a bit early, but we walked around and ended up at the back bar for a few drinks before dinner which was a great choice. There was a waitlist to get into the back bar as well, but it was understandable Saturday night. The signature pizzas were delicious, and the ambience was great. The service was good as well.

M L.

Modest serving sizes for a hungry-boi visit. Quality food and presentation! Wonderful atmosphere and location!

Steve G.

So, this is very good pizza and other food. However, I'm not sure I get the over the top accolades and awards. We would definitely go back, but it's not life altering, game changing, not going anywhere else again food; it's just very good pizza, like several other really good pizza places in the Twin Cities. Now, we didn't really push the pizza boundaries as my family is more of a basic pizza kind of mentality, but we did try more than the Old Reliable. Every pizza was executed well. Crust is excellent and toppings are high quality. For appetizers we tried the Pork Belly Ssam (yes, get this) and the Chicken Wings (not for those who don't like spice). Drinks were good and reasonably priced for the quality. Service was very good.

J J.

Service was great! Drinks were great! Atmosphere was great! Dinner was also great! Started with the Pork Belly Ssam in which I will say you better order and enjoy! We had the Korean BBQ pizza which was fantastic.....100% say yes. Umami Mama you better run here to get this......I'm going to crave this at 2am!!!! Let's talk about the Broccolini pizza .....we were excited as this was clearly one of the most liked pizzas. Out of all 4 of us at the table we disliked this pizza beyond belief. We were extremely disappointed only in this. Only this. Everything was amazing and we are so happy to have this establishment in NE! Thank you for a great double date night!

Kelsey N.

Unpopular opinion - I didn't like the pizza. I got the mushroom one. I thought it was overpriced and they somehow destroyed two things I normally love pizza + mushrooms. I thought the atmosphere was nice. The server felt pretty pushy/sales focused to me. Overall, just didn't live up to the hype for me.

Anita T.

OK SO I'm super delayed on writing a review on this place, and have no idea why it's taken me so damn long. If ya haven't been here, then you really should get on that. It seems like a lot of people I know go to the bar back to get drinks and never get the food here, and I'm just baffled because why would you not? The food here is ah-ma-zing. Bless you Ann Kim My favorite go-to pizza is the broccolini and I always get the Japanese sweet potato with creme fraiche - not a pizza but really darn good. I personally don't like red sauce pizzas unless it's real plain - like pepperoni and cheese at pizza Luce at like 1am because that's all that is ever open. That's the only time I'll ever eat red sauce pizzas. So I opt for the non-traditional pizzas with weird ass ingredients that you would never imagine would be good on a pizza. Plus this place is super cute. Got cute lil mismatched plates and lots of cute and tasteful decor all around. It's like you've crashed somebody's wedding dinner party, and just eatin pizza on their dime. Real cute and real good

Stephanie H.

Don't be intimidated by 45 min -1 hour long wait times that are expected as a walk-in without a reservation! My boyfriend and I gave it a shot and were seated in as little as 25 minutes on a Wednesday night (a text reminder was nice because it let us walk around the area while waiting). The ambiance was intimate and cozy-- I recommend the standby line even more because you can get seated right in front of the brick-oven fireplace and get an up-close view of the magic happening. Definitely go out of your comfort zone when ordering sides! I highly recommend the Japanese Sweet Potato with crème fraîche and bonito flakes- an interesting combo of flavors, but it comes together so BEAUTIFULLY. Skuna Bay Salmon is also highly recommended! It's served with dashi, daikon, and a garlic scape. The Umami Mama pizza was good, but I felt like it could have been better.... or maybe everyone i've spoken to has hyped it up so much that the bar was set unrealistically high?! But, then again, I'm pretty content with Papa John's, so maybe this culinary masterpiece from Ann Kim was wasted on me. I'll try another pizza next time!

Brady Donahue

Great cocktails an atmosphere at the back bar. We had dinner up front. We were notified by text message that our table was ready. Had the cauliflower appetizer, excellent, and splut a sausage , onion and jalapeno pizza. Everything about this place is top notch.

