Mission Taco Joint - Central West End

398 N Euclid Ave, St. Louis
(314) 930-2955

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Zach H.

Epic tacos and burritos! Their Brah'Burrito is huge and amazing! Might add more queso to it next time was a little dry but hot sauce fixed that problem.

Diana Davis

Its a great twist on tacos but when I was ready to leave it took the server forever to get back to us

Shane L.

This place is within walking distance to the Airbnb I'm staying at while in town. The menu looked good, so thought I'd try it out. I ordered 4 tacos, and I'm sorry to say, they were not good. They did vary with respect to goodness. The duck BBQ was kinda gross. The Birrios (brisket) was also gross. The Baja fish was decent, but nothing special. The shrimp hop-anero was ok, definitely nothing special. I left disappointed, because how do you screw up a taco? I'm not sure if the taco shells areSupposed to be hard or soft, because they were somewhere in between. The tacos lacked seasoning and fresh ingredients. Not sure how else to criticize, because they were honestly that bad. Have to assume the ingredients are just low quality and in no way fresh. May result of COVID?? I don't know. Service was great, though.

Charles Spinks

Mission is a hit every time. I always come here with friends for their specials / happy hours.They have pretty good food, my favorite things are the tacos obviously and the street corn! They have a really nice location, our server was very nice and talkative which we loved. Definitely will return :)

Blake Winfrey

Outstanding place to eat! Quality food, great service, and friendly environment! The food was a little less quality than usual so only four stars

Roxanne Rede

Tacos were great nothing like I've had street tacos before

Teddy Brown

Very very good. Definitely recommend hanging out on side walk enjoying some tacos and beer ?

Anvita S.

Great option with outdoor seating and disposable containers during Covid. We ordered over the phone and the food was out in 5-10 mins. Loved the hot fried chicken and Baja fish tacos

Yajas Dwivedi

Don't know if they still have it but back in 2017/2018 they had $2 Tacos here during a certain time in the night... Some of the most delicious vegetarian Tacos I've had and I've had a lot of them.

Maria Woolfolk

This was the best BBQ I've ever had, the prices are even better and the location is great too

Sarah Lee

My Shrimp

Andy Battenfield

Great Burritos! I ordered the Vegan Burrito. It was amazing.

Britni Willis

Horrible, I have been searching for a place that has birria tacos with the sauce (like the ones on Instagram). They greatly disappointed me as the sauce was not at all similar to what I expected, and the tacos were made with a hard shell that had obviously been sitting for a long time before I picked it up. I can only assume that my food was not freshly made due to the fact that my online order was ready seconds after I placed it. Not to mention the meat was dry. All in all, a place I will never eat at again!

The Kris Brown Project

The tacos were great. A fair range of tacos and other Hispanic dishes. Service was great. Our main server was attentive and a second server came to clean up our dishes after the first round of food. I would like the tacos to be bigger. Clean restaurant.

derrick crowder

Took away the zombie! Margarita drinks had way too much ice in them. If you take out the ice I'll probably have way less than half of the drink. Food was extremely delicious definitely order that

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Mission Taco Joint - Central West End

398 N Euclid Ave, St. Louis, MO 63108
(314) 930-2955