Applebee's Grill + Bar

1893 MN-36, Roseville
(651) 697-0648

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I have been to many Applebees locations and they are all about the same. Having said that, they all have great food, great staff, and a nice clean location.This specific location I have been visiting regularly over a year now. It is such a common stop for me, I only recently realized I had never reviewed it.They have been training in new hosts at the front door, aside from that, the staff has been great. I have never had to return a dish to the kitchen. The bathrooms are clean and always well stocked. I have also tried their pickup service and they were spot on when they said ready in 15 minutes.

Michael Thompson

Went to Applebee's after laying a family member to rest(R I P). Great food and atmosphere,they let us arrange the tables so we could sit together as a group. Thanks Applebee's. Would definitely eat there again.

Jason Utto

The beer is cold, so is the food. The waitress is polite and overworked and deserves a raise!

Sunday Thompson

Not quite what I remember on the taste of the won-ton taco's... Still very tasty and did finish the three that was in an order... Now the mozzarella sticks, that is my kind of mozzarella sticks... The mozzarella sticks themselves where on a huge scale, not to mention,, down right delicious and fantastic... The burger on the other hand was not at all what it I have heard about Applebee's burger to be,, pretty bland, the bacon really chewy and on the small side for what the cost of the burger.. Thought they gave me a kids burger.... Have to say probably not going to be spending my dollars at this Applebee's location again... Will try a different location if I decide to have another kids bland chewy bacon burger again... Thanks, but no thanks.... Disappointed......

Kelly Winchester

The restaurant is always dirty. waitstaff were great both times I was here, even though it was busy. As someone who owned multiple franchised restaurants for over 15 years, I can attest to the lack of standards. Even for a franchisee of a large chain. Restaurant was very disorganized, staff seemed overworked, filthy rags being used to clean tables- no doubt a management issue here. I witnessed who I assume is a manager, "Ally" verbally reprimanding host staff (in a very condescending tone) for sitting down while nobody was waiting to be seated, as my table was near the enterence where there is a seating area. After this I heard these two employees talking about how they don't receive breaks and should be able to sit down. This was a few months ago. Last night I was served lukewarm food and was charged twice for my meal. Go to olive garden near here instead.

Aliandra Zampino

Waitress with black eye makeup/black face paint, sorry but she has no idea how to serve or interact with people professionally. Worst service I have ever had. Blamed the kitchen and bar every time she forgot something (at least 5x). It was quite a cringeworthy experience. I ordered a cheeseburger (which she verbally confirmed and wrote down) and I got a burger with no cheese. After sending it back, she brought it back out to me 10 minutes later with a piece of cold unmelted cheese slapped on the same burger patty. No wonder I felt sick the next day. One of the gals in our party ordered French Onion Soup, after we all had our entrees and had inquired about where it was 3 times, she had been telling us it was coming and the kitchen was behind. Then 20 minutes later says actually they are out. Seemed like she was lying to cover her inability to keep up and remember things. Thought Applebee's held their establishments to a higher standard.

Steve Henzler

Ordered curbside to go about 2 weeks ago in the evening with no issues. Did the same thing last night. My order was supposed to be brought out by 6:12. I waited until 6:26 and no food so I called into the restaurant and asked if I needed to come in or if they are just running behind or what. The gentleman tells me that they don’t allow their servers to bring out food for curbside pickup once it gets dark for their safety? Doesn’t seem to be a rough area where this Applebees is but ok. So I go in and grab it. No big deal. The only issue I have is, why is that not published on their website when ordering curbside that they stop curbside at dark?? They allow you to order curbside but don’t tell you they won’t bring you out your food if it’s dark. Weird deal.

Tamara York-Tallman

I didn't take pictures ??? but those wonton taco baby fire ????. And my friend got the sample platter. We did dine before tht whole mandate went Into affect. Who doesn't love there neighborhood ? bee's ????

Randi Petrich

Wonderful experience! I wish I remember the name of our server because she was awesome. Super helpful and very friendly. Would highly recommend eating at this location.

Shawanna Rodriguez

Food was great! I had my favorite bourbon chicken and shrimp with mash potatoes. The meal is delicious I'm saying finger licking...picture the moment it's that good.

Sabrina Klooz

My boyfriend and I went to lunch, it was nice and clean. Friendly staff and great prices for lunch selections.

Alexis Campbell

Me and my husband stopped in for drinks and dinner. The Bartender Keyanna was amazing!! She was kind, fast, and very efficient. The food was cooked to perfection. Also there wad exellent costumer service. I highly recommend this location. By far, Hands down our absolute favorite Applebee's. We will definitely keep coming back. R

Brian Rasmussen

The service here is amazing this new bartender you Keyanna is awesome managers are helping out which is unheard of I've never seen before in my life excellent service highly recommended thank you

Quadonda Gunn

Super busy but friendly service

Terri Rutherford

Not great meals- overcooked steak on one and one salad was not as described but the very busy server went out of his way to do all he could to correct the issue. He remained calm, friendly and helpful in spite of the overwhelming number of patrons he had. Locally there is a shortage of service workers. I have no idea if Applebees adequately pays their employees a " livable" wagebut hopefully they recognize the value of good employees when they find them and compensate appropriately.

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