Restaurants in Saint Paul

Best Restaurants

DeGidio's Restaurant & Bar 425 7th St W, St Paul Italian • $$
425 7th St W, St Paul

“Just moved to MN from New Jersey and we are so excited to find a proper Italian restaurant finally!!! Food was amazing, service fantastic and desserts were divine. Best family atmosphere ever!!! Will be back soon!”

4.8 Superb148 Reviews
Estelle 1806 St Clair Ave, St Paul Wine Bar • $$$
1806 St Clair Ave, St Paul

“They squeezed us in despite having a full house. We’ve been twice and both times were incredible. I don’t know what is better- the service or the food. Even the burger is one of the best in the cities. Sit at the chef’s table if you can and make sure you get a dessert.”

4.6 Superb111 Reviews
Tongue in Cheek 989 Payne Ave, St Paul American • $$
989 Payne Ave, St Paul

“This is one of my favorite brunch spots in the Twin Cities! All of the dishes on their menu are so delicious and well-balanced. I especially love their teasers -- each small bite is packed with flavor and is a delight to the taste buds. I definitely recommend trying the full flight of teasers as an appetizer, it's such a tasty and fun experience. Their cocktails are great too, and in particular I love their Bloody Mary: they garnish it with pickles and a cheese stick, which I think is awesome!Not only is their food delicious, but the atmosphere is excellent as well. Great decor and overall vibe, I really like the assortment of art on the walls, and the cool mirrors behind the bar. Plus their staff is great too---friendly, attentive, and able to help with recommendations if you're having a hard time choosing. I highly recommend checking out Tongue in Cheek for brunch, it is a must whenever I'm in the area! I hope to try them for dinner soon as well, I'm sure they'll be great at any meal. (-:”

4.7 Superb108 Reviews
Soul Lao 2465 7th St W, St Paul Laotian • $$
2465 7th St W, St Paul

“Amazing food, super friendly staff - a must try! I ordered the O.G. wings, Naem Khao (Crispy Coconut Rice), Noakeo's Eggrolls, and Garlic noodles. My favorites were the wings and noodles. Both had a perfect balance of sweet and savory and even a little bit of spice. The rice was good, but crispy rice isn't my favorite thing. Delicious flavor and generous servings. We ate next door at wandering leaf which had lots of seating and I highly recommend digging in there. On Wednesdays, they have a deal where you can get 3 pieces of chicken wings instead of 5 and $2 off a beer for a reduced price. It was a little pricey, but I'd give it a try at least once.”

4.7 Superb105 Reviews
Herbst Eatery & Farm Stand 779 Raymond Ave, St Paul Wine Bar • $$
779 Raymond Ave, St Paul

“Wow! This is just an easy 10 out of 10 straight across-the-board! One of my new favorites, if not my new favorite! We sat at the bar, such a great atmosphere especially being able to watch the kitchen a little bit. Thomas, who I believe was the manager was fantastic and you can tell it is a really well ran establishment. And everyone that works there actually looked happy! Our bartender/server was amazing and the food was just spectacular! Sooooo good. Thank you thank you!”

4.7 Superb97 Reviews
Crasqui Restaurant 84 Wabasha St S # 3, St Paul Venezuelan • $$$
84 Wabasha St S # 3, St Paul

“Crasqui might be our new fsvorite restaurant!! The menu is so beautifully crafted around memories, I can tell the dishes were thought out with a lot of love. Everything was cooked to perfection and the flavors were balanced so well. It is priced fairly for the quality. The service was AMAZING and our server Luis made us feel like family. This was a great place to celebrate our anniversary and the staff made it feel very much like a special occasion. My partner has celiac (gluten allergy) and the staff was knowledgeable and they even had a separate frier. Overall, 10/10 experience.Dietary restrictions: Gluten free options available, staff is knowledgeableParking: Plenty of free parking”

4.7 Superb94 Reviews

Restaurants by Cuisine

Nanny's Jamaican Kitchen 969 Rice St, St Paul Jamaican • $$
969 Rice St, St Paul

“We thought the food here was very good! I had the oxtail, and they were the best I have had in Minneapolis. The jersey chicken was also delicious. I highly recommend this place.”

4.7 Superb90 Reviews
Hyacinth 790 Grand Ave, St Paul Italian • $$$
790 Grand Ave, St Paul

“Italian fine dining is hard to come by in the twin cities, but Hyacinth fits right into the local upscale scene. Exceptional service and atmosphere and a simple, but diverse menu of modern takes on classic Italian ”

4.7 Superb54 Reviews
The Lexington 1096 Grand Ave, St Paul American • $$$
1096 Grand Ave, St Paul

“Old school charm and food delicious. This was Easter so noise and a feeling of urgency, but brunch choices were very good and prices very reasonable. One of my favorite St. Paul restaurants!”

4.6 Superb487 Reviews

Restaurants with Delivery

Wandering Leaf Brewing Company 2463 7th St W, St Paul Brewery • $$
2463 7th St W, St Paul

“The space is gorgeous and beautifully decorated. The staff are SO nice. They are also dog friendly and where absolutely welcoming of my beast, even when she knocked over my drink. Even then they demanded we bring her back weekly. 100000/10 would recommend”

4.8 Superb113 Reviews
The Luscious Crab 501 University Ave W, St Paul Cajun • $$
501 University Ave W, St Paul

“Very clean and nicely put together place! Immediately and the whole time we were there the man taking orders was friendly, silly and super helpful. Ended up finding out he was the owner. He was nothing less than amazing and a complete sweetheart. Now the food, price point is very fair, flavor is top notch! We tried 4 appetizers and would get them all again. Hush puppies, edamame(omg the flavor on these!) Calamari and the spring rolls. Then the main course, we got the $150 large family meal and combo A to include more shrimp and crab clusters. We mixed all 3 sauces and we were fully satisfied with out tasetbuds! Best crab broil hands down I've been to in the twin cities. We will be back! This place is a hidden gem and the owners energy matches their food, they take pride in what they serve and treated every customer the same. This place deserves all the recognition for a great dining experience and flavor.”

