50 Best Bars in Saint Paul

Gus Gus Bar • $$
128 Cleveland Ave N, St Paul

Customers` Favorites

Double Cheeseburger with Caramelized Onion Mustard Aioli & Fries
Roasted Beets and Chinese Sausage
Gnocchi with Mushrooms
Cheeseburger and Fries
Olives and Corn Nuts
Beef Tongue Sliders
Gem Lettuce Salad
The Cheeseburger
Brussels Sprouts
Gnocchi Poutine

“Gus Gus is a unique restaurant with an eclectic ambiance, featuring teal walls with black donkey prints and gold or brass accents. The service is great, with friendly and helpful waitstaff. The menu offers a variety of dishes, including burgers, gnocchi, and seafood options. The double cheeseburger is a standout, with grilled onions and cheese making it "melting in my mouth" good. The fried gnocchi poutine is another highlight, with crispy gnocchi and savory oxtail. The scallops with lemon risotto are also a hit. While the restaurant's eclectic decor is charming, the restrooms don't quite fit the theme. Despite this, Gus Gus is a great choice for a night out, with a perfect burger and a lively atmosphere.“

4.8 Superb102 Reviews
Crasqui Restaurant Venezuelan • $$$
84 Wabasha St S # 3, St Paul

Customers` Favorites

Tequeños VG Venezuelan Cheese Sticks Cilantro Aioli
Black Bean Souffle
Trio De Arepas
Beef Carpaccio

“Crasqui Restaurant offers an authentic Venezuelan dining experience with a Caribbean-inspired atmosphere. The airy and bright dining space features big windows, light-colored decor, and subtle tropical hints, making it feel like a beachside retreat. The menu boasts a range of traditional Venezuelan dishes, including arepas, empanadas, and tequeños, all with a high-cuisine twist. The chef takes simple concepts and elevates them to explode with flavor. The drinks menu is also a highlight, with creative and strong cocktails named after Venezuelan icons. While some may find the prices steep, the personalized service and attention to detail make for a unique experience. Vegetarian options are available, and parking is conveniently located on the north side of the building. However, families with young children may want to consider other options due to the upscale atmosphere.“

4.7 Superb111 Reviews
El Burrito Mercado Mexican • $
175 Cesar Chavez St, St Paul

Customers` Favorites

Carnitas Dine in: Yes Outdoor seating: No Takeout: Yes Delivery: No
Molcajete De Carnes Mixtas
Shrimp Tacos Platter
Chilaquiles All Day
Enchilada Platter
Tacos De Barbacoa
Breakfast Burrito
Huevos Rancheros
Tamales Platter
Burrito Ahogado

“El Burrito Mercado is a must-visit restaurant with a delightful menu. Enjoy $5 Margaritas and $2 Tacos during Happy Hour. The birria tacos are a highlight, and the fresh food is served fast. The server is amazing, and the overall experience is top-notch. Don't miss exploring the Mercado for unique treasures and foods. The patio is one of the best in the city, perfect for enjoying live music. And be sure to try their delicious bakery items, especially the favorite breads. A great spot recommended for friends, with attentive service and a lovely courtyard setting.“

4.5 Superb147 Reviews
Saint Dinette American • $$
261 5th St E, St Paul

Customers` Favorites

American Breakfast
Shrimp & Grits
Fried Chicken
Eggs Benedict
French Toast

“Saint Dinette is a charming restaurant with a chic industrial atmosphere, abundant natural light, and a touch of greenery. The menu offers a variety of dishes, including the signature bologna sandwich, which lives up to its reputation. Brunch options include fresh and flavorful salads, indulgent burgers with oozy cheese and crispy patties, and decadent French toast made with in-house bread. The restaurant also serves a delicious flatbread as a special brunch option. With friendly and informative staff, Saint Dinette is a great spot to stop by for breakfast, lunch, or brunch, and its atmosphere makes it a pleasant place to linger.“

4.3 Superb107 Reviews
Papa Legba Lounge Bar • $
202 Cesar Chavez St, St Paul

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Wings

“Papa Legba Lounge offers a welcoming and laid-back atmosphere, with exceptional service from staff like GM Chris and bartender Tony, who serve up delicious craft cocktails like the Amy Winehouse. The dry rub wings are a hit, and the owners' personal touch makes for a unique experience.“

