McAlister's Deli

1723 Hwy 45 N, Columbus
(662) 328-3600

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Makeup Chic

WELL....No greeting, no smile, no hello, no what can i get you, or not ANYTHING was said when we walked in. Just stares from cashier...very rude. They were not busy at all. Asked for half and half tea, she gave me half lemonade & half tea!! Really!? I didn't say anything about lemonade at all. Then she wasn't even half listening...I knew my order wasn't gonna be right, even when i repeated to her what i wanted. And of course I had to get it corrected when they brought it to the table. Food was alright. Whole group of workers sitting and gossiping, laughing behind the counter like they were all on break. Had to wait until they finished chatting a sentence to get waited on. It's nothing like it was when they first opened. New management, workers, and lack of caring I guess. What happened to being courteous to paying customers? And if you're in the military, you can forget a discount. They'll give you a punch card to punch several visits before any discount arrives. Disappointing.

Faedra Johnson

Ordered the loaded steak spud with a fruit salad. Not pleased at all. Steak tasted like roast beef and fruit salad was really old like its been in the fridge for some days...pineapples were dark on the edges, honey dew melon was hard and chewy, cantaloup was just old and hard. Just wasn't satisfied for the price we paid...not happy at all. But I will say the workers were friendly...there's the plus.

Jaclyn Frost

Had a pick up order at 8:30pm and my soup was cold when I picked it up 10 minutes later. I don't know if they turn their soups off 30 min before close or what but my soup should have at least been warm..

Nate Hewett

Well, we eat here a lot via the drive through pick up. I don't think there has been a single visit where we received all the food we ordered. Tonight we were missing an entire sandwich. So, make sure you check your food order before leaving the restaurant. We live 20 minutes out, so it's not really worth driving back into town to get our missing food.

Deanna Peacock

Steven was GREAT! Clean and FRIENDLY atmosphere. I will definitely be back! The manager even helped us carry our drinks to the table. Bathrooms were clean and well stocked too! Everyone was kind and welcomed us when we walked in the door.

Shira Binion

The food is always good at McAlister's Deli. I go there for soup and salad at least 3 times a month.

Deandrea Tate

Wonderful wonderful wonderful!!! Service was great fast and food was delicious!!

Bob Fruzia

Floor was cluttered with straw paper and plastic utensils. Table tops were dirty but on the third table it looked clean

Lisa Louman

We went here deliberately so I could have the Tomato Basil Soup ( which I had a couple months ago ) only to discover they had removed it from the menu. :( so, I settled for the chicken tortilla soup. It was just ok. I hope you’ll reconsider putting the tomato Basil back on the menu.Then, when I got home, I immediately tried to do the survey but it said the transaction code had already been used, that was very irritating seeing I literally just tried it so it must be a cheater code from the company to prevent people from taking the survey.I love McAlisters, but I’m sadly disappointed today.

Kayla Ann

Flavor has gone down. I've ate at McAlisters 3x in the past couple of weeks and sauce is lacking. I was disappointed in the Ceasar Wrap and the Southwest Turkey Melt, which are both my favorite items to order.

Lisa Clay

I love McAlister's cranberry club, it is my fave???

William McMinn

McAlister's in Columbus MS has GREAT service. I commented on how my Reubens sandwich didn't have as much sauerkraut within the hearing of a server. He asked if I wanted more. I told him it was really OK but he brought me some more anyway. Servers checked at least twice to see if we needed drink refills. Superb staff.

Marion Grace McMinn

Oh my gosh. Their veggie sub is soooo yummy

Susan Petrey Carriker

Excellent service and delicious food at an affordable price. I had the Chicken Caesar wrap with a side of potato salad. My husband had the Chicken Caesar salad. The ordering process, delivery of food and the attention to detail is the best I have encountered at any McAlister's Deli. If you are in Columbus, MS be sure to check out this fantastic restaurant.

Hannah Hunt

I was initially nervous about stopping here because there was only one family inside eating, but I'm extremely glad we did. The food was delicious, the employees were super awesome and the atmosphere was very relaxing.

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