4.8 Superb98 Reviews
Yumi Japanese Restaurant & Bar - Saint Paul 400 Selby Ave, St Paul Japanese • $$
400 Selby Ave, St Paul

“This place never fails to make me feel on top of the world. I love sitting at the bar--the bartender is soooo nice and will make you a delicious custom cocktail for your specific tastes if you ask her! She's very busy though, I don't know how she does it all.Anyway, the place is beautiful. The chicken teriyaki is so simple yet so delicious. All the shrimp sushi rolls are incredible. I wish there were more non-spicy options as someone who hates when spice covers up flavor in sushi (I like heat! I don't like not being able to taste every aspect of the roll).”

4.4 Superb79 Reviews

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Hope Breakfast Bar - St. Paul 1 S Leech St, St Paul Breakfast • $$
1 S Leech St, St Paul

“Went for Easter Brunch. I've been on the hunt for good brunch spots in the Twin Cities as a college student who often needs a Sunday afternoon rally. After all the places I've tried, Hope may just be the best the city has to offer.Hope, simply put, has its ducks in a row. The service is snappy. The 1-hr cap on dining time seems daunting, but you'll come to love it--it's a great way to keep customers coming in when certain types start sipping a little too slowly on their Captain Crunch cocktails. Being from the South, I'm used to brunch taking eons due to these types of tables. That's not an issue here! They're no-nonsense. Server was friendly and gave great recommendations. Every course was delicious and surprising.We started with the Captain Crunch cereal milk Rumchata cocktail and raspberry lemonade--both of which were divine. Very strong flavors that taste exactly as advertised. Not too sweet despite what others have suggested. I got the pimento cheese scramble with bacon and baby monkey cakes--good lord. Everything was out-of-this world. The peanut butter syrup on the monkey cakes is like crack--again, I'm from Louisiana, so plate-licking dishes are a high bar for me. My boyfriend got the chicken and waffles with the incredible jalapeno syrup (great dipping option for the bacon, too). He's a chicken and waffle fanatic and has gotten it at every brunch place we've been to--this is the best!We will be coming back. Very reasonable prices considering the quality and inventiveness of the food as well as the excellent service and atmosphere.”

4.4 Superb165 Reviews


Juche 1124 Payne Ave, St Paul Korean • $$
1124 Payne Ave, St Paul

“Still thinking about the “Trust Me” and L.A.V. drink. Great service, fun atmosphere, and really freakin’ delicious food. If this were in my neighborhood I’d be a local barfly.”

4.6 Superb73 Reviews
Colossal Cafe 2315 Como Ave, St Paul American • $$
2315 Como Ave, St Paul

“Long term fan of Colossal Cafe. Great place for breakfast or lunch whether dining in or picking up. Casual atmosphere with friendly employees. My favorites are the flappers, BLT, and colossal cinnamon roll.Kid-friendliness: Great kids menu and casual atmosphere.”

4.5 Superb98 Reviews

24 Hour Restaurants

Potsticker 1214 Randolph Ave, St Paul Asian • $$
1214 Randolph Ave, St Paul

“I thought I had written a review for this place already, oops, my bad. I love, love, love this place! Came here on a weeknight and it was packed. I did not make reservation but we got lucky by snatching two chairs at the bar. It is small inside but worth the wait. The staff was super efficient and friendly, there were two girls and one guy. The guy helped us with drinks and ordering our food. I am so sorry I forgot his name, but you could tell how hardworking they all were. We both ordered Potsticker Duet (highly recommend): *shrimp, Angus beef, chives *tofu mushroom kale *dill pork *kimchi pork My favorite was dill pork, it goes well with old godmother hot sauce. Honestly all the potstickers were amazing and their list of dipping sauce was great too. A female chef (we think she is the owner) came out of the kitchen and asked us how we are doing, and she gave us some kimchi she made the same day for samplings. Everything was delicious and the drinks were top notch, of course I always get my favorite drink, old fashioned with Japanese whiskey. Superb place.”

4.7 Superb107 Reviews
Moscow on the Hill 371 Selby Ave, St Paul Russian • $$
371 Selby Ave, St Paul

“The food was amazing. The beef stroganoff was out of this world. Service was great and the atmosphere was super. If you enjoy Authentic Russian food this is the place for you. The horseradish infused vodka was great”

4.6 Superb170 Reviews
Emerald Lounge 455 7th St W, St Paul Cocktail Bar • $$
455 7th St W, St Paul

“Ok listen..I was fully prepared to not like the food here. I’m a very basic person. Burgers and fries are my go-to. One might say I have the palate of a 12 year old. I’ve accepted this. However, this location was chosen for a business dinner. The drinks looked cool, the atmosphere looked even cooler, so I figured “what’s the worst that could happen?”Yall.As a group of 4 during Saturday dinner rush, we were greeted by two different people and sat within a few minutes. Amazing already!Our server was very polite and knowledgeable (I can’t remember their name - tall, slender, dark hair and a mustache). Our drinks and food came swiftly, even with others helping run food/drinks, seat spots were spot-on, so there was no shuffling of anything around or auctioning off items.And the food. Lord have mercy. I ordered the meatloaf and potatoes, which I was fully prepared to swallow down with my best “MN Nice” smile because I was lucky enough to have a boss who was generous and kind enough to cover our meals as an appreciation dinner.When I tell you this was the best G-D meatloaf I’ve had in my entire life (don’t tell my gramma, lmao) I’m not kidding. The seasoning? Immaculate. The slight crisp? To die for. (we’re not gonna talk about how I thought brûlée meant I got a crème brûlée.) The potatoes??? Can I order them by the gallon, please??My only regret was eating a small meal before I left because I ended up not having room to finish it, haha! (I’m sorry I ever doubted you ) Although that was not much of an issue - our server boxed up my leftovers for me and we were good to go!If you’re like me and you’re wondering if this place is “too fancy” for your taste buds, JUST DO IT. Give them a try! You won’t regret it.”

4.8 Superb74 Reviews

Takeout Restaurants

King Cajun 712 University Ave W, St Paul Seafood • $$
712 University Ave W, St Paul

“This was a solid place. The service was great and the food was good. The food came out fairly quickly even with it being so busy. Would for sure return and by the way the lobster fries are delicious.”