4.8 Superb138 Reviews
Chances Tavern Bar • $
1080 Payne Ave, St Paul

Customers` Favorites

Wings and Fries

“Chances Tavern is a popular local dive bar with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The restaurant serves a variety of tasty eats, including its famous black pepper vinegar wings, which are fried to perfection. The Buffalo shrimp is also a hit with customers. With great prices and a food truck/kitchen offering a range of delicious flavors, Chances Tavern is a great spot to grab a bite and relax. The friendly owners and bartenders provide excellent service, making it a great place to hang out with friends and enjoy a nice experience.“

4.9 Superb62 Reviews
Gopher Bar Bar • $
241 7th St E, St Paul

Customers` Favorites

2 Coney's Wit Cheese and Onions Fries and a Summit EPA Beer
Coney Hamm's & a Whiskey Bump 12 50
Deep Fried Pickle Chips
Mozzarella Sticks
Jalapeno Poppers
Pork Belly Ramen
Chicken Drummies
Chicken Tenders
Reuben Egg Roll
Cheese Curds

“Gopher Bar is a unique dive bar with a weird vibe that may not be for everyone. The atmosphere can be off-putting to some, but it offers a memorable experience. The menu features the best coneys you will find, along with other good food options. The service can be a bit confusing and slow, but the longstanding establishment has its charm. With a cash-only policy, be prepared for the quirky cheering and booing rituals that add to the interesting ambiance. Overall, Gopher Bar is a place to embrace the unusual setting, enjoy the coneys, and have a great night out.“

4.6 Superb84 Reviews
Ike's Clubhouse Bar & Grill • $
4300 Glumack Dr, St Paul

Customers` Favorites

The Tavern Burger with Chips

“Ike's Clubhouse, an airport restaurant, offers a decent dining experience with great customer service. The servers are attentive, checking in on customers and taking orders quickly. The menu features various options, such as the eggs breakfast, The Tavern Burger, and The Frenchy, which have received positive reviews. Customers have also praised the side salads as delicious. The restaurant provides its own Wi-Fi, and the staff is welcoming, allowing customers to stay as long as they need. Ike's Clubhouse is a convenient and reliable choice for travelers, with a sports bar-like ambiance and access to multiple TVs, making it a great spot to catch a game before a flight.“

3.6 Good36 Reviews
Tappers Pub Bar • $
879 Stryker Ave, St Paul

Customers` Favorites

Dehlizhizz Pizza House Made
Coney Island Pizza

“Tappers Pub is a cozy dive bar with a warm atmosphere, serving its own pizzas that are well-received. The pub shows college football games, making it a popular spot for fans. The service is good, and the establishment is great for sitting down and enjoying a meal, whether it's a pizza or just drinks. Many customers have reported feeling welcome and supported, with some even considering it their favorite spot to celebrate special occasions.“

4.8 Superb30 Reviews
The Dubliner Pub Bar • $
2162 University Ave W, St Paul

Customers` Favorites

Two Eggs Toast and Hash Browns
Guinness and Pizza
Glass of Whisky

“The Dubliner Pub offers good food and beer, with a solid sports and grill atmosphere. While it may not feel like a traditional Irish Pub, the place shines with live Irish music and entertainment. Despite some limited seating, the staff is awesome, especially during busy times like St. Patrick's Day. The ambiance, including old creaky wood floors, and the side room with arcade games and a pool table, make it a favorite spot for many.“

4.5 Superb72 Reviews
Old Clover Inn Bar • $
705 County Rd F E, St Paul

“Old Clover Inn is a cozy neighborhood bar with a family atmosphere. The owners and staff are friendly and personable, making everyone feel at home. They offer meat raffles, cheap drinks, and a selection of bar food like pizza and chips. The bar features pool tables, darts, and karaoke for entertainment. Regulars enjoy the welcoming environment, where everyone knows your name. On special occasions, they even provide free Thanksgiving dinner. It's the perfect spot for a relaxed evening with friends or family, offering a true sense of community.“

4.9 Superb22 Reviews
Lobby Bar at The Saint Paul Hotel Bar • $$$
350 N Market St, St Paul

“Lobby Bar at The Saint Paul Hotel offers a unique experience with a rich history in downtown St. Paul. The staff provides first-class, personalized service. Enjoy clean rooms, good food, and an extensive bar selection in a well-maintained, old-fashioned ambiance. The location is perfect for business trips, and guests feel secure and relaxed in this centered spot.“