Jordan Lamp

The alley bar lives up to the hype. Our* mixologist Ruby is one of a kind. The atmosphere is unmatched & the Retro McDonald's water glasses reminded me of breakfast before Elementary School. The pizza was delicious, & the atmosphere is as unique as the talent. Keep up the good work. ✌️

Abigail Proell

I’ve been to restaurants all over the U.S. and this is definitely in my top 5. The food is amazing and the service is always wonderful. I would recommend the cauliflower appetizer and the grilled whole fish. Food is always very fresh and the quality is consistent. Definitely would recommend. It is hard to get a reservation, so try several weeks in advance. If you want to do a walk in, especially on the weekend, get there at least 5-10 minutes before it opens to ensure you get a table.


Not sure my review will add anything to the endless wonderful reviews that are already here but I will be back. The best comment would be from my daughter who stated when eating her potato and cheese pizza, “I wish they would open one of these in Columbus!” Great drinks (and a secret back bar in the alley with more drinks!), pizza was pretty perfect but don’t come here wanting to change the works of art the chef has created (they have some pizza rules which in my opinion is the right thing to do). Don’t worry you can create your own but the Korean bbq pizza is amazing. I have a sweet tooth and top of my list is soft serve which is also top of the list on the dessert menu. You must go with it topped with olive oil and sea salt just work past your misgivings it was a perfect dessert! The only downside was that we had to skip lunch because the only reservation we could get was 4:15! We will be back on our next visit to the twin cities. congrats on the James beard award! Leave time to explore this area of northeast Minneapolis which is booming with new bars and restaurants every time we come back!


Fantastic dinner venue- lively with dim lighting. May be too loud for some but there are booths along the walls. The chefs counter is an easy walk-in option. Next to Speakeasy and Dangerous Man- location couldnt be better!

matthew gregg

Update: if you can get your hands on an order of sea bass, do! It will melt its way into a special place in your heart.

Nancy H.

Vegan? Fear not the menu that doesn't appear to have any options! You can do this place if you ask your server what's without animal products. We had delicious veggies in a curry/ginger sauce which if I were to go back I would order that as my entree it was so good. And as for pizza, seasoned vegans know all about cheeseless pizza so we got the mushroom pizza with no cheese. The rosemary was barely evident so maybe ask for extra rosemary next time. Also know that you are better off making a reservation and tables turn over fast so for a long, leisurely conversation with friends/family, you may want to go somewhere else. I recommend that the menus have added (v, veg, GF) added to help reduce questions on the servers who are very busy.


Young Joni had first come to NE Minneapolis a little before we moved away. We had a chance to finally get there when we came back to town on a visit. What wonderful flavors! The small plates are fun dishes with twists. The pizzas are fun combinations that word wonderfully on the palate. My wife needs gluten free and this crust was by far the best she has had in this type of restaurant. \n\nThe service was unbeatable. The atmosphere is relaxing and lovely.

Judy Waters

Beautiful restraunt, outstanding food, great manager. A very good dining experience!

Shubham Saxena

Sort of hipster place. Pretty expensive for just average brick oven pizzas. Decent service. Appetizers are very small portions. Literally 3 bites but very very tasty (kabobs). Good vibe though. Chic. Nice for a date. Has a really cool speak easy bar in the back! Would go back maybe a couple more times.

Mike Boe

Food is Good I would give five stars to the food, but having to wait hours to get a table not good. The parking is as horrible as the wait times. Honestly it's not worth the wait. I cannot in good conscience give better than two star because of the wait times. Just a few blocks away you can get some equally good pizza at Element Pizza. They at least have a parking lot.

Betsy Snyder

Pizzas were delicious! Fast and friendly service too!


This place has it all..Great service, tasty and fresh pizza, a wine list, varied seating and upbeat, open atmosphere. Seating an be tight and making a reservation is essential. Rarely give an excellent rating but this one certainly deserves it.\n\nThe Amolfi Pizza was superb! We also tried the season vegetable and it was outstanding.

Isaac Mullin

I'd come back here again, but I'd be sure to have a reservation or come when it's slower. We had a two hour wait, but it was a weekend night. I don't really have any complaints about the food -- all tasty. However, for the amount of hype it gets (plus a two hour wait) I expected more. Not to say it left me unsatisfied. The food was good and priced reasonably. The drinks were alright, but I'd probably stick to wine rather than cocktails next time. Cocktails left something to be desired, but their wine selection was good. Overall it's a good place and worth going. I probably wouldn't be so critical if it weren't so hyped up. It's definitely doing a lot right.