4.7 Superb100 Reviews
La Grolla 452 Selby Ave, St Paul Italian • $$
452 Selby Ave, St Paul

“Food was good but not great, service was slow (should have more wait staff)... 1 server for the entire restaurant at 5p. I'll go back again but my expectations will be lower.”

4.5 Superb90 Reviews
Mancini’s Char House 531 7th St W, St Paul Steak House • $$
531 7th St W, St Paul

“We dinner early at Mancini's. The restaurant opened at 4:30pm and we got there at 4pm so we grabbed a drink in the bar area. Staff were setting up for the evening, so it took longer than usual to put in our order, even after my husband went to the bar to order. At 4:30pm, the patrons are considerably older and there were lots of regulars. Mr. Mancini made his rounds getting them. The food was great, as always. I had the pickled herring and crackers as an appetizer, then I had the petite filet and my husband had the regular filet. Thank you; we'll be back.”

4.6 Superb131 Reviews

Drive-Thru Restaurants

Joan's in the Park 631 Snelling Ave S, St Paul American • $$$$
631 Snelling Ave S, St Paul

“We went to Joan’s with our dining group, Haute Plates, and left there not only fully sated, but euphoric. From the astounding service (Dan) to the overseeing by Joan herself, and all the prep by Jen for our group, we were already blown away. Then the food arrived. Each bite sent us into reverie. Are they magicians??Dietary restrictions: I cannot do butter. They were beyond accommodating!”

4.5 Superb70 Reviews
Urban Growler Brewing Company 2325 Endicott St, St Paul Brewery • $$
2325 Endicott St, St Paul

“Urban Growler did not disappoint. We were there for a paint your pet fundraiser and were upstairs in the event space. The staff was very nice, taking food and beverage requests for the group and delivering them upstairs. I appreciated the time one of the employees took to answer my many questions about the beer and seltzer options. I chose the Growling Mule, which was delicious. The space was welcoming, bathroom was clean, with the biggest win being the option of food at the brewery. I posted multiple pictures of the outside space and of The Barrel Room. We enjoyed our first visit and will plan on returning soon!”

4.7 Superb75 Reviews
ROK Music Lounge + Bar 882 7th St W Suite 12, St Paul Japanese • $$
882 7th St W Suite 12, St Paul

“Tasty unique cocktails. I think they should bring some food back though, I can drink more when I am eating!All the musical acts were good, especially Fenix Dion. The sound was fine for my ears, but I think the shape of the room made it hard for my phone to get good video.”

4.8 Superb56 Reviews

Cheap Eats

Waldmann Brewery 445 Smith Ave N, St Paul Brewery • $$
445 Smith Ave N, St Paul

“Waldmann Brewery is an amazing location with great food, amazing lager style beers, and a wonderful historic location. If any of those things appeal to you, this is your place. The staff are friendly and the events they host are great (Oktoberfest, St Nikolaus evening, german New Year's Eve), and the Biergarden is authentic and relaxing, even during the winter.”

4.7 Superb72 Reviews
HOT GRAINZ - Thai Street Food 995 University Ave W #136, St Paul Thai • $$
995 University Ave W #136, St Paul

“ATTENTION: Please be patient with the staff. They're a very small operation but are incredibly busy and trying to keep up They've got a small space to work and and can barely squeeze by each other when cooking so that combined with the number of orders is reasonable justification for longer wait times. I'd suggest ordering 30 min to 1hr before picking up to save some wait time during peak hours.With that out of the way, their food is so good and worth the wait! Portion sizes were plenty to be full too! The team is kind and watching them work I could tell they were clearly do the best they could! I would love to see them expand later! There is a small dine in area, but if it's peak meal times it can be a long wait, but it's understandable.Thank you to all the employees there! I see you barely able to move around back there and so busy. I appreciate you all!”

4.4 Superb93 Reviews
Red Rabbit St. Paul 788 Grand Ave, St Paul Italian • $$
788 Grand Ave, St Paul

“Very tasty food! Only downfall was they don't have many alcohol drink mixer options. They do have redbull, but they wanted $10 for the pour of vodka and $7 for the redbull.... a $17 drink seems excessive. Thankfully the server pointed it out to me before putting the order in so I chose something else!”

4.6 Superb97 Reviews
eM Que Viet Restaurant and Bar 1332 Grand Ave, St Paul Vietnamese • $$
1332 Grand Ave, St Paul

“We had the grilled pork bahn mi, state fair cream cheese wontons, tofu and potato chips, grilled pork bun salad, and garlic chicken wings. The food was flavorful, and every bite was delicious! I will definitely come back and try the other items on the menu.”

4.5 Superb168 Reviews
MetroNOME Brewery 385 Broadway St, St Paul Brewery • $$
385 Broadway St, St Paul

“Craft-brewed beer is brewed on site and they have the best live jazz in town! (Jazz is downstairs, sometimes with cover charge and sometimes free, check website). Super fun place!”

4.7 Superb68 Reviews
Barrel Theory Beer Company 248 7th St E, St Paul Brewery • $$
248 7th St E, St Paul

“WOW!!! Just Wow..... can't really say enough about my "1st impression" !!!! From the moment I took my seat I felt like this place was going to be awesome..... Again, and for dramatic effect................. do not, I repeat DO NOT!!! miss the opportunity to take advantage of thos hidden gem....”

4.8 Superb49 Reviews
Bullvino's Churrascaria St. Paul 289 5th St E, St Paul Brazilian • $$$
289 5th St E, St Paul

“Best Brazilian food in Saint Paul Minnesota. Highly recommended. Great customer services. To anyone going to Minnesota you got to go this restaurant. You will not regret!Parking: Park on the back of restaurant. You pay for your parking.”

4.4 Superb430 Reviews
Bella Ciao Pasta and Bar Ristorante 3156 Century Ave N, St Paul Italian • $$
3156 Century Ave N, St Paul

“Went here with my little family for lunch. Service took a bit longer than other places, but I didn't mind at all because the food was bomb! Not overly salty like most places and everything tasted fresh. Especially the veggies: crunch crunch. I would definitely visit this place again.”