4.6 Superb38 Reviews


Hi-Lo Fast Food •
near gate F11-F12, 4300 Glumack Dr, St Paul

Customers` Favorites

Burger and Fries

“Hi-Lo is a restaurant that offers exceptional service and delicious food. The staff, including Tara, Vicky, and Gabby, are praised for their friendliness, promptness, and appreciation for customers. While the chicken strips and fries may not be recommended, the overall dining experience is described as "pretty good" and "excellent."“

3.4 Good46 Reviews
Spot Bar Bar • $
859 Randolph Ave, St Paul

“Spot Bar is a beloved dive bar with a rich history and a cozy atmosphere. The bar offers a variety of beers and a relaxed vibe, making it a popular spot for neighborhood regulars. With a capacity of 10-16 people, the bar has a small and intimate setting, complete with pinball machines, darts, and pull tabs. The staff is friendly and uses a dash of sarcasm to keep things light. A shot and a beer can be enjoyed for $9. While the bar may not offer a vast selection of options, it's a great place to grab a drink and catch up with the locals.“

4.5 Superb26 Reviews
White Squirrel Bar Bar • $
974 7th St W, St Paul

Customers` Favorites

Cocktail West End Girls

“The White Squirrel Bar offers a lively atmosphere with a cool vibe inside and a great patio outside. The bar features well-crafted cocktails, decent sour beers on tap, and a fire pit in the back area. It hosts free shows almost daily, creating a great crowd and easy socializing opportunities.“

4.3 Superb69 Reviews
Arcade Bar Bar • $
932 Arcade St, St Paul

Customers` Favorites

Glass of Beer
Hot Dogs

“Arcade Bar is a chill spot that offers affordable drinks and ample seating, making it a great place to hang out and chat. Despite not being a true video game arcade, it has a few nostalgic touches like a claw machine and a Jurassic Park pinball game. The atmosphere is friendly, reminiscent of old family bars, and the bartenders are super cool and welcoming. It's a cash-only establishment, but the prices are reasonable. Locals and visitors alike can enjoy a relaxed vibe and a great team of staff. It's a hidden gem in the Eastside area, worth checking out for a laid-back night out.“

4.4 Superb33 Reviews
Vogel's Lounge Sports Bar • $
1112 Arcade St, St Paul

“Best priced drinks I've seen in a long time, friendly local bar with happy patrons and prompt service from bartender. For food I believe they have Heggies pizzas however it appeared the patrons bring in potluck style food to share with everyone. Pulltab's available too. We were not locals and were treated well“

4.8 Superb10 Reviews
Foundry Pub Bar • $$
1201 Jackson St, St Paul

Customers` Favorites

Summit Epas Lift Bridge Farm Girl

“This has become a favorite happy hour hang out. Great value and the best bartenders. Kendrick is amazing.“

4.7 Superb10 Reviews
Cheers Pub Bar •
1067 Hudson Rd #6107, St Paul

Customers` Favorites

Sausage and Pepperoni
Onion Ring

“Cheers Pub is a neighborhood bar with a welcoming atmosphere. The bartenders are praised for their excellent service, and the karaoke nights on Saturdays from 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM are a highlight. The pub offers a simple menu featuring items such as French fries, mozzarella sticks, burgers, and sandwiches. The food is surprisingly good, with options like the slaw dog and corned beef sandwich. The bar has a lively atmosphere with live music, football nights, and pull tabs. With its cheap drinks and friendly staff, Cheers Pub is a great spot to hang out and socialize.“

4.3 Superb34 Reviews
Fraternal Order of Eagles Bar •
563 Old Hwy 8 NW, St Paul

“At the Fraternal Order of Eagles, drinks are served full to the brim, with a selection of taps that could be expanded. The atmosphere is friendly, with a skilled bartender and welcoming clientele. For special events, the restaurant offers a unique experience, such as the Lenten fish fry, where generous portions of fish are served with delicious sides like baked potatoes and coleslaw. The venue is also suitable for private parties and receptions, with catering services available. Overall, the Fraternal Order of Eagles provides a pleasant dining experience with good food and a warm atmosphere.“

