El Burro Loco

313 N Euclid Ave, St. Louis
(314) 224-5371

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Dominique Clemons

Food was good, but the service was lacking. We went to have drinks and appetizers. They had a great variety, but were out of a lot of things like Corona Beer and different margarita flavors. My husband doesn't like traditional Mexican food, so he ordered wings and hasn't stopped talking about them since!! Great place to go with a group!! Prices are fair, but the restaurant isn't the cleanest.

Britni Willis

The restaurant had a lot going on when I walked in to place an order for pickup. My friend and I both had a strawberry and watermelon frozen mix large margarita. We both were incredibly sick some hours after finishing the drink and into the next morning. I don’t think something is completely wrong with the establishment seeing as another friend got a peach frozen margarita and was fine, but I will not be returning.

Josh Brown

Delicious food. Doing their best during the pandemic.

Chris DiMercurio

The food was excellent. The service was decent. Overall a good dining experience.

Kensler G.

The drinks are awesome! The food is good too, but the drinks are really what stand out here.

derrick crowder

look the place wasn't bad but I don't think the ratings are accurate. The drinks are amazing and the atmosphere is great. The biggest take away is the food is not that good. The steak and chicken was over cooked, not seasoned and most of all the salsa and chips were terrible. I give this place 3 stars because it's really authentic and I loved the drinks which is great for socializing! I will go back eventually

Love Jones

Went last Saturday food was great came back today and got discriminated against saying that I didn’t pay. Had to show proof, showed them my proof and the lady laughed just didn’t even wanna eat there anymore.! Im so upset at them wow ?

Kimberly Shaw

Great food! Manager and staff went above and beyond to help us get our handicapped daughter situated and comfortable in their restaurant. Will definitely come back on our next trip to St. Louis. Best guacamole we've ever had!

Brendan Fong

They are open for dine in, tables are six feet apart, every other table is blocked off. The food of course is great for the price and every table gets chips and salsa while you look over the menu. I recommend their burritos!


Hostess needs to improve on her customer service skills. She skipped my party to serves someone behind us because she didn't speak English! Very inappropriate and unacceptable. Bartender was great but not enough to return!

Christopher Slade

We ate outside. The tables were well distanced and clean. The staff was polite and helpful and wore masks. The food was good as always.

Lidia R.

DO NOT RECOMMEND!!! The worst experience ever. We called in an order for pickup, & it was obvious that they were busy, due to the background noise, but the young lady who took the order, did not ask my name, did not ask how I wanted cooked, what side items we preferred, or give me a total. I called back to ask those questions & give my name, & her answer was 'well the next time, you should learn how to place your order. The manager (Pablo or Beto) was not any better, & all he did, was say 'ok I'll talk to her'.... I don't understand how the restaurant functions, especially right now that the current situation is affecting the economy. They must not need the business to stay open!

Thomas Callahan III

Used to love this place. Ordered two jumbo margs, flavored. We’re 99% lime, nothing else. Asked for more flavor and was just told that’s how it was.

Jesse C.

Forgettable Mexican food in a great outside festive atmosphere. Great place for your drunk friends on cinco de Mayo. Huge portions especially of meat for the price point. Highly recommend for a fun time if you overlook the food (which will be easy as it was neither particularly good or bad).

Helena G.

decor was festive and fun! staff was friendly but the food fell a little short! call me a mexican food snob coming from LA but Ive had better mexican in missouri's smaller towns like Columbia!

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