4.6 Superb85 Reviews
Coconut Thai on Grand 720 Grand Ave, St Paul Thai • $$
720 Grand Ave, St Paul

“Had a very nice lunch here with my cousin. The food is quite authentic. Had spring rolls, Pad Thai, and Laab. I was so excited they had chicken Laab, most places just have pork. You can even get tofu Laab here. The spring rolls had rather a lot of lettuce but very fresh.My cousin and I hadn't seen each other in a long time, so we were there quite awhile. Staff was very patient with us, though did not offer us any refill on water ?Dietary restrictions: My cousin likes this restaurant because it works well with her dietary restrictionsParking: They have a parking lot in back but it's unmarked and hard to find”

4.6 Superb80 Reviews
Holman's Table 644 Bayfield St, St Paul New American • $$
644 Bayfield St, St Paul

“Wasn't as impressed with a few things. $240 tab. The potatoes were the off-season puree with lump starch. Temperature was spot on. ? flavors were not for me. CHEF was doing his job, not impressed. However, what really peterbed me was the front desk manager. My client was of the elder, and the bathroom light would not come on. She asked to see, and the lady said, "It's been that way, (rudly), and to figure her way around it." She came out tripped, trying to find her way to the stall. This is a story I would not make up. Moreover, she was my client. I took to dinner over a 100k contract. Get your act together. Or don't charge that kind of price. Seriously.”

4.5 Superb125 Reviews


Myriel 470 Cleveland Ave S, St Paul Salad • $$$$
470 Cleveland Ave S, St Paul

“My experience at Myriel was overall positive, and my biggest impression was that this establishment is built for dates because of the atmosphere. It is a small space that contains several 2-people tables, with pictures on the walls and a dark light vibe, and has a menu that changes everyday almost emulating a tasting experience. In some ways, the vibe and the unique dining setting may have overshadowed its food taste aspect.Since the menu would be different everyday, I will not make an effort in recommending a specific dish since whoever reads this may not be able to see the item anyway, but overall the food has small portion and can be easily seen as overpriced because one has to order a lot of food in order to be full, which is another reason why this place may be built better for dates rather than to satisfy cravings. But it does seem like the menu finds a good balance between appetizer, salad, legume, and meat entrées, so there is something for everyone, but once again, expect to walk out of there not entirely full. I also think the meat entrée I had, which was a confit duck and pork belly cassoulet, tasted a bit weird, almost like the different kinds of meat combined to create a weirdly meaty flavor. But everything else was good! The beet salad, lentils, dumpling, desserts, everything was good quality!Overall like I have mentioned, perfect place for dates and for two people to strike a conversation while slowly enjoying food which shouldn't be the biggest priority, but not where one would want to go to be full.”

4.4 Superb69 Reviews
Meritage 410 St Peter St, St Paul French • $$$$
410 St Peter St, St Paul

“Just an amazing experience at meritage. Service was out of this world, and the food quality, preparation, and presentation was exceptional. A special thanks to Nina for the beautiful birthday surprise for sister Jane! The best dessert I've ever had.”

4.6 Superb73 Reviews
Chip's Clubhouse 272 Snelling Ave S #200, St Paul Pubs • $$
272 Snelling Ave S #200, St Paul

“Our server, Jake, was such a treat. The "snack of the day" was an asparagus dish with a sweet & savory gastrique and I haven't stopped thinking about it. Get the whipped feta!!!”

4.4 Superb68 Reviews
Saint Dinette 261 5th St E, St Paul American • $$
261 5th St E, St Paul

“We went for dinner with friends and loved the view, atmosphere, and had great service. The drinks for most of us were also excellent. However we all felt that the food and presentation was a three star. So take that into account if you are reading this.I know they are going for the diner/dinette vibe but the shrimp cakes in a cardboard box isn't ideal. The French fries also were good but look like something you would get next door at CHS Field.I had the duck pasta with ricotta cheese and it was a major letdown for me. I should have ordered the burrito. However the menu isn't that large so your options are limited. The pork belly was tasty but had way too much spicy sauce all over it.Will I go back? Honestly it is unlikely. I hope they can improve the food and expand the menu because the location is beautiful and historic. And our server was prompt and took great care of us.”

4.4 Superb64 Reviews
Tom Reid's Hockey City Pub 258 7th St W, St Paul Sports Bar • $$
258 7th St W, St Paul

“The food and fun atmosphere is wonderful. Tom Reid is a stand-up fixture here too! You will not be disappointed by the drink choices and the food is great.Kid-friendliness: Our hockey kids enjoyed all of the memorabilia and food.Wheelchair accessibility: All one level and bathrooms.”

4.5 Superb104 Reviews
Tavern On Grand 656 Grand Ave, St Paul American • $$
656 Grand Ave, St Paul

“First time and unfortunately closing soon. Delicious walleye and interesting menu, but overextended staff were struggling to serve. The rooms are uncomfortably loud.”

4.5 Superb102 Reviews
Ingredients Cafe 4725 Hwy 61 N, St Paul Bistros • $$
4725 Hwy 61 N, St Paul

“This is a staple when I’m in town- love bringing my dog in the summer for the patio. The menu changes regularly and everything is always amazing. Tried some chicken penne and cake this time around- the burgers are also really good especially with the caramelized onions.”

4.7 Superb50 Reviews
Can Can Wonderland 755 Prior Ave N Suite #004, St Paul Bar & Grill • $$
755 Prior Ave N Suite #004, St Paul

“Everything was awesome - the games the staff and price to get in was fair for unlimited old school gamingOnly thing I would complain about at all would be the failure to accept cash.I do understand that - it reduces the possibility of theft however - cash is still good for all debts and tender public and private and it is very uncool to not accept cash for goods and services.”

4.4 Superb199 Reviews
Turf Club 1601 University Ave W, St Paul Dive Bar • $$
1601 University Ave W, St Paul

“Cool little spot for live music! I didn't eat so don't know how the food is but it looked like good "bar food". Could have used 1 or 2 more behind the bar. Especially for an event night.”

4.6 Superb65 Reviews
Stone Arch 4300 Glumack Dr LT-2054, St Paul American • $$
4300 Glumack Dr LT-2054, St Paul

“This salad was so delicious it inspired me to learn how to make it myself. I don't have a good approximation yet, but I am optimistic. Server was very friendly and good came out fast. I appreciated that she proactively offered to add a protein to the meal (I chose crispy chicken - excellent!) Docking some star power of the rating because it took too long to get the bill for an airport restaurant.Can't speak much for ambiance. It was so busy I sat at a "bar" type counter, so my view was people coming through security. Though, if I had been waiting for a travelling companion, that would be a good thing.”

