Applebee's Grill + Bar

1568 Vierling Dr E, Shakopee
(952) 233-3400

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Akbar Muhammad

Good food, good prices and the staff was very friendly. I definitely recommend it. If you don't have time to sit there and enjoy the food and great service, they have a very easy to use phone app for takeout.

Queendom Palace

Always treat my children to Applebee's here never had a problem with customer service until today! The server was new to me, from the beginning she was confusing my order (we get the same thing all the time) immediately she started to say I have to charge extra and I let her know I've never had a problem or was charged extra for anything she said she'd talk to her manager and came back saying nothing else about it. Moving forward she was very nice to the guest next to me so I felt a sense of racial favoritism which is not okay (I am African American) I said to her hey we were here much longer you see my children need refills and you never bothered to ask us if we needed refills or if our food was okay. She then gave my kids refills one by one and then said again she will have to charge extra for the refills ... I was done with her after that! Management came and rushed my complaint. He was very loud so I felt embarrassed that now everyone knew I had a complaint. But most of all I left with no apology still paid my full bill and integrity a little broken because I really don't like being or feeling mistreated because of my race. All customers should feel like they are treated equally. That was the biggest thing for me. So I will not be coming back after that.

Alexander Gold

Applebees have become the simple option when you want to sit down and don't really know what you want over the years. I have had many experiences over the years at many locations. This was one of the worst experiences I have ever had. We ordered a frozen drink that sat on the counter for at least 10 minutes before being served to us. The glass was very warm as if it were taken directly from a dish washer. No wonder the drink was over half melted when served to us. We requested that the drink be remade. It took nearly 20 minutes for the new drink to be made and served. It was not a very expensive drink, but I can tell there was no alcohol in the remade one, which seems extremely inappropriate as a form of retaliation for asking it to be remade. Additionally, our waitress never once returned to our table until he set the receipt on the table and said he you go and quickly scurried away. She was very young and seemed energetic with the tables nearby, so I must say we were taken aback by the end of our dinner. We had intentions to order some things to go, which we had let her know initially and were never given the opportunity to do this. The table beside us had the wrong food served to them not 1 time but 3 times. One of these times, the waitress took it from their table and brought it to the correct table. I couldn't believe it. The prices have consistently gone up, and the portions have consistently gone down. I must say, although we occasionally have the craving for food from Applebee's, I'm not sure that it's really worth it anymore. Price isn't everything, but when you're paying more for a worst experience, it just doesn't make sense.

Shohn Taylor

Great food, great service. Nice and friendly waitress. Took care of all of out needs, even with 3 little ones talking all at onceFood: 5/5

Kerry Stukenborg

2 of our 3 steaks were overcooked, our shrimp were cold and the broccoli was mushy. Our waitress felt very badly about it, apologized and immediately got a manager to speak with us. He came over and said, “What’s up?”. When we shared our disappointment with our meal, he said, flippantly, “Thanks for letting us know. Anything else?”. That was it. No apology, no offer to help correct our experience, zero concern whatsoever. He could care less. We won’t ever go back to this location.

French Toast Mafia

Very busy, so had to wait for a table. Had the bourbon shrimp and chicken with a perfect margarita. Shrimp chicken and margarita were very good, but the mashed potatoes were cold. Told the waitress about it. She offered to get another order, but just was turned off at that point.First time back after a couple years after a very undercooked steak.Hard to want to come back. Some food really good, but some just didn't make the grade.

Peter Yeang

Ordered online for pickup. Waited 10 minutes more than estimated. Waited a few minutes before I was helped. It was after 10pm and not much people were there so they were not busy at all. I ordered waffle fries and got no more than 10 pieces. I don't know if that is normal or not. Should have taken a picture. Though it was delicious.

Tiffany Hinderscheit

Food here was great!! ? Our server was also great! Can never go wrong for an appetizer the Chicken Wonton Tacos and then the Whisky Bacon Burger for the main course!!! Applebee's is always a great place to go for good food and to hang out with Friends and families!! ???Food: 5/5

Troy B.

Wife got a chicken sandwich it's supposed to come with barbecue sauce they forgot to put it on then they bring out some weird looking white and brown sauce that supposed to be barbecue sauce but it has a green dot in it just look at the picture

Peter Vinge

Overall, great service and the food was great. Kids loved their tenders and chicken Alfredo. My wife enjoyed her shimp bowl and I had the bourbon street chicken and shrimp. All of it was quite good. The restaurant was clean, we were quickly seated and our server was great. Can't ask for much more!

PTY 507

Absolutely disgusting ?Waitress served a salad in a dirty bowl and in less than 30 seconds returns to serve up the same damn salad but with the smudges smeared… clear evidence same food same bowl.Was not accountable and simply said: “I’ll remove that from the bill”…Sloppy and Poor service….

Emily Lorence

This restaurant is a joke, where to start..we were seated reasonably fast, then as we were seated our server said she will be right with us. We waited at least 15 min for her to come back. Said it’s been busy, there was hardly anyone in the restaurant at the time.We ordered the unlimited wings. The first round came out like normal wings with fries. About 20 min later, We asked for another, that took a long time to get them. And there was only 4 on the plate that is not enough for even 1 person, they were also cold. A manager came by and we told him it was cold, he informed us he could get us a replacement then 1 more and that as it, we would be maxed out. We only had 3 plates. The promo also said unlimited fries with it, no fries came out until we asked.Every time we asked our waitress she would roll her eyes at us like we were causing a problem.I do realize that restaurants are severely understaffed but we have been to this location a few times and every-time a very unpleasant experience.

Amanda Albrecht

Horribly slow service, got the endless wings took 25 minutes to even get the first round, she didn't check on us at all during our meal which was mediocre at best, Wings were luke warm and fries unseasoned and not hot. Husbands quesidilla wasn't hot. hit the call server button to ask for another round of wings and a shake, after that took another 20 minutes I decided to forget another round of wings, we spent an hour and 15 minutes in the restaurant when normally at any other restaurant is about 45 minutes for the 2 of us. Will not be returning. I understand there being a lack of workers if this was the case but the workers didn't have any sense of care or urgency at all.

Rick Besk

I visited recently and ordered the half rack ribs. The server was very attentive and very friendly and the food arrived quickly.The ribs were OK, not the best. Shakopee has 2 great BBQ places, if you want great ribs don't expect to get them at Applebee's.I've had good food at Applebee's in the past, burgers and steak, I just wouldn't order ribs there again.

Lucas Johnson

I ended up working late on a project at work, and when I got out it was about 10 o'clock. I called around and all the kitchens were closed at 10, so I resorted to Applebee's. Called ahead (10:08), they said their kitchen was open until 10:30, so I said "cool, be there soon." Flew across town, walked in the door at 10:17 and the girl said we're not seating anyone, kitchens closed.. I said I had just called and she said they already started putting stuff away and can't help me.. Really!?

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