904 Westport Rd, Kansas City
(816) 561-2702

Recent Reviews

Adam S.

I'm trying to support local where we can during Covid-19, so why not hit play on the 'Greatest Hits' in KC? Potpie has always been a clutch date night spot for my wife and I, and while we missed the cozy interior, the curbside takeout option worked surprisingly well. This is a down home spot with some rib-sticking dinner options; hearty pot pies, crispy chicken over a massive bed of mashed potatoes, warm, chocolate chip bread pudding.. All as good as they sound. While the menu might feel a bit limited, they nail each and every item on it. I have a hard time straying from the crispy chicken; it's so juicy, the skin is in fact crispy, and I don't know what magic goes into the mashed potatoes but they're some of the best I've ever had. Be warned, you will be beyond full if you finish this which of course I did. The warm bread pudding is also insane. It comes with a Creme Anglaise to drench it in, and it's like five pastries crammed into one dessert. Very rich, very delicious. If you get it curbside like we did, it makes for a round 2 of dessert at another time. As of writing this, they do Friday and Saturday curbside orders, 3-7 p.m. You order and pay over the phone, set a pick up time and roll up curbside. They'll come check in with you and have your food out in short order. For takeout, we know things like Chinese, Thai, Indian, etc. tend to travel well, and I was a tad skeptical on this, but it did indeed travel. It was as delicious as the past times in the restaurant. Highly recommend for a great, classic meal in KC.

Phon W.

I wanted to update this during Covid19, they're doing Carry out dinners on Friday and Saturdays evenings. We live about 30 mins away. I placed the order and my husband picked it up on his way home from work. They had it done exactly when they said they would. They had it packed so incredibly well! The pot pie shell was still so flaky and crisp. Not soggy at all. And the skin on the roast chicken was crispy and not greasy or soggy at all for a 30 min ride home. I'm very impressed. If you have diner with these guys then you know how awesome and down to earth they are. Check out their Facebook page go see what they're cooking up every weekend!

shawn b.

This place is yummy and amazing! It is quaint and the hospitality is there! Even before BC(before Covid). I've been doing curbside from them and the quality and flavor in their dishes is there with love! Think about doing curbside from them! Potpie has always been one of my favorite restaurants in KC.

Kim Broers

My favorite KC restaurant for 15 years. Great food and cocktails

Robert Stamberger

didn't know we should have had a reservation but we were still able to get a small table off the bar at 7pm great food and great drinks but will be making reservations next time

J Rich

Quaint spot with delicious drinks and even better food. I HIGHLY recommend the chicken & vegetable pot pie. You will not be disappointed!! I can't wait to go back!

Kim DeGarmo Vemmer

Everything we had was delicious. What a great place. Make sure to get reservations

NBell NBell

As the name says, they have fantastic pot pie. In my opinion, the chicken is better their their beef pot pie. I’ve compared both side by side and the beef tends to lack a little in flavor. The Brie tart with wilted spinach is a must for an appetizer.

Mark S.

Great dinner. The pot pie is good, but so are the mussels, fish dishes, and every other item we ordered. Looking forward to going back .

Viv P.

My fellow server friend and I wanted to try something new, so we decided to give PotPie a shot since we drive past it every day. We went last week Friday and had reservations for two at night. When we arrived, it was crowded, so we just sat at the only two empty spots at the bar and told an employee to dismiss our reservation. Upon seating, the tall and dark haired bartender was very nice. He gave us a drink menu and we ordered our drinks. After about fifteen minutes, we finally asked him for a food menu. He apologized and said it was on the board on a wall behind us. (He couldn't have explained that?) I then ask him if there is a vegetarian pot pie and he states that the kitchen could make something up. I figured it would be a Pot pie as the name of the restaurant implies. After what seems like 40 minutes to an hour, my friend gets her pot pie and I get a dish...it wasn't a pot pie. It was a plate of wild rice with about five pieces of asparagus on top and chopped tomatoes surrounding it. My friend and I just stare at the dish for about 30 seconds. I wish we would have known it wasn't going to be a pot pie, so we would have chosen another restaurant. I decide to give it a shot because I'm grateful something was made for me, but this was the blandest meal I have ever paid for. I ate the asparagus and pushed the plate away after trying a bite of the rice. I think the only think used in the cooking process was salt. The look on my face was pretty disappointed and I was hoping that the bartender would get the hint and take it upon himself to do something about it. It appeared as if the employees could see I was not satisfied with my dish either. I immediately went home and ate right after. Yeah, we won't be back. Maybe a spot for seniors with reduced taste buds.