4.4 Superb136 Reviews
Lost Fox 213 4th Street ESuite 100, Street Paul Cafe • $$
213 4th Street ESuite 100, Street Paul

“I went here with a friend for brunch and I really enjoyed the specials. The cocktails looked good and I want to go back so I can try them. Give them a try. It's a great place!”

4.4 Superb123 Reviews
Mucci's Italian 786 Randolph Ave, St Paul Italian • $$
786 Randolph Ave, St Paul

“Fried chicken with a sweet sour balsamic glaze... One of the most unique and delicious pizzas I've had. The fried chicken is actually really good quality. Can't wait to try their other creations!”

4.5 Superb70 Reviews
Red Cow St. Paul 393 Selby Ave, St Paul Hamburger • $$
393 Selby Ave, St Paul

“Only negative is a mandatory compliance surcharge that I didn't know about the first time I went. Despite this I have returned, the food and staff are great.”

4.4 Superb114 Reviews
Downtowner Woodfire Grill 253 7th St W, St Paul Fine Dining • $$
253 7th St W, St Paul

“This restaurant is a little over priced for how basic their breakfast options are, but the food was good and the service was great. We visited on a Sunday morning and they had someone playing the piano which was a nice touch.”

4.3 Superb269 Reviews


FireBox 1585 Marshall Ave, St Paul Barbecue • $$
1585 Marshall Ave, St Paul

“I recently visited here and was thoroughly impressed by their smoked chicken, which had a perfect smokiness without needing any sauce – a true winner in my book!The brisket and ribs were also top-notch, some of the best I've had. However, I was a bit disappointed with the macaroni and cheese; it lacked the richness I was hoping for and could use more butter and cheese.Overall, it's a place definitely worth a visit for their outstanding meats, but the sides could use a bit more attention and love”

4.4 Superb99 Reviews


Momento 360 St Peter St, St Paul American • $$
360 St Peter St, St Paul

“I fell in love with this place last night. The food was beyond incredible, and service was even better. I cannot wait to go back. Best calamari and scallops I have ever had, and the cocktails were spot on. This is a must try restaurant.”

4.4 Superb99 Reviews
Dark Horse Bar & Eatery 250 E 7th St, St Paul American • $$
250 E 7th St, St Paul

“Great menu, convenient parking lot across the street, good prices. Korean BBQ Brussels app and the day's special Rueben Pizza were both hits! Will go back!”

4.4 Superb94 Reviews
Parlour St. Paul 267 7th St W, St Paul American • $$
267 7th St W, St Paul

“We came here after the St. Patrick's Day parade and were able to get seats after about a 45 minute wait. Given the circumstances this felt very reasonable, and we were well taken care of once we were putting in orders, etc. The table got a mix of beverages and almost everyone got the Parlour Burger. Everything tasted great and our server was super helpful and efficient. Overall, I can't ask for much better. 5 stars from me!”

4.4 Superb93 Reviews
Nashville Coop 300 Snelling Ave S, St Paul Chicken Shop • $$
300 Snelling Ave S, St Paul

“Good chicken and sauce! They don’t mess around when it comes to spice. I got hot, it had me jumping up and down my lips were swoll and I got dizzy felt like I just ate the hottest pepper on this planet lol! 10/10 would recommend”

4.2 Good87 Reviews
Dual Citizen Brewing Company 725 Raymond Ave, St Paul Brewery • $$
725 Raymond Ave, St Paul

“Really nice place with good food. Really great NA options! Two NA beers and several fun other beverages, including ginger beer, root beer, and THC infused beverages. I got the NA Kolsh and partner had the Winter Hex.”

4.6 Superb36 Reviews
EMMETT'S Public House 695 Grand Ave, St Paul Irish Pub • $$
695 Grand Ave, St Paul

“We had a fabulous experience at Emmett's Public House. Our server Samantha's customer service was top notch and she was very attentive! The food was delicious and filling! Would come back and recommend to others! Bonus was getting to meet the owner. Thanks for a great time!”

4.6 Superb35 Reviews
Black Market StP 120 Plato Blvd W, St Paul Barbecue • $$
120 Plato Blvd W, St Paul

“We order from Black Market because the food is amazing. Yesterday we hosted a 40 person couples baby shower (BaByQ) and served Black Market brisket, ribs, mac&cheese and of coyrse their amazing beans (almost more meat than beans). The shower was successful and people raved about the food!! Jill was so wonderful to work with throughout the process. What an extraordinary experience!!”

4.8 Superb23 Reviews
Gray Duck Tavern 345 Wabasha St N, St Paul New American • $$
345 Wabasha St N, St Paul

“Went for lunch with a group of 6. Everyone enjoyed their food of burgers, tacos, salad and turkey plate. Atmosphere is great - casual but a couple steps up from the usual sport bar setting we have come to assume. Even had cloth napkins, but prices were very reasonable. Will be back for happy hour!!”

4.2 Good59 Reviews
Louis Ristorante & Bar 211 7th St W, St Paul Italian • $$
211 7th St W, St Paul

“We had a large group a while back and the staff were very accommodating and accurate with all of our orders. I had to try the special, duck, and it was beyond delicious. Drinks were well mixed as well.”

4.1 Good85 Reviews
Thai Street Market 1665 Rice St, St Paul Thai • $$
1665 Rice St, St Paul

“We ordered the chicken laab, chicken drunken noodles, papaya salad and pad kra prao with crispy pork. Everything came out fast and super fresh. Portion size was good and pricing was also decent. My only critique is the food was a tad too sweet, but it was complimented with other flavors as well. Servers were super attentive and friendly.”

4.4 Superb48 Reviews
Caffe Biaggio 2356 University Ave W, St Paul Italian • $$
2356 University Ave W, St Paul

“A rarity nowadays post-Covid. We appreciate the attentive staff, appreciate the quality food, appreciate the relaxed, cozy ambiance. No pretension to distract froma good dining experience. We cherish their old school ways. We are happy they are in our neighborhood.”

