Domino's Pizza

1500 Interstate 70 Dr SW, Columbia
(573) 875-1010

Recent Reviews

Sherry Lauderdale

Brandon is the greatest Delivery man u have. He deserves a raise. He is fast, effluent and goes the extra step. He made this one legged girl a happy handicap girl today.

Will Barger

Great Service. Excellent Pizza

Troy Williams

Best special for the night pizza covering every square mile in all of Columbia

Randy Hildebrand

The team is always very polite and accurate with my orders. My pizza is always correct and having lived all over the city at different points I can say this is definitely my favorite Dominos in Columbia.

Nukka Fool

I hadn't been to this location since I had a employee mess a order up and then voided the sale and keep the money at the end of the night. Same mediocre service as before , pizza seemed rushed and could've used the extra time to make sure the pizza was up to standard. Didn't look as if anyone here practiced any safety measures. No gloves, mask or hair nets. No big surprise my son found 2 short hairs on his pizza. Easily avoidable but hey its just the publics food. Let's just rush it out as fast as possible and not take a min to check things over. I'll save my money and make them from scratch next time or hut up Shakespeare's

Donna Amato

I ordered 2 pizzas about a month ago and picked up. When I got home, I found the edges very burnt and toppings sparse and dried out. I called the mgr. He said new crew, sorry, and refunded my $. Last night I again ordered a pizza thinking they got it fixed. Again edges were very burnt and topping sparse and dried out. May have to go to Pizza Hut next time. Very disappointed as we have had Domino's for years. I will be calling mgr again. They either need to lower the temp on the oven or speed up the conveyor.

Gen Herring

It’s a no contact delivery system right now, which I think is great. Carson delivered my food and did a fun and attention grabbing knock which I really appreciated because I often don’t hear when deliveries make it to the door! Thanks Carson :)

Chelsea Taylor

We ordered here twice this week. On august 18,2021 after I placed my order the guy taking my card details he had me repeat it 3x on two different cards claiming my fiancé’s Amex wouldn’t take when I know Amex works since we’ve used it before online with no issue. He repeated the numbers loudly & messed up saying the numbers so I would have to repeat everything 3x. I gave up on the Amex and told him the other debit card details. He did the same with the visa. I complained to t

Michael Wacker

It was a free deal using my earned points. Had limited toppings but was good.

Travis Hay

Food great but order completely wrong. Just looked like as bunch of people that had no clue as to what they were doing. Ordered it an hour ahead of time and still waited 20 minutes to get our order and it was wrong?

Steven Myers

Took over an hour to complete my order of just one pizza

Sammie Ralls

This location is always on par with every order! Definitely my favorite Domino's location! Keep up the good work boiis! ??

Ian McQueen

My short story bad experience with Dominos: I placed online order. They call and say they can’t do carry out. I say okay just deliver it (I live < 1minute away). Employee has to talk to his boss. He comes back, takes my order again, and then asks if I want to do delivery or carry out. I said I could walk to their store, that’s how close I am if they didn’t want to deliver it - and it would be no issue. He then has to go talk to the boss again and still says I can’t do carry out, but couldn’t agree to do delivery either.I just wanted some late night dominos. I hope I get my refund I asked for. :(Kinda funny, but not very pleased with the ethics of not doing the job you are paid for.EDIT: Wes is a great manager. Heard my concern, and made up for it. I will continue to give this branch my business!!

Megan Nelson

I ordered EXTRA MEAT on both sandwiches and pizza and they gave me less than you’d expect on a normal order! The flavors were good but the lack of extra meat, which I paid A LOT EXTRA for were nonexistent. All the extra charges for picking up a order are unnecessary and absurd.

Michelle Vantassel

Very fast serviceOur delivery guy Michael was pleasant. Caring and very niceOur food was wonderful

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