Nick Beddow

Amazing pizza and Korean short ribs that we tried. Might be worth making a reservation if you want to go at a popular time. The coolest spot in the cities. Excellent service by the staff. Very comfortable atmosphere. Despite the quality I did not get an elitist vibe at all. It was one of the best dining experiences of my life.

liz morton

The atmosphere is beautiful and every dish was better than the last. The cauliflower was a favorite and the pizza with honey was fantastic! Everyone, with the exception of our waiter, Zach, was very accommodating. He was very pretentious and got an eye roll several times


First off- the only reason I’m not giving it a 5 star is that I’m not a pizza fan. If you are like most people you will love this place! My friends all loved their pizzas! They couldn’t stop talking about how good they were. One had a chorizo sausage with peppers, one had a gluten free crust with pepperoni & sausage that she said was cooked to perfection and the third had one had a fresh arugula, prosciutto & mustard seeds pizza that was light and yummy. I opted for the margarita pizza. Average but still decent. My favorites were the starters. We ordered the burrata & pea salad with pesto sauce. Amazing!!! We also had the fried cauliflower that had a fiery sauce with chilies and a yogurt sauce. I would come back for those two items alone. \nOur server was friendly and didn’t rush us at all. \nThe atmosphere has a modern airy decor - very open but classy. \nWe were here for lunch since it’s hard to get reservations. For lunch we showed up right before opening and got in line with about 15 other people. It was a full restaurant within 20 minutes. Cudos to the chef for her popularity!

Kristine P.

Young Joni lives up to the hype! I know they don't need another 5 star review, but here we go anyway. This super popular restaurant in Northeast Minneapolis has been getting (much deserved) press both near and far. The Chef, Ann Kim, just won a James Beard award for Best Chef Midwest! Which is basically like a food Oscar. The restaurant is in an up and coming neighborhood, close to the old Grain Belt Brewery building. Since my Dad lived just a few blocks away in the 70's and 80's, I can tell you for a fact, the neighborhood is much hipper now. :) The interior of Young Joni has a mid century modern feel with bar seating in the middle where you can watch the cooks work their magic with the wood fired oven. Speaking of wood fired, that is the theme at Young Joni. The pizza that comes out of that oven is especially famous, and we tried four of them! But don't discount the rest of the menu, specifically the vegetables. That might sound strange, but the veggie dishes we ordered were my favorite part of the meal. We ordered burrata with peas in a light pesto sauce, it was fresh, light and full of flavor. And then we ordered the cauliflower... oh, that cauliflower! Roasted cauliflower with blistered shishito peppers, pickled freshno chilies, a chermoula sauce (herbs, garlic, lemon, spices), almonds, golden raisins on top of a "cauliflower yogurt". I don't even know what cauliflower yogurt is. If (when!) I go back to Young Joni's, I'm ordering the cauliflower as my meal and I'm not sharing. Let's get back to those pizzas. I had the Basque with Spanish chorizo, olives, peppers and more and it was so good. The crust is on the thinner side, but still nice and chewy with that flavor only the wood fire can give. We also had the classic Margherita, the La Parisienne with prosciutto, gruyere, arugula and mustard seed, and a gluten free crust for the YOLO with sausage, bacon and pepperoni. My friend that had the gluten free pizza said it was the best GF crust she'd had. Now the hard part about going to an uber popular place like Young Joni is that everyone wants to go (duh). Reservations are hard to get for dinner, but if you go for lunch (get there early and line up), it's first come, first served. We had a few cocktails, took our time ordering, and chatted like old friends do. Our waitress was so lovely, she never rushed us or made us feel like we were taking up valuable real estate. (Also, ask your server for a ticket for the photo booth in the back!) The negative about going to Young Joni for lunch? They also have a "back bar" speakeasy, but it doesn't open till 4pm. The cocktails look amazing (they aren't on the Young Joni menu) and have really fun names (Yahtzee Lessons, Free Jetski, Single and Ready to Mingle, etc). I've heard it's got a 70's basement with good music kind of vibe. Next time Young Joni, next time.

Amy C.