4.4 Superb47 Reviews
CRISP & GREEN 2111 Ford Pkwy, St Paul Health Food • $$
2111 Ford Pkwy, St Paul

“Fresh salads, delicious filling and satisfying. Staff is always friendly and helpful. I prefer to order ahead on the app for takeoutKid-friendliness: There are options for smaller sized rice bowls for kids, but my children prefer the smoothies and acai bowls.”

4.4 Superb44 Reviews
Luci Ancora 2060 Randolph Ave, St Paul Italian • $$$
2060 Randolph Ave, St Paul

“This is a rather small local restaurant. Attire would be business casual to upscale casual. Reservations are suggested. They have very creative menus and tasting options. Service and food quality is always excellent.Parking: There is an adjacent free parking lot but it's quite small. You'll typically be parking on the street and within one block.”

4.4 Superb43 Reviews
The Gnome Craft Pub 498 Selby Ave, St Paul Pubs • $$
498 Selby Ave, St Paul

“Delightful cuisine and fun pub experience. Knowledgeable and friendly staff, my meal was quite enjoyable in spite of eating alone. I want to try the evening events next time!”

4 Good141 Reviews
Revival St. Paul 525 Selby Ave, St Paul Southern • $$
525 Selby Ave, St Paul

“We have been to the Mpls and The St Paul locations. Both were excellent. Great atmosphere. Amazing food. Fantastic service. I have always been a huge fan of Nashville Hot Chicken. I've been to Tennessee numerous times and Revivals Fried Chicken rivals anything I've ever had in the south. I would also add the Belgian waffle is the best I've ever had.”

4.2 Good132 Reviews
Sakura Restaurant & Bar 350 St Peter St #195, St Paul Japanese • $$
350 St Peter St #195, St Paul

“I ordered 2 rolls, the leipold roll & the Aspen roll & the vegetable tempura meal. It exceeded my all my expectations! My friend ordered the chicken katsu, his 1st time trying Japanese & he loved everything he tried!”

4.3 Superb45 Reviews
Hooks Fish and Chips 1611 Rice St, St Paul American • $$
1611 Rice St, St Paul

“I called here accidentally but it opened a door to great customer service, a clean, uncrowded atmosphere & great music playing. Although I was expecting their slushie lemonade to have a variety of flavors, like University's location, I was happy to be guided here instead and will be coming back! There isn't an insane amount of wait time, so order ahead and your order will be made within 15-20 minutes of your arrival & your call is taking promptly, even at 5pm on a Saturday! I am very appreciative of good customer service when I encounter it and feel kind words are better than a tip in instances so others can experience the same when looking for somewhere new. Enjoy your experience & get full! Edenilson R. & Said are amazing and very thorough with service!”

4.3 Superb45 Reviews


Tori 603 7th St W, St Paul Ramen • $$
603 7th St W, St Paul

“The food we were able to try was delicious. Various starters and a few ramens were not available. Customer service was outstanding, the lighting and seating provided a cozy vibe.”

4 Good86 Reviews
Pajarito 605 7th St W, St Paul Mexican • $$
605 7th St W, St Paul

“I went here on a Sunday night with my wife and two kids 7 and 11. The food, service and atmosphere was excellent. The prices were reasonable or to be expected. We had shrimp tacos, birria tacos and a chicken taco from the kids menu. The birria was super filling. We had also ordered chips and salsa and guacamole to start. The portions vs the price were not crazy but nonetheless reasonable and we could hardly finish everything anyway. I would just suggest maybe 2 or 3 adults per chips salsa or guacamole order. We also loved the drink selections, alcohol drinks seemed very appealing and a great selection but surprisingly many delicious non alcoholic drinks that we were very happy to try. We also ordered dessert which was excellent, the key lime cheesecake I believe? And the bread pudding with apple. Everything was perfect and I would really like to thank our server and wish her a happy birthday today.”

4.2 Good78 Reviews
The French Hen Cafe 518 Selby Ave, St Paul Brunch • $$
518 Selby Ave, St Paul

“Gluten free options...Vegetarian options: Veg options are great, not clearly marked. Root veg hash is terrific.Dietary restrictions: Gluten free bread option. Will prepare food seperately.”

4.2 Good78 Reviews


Saji-Ya 695 Grand Ave, St Paul Japanese • $$
695 Grand Ave, St Paul

“I arrived an hour before close. We stood at the front door for five mintues. Four people made eye contact, and not one person gave a half smile, head nod or offered to help. Sinoun walked out, and immediately greeted us from across the restaurant. She apologized for us having to wait. She was very attentive. She turned my mood around. I hadn't eaten all day so my patience and stomach wasn't thin... I will return.”

4.3 Superb31 Reviews
Roddy's Bar & Grill 2541 7th Ave E, St Paul Bar & Grill • $$
2541 7th Ave E, St Paul

“Great staff and prices. Pizzas and fryer food. Limited parkingParking: Go around back and there's a lot for parking. Kinda sucks because the entrance in the back is long and narrowWheelchair accessibility: Easily accessible”

4.5 Superb15 Reviews
Green + The Grain 421 Cedar St, St Paul Salad • $$
421 Cedar St, St Paul

“Loved the salad, loved the customer service. I got the farmer’s salad. Wish the descriptions of each salad were closer to the servicing line. That part of the process was kind of rushed for me being a first timer at this establishment.”

4.7 Superb10 Reviews
Korean Kitchen 828 E 7th St, St Paul Korean • $$
828 E 7th St, St Paul

“Cute little place. Awesome and tasteful food and honestly, the best korean place Ive had in the cities. Order and pay at the counter then sit yourself anywhere. Comes with 3 side dish on a cute food tray. Oh, and NO ice water, so buy your drinks from the fridge at the counter. Cash only.”

4.2 Good43 Reviews
Handsome Hog 173 Western Ave N, St Paul Southern • $$
173 Western Ave N, St Paul

“Cute place at the corner of St. Paul. Bottomless mimosas were good. The bartender was attentive to filling my glass whenever he walked by. You can tell he likes his job and he was helpful. He left me alone but made sure my glass was always filled bc I had headphones on. The customers greeted me and were nice. Clean bathroom and place too. Food was good.Parking: Parking is free and street parking. It is a busy area with other restaurants across so you do have to park further away when it’s busy. But it’s a nice place to walk too so parking far shouldn’t be too bad.”