4.5 Superb13 Reviews
Ted's Bar Bar • $$
1084 Larpenteur Ave W, St Paul

“Ted's Bar is a classic dive bar with a run-down, yet charming atmosphere. It's a popular spot for affordable drinks, known to be priced exceptionally well. While it doesn't offer vegetarian options, carnivores will enjoy the beef-infused bourbon. Nearby eateries like Keys or Snuffys can provide food to enjoy with your drinks. The bar features a pool table, TouchTunes, and friendly bartenders, making it an ideal place to socialize over a beer. Remember to bring cash, lock your car, and prepare for a memorable night.“

4.3 Superb28 Reviews
Amsterdam Bar & Hall Bar • $
6 West 6th Street, Wabasha St N, St Paul

Customers` Favorites

Seared Pit Ham and Gouda Sandwich and Shawarma Drummies
Fried Chicken Drummies
Garlic Herb Mayo
Pulled Pork Fries
Shawarma Burger
French Fries
Gravy Fries
Craft Beer

“Amsterdam Bar & Hall offers a memorable experience with its excellent sound support and jovial staff, making it a great venue for performances. The bar is well-regarded, and the beer selection is diverse. While the drumsticks dish is a standout, the food remains yet to be explored by some. It's an ideal location for special events, such as fundraisers or early anniversary celebrations.“

4.2 Good92 Reviews
Sweeney's Saloon Bar • $
96 Dale St N, St Paul

Customers` Favorites

Eggs Benedict Sweenys Bloody Mary Really Great Bloody Eggs and Hash Row S Were OK Came Cold
Bacon Cheese Burger and Fries
Fries with Mustard Mayo
Happy Hour 1 Tacos
Basket of Fries
Chicken Wings
Fish and Chips

“Sweeney's Saloon offers a lively atmosphere with friendly staff, making it a must-visit destination. The parking is abundant, setting the stage for a wonderful experience. While the menu has undergone changes, the establishment continues to be a favorite, known for its tasty bar fare and drinks.“

4.2 Good81 Reviews
Half Time Rec Bar • $
1013 Front Ave, St Paul

Customers` Favorites

Corned Beef Sandwich & Fries
Bacon Cheeseburger
Paddy Snack Burger
Cheese Curds

“Half Time Rec is a popular restaurant known for its bar food, with standout options including dry rub wings, burgers, and smokehouse sandwiches. The atmosphere is lively, but can get loud with background music and growing crowd noises. Parking is available in a small lot across the street and on the street. The restaurant is not wheelchair accessible. While table service is not offered, the bar has a range of affordable drink options. Cheese curds and other menu items are also available. The restaurant is a good choice for groups and parties, but may not be suitable for those seeking a quieter dining experience.“

4.2 Good69 Reviews
Mama T's Castle Tap Bar • $
2500 Rice St, St Paul

“Nice little spot. Had to visit a couple times for darts. We had the basement to ourselves. Nothing that I can say is particularly bad. Good price on the drinks. Fast and friendly service. Need a couple more visits before I put 5 stars up there.“

4.5 Superb9 Reviews
Black Hart of Saint Paul Bar • $
1415 University Ave W, St Paul

Customers` Favorites

Cream Cheese Jalapeno Peppers
Chicken Strip Basket
Seasoned Fries
Heggie's Pizza
Mini Corn Dops
Cheese Cards
Egg Rolls

“Black Hart of Saint Paul is a welcoming LGBT soccer bar with a laid-back atmosphere. The bar features Eurovision on screen and has a spacious outdoor seating area. The service is great, and the food is tasty. Entertainment options include karaoke, drag shows, and bingo nights. The bar has strong drinks, friendly bartenders, and a diverse crowd. Parking is limited but free and conveniently located next to the building. Overall, Black Hart of Saint Paul is a fun and inclusive spot for a great time.“

4.2 Good61 Reviews
Shadey's Bar Bar • $
674 Dodd Rd, St Paul

“I'm so glad Shadey's is back in action! I don't get over to this part of town enough anymore but knowing Shadey's is going again will definitely have an impact. This is a great, friendly bar with great staff, friendly regulars, and prices that make you say "inflation? What's inflation? Never heard of it." The owner grills burgers on football Sundays. Just a great place, great vibe.“

