Taco Bell

13123 Olive Blvd, St. Louis
(314) 205-8295

Recent Reviews

Lorie Anne Faulkner

The lady working the drive thru was super friendly. The food was probably the best taco bell food I've had in a while.

Kim Schwinn

Great service! Very friendly and fast

Mark Bridges

Out of all the Taco Bells, this one has the best service and the best tasting food I've ever been too!

Kristin Groetsch

My son said it was the best fast food he'd ever eaten. He had a cheese quesadilla. My 7-layer burrito was good, too. Thank you for feeding us!

Brad Bryant

The service was fast and the staff was friendly. Came in on a Saturday night at 8pm and the food was dry and the store was the dirtiest taco bell I have ever been to.

Charile Adams

Good food considering it's fast food. Not as heavy as burgers.

Ann Hilstrom

Taco Bell food is fine, but this drive-thru is a Blast if a certain girl is working...lol.. This one employee is a Blast... She loves Life and u know it the moment she asks if she may take your order... U have got to go through Wentzville's Taco Bell's Drive-thru .. This Employee will make u smile & laugh...lol.


For some reason, I feel like the drive-thru operates so slowly. Even if I'm the only person in the drive-thru or parking lot, it takes forever to get my food. The food quality is always top-notch Taco Bell quality though, so I'll give this location a solid three stars.

Shawn Black

Holy. Moly. No soap in the men's bathroom. Brought it to the attention of the manager and nothing was done. On top of that, there was a huge wait for food. One customer waited for 20 minutes. Her food was ready before that and no one put it in a bag. I waited 15 minutes for my food. 3 tacos. 15 minutes. Unacceptable.

Steven C.

I ordered a crave case of taco supremes. I took them to an event. I opened the box. Did I have taco supremes? Nope. Thanks for screwing me over and for disappointing the children. I can't say I'm surprised. The cashier was on her phone all the time and three others were making the food. Slow as heck. The shorter, fatter worker had a shirt on that was too small. Her belly and back fat were flowing over her pants and pushing under the shirt. That didn't seem hygienic. At one point one of the workers turned to me and yelled, "Hey, dude." He then turned around and didn't say anything else. The bottom line: If you want bad food slowly, come here.

Donna Schneider

Great food and value for a quick snack I love the dollar menu. And senior discount

todd kalish

I ran for the Border and was not Disappointed!! I have been going to this Location for years, and it is Always Tasty, well run and Great Food!!

Molli Benz

The food was good but they were extremely rude and treated everyone in there poorly. They would not give this guys the food they forgot to give him in the order and they were yelling at me about my online order.

Randy Bellinghausen

I waited for several minutes. I watched as numerous people were served. When I asked about my order I was told it was not part of the menu. When I asked for a refund they walked away and no one cared. Pays to be careful.

Rav Van

Drive thru has gotten a little better. Was horrible now ok. Food is ok but not great. Have not felt like eating quality good there lately.

Whitman Levy

Would give zeros stars if possible. Closed early and drove out of the way to go here. St Louis taco bell's need completely new staff! This is the second time in a row since I have visited that this has happened.

Joe N. Warren

It's Taco Bell!!! You know the food but the service can be hit or miss. More times then not my order has been messed up or deleted items. A few times the "machine" was down. Example the drink machine or the frozen drink machine. Buyer beware.

Jacob Cochran

This place used to be really good but now the dining room doors are locked whenever I go at lunchtime or afternoon with no note on the door.

Hayley Thomas

Taco bell is my personal favorite fast food restaurant. The service is good and the food is great

Michelle Flood

This is good one. Never had any issues. Food is good and they're quick.

Kaitlin B.

Worst Taco Bell I have ever been to on multiple occasions. I've sat in line for over 30 minutes. One time I was about to order after waiting 15 minutes. They told me to hold so I waited an additional 10 minutes. When they finally came back they said they were closed. It was around 7pm and cars were getting their food in front of me then cars were honking behind me. I just left.

Robert Sitton

I was ripped off (again). That is all you need to know. I go to pick up limited time items for my kids AND IT IS NEVER IN THE BAG.

Donna Pace Blahut

The employees at this Taco Bell were beyond courtious, polite and professional! The service was fast and the food was great. I did go inside and ordered a 1burrito. The girl that took my order then handed me a cup and said get yourself a drink while you wait!! I was very surprised and pleased! I will be back when I am in that area again.

