Soulard Gyro

900 Shenandoah Ave, St. Louis
(314) 260-9330

Recent Reviews

Michele Cave

We had the gyro box. Delicious. I even liked the tzatziki sauce and I’m picky about that. More food than I could eat, boyfriend said it made great leftovers. Will definitely be back.

James Conn

Good place to grab lunch. It's hard to find an authentic doner kebab in the States. This place was pretty close.

Marc Crawford

This place is awesome. Staff is very friendly and professional. Restaurant is very clean and bright inside. Very large menu with lots to choose from. Food was served quickly after ordering. Food tasted very good and fresh. I will be visiting hear for lunch more often.

Riley Goodwin

Suler fresh and so tasty. And the cashier had the patience of a saint. With me having little knowledge of their menu

Jared Messersmith

Got a gyro for lunch.. feel kinda disappointed. Definitely not the best gyro or meat I've had, passable I suppose. And at $10.25+tax it's definitely ~$3 overpriced, especially for lunch for a portion not that big.

Tim McMahan

Maybe I'm just spoiled by my local gyro shop... But for $11 I expect more than the tiny gyro I got. It's about 1/3 of the size of a burrito from Chipotle.

Stacey Loveless

I was picking up an order for someone. It smelled great inside, the place was packed. The line did move quite quickly and you could tell that every worker there was doing their best. My customer was 9 miles away, so obviously, the food must be incredible and I'll be sure to stop in soon since I live nearby.

Ernie Yilmaz

Good food. Great staff

Michael Alley

Pretty good food. And, it was fast.

Scott Pazuline

Great gyro. Filling and delicious!

Lorenzo Lizana

The Best Gyros in St. Louis!!!!! So delicious! Highly recommended.

Heritage Properties

One of our favorite lunch spots. Great for carryout back to the office or for a casual business meeting. Always delicious. Best falafel in town.

Krystal Robertson

This place used to be amazing. But, they changed the meat, it used to be all lamb. Now, it is a beef lamb mix. The quality is just not there and it doesn't taste nearly as good as before.

Beth Hudson

so good definitely recommend this place the food was amazing

Alicia Markstone

Got two gyro salads today. Payed for extra meat and cheese, neither of which were done. The salad was terrible. The cucumbers were swollen and mushy like gum. The Taziki sauce was real runny like water and was spoiled it was like rotten milk. Will never eat there again. Do yourself a favor and don’t eat there either. It l

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