B2 Cafe

2804 E Battlefield Rd, Springfield
(417) 883-5748

Recent Reviews

Mandy L.

Came in at around 2pm today for snacks and to meet up with a friend. The cafe was pretty clean, there were lots of tables and chairs. Some small tables, large tables (a good variety). I was hoping to order lunch, but for some reason they were only serving breakfast. I got the Bagel Sandwich and the Bugs Bunny Juice. Bagel Sandwich 4/5: The bagel sandwich was huge and really good. lots of spinach, cream cheese, egg, and cheese and choice of protein (I opted for bacon). was good (carrot, apple, orange, lemon). I was pleasantly surprised with the juice! It tasted citrusy, but also earthy with the apples and carrots. Almost like an earthy lemonade. I would definitely come back. Seems like a great hidden gem. I just wish they were serving lunch and had beets for the juice!

MgLoves Rosalie

It's next to Bambinos

Sarah McCuish

What a gem! This place is so cute. Great lunch spot with many healthy options.

Ed W

The atmosphere, food and service are outstanding! You must visit this place

Google User

I came in this morning and got a coffee and a smoothie. There was only one girl working. I think her name was Jayden. She was super nice and welcomed me as I entered B2. Poor girl was all by herself though and it got super busy, but she was quick to get me my drinks. I will be back though. My coffee and smoothie were great. Great atmosphere as well.

Jose Hernandez

Out of a lot of items on the menu , girl at the register rude and grumpy for no reason. The girl doing the cooking was really nice .

Rachel R.

Delicious and healthy! Can't understand why they weren't busier on a Saturday. Will definitely dine here again when visiting our relatives in Springfield :)

Shannon Killingsworth

Ordered 2 smoothies. Waited 25 minutes. Only one person working and no way she could keep up. Extremely mismanaged and i would not recommend wasting your time or money.

Nicholas Rasmussen

Cute little coffee shop. Food and service both top notch. Espresso was surprisingly good

Joanna Mountain

I lament not taking a photo of the entrance to help others out because I passed it 3 times before calling to make sure I was in the correct parking lot.I lament not asking what brand of coffee they use for the drip coffee because it was so good I'd like to drink it every day at home.The young lady that served everyone, maintained a kind and gracious attitude despite being the only one there. She was VERY efficient.If I'm ever in Springfield again, I'll definitely go back. Good coffee, fresh food and great service was my experience.

Anon Ymous

I got the breakfast wrap and it was SO good! It’s only $4.99 so I was expecting it to be small, but it was a really good size and very filling!

Dana Sage

Good coffee! Nice staff!

Scott Horberg

Love it! Try the breakfast options

Austin Kelley

Springfield's hidden gem! AMAZING coffee and the breakfast wraps are great!!

Sean Murphy

Super great place. Love their White Mocas. Food is amazing. The ladies in there are experts and super amazing and nice!

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