Sonic Drive-In

2449 N Hills St, Meridian
(601) 483-1955

Recent Reviews

Eric Carignan

The meal was enjoyable but I was short changed quite a bit of money. Called the store and it's being handled


Stay away from the master shakes! They don't stir them correctly. Everything else here is good.

Chris B.

Normal Sonic food, nothing special just fast food. Ordered myself a snickers blast only wish they offered it with chocolate ice cream but I fixed that with some chocolate syrup when I got home. Server needs to learn how to say you're welcome when the customer says thank you instead of just handing you your food and walking away. Wife had a pretzel which was greasy, didn't realize they fry them.

JDG Officially

They were fast. And my food was clutch.

Jasmine Goldsmith92

Real fruit strawberry slushies are the best 😋

Cody Strait

This is the fourth time I've had this problem here, won't be coming back.


First of all my Sonic blast is always good. The hot dogs too. But the burgers, leave me wanting more. My cheeseburger was but together sloppy.

Gene Vance

Food taste like cardboard, fried in stale grease last week. Also had one of the rude'st car hops i have ever dealt with. Does not even deserve one star.

Nathan Shotwell

The foods are stuffed full! Well worth the buck! Exspsualy their breakfast burritos (get the jr breakfast sausage burrito)

Brandy Hodges-Ivy

Good food but too pricey.

Cynthia Harvey

Our first date was at Sonic and that was 42 years ago! The food is great, as well as the drinks and desserts. Fast friendly service!


Food was great but the service could be better. They got my wife's burger wrong and had to remake it. Seemed like they only half listened to the order.


It's a great late night ice cream place but the service is a little rough

Michelle Graham

Lady at the drive thru was super sweet and had my order out fast

Christy Hess

Drive thru was efficient food was hot staff friendly

Joshua Bright

Im not sure what the problem was but the rudest person took my order. It was like I was insulting her with everything I ordered. Apparently the reception of my m8crophone was bad, but tell me to speak up or not talk so loud, move closer somethint. I mean I said MILK not Coke, no5nsure gow those even get mixed up. When taking orders you have to listen, don't ask me to take my order then after I'm done tell me to say the whole order again. If you dont eant to be in customer service go find a job you dont have to deal with customers. Otherwise think like they the person olacing the order is paying my pay check....

Omar Ducksworth

Waiting in drive in ordered 2 cups of ice waited for 35mins still got no ice this is beyond me so i drove off

tanya Covington

Very poor service here. Every time my husband and I come here they get our order wrong. They have very young people working here, which definitely can tell they have no training in customer service. Please management give these people some training

Samuel Graham

The service here is pretty poor. I ordered two drinks and waiting 15 minutes with only two other cars there. I finally left without my drinks. If you're in the drive-thru lane and there is a food order in front of your drink order, the carhops dont deliver your get to wait. Seems like management should probably check in on the place every once in a while to see how its running. No comparison to the property on Hwy 19 four miles down the road.

Andrew D. Harris

It was overall a fun experience. They made a mistake with my order but corrected it promptly.

William Linder

Fast and never get your order wrong.

Haley Elmore

I was just at the sonic on Northhills Street in Meridian (around 10:15pm) My husband and I, ordered cheese tots with jalapeños, two sweet teas, popcorn chicken, and mozzarella sticks. I was not expecting to have the food in hand in 10 seconds (I am completely aware that some food takes more time than others),however, we waited literally 30 minutes for our food!!! When the food arrived, one of the items were incorrect, which is understandable it happens and I am aware of this. That being said, I used to work for sonic (a short time ago), and I believe the protocol is to read the order back to the customer. If this had been done, the carhop would have known that our order was wrong. On top of that, when the speaker was answered the carhop said “Go ahead.” Look, I’m not expecting 5 star service, but again, I believe it is protocol to at least greet the customer. I was just very disappointed because usually I come during the day and the service is phenomenal.

Jill Scott

Awesome vanilla ice cream cones and other cool summer treats. Fast service. Great price!

The Stitchery

Great. Lady at window was very helpful.

James Walker

Ordered footlong Coney and chili cheese tots got 2 coneys instead

Emery H.

This Sonic is the best Sonic, I don't understand the low rating. I just moved here from Texas though and I've already came here about 4 times. They are always pretty fast and they are very generous with their portion sizes. Keep it up, y'all!

Gina Robinson

My visit warrants the Health Department to make a visit!!! We went to Sonic on Hills street in Meridian MS. I order a waffle cone and my husband ordered a shake. When I tasted my cone IT WAS SPOILED!!!! We were waiting for our change at the drive thru window and gave the cone back to a passing worker. When the worker went back in, we could hear her conversation from the drive thru window with the workers inside. She told them my cone was spoiled. The manager (I think she was the manager) tasted the ice cream and said, "Oh yeah the ice cream is spoiled!" She then proceeded to tell the workers the ice cream is spoiled because the night crew is not cleaning the machines at night like they should. What?????? The cashier comes back to the drive thru window and hands us our change along with a refund for the cone. I only ate two bites of the ice cream but the idea of eating 2 bites of spoiled ice cream had my stomach and head swimming!! We just moved to Meridian, MS that was my second and LAST time going there!

Sophia Ford

Unapologetically serves their customers burnt ass hot dogs and try and cover it with chilli and cheese. I didn't get not one apology from any manager on duty. All she did was gave me receipt of my refund and walked off. It's a shame! Don't waste your time or money

Candice Rutledge

It's usually pretty good, but occasionally it's not hardly edible. And, for the price I would think it would be much better than it is.

Mary K.

I've been here twice and both times I could tell that they had not changed out their frying oil in a long time. The tots, fries and fried chicken strips had that old oil taste... yuck! Both times I ended up with a stomach ache. I will not be going back.

V J.

slow service by rude staff with an inability to serve a burger without mayo, no matter how many times you say "no mayo." I recommend passing on this Sonic.

Michelle White

They tried to stiff me on my nerds slush there were no nerds in the first one they gave me . I was so mad 😡. But they got it fixed and it was so good !!!

Jesse Emling

Try a Cranberry Cherry Limade!

Steven Irby

You can never go wrong with a RT44 Cherry Limeade.