1899 Perimeter Dr, Roseville
(651) 636-3545

Recent Reviews

Coronado Lauda

Has gotten our order incorrect frequently. They always seem to forget the toppings for the salad.

Dylan Stafford

They make you wait and then mess up the order every single time. It's ridiculous.

Jake Whalen

WORST WENDY'S!!! Burger was cold, I took one bite and pulled out a long thin piece of plastic!?? cmon now. Nuggets were overcooked, fries unsalted. I basically paid $5 for a coke and bbq sauce. Never had a good experience here.

John G

first time ordering from wendy's on Perimeter Drive in Roseville, MN. the baked potato was ok but what was supposed to be chili was not - it was more like soup! I've had chili from another location and that was chili! what a ripoff! i should have taken a pic of that so others could see how they might get ripped off too!

Paula Mattlin

This is the best Wendy's location I've been to all month! They were SO nice and friendly, the service was very fast, and they were even happy to accommodate my request for a straw with my Frosty instead of just the usual spoon! Truly the friendliest and most cheerful staff I've encountered at a drive thru in a long time. They really went above and beyond. I wish I was as cheerful at work as the person taking my order was!

Michael Lewis

$1 biscuits were really good.

Georgia Caples

I ordered a Jr. Deluxe Cheese Burger and it tasted off (it had a smell and taste that of bad breath), but the one saving grace was the young man at the window help me pick up my money (that had fallen on the ground..it had been raining and the bills were hard to pick up).

Ella Lee

I've never had a bad experience at this location, but I was so impressed with their staff tonight! They were all so kind and accommodating. The cashier was nice enough to offer a free nugget for my pup. They were very friendly while still being conscious of my time (it is a drive through after all). Evening crew from 11/20/21 you are appreciated! - Ella and Charlie?

Douglas James

Very busy here, but service is fast and good.


Went to try the new hot and crispy fries. Had a hard time getting the app to work. When I finally did, the fries were neither hot nor crispy but rather warm and soggy.

Teresa Alvarado

Hot fresh food. Friendly staff

Gwendolyn JACKSON

We ordered Jr bacon cheeseburgers and it said that on the receipt and they gave us a whole different burger they didn't even inform us they didn't have Jr bacon cheeseburgers. I will never come here again

Cara Pence

they were very nice people and very efficient with getting our food out!!

Damon Hocking

Even though the drive-thru was the only thing open the order taker was friendly and helpful and they had great service.

Chelsea MLM

The drive thru staff is always extremely rude. I'm truly sorry you hate your job, but that doesn't mean you need to transfer your bad attitude and energy to me.

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