4.5 Superb8 Reviews
Camp Bar and Cabaret Bar • $$
490 Robert St N, St Paul

Customers` Favorites


“Camp Bar and Cabaret is a lively and welcoming establishment in Lowertown. It offers an impressive selection of tap beers and cocktails, as well as entertainment options like darts, pool, trivia, and live singing performances. The attentive servers, such as Britt, Josh, Nate, Frank, Tim, and Brian, provide excellent service. The bar is known for its LGBTQIA+ friendly atmosphere and Heggies pizza. Trivia nights on Thursdays and the vibrant weekend bar scene are particular highlights.“

4.2 Good47 Reviews
Eagles Aerie No Foe Bar • $
287 Maria Ave, St Paul

Customers` Favorites

Steak and Potatoes

“steak night every Wednesday night 6pm“

4.5 Superb6 Reviews
Willard's Liquor Bar • $
738 Thomas Ave W, St Paul

“Willard's Liquor is a friendly and clean establishment that offers a welcoming atmosphere. With a relaxed vibe and great music, it's a perfect spot for all ages. They feature homestyle food and often have vendors on site. Security is a top priority, and the staff is friendly and accommodating. Karaoke nights are a highlight, with a talented host and a fun atmosphere.“

4.2 Good33 Reviews
The Lexington American • $$$
1096 Grand Ave, St Paul

Customers` Favorites

Yukon Gold Scallion Whipped Potatoes
Buttermilk & Chive Mashed Potatoes
Grilled Asparagus & Bearnaise
Lobster & Cauliflower Cheese
Oysters on the Half Shell
Porcini Mushroom Bolognese
Atlantic Salmon Oscar
Truffle Gouda Gnocchi
Whitefish Gorbachev
Oz New York Strip

“The Lexington offers a fancy dining experience with a touch of French influence, providing great food at a pricey yet reasonable rate. The rooftop patio is exceptional, perfect for special occasions and dog-friendly gatherings. Service is commendable, with attention to detail that enhances the dining experience. However, the vegan burger and onion rings received mixed reviews, suggesting inconsistencies in the food department. Overall, The Lexington is an excellent choice for ambiance, service, and special events.“

4.6 Superb514 Reviews
Hoagie's Bar Bar • $
1900 Stillwater Ave E, St Paul

“This is an absolutely wonderful male dive bar, it's quiet and has quick service... if you are a female watch out for Steve(married) and be ready for probably too much attention because it's all older men and a couple biddies around.“

4.3 Superb11 Reviews


Bogey's Bar & Grill • $
970 Sibley Memorial Hwy, St Paul

“Bogey's is a casual spot with a lively and friendly atmosphere, attracting mostly older white folks. The restaurant offers fun music, free popcorn, and cheap beer, along with a patio for relaxing and smoking. The place has a shared parking lot with Chet's Liquors, conveniently located above the freeway. Customers can enjoy live music and a fireplace on the patio, making it a great spot to hang out. The staff is welcoming, and the restaurant is known for its local popular frozen pizza.“

4.2 Good26 Reviews
Skarda's Bar Bar • $
728 Armstrong Ave W, St Paul

“Anna is the best bar tender that I have ever had the pleasure of being served by her! She is super friendly a great conversationist that makes you feel very comfortable when you are in this establishment. I will be returning to this place. Thank you Anna.“

4.2 Good21 Reviews

Red Cow

Red Cow Hamburger • $$
4300 Glumack Dr, St Paul

Customers` Favorites

Blues Burger Sweet Potato Fries
Tennessee Hot Chicken
60 40 Burger and Fries
Double Barrel Burger
Ultimate Burger
Red Cow

“The Red Cow restaurant offers a unique dining experience, known for its grilled sandwich with exotic cheeses and barbecue chips, as well as tangy lemonade. The ambiance is enhanced by nice ambient lights, creating a cozy atmosphere. While the service can be impressive, with staff like Molly and Ethan providing fast and friendly service, there have been reports of issues with the bar service. Despite this, it is noted as one of the earliest bars open in the airport. The tomato soup is described as good but inconsistent. It is suggested to tip the staff well due to potential challenges they may face with the bar setup.“

3.3 Good67 Reviews
Minnibar Bar •
4300 Glumack Dr, St Paul

“Brian did an awesome job. I actually wasn’t planning to sit down on the bar because my boarding to my flight to Europe was up in 30 minutes but his positivity and energy convinced me to have one beer. Result was 2 beer and 2 drinks he is a great sales Person. Regards to MN 5/5 Stars because of the great Bartender.“

