O K Bar & Billiards

1500 S Main St, Joplin
(417) 624-4884

Recent Reviews

J. Kinnaird

Word on the street, we heard that this place gots "AMUSEMENT" machines, so we came to check em out...We found out real quick you gotta be a patron, which means you gotta buy drinks, or something that OK BAR offers, but if all you wanna do is plug the machines, that isn't enough.So we bought some beers an "AMUSED" our money away. Oh well, all's well, end's well, ya cain't win if ya don't play. ?

Spike Beatsness

The workers were trying to run people out at 12:30 on a busy night. Half the billiard tables are in bad condition and to top it all off there large draft beer comes in a 12 oz margarita mug for almost 5 dollars. Overall the management needs replaced and that place could do great things

Shanon Tallent

I haven't been there in 20 years first time back today still a great place to play pool and eat

kory boan

Served me burnt chicken tenders and wouldn't return them and made me pay for it. I've always had bad service. I will not be back

Joey Guadalupe

Local place … but people were very friendly… the bar staff was very professional…. Pleasant… amd made me feel right at home ….. Definitely recommend this Local bar 5 out of 5 for sure ! … and I’ve been in the bar business for 30 yrs … ?

Wilkie Jay

Fan-freakin-tastic! Absolutely love that you all went nonsmoking! I will be coming way more now and will probably bring my kid for pool.

Limitless TAP

I had fun, but the owner and/or bartender kept micromanaging. I had my hood up when I walked in, because it was 30 or 40 degrees outside, he told me I couldn’t have it on. So I took it off (I had no problem doing so if that’s the rule then it’s fine). Then he tried to charge me for a table my friend already paid for. He also reminded me on two separate occasions that our time was almost up and when the time was up. I never observed him tell anyone else that there time was almost done and seen several people come and ago without him saying a word more than he to to them.

Brittany Tucker

Amazing Bar! Their customer service is best. highly recommended. ?

Crissy Guzman

Our favorite place for some down time . Excellent staff, very clean and some good food to.

Christophe Burr

Great pool tables. Decent atmosphere.

Deadwood BBQ Products

The staff is nice and only charged $3 for all night coffee.Bad side: wouldn't allow smoking near the pool tables, and required a felt pad under cue ball to do each break.Good: tables were 75 cents or $7/hr. Nice locals visiting bar. Good place!

Gari Sue Hedge

I love the place and the workers are always so friendly and they make sure you are always taken care of and make you smile

Becky Shields

This is a nice place to go during the day for older people and the night time for the younger crowd. The food is great and the drinks are priced right.

the cusin team

This is a nice place to go during the day for older people and the night time for the younger crowd. The food is great and the drinks are priced right.

Vikki Holloway

This place is awesome! Especially if you are a pool fanatic like me! Both quarter tables & hourly rentals, bar size & regulation.The staff is very friendly and they make a mean Long Island Tea!The place is very clean and I am definitely looking forward to my next visit!

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