3.9 Good166 Reviews
Peking Garden 394 University Ave W, St Paul Chinese • $$
394 University Ave W, St Paul

“Sea bass is amazing, peking duck is best around, come to think of it - I have not found a dish that someone else does better than Peking. No rating on atmosphere or service as I always get delivery.”

4.1 Good114 Reviews
Carmelo's Spaghetti Room 238 So, 238 Snelling Ave S, St Paul Italian • $$
238 So, 238 Snelling Ave S, St Paul

“The food here was delicious across the board, down to the bread basket they brought to the table. The atmosphere was very nice and cozy, had a retro sophisticated look to it, along with great golden era music. If I am being completely honest, the service could have been better. Our waitress forgot my husband's beer and we had to really flag her down to get a 2nd glass of wine ordered after that. She was a little pushy on ordering, although we were barely into our 1 1/2 hours of reservation time allowed per table. The wine was quite pricey and a less than modest pour. My total take away is, we will definitely come back for the wonderful food and atmosphere, but avoid the alcohol to keep the bill down a bit and hopefully get a different waitress. We will go back though for the wonderful food. I encourage anyone to give this place a try, you will leave full and happy.”

4.1 Good80 Reviews
La Costa Mexican Sports Bar & Grill 194 Cesar Chavez St, St Paul Mexican • $$
194 Cesar Chavez St, St Paul

“The food was authentically delicious. I loved the atmosphere, very upbeat live music and singing. This place is a total vibe. A must visit if you are in the mood for great Mexican food in St. Paul!”

4.1 Good73 Reviews
Tiffany Sports Lounge 2051 Ford Pkwy #1932, St Paul Sports Bar • $$
2051 Ford Pkwy #1932, St Paul

“Came for Friday fish fry (available during Lent). Definitely recommend reservations- this place was packed! The battered pollock was tasty and filling. Accompaniments are coleslaw and fries. Food comes out faster than anywhere I've seen. Good selection of beer on tap.”

4.1 Good67 Reviews
Los Ocampo Restaurant & Bar 615 University Ave W, St Paul Mexican • $$
615 University Ave W, St Paul

“Our experience at this particular location was ok. We waited about 15 mins before anyone took our drink order and when they did she just wanted to know if we were ready to order our food right away.”

4.1 Good65 Reviews
Seventh Street Truck Park 214 7th St W, St Paul Food Court • $$
214 7th St W, St Paul

“It was St. Patrick's Day. It was pretty busy but you could still move around. The dj played a good variety of current and older stuff. It was loud enough to dance and sing along but you could still carry on a conversation without too much trouble. I did NOT have to ask everyone I talked to, to repeat themselves 100 times. Which was Very Cool. You did have to lean in a little to hear/be heard which can also be cool (wink, wink) I got my drink at the bar relatively quick. Considering it was St.Patrick's Day, the bar was full. 2-deep in some spots. I'd say I got bartender attention faster than I had anticipated when I first approached. Drinks seem reasonably priced. I had a better whiskey with juice tipped a couple bucks and still had $6 back out of $20 so not too bad. Less than I would've guessed. It was good. Atmosphere was good. I'd like to give it a try on a regular, non-holiday, day of the year”

4.1 Good54 Reviews
Andiamo Italian Ristorante - Saint Paul 80 Snelling Ave N, St Paul Italian • $$
80 Snelling Ave N, St Paul

“We were very excited to have an Andiamo closer to home. We have frequented the Woodbury location many times and love the food!Tonight my wife ordered the Penne Al Forno. She loved every bite.I ordered the Linguini Frutti di Mare. Lots of shrimp, mussels, and calimari. But I noted that it was a little flat on flavor that I remembered from past visits at the other location. When I got home I checked the menu and noted what was missing. Your chef needs to review his recipes. The dish was missing the crushed red pepper (which gives it it's distinctive flavor).I'll just figure that as an oversight. We'll be back. Welcome toSt. Paul!”

4.1 Good42 Reviews
Pollos Asados 433 S Robert St, St Paul Chicken • $$
433 S Robert St, St Paul

“Ordered tonight through Door Dash. Our first time getting food from Pollo Campero. We will definitely be back! Food was fresh, hot, crispy, juicy… VERY good fried chicken!”

5 Superb2 Reviews
Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant 2728 Gannon Rd, St Paul Italian • $$
2728 Gannon Rd, St Paul

“Nestled in an older part of St Paul like a frontage road.Imagine walking into a step from the past like old town Italy. A pungent aroma of fresh garlic and you have arrived. Decor from the past and picture memoirs cover the walls along with red and white checkered table cloths and multiple dining rooms with round, square and booth- like tables.Greeted by hostess and a table right away.. a booth. They were very busy.. prom night attendees. As I looked around all ages, large families and smaller parties. A low light atmosphere with multicolored Christmas lights strung everywhere like a village patio. Barleys of silk flowers placed throughout and candle sticks on this quaint entry table as you walk throughCarpeted throughout.Full bar drinks, an assortment of traditional dishes served family style. Meaning a small dish serves two to three and large 5-6. The idea is you order and share bowls and plates of pasta just like homeRecommend reservations during peak times but we were lucky to just walk in.We had eggplant Parmesan and spicy chicken rigatoni. Delicious. We sldo had antipasto chopped salad ( small ). All too much to eat but the salad 10 stars. Packed with salami, Parmesan and feta, olive variety, red onion, perfect Italian dressing served with crispy bread and so good.You get big spoons in the bowls and tongs to manage serving salad.Good service, delicious Seven Daughters Moscato and a warm experienceMenu is at $27 and up for small entrees and $37 and up for large. So for two it was $137 with three small entrees including the salad and two glasses wine. Plenty of take homefor us.They gave less expensive lunch menu on back of menu,Child friendly and inviting.The parking lot packed and small and many cars parked on the street.”

4 Good132 Reviews
The St. Paul Grill 350 N Market St, St Paul Fine Dining • $$$
350 N Market St, St Paul

“We had an amazing night at St. Paul Grill. The staff were exceptionally warm and friendly (especially for a fine dining restaurant). We felt at home and welcome immediately. Our server Brandi was fabulous! She matched the energy of our group of 8 (including kids) perfectly and we had a lot of fun with her. She had great recommendations and we left very full and happy. We will be back!!”