Ellyn H.

Guys. I can't even with this place. I have only been once before and I'm kicking myself for waiting so long to come back. Everything from the greeting when we walked in, to the chocolate chip bread pudding to end the night, was perfect. We couldn't have chosen a better place to spend Valentine's Day or a better meal to leave us smiling. I got the crispy shrimp to start the night and I honestly could have just had those for dinner, they were amazing and a great portion! We also got the Brie tart to try and it was also phenomenal! For dinner I ordered the scallops which were cooked perfectly and the truffle risotto was to die for. The chicken pot pie came out flaky and bubbly and the flavor was incredible. I can't say enough about the chocolate chip bread pudding. I am pretty sure it's what dreams are made of. If you haven't been here, go, you will NOT regret it. Just don't wait 8 years to go back like I did. So dumb.

Michael Gaines

I was looking for someplace close to my hotel to grab a bite to eat. PotPie had great reviews and comfort food sounded good.

Alexandra D.

Potpie is a wonderful KC establishment and I would consider one of my favorites. The food exceeded expectations per usual. The reason for the poor score is the abysmal service. The waitress was extremely rude straight from the beginning. Aside from her unfriendly demeanor, it took 30+ minutes to get our drink order. And it continued to get worse. I will spare you the gory details of our experience with the wait staff, but I would highly recommend a different restaurant if you have this particular waitress (you will know the second you sit down - you won't be served). I continue to hold the utmost respect for the Chef and his food.

Ghoul Scout

Love the food and the ambiance when I eat there. I've always suggested this place to people for dates, but recently I've had two off-putting takeout experiences.

Brian Thomas

The Food was absolutely amazing! Between the 4 of us we had 4 starters and 4 different entrees. The Potato Soup is a must try!

Bob E.

AWESOME! AWESOME! On point atmosphere, food and service. Had the spinach salad andd sseafood chowder. Outrageously good... and living in New Orleans, this is great by that scale.. will definitely return on my next trip.

Lauren B.

Love it. Just wish the chicken veggie pot pie had more veggies. Sometimes its all huge chunks of chicken. But dang that crust is to die for.

Katie Baker

Loved their steamed mussels with bread! Would come back just to order that by itself. Beef pot pie was tasty and loved the mushroom flavor they brought out. Def want to try their chicken pot pie. Also had their chocolate chip bread pudding which really just tasted like an ooey gooey chocolate chip cookie- still good, would have loved it paired with vanilla ice cream. Shared this all with my friend and we were stuffed!

Caleb M.

Very neat little place. The ambiance inside was exactly the cozy, vaguely UK aisle setting that I wanted when eating a potpie. Service was similarly friendly and warm. The potpie itself had a nice flavor. Far and away the best aspect was the crust, which was a light, flaky, perfectly salty pillow of doughy perfection. The filling was also very good, but I found myself not loving that it had longer strips of chicken as opposed to small cubes or shredded chicken, and not loving that it had corn, which felt odd to me. That said, I'd still definitely recommend this place to others.

Shirlene L.

Loved their steamed mussels with bread! Would come back just to order that by itself. Beef pot pie was tasty and loved the mushroom flavor they brought out. Def want to try their chicken pot pie. Also had their chocolate chip bread pudding which really just tasted like an ooey gooey chocolate chip cookie- still good, would have loved it paired with vanilla ice cream. Shared this all with my boyfriend and we were stuffed! Seeing all the dishes they were bringing out to the other tables also looked amazing! Can't wait to back. Place isn't too large and would recommend a reservation for weekends. We easily made a same day early-evening reservation on a rainy day.

Anthony Carver

They have wonderful warm home cooked food that is hardy and makes the soul merry.

Chris S.

I can't stress enough how amazing the food is. My girlfriend and I just at there and we haven't stopped talking about how good the food is. We got the Mussels as a starter and the broth alone like people have said is enough reason to order it. But the Potpie.... Oh My Lord is it good. Even now the buttery, creamy, and beefy taste is still filling my mouth. I got a beef and she got a chicken potpie. We still don't know which is better. Everything was so tender and juicy. I have never had what I can only describe as Pot roast style beef be so tender and juicy that it just melts in your mouth. Hands down some of the best food I have EVER had in my life. Amazing staff as well. Very cozy place. And my girlfriend and I are just so happy from eating such good food that we are definitely making the short trip out at least once a month if not more!

