Mountain William Pizza

15709 US Hwy 160 in, Forsyth
(417) 546-2012

Recent Reviews

Matt Reily

Pizza is delicious, I had 10in thin crust with olives & mushrooms $10ish. So you make your own or they have options, inside is clean & cool. Service was very friendly, i was here with 4 adults & 2 picky kids & everyone had empty plates when they left + Forsyth is a beautiful town?

Cindy Spence

It was deliteful. The service was top notch. The salad was full of flavor. The food was hot. Good portions. Delicious. We will be calling and visiting and recommending this place for sure.

Alexandria Rivera

Amazing quality pizza definitely gonna order again!!! Thank you so much! Love the garlic parm boneless wings! Will probably order again next week!

Samantha Ann Sheppard

Best pizza around !! Everyone is so kind and sweet !! Will keep coming back !! Love supporting our local businesses

Jill Mattson

Getting food out right now is an experience. I called to place my very first order and the experience was wonderful. Randi brought it out to my car, was so pleasant and helpful. The pizza was wonderful. The only down side was the pizza was much larger than I’d envisioned. Thankfully I love cold pizza. We will be going back.

Valerie Calkins-Ratliff

Just had their pizza for the first time. It was amazing. They are my new favorite pizza place.

Billie Schridde

Amazing pizza every time I order! The staff has always been super friendly & great service!

Judy P.

I ordered pizza for my mom to be delivered to her home. She is elderly and isn't leaving her home since is at risk for the Corona Virus. I live in another state so getting her groceries is difficult. I spoke to a lady on the phone, I didn't catch her name. She was very nice and offered to deliver my mom her meal earlier even though they usually don't do deliveries until after 4 pm. She brought my mom her meal within an hour. My mom was very pleased. She said the pepperoni pizza and cheesy bread sticks were delicious. Portions were large. I will definitely order again. Thank you!

Ron Rose

The four stars is for that ambiance, service and friendliness of the place. Although my spaghetti and meatballs came out simmering in mozzarella, the flavor was just Okay. I think , with just a little more thought and a bit more spice, Mountain William could be one of the great ones. It's on my list of go-tos. Very nice people.

Ronda Mills

They have a wonderful cauliflower crust it is crunchy.... In love with it. The staff is so friendly. Even if I didn't work in Forsyth I would drive out of the way for this pizza. I get cauliflower crust with mushrooms, jalapeños and Italian sausage.

Carol Moore

The pizza was really good the crust was Krispy the pizza was not greasy and the people were really nice

Mike H.

Ehhhh, it ain't Pizza Hut but it's pizza. Over priced salad bar, cardboard crust, I'm sure the sauce had caraway in it. Who puts caraway in pizza sauce. I was underwhelmed. I ended up throwing out more than half the pie.

brandon riddle

This was our 1st experience here and we were very pleased. We had a variety of wings, pizza and the salad bar. There were 7 of us and none of us left hungry. Our waitress, Lori was friendly and informative. We look forward to visiting again on our next trip through to our new lake home.

Cheryl Lamb

Awesome place to eat. My boyfriend thinks it over the Top in taste.

Lawrence Vanderwood

The most awesome pizza I have had and I've been around the world and across the United States and this is yummy yummy in my tummy

ryan johnson

Very nice service, pizza toppings and service pair together well, i like good value.

Seth Bruce

Amazing chicken noodle soup and the pizza I had was really amazing ?

Gretchen Brown

Awesome service and food. The death by pepperoni is actually to die for.

Ashley Ansley

We tried this place out even though I did not want to because it’s overpriced. So we got Chinese and my daughter wanted the fried ravioli from Mountain Williams pizza. I am glad that I didn’t waste more than 10 bucks here because their fried ravioli are literally Louisa Frozen fried ravioli that you can get at Walmart box of 24 for $3.86 (cheaper if you buy in bulk) and they are charging $10 for 6...highway robbery. I don’t think this place will last. What else are they serving that is frozen?

ashley a.

They use frozen "fried ravioli" and charge $10 for 6 pieces and you can get a box of 24 (Louisa brand) for $3.86 cents and heat them up in your own oven. Plus restaurants can get Louisa in bulk for much cheaper. Way over priced and not interested in wasting my money on frozen food I can make myself.

Randy Brandon

Good pizza great staff

Lynn Craft

The pizza was great and so was the garlic bread. I have a new pizza place.

