The Press Coffee & Juice Bar

2710 S Glenstone Ave, Springfield
(417) 771-5950

Recent Reviews

C.W. Meyers

Fantastic hand made food here. Tried the oats today, they layer the ingredients. It is like the perfect nacho experience for breakfast. Nice work guys keep it up!


They have such healthy and delicious options! Really nice atmosphere and incredibly kind staff working there. I'll definitely be back!!

Emily Blaine

I love this place! Such a great environment to be in! I love the menu as well! You never see all types of juices and coffee with a Asian/Mexican food!

Adam R.

Ok. The food was a bit to expensive for what it was,although the veagan and vegetarian options also it was a bit noisy to do work of really talk.

Derek Smith

The Press is amazing! If you are looking for fresh food and great coffee, this is the place. The atmosphere is great to hang out at and have meetings as well. Highly recommended ?

Shane Procter

Super good food. Had the burrito, it was the best, really flavorful. Had the Kim Chee quasadilla too and it's super good.

Lori Procter

The nourish bowl and the burrito were both delicious! Can't wait to go back and try the tacos!

Rylee T.

Such a cute coffee and juice bar on the south side of town! The Press Coffee & Juice Bar uses high-quality, organic ingredients in their food/coffee/juices. The atmosphere is clean, bright and modern. I arrived around noon to get a quick lunch and there were only two other people inside. The woman behind the counter was kind and efficient. I ended up ordering the Nourish Bowl. This consists of rice, quinoa, green mix, cucumber, carrot, kale, avocado, kimchi, spicy sauce, with an egg on top. It was presented well and was actually pretty good! I love bowls like this and this wasn't the best I've ever had but also not the worst! I will definitely be back to try the juice and a different vegetarian meal!

Lori Potter

The street tacos are absolutely amazing!!! I have recommended them to others that have loved them just as much!!! You will not be disappointed.

Jonathon Phinney

Delicious food, fantastic environment, amazing coffee! The Press is simply one of the best coffee shops I've ever been to. The environment is great, the quality is superb, and the prices are pretty decent. I just went for Taco Tuesday and was absolutely not disappointed.

Rebecca Still

Are there for the first time today and it was excellent.

Victoria Hastings

What a pretty little shop! Warm, inviting, and calming natural decor coupled with a delightful and surprising food menu. The pastries are delicious and there are several gluten free options, as well as healthy breakfast and lunch entrees. I love that all the dishes are so customizable. Overall a really wholesome place! Five stars.

Kristen Manda

I tried The Press out today for lunch, and had their Nourish Bowl. It was delicious. Crispy rice stuck to the bottom of the sizzling bowl. A blend of hot and cold ingredients making every bite a surprise.. the kimchi was spicy, but not overwhelmingly so. I'm excited to go back and try their kimchi fried rice now!

Cori Lee

By far my favorite coffee shop in town! Comfortable atmosphere and great staff. The menu is so unique, you can’t find anything like it in Springfield. Definitely worth trying!

Sydney Smith

This has to be one of my favorite coffee shops in Springfield next to Mudhouse and Big Mamas! While yes, their drinks can be a few dollars more than your order at Starbucks, the quality is so good that I don't mind paying a few extra! Plus get those macaroons!!! To die for!!!

Mathew Mills

This place is great! Got a Cafè Saigon latte that wasn't too sweet but definitely not lacking. I also tried the Bulgogi Nachos from the Korean/Mexican menu! It looked as good as it was tasty and drizzled with house sauce which might even be better than the seafood sauce from any sushi restaurant around here.


best coffee in town. hands down. the staff is super knowledgeable and friendly as well!

Mulgyeol Kim

The Spicy pork bulgogi Quesadilla was so good and fresh. I like a side dishes of all the sauces and the homemade pico de gallo. You definitely have to try this place out!

Anon Anon

Juices are premade, not fresh and over priced. I think the food is pre made too, as the salad I got tasted like it had been in the fridge a couple days.

James Scrivner

You can buy coffee and it's good coffee to drink 😉

Linda Haffner

Good luck trying to stay in business. Nice atmosphere but coffee is so-so and overpriced.

Soapy Cheezus

Good food and juice, but pricy and I’d really like a vegan waffle option of some sort. I don’t get how the juice costs $10 when other places it’s in the $6-8 range. Friendly staff and clean atmosphere.

