Hamburguesas El Gordo #2

1731 S Robert St, West St Paul
(651) 340-1483

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Naomi Berrios

The tacos al pastor tasted terrible. They literally tasted like they were cooked in just pizza sauce. Awful ?

Oleksandr Sofishchenko

Everything was very delicious! We visited from Texas and had a pleasure tasting real Mexican food far from home. If it’s your first time trying Mexican food, we highly recommend it!

De Mar

The salsas lacked some spice but still tasted great. Asada fries and a variety of tacos were amazing. Can't go wrong.

John Lieu

Never fails to impress. The burgers are flavorful, stacked with toppings, and generous portions to ensure satisfaction.The kids have always enjoyed the hot dogs here, though, they often ask for it plain.If you're looking to try something new, check out the Asada Fries or Elote (Mexican Street Corn). Both are exceptional in flavor and portions!

Richard “Rio27” Bravo

The food was fresh, quick, and authentic. Staff gave us plenty of time to figure out our order (first-timers). Hamburgers were large and well seasoned, and French fries are 100% homemade, which is fantastic. Street tacos were on par with street tacos from a tacos truck (still pretty good for sure). Salsa selection was extensive. The downside was tables being a little sticky, but good value for the money (especially for the burger and fries, 110% worth it).Parking: Parking isn't hard to get, but the entrance/exit is a tight turn off a busy street. Single shared entrance/exit.

William Travis

Wow this place was amazing. I never would have thought of a Mexican Hamburger place. I had the Del Gordo Cubano, wow was that big with lots of different flavors, I want to try something else.

Brooks Berg

Authentic Mexican burgers with unbelievable toppings that make your mouth explode with taste. Clearly a top alternative to boring burgers, not only are the burgers out of this world but the chef himself helped to divide my burger into manageable normal meal sized portions, adding additional grilled jalapeños to each plate. I will be returning again and again.

Jonathan Lovato

Burger tastes spot on to those from Northern Mexico (where I was born and raised). Atmosphere, also spot on...most of the restaurants in Mexico that I remember all had those metal Coke tables....only this place was definitely cleaner than those places, often times were in people's garages lol. If I ever want a good Northern Mexico style burger, that's where I'll be going. My son loved their burrito, and my other boy loved their burger. The fries - ???It is on the spendy side though but was worth it....Parking: Free parking lot

Gladys Tamayo

I always buy the same meal from here.. athe 3 tacos norteño meal. This time the kid at the register chose to charge extra for pop and the other item from the menu. Flavor of the meat has gone down along with service and cleanliness. It is a shame that this has happened to what used to be a good family restaurant..

Jonathan Mauriala

It was ok food with vegan options. I felt it wasnt very flavorful and the vegan options were very basic. For someone with a more mild pallet that cannot handle spicy or heavily spiced foods, it may be a good choice.Vegetarian options: Some vegan options but not many. A veggie burger, street taco, burrito where the 3 options I saw.Wheelchair accessibility: It appeared to be wheelchair accessible.

Regina Vann

That burger was big the food was large, but so salty. I mean when I say salty I got a headache. I couldn't even stomach it. Then my burrito came out and fell all over the cabinet. They didn't wrap it at all just folded it over. Then I ordered three meals but she only charged me for two Then an extra drink. It was a lot. This was an overwhelming experience, and I don't want it again my tongue is still burning from the salt seriously.

Basik Vids

The hamburger was ok but nothing special. Seems like they used kraft singles cheese on my burger not cheddar or something better. The fries were very disappointing, completely soggy and greasy. I've never had fries that would bend over when picked up from how soggy and greasy they are. The worst is the place was dirty. Ceiling vents and tiles caked with dust right above our table, the table was dirty and didn't see anyone cleaning anything! The walls next to our table were splattered with food. Can't help but think if the front looks this bad what does the back of kitchen look like? Definitely a 1 and done for this place.

Emily Singer

Wow! A winner that's for sure! This place never fails to offer the best service and quality of food! Will be reccomeneding and coming back soon!

Mark Meyers

The food is really good. Amazing hot dogs with so many toppings. Chicago dog you have been challenged. Massive hamburgers everything was so delicious. The price is right it would have been a $30/40 meal at another bar/restaurant. The atmosphere was not amazing but I had great company so we made up for that.

Maryann Dennett

Their logo says it all Bomb….com Food!I’m from Deep South Texas by the boarder and this place taste just like home! ?% Authentic.. Salsas looked so fresh! Fresh drink were all made from scratch…Definitely going back!??

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