4 Good82 Reviews
Spicy Feta 181 Snelling Ave N, St Paul Greek • $$
181 Snelling Ave N, St Paul

“I wish there was a bigger dining area, but the staff was very friendly and helpful. Food was delicious!! I highly recommend all the nutty, yogurt-y dips. The pita is wonderful. The chicken is perfect. Falafels have room for improvement, but they're perfectly fine falafels nonetheless.”

4 Good78 Reviews
Twin Cities Pizza 1668 White Bear Ave, St Paul Pizza • $$
1668 White Bear Ave, St Paul

“I don’t even like pizza but my son wanted some so we stopped by here and oh my god this was the best pizza I ever had definitely coming back there was only one worker a young white man working this afternoon I believe his name was Noah he was very fast making my order and he had a great attitude. next time I will be eating in!”

4 Good71 Reviews
La Cucaracha Mexican Restaurante 36 S Dale St South, St Paul Mexican • $$
36 S Dale St South, St Paul

“Thank you Eddie you the man! Looking for authentic? They got it! Great service, great food, and great atmosphere. They had no pastor so Eddie made us some chorizo tacos with pineapple that were amazing and hit every spot that needed to hit.”

4 Good57 Reviews
Lake Wine Kitchen + Bar 4300 Glumack Drive LT-2318, St Paul Wine Bar • $$
4300 Glumack Drive LT-2318, St Paul

“I did not expect to write a review for an airport restaurant but I loved this place. I loved it so much I want to come here next time I visit MSP (especially if I need extra flight legs for airline status). The hummus was so good. And a 9oz pour for $11?!? In the airport?!? This place is such a win.”

4 Good36 Reviews
Vino Volo 4300 Glumack Dr, St Paul Wine Bar • $$
4300 Glumack Dr, St Paul

“Nice airport wine bar serving a pretty good selection of world wines by the glass, including some flights. The food selection looks nice, though the portion of the pasta dish I had was a little small. Friendly staff.”

4 Good31 Reviews
한국관 761 Snelling Ave N, St Paul Korean • $$
761 Snelling Ave N, St Paul

“Food was really good! Had the stir fry kimchi with pork the portion was reasonably sized and well seasoned! Prices were also very reasonable. Service was excellent, water was always filled and the food came out hot from the kitchen.”

3.9 Good17 Reviews
D'Amico & Sons 1490 County B Rd W, St Paul Italian • $$
1490 County B Rd W, St Paul

“PERMANENTLY CLOSED. Disappointing We will miss this tremendously. You were a regular date spot my husband and I. We will have to try out the other locations if they are still open.”

3.9 Good29 Reviews
Little Szechuan Hot Pot 422 University Ave W, St Paul Hot Pot • $$
422 University Ave W, St Paul

“This place is steamy! Literally. So wear layers. The hot pot is amazing! Choose your own adventure. Watch the spicy broth it can get real spicy for a Midwesterner like me. Still tasty though. Enjoyed ordering off the menu too! Large portions you could easily share. Overall a delicious experience.”

3.9 Good54 Reviews
Sakana Sushi & Asian Bistro 740 Cleveland Ave S, St Paul Sushi • $$
740 Cleveland Ave S, St Paul

“A great sushi restaurant in St. Paul. The crispy spicy salmon wontons, mango lover roll, and Godzilla roll are absolutely worth trying. And Sakana Sushi & Asian Bistro has decent prices and friendly servers too. I highly recommend having a meal or two here. This place is definitely worth the visit if you want great sushi at good prices.”

3.9 Good56 Reviews


Zantigo 2545 7th St W, St Paul Mexican • $$
2545 7th St W, St Paul

“I was recommended this place and stopped to try the taco burrito. I tried that and the green chili. I am a big guy and I was stuffed! I was delicious as well. It’s a bit costly but it’s worth it.”

3.9 Good78 Reviews
Thai KC Cuisine 1590 White Bear Ave, St Paul Thai • $$
1590 White Bear Ave, St Paul

“I ordered the red curry with chicken and green pepper. It was amazing! The place is immaculately clean. You could eat off the floors. It’s a mom and pop shop. Pop was taking orders. He was super friendly and outgoing. It was sweet the way he spoke about his wife who was in the back. You can tell he loves her a lot and is very proud of her cooking skills!.”

3 Average2 Reviews
Saint Wich Burgers 1626 Selby Ave, St Paul American • $$
1626 Selby Ave, St Paul

“Great customer service and very considerate. We got the Blue Lagoon drink, MN Nice burger and gyro burger; they both come with fries. We also got mozzarella sticks. The drinks and mozzarella sticks are 10/10, the burgers are not as big as we thought but they both taste good. The gyro is better than the chicken. Overall, would recommend to try out”

3.7 Good10 Reviews
Herbie's On The Park 317 Washington St, St Paul American • $$
317 Washington St, St Paul

“My sister and I came here before the Olivia Rodrigo show at Xcel, and we had a great experience. Our server, Alexa, was incredibly nice and gave us great mocktail recommendations. When the bar was out of an ingredient for the one we ordered, the bartender, John, went out of his way to create a new recipe for us. It ended up being one of the best mocktails we've ever had. The food was great, too— definitely try the bread pudding if you get the chance. Thank you again, Alexa and John, for making our night awesome!”

3.9 Good175 Reviews
Bradstreet Craftshouse 5005 Glumack Dr, St Paul Gastropubs • $$
5005 Glumack Dr, St Paul

“Very nice offering for a hotel restaurant. I had a very nice salad with salmon and my wife had a smash burger, both were very good at the end of long day of travel. A very nice option not requiring an Uber ride. Would recommend!”

3.7 Good18 Reviews
McKnight's Kitchen & Tap 2201 Burns Ave, St Paul American • $$
2201 Burns Ave, St Paul

“Steak, garlic mashed potatoes asparagus with a blackberry sauce. Was wonderful and will order it again. Then I had their saffron cheesecake that was divine and drizzled in caramel and chocolate. Think I'll order this again tomorrow night.”

3.5 Good12 Reviews

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