5 Superb1 Reviews

Grand 7

Grand 7 Bar • $
315 7th St W, St Paul

Customers` Favorites

Double Cheese Pizza
Cheeseburger Basket
Steak Sandwich
Wing Basket
Busch Light

“Grand 7 is a friendly and welcoming establishment that offers a unique dining experience. The staff, including regulars, are known for their kindness and attention to detail. The menu features a standout dish, Bob's steak sandwich, which has been praised by customers as the best food they've ever had. The bar area is a great spot to watch sports, play darts, and enjoy a drink. With its open windows and beautiful weather, the space is perfect for taking in the surroundings. Regulars and newcomers alike can expect a warm and inviting atmosphere, with the owner often providing a personalized touch. Whether you're in town for business or just looking for a great place to grab a bite, Grand 7 is a must-visit destination.“

4.1 Good39 Reviews
Station 280 Bar • $
2554 Como Ave #7, St Paul

Customers` Favorites

Fish Fries with Coleslaw Salad
Spinach Artichoke Dip
Chicken Wings Boneless
Southwest Quesadilla
Whiskey Burger
Chicken Wings
Steak Dinner
Waffle Fries
Cheese Curds
Cajun Wings

“Station 280 is a hidden gem that offers great food and drinks. With 2 for 1 deals all day, every day, and happy hour buy one get one free on certain beverages, it's a great spot to hang out. Despite occasional staffing issues, the food arrives quickly and is good. The atmosphere is lively, with a long bar and seating area that can accommodate small or large groups. The staff are friendly, attentive, and personable, making it a great place to visit with friends, colleagues, or alone. Parking is free and easy to find, although not well-marked. Overall, Station 280 has something for everyone and is a great recommendation.“

4.1 Good74 Reviews
Mike's Tav Bar • $
472 Snelling Ave S, St Paul

Customers` Favorites

Southwest Quesadilla
Beef Nachos

“Mike's Tav is a great neighborhood hangout with friendly staff and a nice atmosphere. Enjoy awesome $4 Bloody's and decent food, including some great dishes, although the beef nachos are a letdown. The service is outstanding, even on quiet nights, and the outdoor space is a plus.“

4 Good37 Reviews
The Polar Lounge Bar • $
2549 7th Ave E, St Paul

“Nothing frilly here. Looking for a $25 designer cocktail? Then the Polar Lounge is not the fit. Looking for a small lounge with that small town feel? Polar Lounge is the place for you. Prices are very reasonable, while the pours are very generous. The Polar Lounge comes with it's own unique cast of characters. After a couple visits you will be warmly welcomed by a group where everybody knows your name. Highly recommend...Cheers ?“

3.9 Good16 Reviews
Billy's Victorian Bar Bar • $
859 Thomas Ave W, St Paul

“This is a classic St. Paul bar. Don't expect anything fancy, but what it lacks in poshness it makes up in charm. The bartenders are very nice. The patrons are mostly regulars and are down to earth and friendly. If you want to just have a drink at a good price this is the spot. Oh and if you are worried about this place not being accepting and safe, I was here to watch my lesbian sister perform her music and was with my best friend who is a drag queen. My sister is one of the regulars here and her and her wife love it.“

3.9 Good17 Reviews

Fly Bar

Fly Bar Bar •
4300 Glumack Dr, St Paul
3 Average3 Reviews
Country Lounge Bar • $
3590 Hoffman Rd E, St Paul

“The Country Lounge has cheap drinks and they make a great Bloody Mary! They have pull tabs, a pool table, and a TouchTunes player. It’s definitely a dive bar, but it’s always a lot of fun! You can order Heggie’s pizza here, which are pretty tasty.“

3.8 Good13 Reviews
Holman's Table New American • $$$
644 Bayfield St, St Paul

Customers` Favorites

Vegetable Omelet with Side Salad
Mushroom Toast Appetizer
Holman's Breakfast
Crab Cake Benedict
Charcuterie Board
Breakfast Burger
Airline Chicken
Feature Dessert
Mushroom Toast
Breakfast Bowl

“Holman's Table offers a delightful brunch experience in an elegant setting with a relaxed atmosphere. The service is commendable, with attentive waitstaff catering to both small and large groups. The charcuterie board and loaded tots are popular choices, though adding bread or crackers with the charcuterie board is suggested. Private events are also well-catered for, with a wide variety of delicious food options and exceptional service that ensures a smooth, memorable occasion. A great selection of beverages, including Bloody Marys and hot and cold lattes, add to the overall positive experience.“

