Taco Bell

13123 Olive Blvd, St. Louis
(314) 205-8295

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Got my order wrong..receipt had it recorded correctly though but not the contents of my order

Anthony Massimino

Best taco bell in St. Louis. And I say that every time I come to this one

Graham M

It was around 5pm and one of the two workers there forgot my drink. I called them and no one answered, the doors are locked because of covid. the only thing left I could do is... get back in line and wait another 15min because the drive thru lane is only one lane long. After waiting another 15 min in the drive thru, I didn't receive any compensation for what they forgot! Terrible service and won't ever come back until they fix the drive thru lane and hire more workers.

J Chaunte'

Ordered three soft taco supreme tacos. They barely had a spot of sour cream. Will NOT be back to this location. Phone just rings???

Paula Lovell

Mask worn around necks.Won't be back?

Jason Sales

If you go at 11 even though they are open till 12. Sat in the drive through and no one waited on me. Usually good, buy this time bad and no service.

Christine Engelke

When I say my food was picture perfect perfection and tasted amazing also!! Drive thru was fast too

Maria Chacon

We went to taco bell for snacks today forgot to add a cup of water to our order. We decided to just pull up instead of backing up and asked if we could add a cup of water. Aniya (the cashier) said they can't add anything at the window. How is that a thing? Lol We asked "even though it's free?" And she just kept repeating the same phrase. We were so confused, because it's entirely free and you're allowed to ask for extra sauce (also free), but it seems like she just didn't want to pour it, just have us grab our food and go. I think she's just tired of everyone and doesn't want to deal with anything extra. I have never cancelled an order before, but she repeated herself like 3 times (" we can't add anything at the window") when we asked different questions in confusion and tried to hand us our food, that we just got a refund and went to a different place for a bite.

Stanley Yelnats

Hours say open till midnight on Sundays. I was the only one in the drive-thru, and I sat there for 10 minutes. I finally gave up and drove through the drive-thru just to see one of their employees sitting on their phone doing nothing. The employee was an African American girl with red hair. The staff here is filled with people that have intellectual disabilities that are not competent enough to work in fast food.

Emil Peter

It's Taco Bell. C'mon... Why are you reading a review for Taco Bell? You know what you are if you're going to Taco Bell.

Chris Thomson

So, as a restaurant manager, I can be pickier than most. I would like to point out that twice now, I received outstanding service and picture-perfect food from this location. Shout out to the young lady who took and gave me my order, the name on the receipt was Kamiya. She was so friendly, she actually made the experience welcoming. To management: keep people like her, but be careful, because I might start poaching. :)

t patty

This location should be closed. My order was wrong, alot of my items were not closed, letuce and tomatoe everywhere. The toothless manager yelled at me argued with me then went out of sight and brought back food. This location needs a serious audit.

Thomas S.

This is the most goddamn pathetic Taco Bell that exist in the world these dumb ass employees decided they can shut down two hours before closing and no explanation this place is garbage do not come here please go to the one on Dorsett, or please go to any other Taco Bell location this place needs to be shut down and replaced with people who give care about their jobs. This place is simply pathetic.

Paige Flores

I came in 5 after 11, and asked if they were still selling breakfast food. They said no we stop at 11. I was only 5 min late. But that's not what I was really upset about. After they told me I couldn't get breakfast, I didnt want anything else, but the way they have their drive through set up, I couldn't leave, since there was someone in front of me and behind me. So it was either wait in line for nothing or wait in line for a burrito I didnt really want. But at least the by burrito was decent. Fresh

Crystal Waters

Fast friendly service and an accurate order can't beat it!

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