World's Fair Donuts

1904 S Vandeventer Ave Suite B, St. Louis
(314) 261-4002

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Diana Kirtland

Adorable doughnut shop. Numerous choices. Pick your favorite choices. I picked the traditional glazed donut. Yummy. YES! Located 2 minutes from the Missouri Botanical Gardens on Shaw. Also it is located right by Little Shop Around the Corner antique store. Support small business

Shawn McBrtde

I used to enjoy for years but moved. Was in neighborhood today and ended up throwing donuts away. Something hss happened. New ownership?. Big time bummed oit.


Used to be great now it sucks. I moved away before this place was under new ownership. Upon coming back.. woof. Dryyyy doughnuts, spotted a very egregious key lime donut that looked like something blew a snot rocket on top. Put the green filling in the donut… SMDH. Disappointed and disgusted.


The donuts was not good. They didn't taste like donuts.


Delicious and extremely affordable little donut shop! Paid a little over $6 for 5 donuts.

Vincent Chewning

When another donut shop (Strange Donuts) took over this place, they were supposed to keep the amazing recipes from the prior, very long-time owners. Unfortunately they did not…the consistency and execution of the donuts is nothing like the original…this is especially true of the cake donuts. The donuts aren’t terrible- they’re just mediocre like Strange Donuts.

Craig Smith

My family and I used to really enjoy the best tasting fresh fried pies and homemade donuts when the original owners operated. As of June 2023 we made a special trip from out of state and was saddened that they no longer make fried pies and the donuts are made off site (or at least some are?). At this point it’s a cool, old donut shop but that’s it. I’m sad to say that we will not return although the employee was very cool and talkative. Time to move on…

Stephanie M.

This review is for UP LATE, which operates a late night breakfast sandwich window out of the Donut shop. This means you can also add a donut to your order when available! The fact is, if you are up late and hungry, there aren't many options any more. But even if there were tons of options I'd still highly recommend Up Late. Simple menu - bacon egg and cheese sandwich, sausage egg and cheese and plain grilled cheese. They also offer some tacos. I had the bacon egg and cheese and it was solid. Loved the sweetness from the sauce. 100% hit the spot and I would 100% come back. There's a QR code to order from your phone or, even better, order in advance and it will be waiting for you.

Beth Vriesman

The chocolate on the donuts was very good, however, plain and glazed donuts lacked any sort of flavor. Wouldn’t recommend plain or glazed but others were good.

Ms Buchanan

The gentleman was very nice and even gave me a doughnut to take with me to try. However, these doughnuts were dry and borderline stale. Not a fan at all. Sadly, I will not be returning.

Robin B

We arrived at 6:30 and thought they were closed because the “closed” signs were still up. The gentleman who opened the placed just had not gotten around to turning them to “open,” despite being open for a half an hour. Sleepyhead also had not gotten around to making coffee. Wouldn’t you think that would be the first thing you would do at a donut shop? The donuts themselves were big lumps of fried dough. I didn’t finish mine after one bite, and I could eat donuts every day of the week and then some. World Fair Donuts is a huge pass.

Austin Patton

Their hours on Google and the hours listed on their storefront are listed as opening at 6 am on Tuesdays. I went at 6:35 am today and the door was locked with nobody at the counter.Don’t waste your time driving here without calling to make sure they’re open first as it appears they don’t adhere to their own scheduled hours.

Peg Kuehler

The employee was so fun and service was great but the doughnuts are not as good as they used to be. The glazed was not sweet and heavy. The fritter was also not sweet. They tasted more like bread. Very disappointed.

Brit Mosley

Honestly these donuts were just ok. The gentleman working was super nice and this is a classic donut shop.

Karen Taylor

Wow. Pulled up guy comes walking towards car. I was waving him away, continued on. Finally let down the window, he states his name, says he works there, he didn't want anything. He wanted me to know they were closing now at 10:46 am, sign says 2pm. He said they had a big order. He states his name again and says he doesn't need to ask for anything. First of all you don't just walk up on people.Secondly, I probably didn't need thedonuts anyway.

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