Teresa Chavez

We had a traditional crust pepperoni/green pepper pizza, it was excellent!! Plenty of pepperoni and green peppers, not too heavy on the cheese or sauce, just the way we like it!! Salad was great, all ingredients were fresh! Reasonably priced, especially for quality! We'll definitely go again! We went when they first opened,! much improved! Would highly recommend!!

Candy Loehr

Great pizza and friendly staff. The sauce was a bit thin but tasted great. Crust was fantastic! Generous on the cheese!

Kevin Berry

We’ve had 4different pizzas from Mountain Williams, and all were fantastic! My favorite is the traditional crust Panther - but whatever you choose you can’t go wrong !

Barbara Miros

We ate the pasta this time. It was very good. We were surprised at how it tasted.

Chris Danna

Great Pizza !

Craig Smith

The meatball sandwich is really good and priced just right!

Greg Shinert

This place was amazing. Great pizza full of flavor and the staff was awesome. We had the roadkill and buffalo chicken pizzas.

Charlene Davis

My husband and i live in in area.welove the pizza.I had something different. was so good.people was friendly will go back. nice and clean.

Robert Holland

Excellent Food! Excellent Service and atmosphere. Love the theme....and the menu has so much good and unique pizza plus other options.

Deb June

The food is pretty good. They just added alfredo to our delight. Service is getting better.

Matt Bower

Very good pizza and service. Prices are good considering the amount and quality of the food.

Terese M.

I gave this a 3 because this was our first visit, and I can't make a determination based on one visit. This restaurant is where the former "Chinese Mexican Burrito" was, and they've done a great job of remodeling and updating the space. We went for dinner and ordered 2 10 inch pizzas, both with 1 topping, and 2 fountain drinks. With tax and tip, $30. A little steep when compared to other pizza in the area, but not outrageous. First, the good: the sauce is nice, not too sweet and not too thin. There was plenty of sausage on my pizza. The not-great: I suspect the crusts are pre-made. While the thin was really thin, it was still soft in the center. The cheese isn't gooey, but more gloppy. The "hot" sausage is just Italian sausage; not spicy Italian, just Italian. The questionable: the menu says the toasted ravioli is filled with nacho cheese. As a native St. Louisan, that is unforgivable. The salad bar is offered at $2.99 for a one-trip with a meal, or $4.99 unlimited. The "bar" consists of very basic iceberg mix, some cheese, and an assortment of dressings. If the selection is that limited, it should be really fresh and inviting. It was not. All in all, I'll give them more time to get settled, and try again. We love supporting local businesses, and hope this place is successful.

Steven M.

Expectations were high so I was more than disappointed. The salad bar was expensive for what it was, a small cart of bagged salad, the customary toppings, and some dressings. **see photo The pizza was, imo, on par for what you'd expect from a gas station with fresh pizza. The prices were a little high especially considering there are three other places for pizza in 15 minutes' driving time, one of which has the same quality, the two other better. On my pizza, and I know it could have been different for others, the dough was raw on the top half. **see photo What really irked me, and I hear it's changed now, was that you ordered at the counter and left a tip at that time. Before you even had service. Who was I tipping and for what exactly? I heard it's changed but this is a review on my experience. The service was nice, the atmosphere was alright, pretty much what it used be, with a fresh coat of paint, to when it was the former business. I find the interior a little cramped with the furniture they have. Just my .02¢ We will go back for a second chance.

Pamela Ehlers

This was our first time eating there and the waitress was very helpful helping us decide which pizza to choose from ( there are hundreds of ways to have your own pizza created ). The Host who met us and sat us, I believe her tag said Betty was very friendly and has a great smile :) Both of our pizzas were delicious and we are thrilled that they are here in Forsyth!!

Sydney Gossel

Thin crust pizza was absolutely horrible. Was too crunchy. The center of the pizza was cold. Raviolis were cooked way too long, barely any cheese in them. Servers don't wash they're hands after they take dirty plates back. The cooks don't use gloves to prepare the pizza. I saw this myself. Clear veiw from the back tables, and saw them put garlic bread by hand on the plate. Disgusting if you ask me.

Paul Scott

The food and prices are good

Bobbi Randall

First Pizza was amazing ! We got the Death by Pepperoni and fed 4 of us no problem. Good people who served us and own the place! Clean and cute atmosphere!

Joe Sweeney-Legore

Great addition to our town of Forsyth. Good pizza and great staff. Try the "Death by Pepperoni" if you're into pepperoni. The supreme is great too! You won't be disappointed by food quality.