Bogart's Smokehouse

1627 S 9th St, St. Louis
(314) 621-3107

Recent Reviews

Robert Leever

Had the ribs, delicious! So were the beans and the potato salad. Highly recommend this place. Wonderful.

Shane M.

You'd be hard pressed to find better ribs anywhere in St.Louis and that's a fact. Come early if you want burnt ends, they sell out quick!! Pound for pound you can't go wrong with Bogart's BBQ in a city with amazing bbq, so that means something.

Robert K.

Simple. easy. Good flavor. Great staff. Tender meat. Don't need all the bells and whistles just simply good eats

John Keithski

This placed lived up to expectations and didn’t disappoint. Price was very reasonable and staff was friendly. Ribs, turkey, pulled pork were excellent. Baked beans were delicious. Slaw was vinegary but that’s how I prefer them. No complaints at all. We were only passing through the area but will definitely stop by again next time we come through

Art W.

We had ribs on a Saturday afternoon. They were spectacular. They were meaty and full of smoke flavor with a unique apricot glaze. Probably the best we have ever had. The sides were excellent. We both had beans plus cole slaw and potato salad. The beans were the best side of the three we chose.The restaurant is small, holding only 32 people. The kitchen gets the food out fast, hand delivered by the owner chef so the tables turn quickly. We would go 100 miles out of the way to eat at Bogart's again.

Geoffrey Crowley

Bogart’s has some of the best beef brisket in St. Louis. Better than most other locations. It is near the office and we like to stop in for lunch. They give you good portions for the money and the sauces are good also. I really like their vinegar sauce on the brisket. Soulard has many great eating establishments, but Bogarts is a great BBQ place.

Atlas Explorer

One of the top rated BBQ restaurants in St Louis. A definite must

Brian Shellhorn

When visiting St Louis this place was highly recommended to us and it did not disappoint. Best ribs I have ever had and my wife agreed. The tri tips, pulled pork, and brisket was great too! Do check hours though, they close at 4 most days.

Jack P.

The food was very delicious and juicy! I had a beef brisket sandwich. The beans were also very flavorful and had some meat mixed in.The service was very fast for us. Before our whole group finished ordering and got our drinks the food was coming out.There were seating options outdoors, with small and large table options inside.

Patty Morgan

This hidden gem is a MUST DO! It's small in size, but huge and delectable in taste. The babyback ribs are just to die for, always perfectly done. The sides are delicious also. Today we had the baked beans and sweet and sour cole slaw, but the potato salad is also outstanding. It's also across the street from Solard Market, so convenient! Do yourself a huge favor and stop in here. It's our favorite Friday destination!Parking: Plenty of free street parking.

Tomáš Greif

Best bbq I had in quite same time. I had half-slab and my wife pulled pork. The baby back ribs were close to fall-of-the-bone, right where most people enjoy them most. Very tender, full of smoke flavor, juicy. Sweet glaze on top, but not overpowering. The kind of ribs you eat and at the end you realize you did not use any bbq sauce or asked your wife if she wants some :) Kind of ribs that only backyard bbq or few select business can compete with (and I've tried bbq joints in NC, SC, KS, FL, TX, VA, IL, and few other states).The pulled pork was 9/10, especially when you get piece with some bark on it and/or add one of their bbq sauce. There were 4 kinds of sauce available with different flavor profiles - sweet one, one with hints of mustard, one spicy, and the last one I forgotBeans were extraordinary, I bet it would do well in any bbq competition for sides.Fast service. ~10 minutes to get the food even when the place was packed during lunch. Seating outside and inside.The only downside was that I did not get to taste burnt ends, sold out before 1pm :(Good atmosphere, full of bbq pictures and trophies. Paid parking in front of the business (I think it was $2.5/hour).Highly recommend if you like KC style bbq. And even if you like Texas style bbq, visit this place and get some new perspective :)

King Creole C

Bogart's Smokehouse offers some of the finest barbecue Saint Louis has to offer its tourists. If you're looking for the Saint Louis style BBQ, this is the place to visit for a wonderful meal. Thanks to Bogart restaurant owner, Dave, for being so polite, professional and welcoming to his visitors. As a worldly traveled USAF veteran, this is absolutely a MUST VISIT location in Saint Louis.

Jacob Williams

Definitely a top-3 all-time bbq spot for me. Ribs were perfect and the burnt ends and smoked turkey were amazing. They also had the best bbq baked beans I've ever had! The staff was great, too. They gave suggestions and answered questions. Fantastic all around.


Great food, worth the wait! Great staff ! I have to write 100 words so this is why I'm writing these words. I thought straight to the point was good enough

Richard S.

I had heard of this place somehow - so I decided to try the place. I'm glad I did; as I enjoyed the lunch, along with my conversation with one of the owners. This owner lady certainly seemed a humble and genuine person. And my guess is (she) works her restaurant quite a few hours - because she cares about her business. - Pork ribs: There's something about the ribs, I sure enjoyed on this day. Though these ribs were in their way to being over cooked, I don't mind them being more they're not all chewy and (don't) come off the bone. They rubs had a great rub which accented the pork nicely. They had (4) sauces or so,On the table. I cannot tell you what they tasted like - as I didn't use them. Or it's better said: I didn't have to use them. This is a good thing in my mind - as the meat should stand on its own. - Burnt Ends: Bogarts rendition of burnt ends is a bit of a different take. First off, they trim most all the fat cap from the brisket. Not sure that renders down, crisps up and makes a true burnt end...but...that is their preference. But then, there's a drizzle they use over the burnt ends....that the owner told me what it was...but I'll (not) say. I liked the burnt end, for something a bit different. - Pit Beans: These beans start being a real good pit bean. Has bits of meat in the pit beans. And I'd say there's little doubt, those beans are sitting beneath the smoked meats...gathering the juices from the meat...and getting their own kiss of smoke from the smoker. - Potato Salad: They serve a traditional mustard/egg/pickle based potato salad. It was very good - but if I was going to make suggestion: add some touches of sugar...:as it would smooth the taste and that somewhat tart after taste. Summary: I would suggest skipping the Sugarfire BBQ or the Pappy's...I find this place to be real good and better than either of those places. Bogarts - make the trip to Bogarts.

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