4.6 Superb152 Reviews
King Coil Spirits Bar • $$
550 Vandalia St suite 140, St Paul

Customers` Favorites

The Lake Monster
Chopped Salad
Mushroom Pizza
Sweet Pep

“King Coil Spirits is a restaurant that offers a variety of food and drinks, known for its wide range of vegetarian-friendly options and creative pizzas, such as the mushroom pizza. The chicken drummies are well-seasoned and juicy, pairing well with their Blackstrap Rum. The restaurant also serves appetizers and a bowl of warm olives. While they do not have non-dairy options, the place is still highly regarded. Their cocktails are well-liked, with a notable Manhattan and a promising increase in variety and creativity. The service is commendable and the ambience is pleasant with multiple dining and seating options. A shared patio with a brewery is an added bonus. In comparison to Wrecktangle, King Coil's pizza crust is noted for its balanced flavor, texture, and depth. The majority of customers have positive experiences and recommend King Coil Spirits.“

4 Good76 Reviews
Gabe's Bar & Kitchen Bar • $
991 Lexington Pkwy N, St Paul

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Wild Rice Soup
Mushroom Swiss Burger
Braised Beef Sandwich
Baja Walleye Tacos
Holy Cheeseburger
Cookie Skillet
Cheese Curds
Chicken Wings
Bread Pudding
Fish & Chips

“Gabe's Bar & Kitchen is a great spot for a glass of wine and delicious food. Their bloody marys are a highlight, served with a beer chaser. The fish fry is a must-try, especially on Good Friday. The menu boasts a variety of tasty burgers, including the Gabe's Burger, Breakfast Burger, and Tavern Burger, all cooked to perfection. The hot Buffalo sandwich is also a standout. While the atmosphere can get loud, especially near the bar, the food is economical and definitely worth a visit.“

4 Good86 Reviews
Nickel Joint Sports Bar Bar • $
501 Blair Ave, St Paul

“They never had anything for half time to snack on. Beers were cold..“

3.8 Good17 Reviews
Frank’s Levee Tavern Bar •
310 N Chestnut St, St Paul

“Frank’s Levee Tavern is a favorite spot for many, offering a cool space, chill vibe, and great selection of drinks. Customers love the atmosphere and food, especially the Ceasar salad and Chicken meatballs. The service from the bartender, Daniel and Shane, is exceptional, with great cocktails and friendly personalities. The red sauce is particularly tasty, with a nice bite to it. Whether for happy hour or a casual meal, Frank’s Tavern is a must-visit for those looking for good food and excellent service.“

3.8 Good24 Reviews
ROK Music Lounge + Bar Japanese • $$
882 7th St W Suite 12, St Paul

“ROK Music Lounge + Bar offers a unique experience combining delicious drinks, live music, and a chill vibe. The bar serves tasty and unique cocktails, such as the maple cinnamon sour, at a slightly higher price point. The venue focuses on drinks and live music, with a variety of musical acts, including DJs, and has a small, narrow room with decent acoustics. The staff is friendly and helpful, especially with parking. The atmosphere is relaxed, making it a great spot to enjoy live music and drinks. The venue is open late and occasionally offers special deals, such as a $5 cover charge. ROK Music Lounge + Bar is a great spot to discover new talent, with events like the "Open Decks DJ talent night" and unexpected surprises, like the impromptu techno performance by the owners, known as INNERLOOP. Overall, it's a fantastic spot to enjoy good drinks, music, and a lively atmosphere.“

4.8 Superb53 Reviews
Pimento Authentic Jamaican Kitchen Bar • $$
354 Wabasha St N, St Paul

Customers` Favorites

Kingston Style Jerk Chicken
Slow Roasted Jerk Pork
Coconut Rice & Beans
Curry Chicken
Tomme Sampler

“Pimento Authentic Jamaican Kitchen offers delightful dishes like chicken curry, jerk chicken, and the yardie special - Akee and Salt Fish. The food is tasty and flavorful, with attentive staff and validated parking. The cool bowl presentation adds to the experience, making it a must-visit for authentic Jamaican cuisine.“

3.8 Good25 Reviews