Summer 2019, Stephen King is in town for the Loft's first Wordplay festival​. Yes, THAT Stephen King. His opening statement was a bit of a love letter​ to the Twin Cities. He talked about how beautiful it is here and how lucky we are to have such great food. I don't know what establishments he meant exactly, but I know when I finally got to eat at Young Joni, I thought, we are SO lucky to have Ann Kim here. My sister was in town for a visit, and I told her that I wanted us to enjoy a night out without husbands and kids for the first time in our adult life. Even though I couldn't get reservations, I decided we needed to try Young Joni. We sat in the back bar​ for 45 minutes, admiring the decor that was straight out of our 70's childhood. Our total wait time on a rainy Thursday​ was about an hour and fifteen minutes. Finally,​ we were seated at a ​community​ table. I scanned the menu prior to our visit and advised my sister I planned on ordering something that I normally hate (or think I hate) which I try to do regularly at restaurants in an attempt to challenge my misconceptions about food. Let me start by saying the staff here is exceptional, especially considering it's a more casual eatery. We ordered all of our dishes at once, but our waiter timed every dish's arrival perfectly, without direction from us. We started with the snap peas with burrata​ and basil/mint pesto and the roasted cauliflower. Normally, I hate peas. They're typically flavorless little beads of mush that distract from their dish of residence. The peas in this appetizer were fresh, crisp and sweet complimented with the bright pesto and creamy burrata. The contrast with the rich, savory cauliflower was perfection. Both dishes confirm that if forced, I could live as a vegetarian. Next up for us was the short ribs and Sweet and Sticky Pork Ribs. The serrano infused yogurt and chimichurri that accompanied the short ribs took every ounce of restraint I have from licking the plate. Okay, I guess I can't be a vegetarian after all when meat like this is an option. Our final dish was the Tavern Pie. Pizza with jalapeno, pepperoni and honey. I don't know how such a simple pie could taste like something so new. The honey must be the secret because the sweetness was so tantalizing when the spice of the jalapeno and the acid of the tomato sauce hit your tongue. I've had plenty of pizza from Lola, and this one lives up to the legend. Stuffed, I insisted we indulge in a small dish of vanilla soft serve with olive oil and sea salt. I don't ever want vanilla ice cream without this adornment again. Ever.


charred cabbage, pork belly ssam, photo booth

Camille L.

This is a popular and trendy pizza place. We really liked the Yolo and the Korean BBQ pizzas. It was easy to finish both between the two of us. Both were unique in their own way but we liked the Yolo a little better since it has the traditional red sauce, meats and lots of cheese. We made reservations in advance and came during the week since they are pretty booked up on weekends already. I recommend this place to anyone looking for great pizza and ambiance.

Yvonne Marie Parks

Enjoyed Salads the best. Pizza was classic wood fire cooked. Staff was fabulous. Lots of drink options too

Jose C.

Young Joni has some of the best pizza I have ever tried. Yes, we're talking about Young Joni in Minnesota. I honestly didn't think we would even have an opportunity to get a table but I risked it as a walk in and was offered to sit at the community table. I had no problem with that at all an the rest was history. We ordered their Margherita and their YOLO pizza. Both were phenomenal. The burnt crust on both pizzas were done perfectly which added a little of of a crispiness with some fluff. The Margherita also had the right amount of red sauce and cheese topped with fresh basil and sprinkled with olive oil. Their YOLO was truly something I've never tasted before in a Pizza. With the same burnt crust, the pizza came with pepperoni, bacon and fennel sausage, and of course mozzarella cheese and red sauce. Every piece of meat complimenting each other. The Margherita was delicious, but I've tried very similar Margherita pizzas at other place. The YOLO was definitely the highlight of the night. The service was also great. and sitting at a community table wasn't bad at all. Everyone was very attentive and all seemed to enjoy working there. I think we found our must place visit every time we're in Minneapolis.


charred cabbage, pork belly ssam, photo booth

Melanie G.

I finally came here after hearing numerous coworkers and friends rave about this place - Young Joni did not disappoint! My friend and I sat at the bar overlooking the veggie station, so we saw all the vegetables being made! We started with the Japanese Sweet Potatoes, then split the La Parisienne and the Brocollini pizzas, and ended with the ice cream trio and the seasonal crisp. All good choices! Definitely preferred the La Parisienne over the Brocollini, but both were good. The service was awesome as well. I'll be back for sure!