Sam C.

6/5 Dining experience. Half of said great dining experience is due to the great company of the owner Victor (guy with the mustache). Mussels were amazing. Victor made me one of the better Old Fashioned's I've had as well. Pretty mad at myself it's taken me this long to come here.

Frankie OnCall

Truly an excellent restaurant experience. Victor and staff are awesome. Food... spot on and, hands down the best mussels in the city!

Leah pope

Amazing pot pies! You can share or take the rest home because it's lots of delicious food. I also had the spinach tartlette which was also good. I will be going back

Kristen Snyder

Everything we had here was amazing. I had the goat cheese salad and we shared a seafood chowder that was so stupid good. Rum cake and banana dessert was amazing also. The entire meal was fantastic!

jean hall

A wonderful place for home cook food special pot pie damn good try it you love it

Christine Hitt

Wow. Sometimes you have food that is so good you know you will remember it forever. Pot Pie gave my family and I not only incredible food, but amazing service in a cozy warm room.

Kari Kallaher

What a delightful find. We've driven by a thousand times and are so glad we finally stopped in. Delicious meal and quaint atmosphere. Our server and food were fantastic.

Patrick Kelly

Good food. A bit too packed in for my liking

Lindsey G.

AmaIng food and service!! In Westport and loved it. We got a pot pie, goat cheese salad and roasted chicken. Amazing.

Madea M Hayden

The food and service are both great! Victor (I believe is his name) was great and an exceptional server and bartender. We had the crispy shrimp, pan roasted chicken, and short ribs! All very good.

Linda B.

This cozy eatery is tucked between Game Stop and Blue Stem on Westport Road in KC. The best description I have is comfort food at its best! Perfect for a chilly November night. As our party arrived for our reservation, the place was quickly filling up. The cocktail menu is quite varied and offers something for everyone. The menu, written on a chalkboard on the wall) also offers a mouth-watering variety of options. As we all mulled over choices, our drinks and a basket of warm bread and butter arrived promptly. Despite being busy, the wait staff was patient and offered suggestions and shared some of her favorites. I settled on the spinach and Brie tart for an appetizer and was most pleased. The cheese was creamy and the crust exactly crisp enough. The sauce added just the right touch of sweetness to the dish. Other appetizers at our table were jus as enthusiastically received. For entree, I decided on the signature dish and ordered the beef and mushroom pot pie. What a beautiful dish. Large oval plate topped with a buttery, crisp, puffy pastry too. The pot pie was simply delicious. Large chunks of tender beef, mushrooms and carrots that were tender but crisp in a yummy gravy-like broth. I assume I will sop up all that yummy broth with bread when I finish the leftovers at home. Definitely worth a trip downtown.

Ray Kolman

My FAVORITE restaurant in KC!!! The food is phenomenal. Friendly, attentive staff. Everything was PERFECT for my birthday dinner!

Chase Nelson

One of the biggest sleeper restaurants in Kansas City. I enjoyed stopping into Pot Pie. From the decor to the way they present their menu, it's just different. The food was amazing, I highly recommend ordering anything off the menu as they can do no wrong.

Nicholas Hughes

Have seen this place every time I visit KC and finally got a chance to go. It was that good we went again.

Zach Lehr

Seriously this is my favorite restaurant in Kansas City. Always amazing service, amazing atmosphere, and every time I get a plate of food it's one of the best meals I've ever had in my life. I literally love this place and will always come back.

Hayley B.

I have only glowing comments for Potpie. Service was on point. Food was scrumptious. I had a spinach salad that was amazing. Mussels were excellent. Both chicken and beef pot pies were delicious. We were too full for dessert. Make a reservation, then go enjoy!

Yhara D.

We got there about 20 minutes before the dinner menu was available so I had a potato soup as an appetizer while we waited. It was a thick soup with thick slices of nicely cooked bacon. I like my potato soup not quite as thick but it was good. I recommend adding pepper to the soup. The chicken was cooked really good, moist, and not lacking too much flavor. The green beans were cooked perfectly, not too much crunch but yet not soggy. The mashed potatoes were pretty good as well. The service was good overall. Food came out in a timely manner and our drinks were refilled without having to be asked. I'm definitely going back to try a pot pie.

Robert P.

The s place is great. Food is top notch and the service is very skilled. They are so nice and knowledgeable and the menu is excellent. Beef pot pie of course is amazing. Excellent craft cocktails.