Elizabeth Young Lawyer

I ordered the special of the day Beef Egg roll with salad and also got my daughter the "homemade" waffles with strawberries. We were the only ones in the juice bar but after waiting for some time I was told they sold out of the special the day I choose a chicken and waffles sandwich, you can see in the picture. The sandwich was soggy and really not good at all. I actually ended up throwing it away. My daughters waffles while they may have been homemade they were very well over microwaved because they were so hard and rubber like you could barely cut them. We threw those away as well.

brianne koehn

I got the iced raspberry moca an it was really good😊

Alisha Luper

The staff is SO RUDE! I walked in and wasn't greeted, in fact I had to stand there while the guys behind the counter finished their conversation. When they finally finished all I got was "what can I get for you?" In a bored tone. No "hello" or "Sorry for the wait"

Matt Freihofer

$6 for a small caramel latte. And it was not good enough to justify that price. If I wanted a latte that tasted like a McCafe, I'd go to McDonalds.

Jason Nichols

The staff member or owner was friendly, intuitive, and helpful. The style of the store was sort of a mix between boho and hipster in my opinion, which was pretty neat. It was very clean and welcoming inside, though maybe a bit small overall. The coffee was excellent and I do hope to go back to try more menu items. A little on the more expensive side I think but not by much.

Sandy Park

Thank you The Press!!! You guys make the sweetest desserts in town!! Always delicious and as always beautifully made. We appreciate your business!!

Kaitlyn H

I liked my caramel macchiato but $6 for 20oz is pretty steep. Macarons are also great but $2.60 each. Def not an everyday kind of thing with the price but every once and a while it’s great

Tony Tull

Super healthy options. Maybe not the friendliest on the first visit or two, but still certainly respectfully polite. Overall it's unique, stylish, nice and clean!

Dreia Feemster

The cashier was passive-aggressive, and they were no longer making the first three items i tried to order. They were no longer offering bubble tea but hadnt updated the menu. Additionally, out of smoothie ingredients at 5. When I had settled on an item, the gift card I had gotten as a gift two months ago was no longer being accepted due to the store's rebranding. Terrible experience.

christopher gates

Cool place. Good staff. Good Vegan burger too.

Brenda Y.

My boyfriend and I went in there this morning and bought two of their seasonal lattes, red velvet and cookie dough. I requested almond milk and found out there was an additional .75 up charge for it he didn't mention when ordering. Then we got the lattes and they looked nothing like the pictures they posted on Instagram. I requested no whipped cream on mine, but still did not get the chocolate sauce or cookie dough bits on top. The red velvet was only 3/4 of the way full. Not to mention the flavors were not there at all. For over $6 a latte, I would expect the flavors to be spot on.

Benjamin McVicker

Great tasting cup of coffee, great service, and great atmosphere, but giving it 4 stars for the cost. Almost $2 more for the same 16oz latte I get at a couple of my other favorite shops.

Ash Danii

New favorite spot! Great juice selection. Love the elixirs. Beyond excited to see all the vegan options on the menu! Cool, friendly, attentive, and helpful staff. Love the atmosphere, plants, and decor! Thank you for the lovely experience!!

Imari S.

They came to Designed for Life Conference at JFK, brought one espresso machine for over 5k people. Charging ridiculous prices. Got two lattes, and it cost me $20. They made our drinks wrong both days, and the second day we decided to go back to have them make it right. I've been a barista for 5+ years in the second biggest city in our nation, dealing with high profile clientele. I saw that they were pouring their shots into paper cups, letting the shots expire, burning the milk, and then throwing tasteless dead espresso shots into my $10 latte. With as much money as they're milking out of us for half assed drinks I was honestly pissed. Not to mention the Asian woman making the drinks, who I assumed was the owner gave us dirty looks the ENTIRE time. I have dietary restrictions for my health and so when I asked for them to please remake the drink properly she was glaring at me and asking the nice kid running the register if I paid for the drink to be remade, as if I should have given her another $10 for my already $20 order. I just have never seen such unorganized and disappointing behavior especially for what was considerable an encouraging environment as it was a church event, that folks paid A LOT of money to attend, and A LOT of money just to be caffeinated for the early morning services. The real shop might be different but the way this was run was disgusting and disappointing

Josh Lenz

A super awesome created from local coffee and juice bar!

Breanna Richards

There was a problem with the drink I and my friend order so the barista refunded us. The service is amazing! And all the drinks we got were super yummy despite the glich! Love this place and will be back!

Ivan Torres

Most things are very tasty, service can be improved but overall a nice place

Sarah E.

I love the juice- but had to take stars off because both times I have been in, I ordered something off the menu to be told they don't have those any longer. So update your menu! There aren't a lot of food options to begin with, so it seems kind of strange. Plus I don't like having to ask "I see this on your menu, is it still an option". Only makes sense to have a current menu, but what do I know! If there was another juice place on our end of town I wouldn't keep going to this one.