Quality Inn Joplin

3325 Arizona Ave, Joplin
(417) 627-0440

Recent Reviews

Been Franklin

Very satisfied with my room very comfortable and the staff was great

Syd Street

Two different rooms for a two night stay. Mattresses are old and damaged.

Matt Morelock

Place was really nice. I enjoyed my stay.

Melissa Humphrey

Update: hotwire downgraded us from an awful 3 star to this 2.5. I wanted to give my review an extra star only because we have had great housekeeping. It continues to stay clean and the dolly to roll your luggage has been changed. Still not crazy about the front desk. There is one lady every morning that has done a great job but other than her it's been sub-par. Had to change our room keys AGAIN for their new lock system, not sure why the desk didn't just stop us and ask when we came in.It's clean and doesn't smell like smoke in our room. For that, I'm grateful. But You get what you pay for. They boast at the front desk to be rated an 8.5 by customers. The customer service has been very disappointing. To start with... Online address was wrong on two different pages (that is an IT issue). Took us 10 minutes too far to a residential area. It is NOT Arizona street. Then Front desk was on a personal call when we checked in. Hand sanitizer was all out. The king standard room is pretty much the size of a small bedroom. Had the front desk been available to talkbwith us we would have asked for two beds. Although there was notice of locks changing the front desk could not tell us of what day ours would be changed.(she only knew to hand us the notice we read on her counter.) Our second day we had to first try to unlock our door and realize ourselves the system had changed, then go back down and inform those in charge that we needed new keys.. They did not check ID to issue new key, is that not a concern??? Also The dolly for luggage had two flat tires and no one could help. Do you know how hard it is to operate a door, an elevator, and dolly with 2 flat tires? Thankfully a gentleman was there and helped me maneuver 150 lbs plus of luggage and the doors. After the fact the front desk came out and told me that the door feet could be used to help keep doors open. That will be helpful in 4 days when I get to leave but not helpful after I was already done. Too little too late. They will not go out of their way for customers. Not even going to bother requesting a new room. Don't want to upset the powers that be, aka the front desk.

Joyce Tangney

Great place to stay. Front desk clerk was amazing.Very clean, and comfortable

J Tom

Dude with a neck/face tattoo told us we couldn’t rent a room because my license had my parents joplin address on it. I own 2 houses in KC and St. Robert, MO. I’m in town visiting family for my birthday and I even offered To show the employee my utility bills to prove I don’t live with it a “50mile radius” of joplin. He laughed and said “no” as druggy tweaked a checked in next to us. Me and my wife make 200k a year and they denied our “member, non refundable reservation”. Total ignorance. The manager was a joke and I look forward to calling choice motels corporate and letting everyone know how this company deserves to fail. Ruined our trip. And last week we stayed here with NO problem. DONT PAY ONLINE. WILL STEAL MONEY.

Erica S

Cleaning crew was so good. Front desk had breakfast choices okay. Need more vegetarian options. Cool

Kenny Hans

Place was very nice. Very big , but easy to access

Melody Connell

Housekeeping services are a total joke. Stayed 6 nights and our room was only serviced (not cleaned) twice. Had to ask front desk for towels 3 different times. Notified front desk clerk who told us to contact manager. Called and was unable to speak to him; explained situation to assistant manager.On the morning we were scheduled to check out they started in at 9:15 wanting to come in. Knocked 3 times between 9:15 and 10:25 - and when I explained our situation to them they were offended that someone would tell them they were not properly doing their job.Spoke with the manager upon checkout and he was very understanding and worked to resolve the matter to our satisfaction. They do not have enough employees (no one wants to work).They are doing a good job with COVID friendly breakfast (offer you a muffin, yogurt, and breakfast sandwich).


Housekeeping services are a total joke. We were scheduled for 6 nights. The first morning (Thursday) we received no service and had to ask for towels for the following morning (Friday). The room was serviced (not cleaned) on Friday and Saturday. There was no service of any type provided on Sunday or Monday. Again - we had to ask for towels. We emptied our own trash. On the day we were scheduled to check out (Tuesday by 11:00 am), they began knocking on the door at 9:15. Wouldn’t they have a way of knowing when someone checks out so they can do a full service?

Phillip Rocha

Came in from a long drive. The front desk was very friendly and was able to get me a room. Bed was comfortable and the room was clean. Thanks for saving this OTR driver with a good night's sleep

Tommy Gree

Older hotel but clean and close to many restaurants.

Bob Ellis

Debbie, Megan, Nellie and Brandon conduct themselves in a professional manner going above and beyond to make my stay pleasant and comfortable. I highly recommend staying at the Quality Inn Hotel it's a home away from home when you stay here.


Ever been to a nursing home where you ask "how often do you change the residents?" And they respond "what do you mean?" Yeah, that's what our room smelled like. Honestly, we were exhausted and just passed out the first night. By night 2 we complained and she obviously thought one of our potty trained, very well mannered, and crate trained dogs had caused the smell. They gave us a can of aerosol spray... Beyond being nauseous the entire time, and that particular incident, it was fine. Just make sure you check your room out thoroughly if you're planning to be there more than 8 hrs.

Elijah Triplett

Very clean. Very respectable.A1Quallly is the place to go

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