Cheri Yarnall

Food usually isnt wrong, but some of the workers could be friendlier.


We have visited 13123 Olive Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63141 taco bell for a quick snack. All of us git served the food so late, they didn't even tell that it will take time. Waited for an hour. Worst service here.

Patrick Larson

This place used to be really good but now the dining room doors are locked whenever I go at lunchtime or afternoon with no note on the door. The drive-thru is backed up as well. I just go someplace more reliable now. Hoping that things revert back at some point.

A Child of Christ And Family

Nasty attitude by a black female with short blonde hair. Messed up my order and countless other as well. No apologies! Just said to a girl behind the counter give her, her food! Never had a problem here but I will not return. I will drive to the other end of olive for my taco bell!

David Ford

Slowest taco bell ever. Dinning room seems to be always closed with only the drive thru open. Soooooo slow.

Dina Morgan

Oh, boy.

Colin R.

The hours state 7AM-12 but this location was closed at 10 on a Sunday. They need to update the false advertising. Multiple cars were in line believing the location closed at midnight as stated on yelp google and Apple maps. HORRIBLE!

Robert Hummel

Lochiro Taco Bell! Not certain if that is spelled correct. Great consistent food

Joyce Ann Jaillite-Loebner

Getting in to the place going east was difficult unless you knew that the only entrance was on Olive Blvd. No turning at the light and having a entrance from the back, no you have to turn without assistance across two busy lanes of traffic that never seem to break. It would be worse if one needed to exit and go east. Food was just what you expect. Service was good. They were busy, but no so one had to stand in line a long time.

Casey F.

I went to go to the drive thru last night after the Cardinals game around 10:30 pm and the staff had already closed the location down and were out in the parking lot. Hours were clearly posted for 12 AM yesterday as well. Disappointing

Lynne Staebell

Ordered 4 crunchy taco supremes & when I opened the first one it had a dime size squirt of sour cream on it. I opened a second one & it had even less sour cream. I went to the counter & asked for some sour cream. The girl gave me a small container that wasn't even half full. So I told her I had just purchased 4 tacos & needed more sour cream. She said well we usually charge for sour cream. Right but supreme tacos are suppose to have sour cream on them. She did eventually bring a small container to my table with more sour cream. My sister had the same experience the week before. This Taco Bell is at Olive & Creve Coeur Mill Rd. Photos are on Yelp.

Dean Park

Great place for quick eats. Always friendly. Easy to get in and out.

Matt E.

Horrible staff. Management is horrible. I sat in line at 7:50 and got to the window at 8 and they said sorry we close at 8 and can not serve you. Very very poor. Hours are so back and forth

Lynne S.

Went to this store on Mother's Day around 1:30 pm. Ordered 4 crunchy taco supremes. Got the order quickly but when I opened the first taco there was a dime size squirt of sour cream on it so I opened a second one it had even less sour cream. I went to the counter and told them there was hardly any sour cream on my tacos and asked for some sour cream. The girl handed me one small container that wasn't even half full. So I told her I had just purchased 4 tacos and asked for a second containeer of sour cream. She said sorry but we usually charge for sour cream. I felt we had already paid for sour cream on our supreme tacos and told her we would not be coming back to this store and went back to my seat. A few minutes later she brought another container of sour cream. Ot so funny thing is that my sister ate the same meal the Wednesday before and had the same thing happen to her. Surely sour cream isn't that expensive that they have to skimp giving you a decent amount on your taco. My regular Taco Bell in Glendale has never skimped on the sour cream when I ordered crunchy taco supremes.

William Linenweber

Who heard of a Taco Bell they closed at 8pm 7days a week? Nonetheless, iâ??ve been in line prior to 8 PM the drive through is not manned. Iâ??ve driven around and no employee was to be seen. I live by there and have paid more attention to it between the 7 and 8 PM hours hrs. The drive-through line always has people waiting and I never see any employees .

Louis T.

They are so inconsistent with opening and closing times. They are so slow here! I go through the drive through and I have to wait about 20-30 mins extra! What the hell!? Very disappointed

Zoe Z.

Even when they were open no one was answering at the drive through. Also their hours are strange for a Taco Bell and it doesn't line up with anything online.