Funkys Pizza & Daiquiri Bar

1012 E Jackson Ave, Oxford
(662) 259-2881

Recent Reviews

Scott Garland

There isn’t much booze in the frozen drinks here folks. My wife and I each had two, and felt zero effects. The pizza was good, but for $50 plus tip, it would have been nice to get what we paid for.Thanks for the reply. We’ve gone to a Fat Tuesday several times in the past and one drink will usually make me feel pretty lubed. At your place, two literally did nothing to me or my wife, who gets drunk on one beer.You might want to check on what your employees are doing. We saw one of them adding plastic milk jugs of mix into the blenders, and zero alcohol was going in with it.In a college town, with lots of competition, people will notice when you are losing dollars by trying to save pennies.

Zach Miller

Excited for renovations. Always quality.

Megan C.

Was so disappointed in this place! We were in Oxford for a few days and a friend had said this was such a cool place! We went in and the entire place was empty. Not one person working acknowledged that we were there! We grabbed a table and sat for over 5 minutes without anyone coming up to us or telling us you had to go up to the bar to order. There was no one else in the place!! We finally ask the guy if we came up there to order and he just held some menus in the air. So RUDE! We finally just left and found somewhere who wanted our business and was extremely welcoming! We will never be back!

Berndt Henriksson

College bar/pizza place. Good pizza, friendly service. Beer in a bottle and frozen drinks.

LaTaylor R.

I've been to funkys several times, they have the best pizza I've probably ever had BUT on multiple occasions the waiters have been extremely rude. The ladies are usually pretty nice, but for the most part the males have a sense of either entitlement or just blatantly rudeness. Don't get me wrong some have been extremely nice and I understand the "college student attitude" I was a server while in under grad so, I understand the job gets extremely overwhelming but if you are not cut out for this type of work DON'T DO IT.

Evelyn Pearlman

Great service! Great drinks! Delicious pizza!

Latanya Wright

I absolutely had an amazing time. I will go again.

Newt Rayburn

Excellent pizza, daiquiris, and drinks!

Ashley Ammons

Nice atmosphere... Convenient bc it's directly nxt door to my work and its nice to have a drink after work sometimes

Ashley Ammons-White

Nice atmosphere... Convenient bc it's directly nxt door to my work and its nice to have a drink after work sometimes

Troy S.

Food was good. Friendly enough. Went up for parents weekend. Got there early so we could get a table. The main issue was that every three or four min they would walk by and look at our table and ask if we needed a go box. I understand in these times that every seat is cash. But we are ordering and drinking. Let us enjoy the game.

Cindi Cook

Wait...they have pizza?! ?????

Gary M

Best pizza anywhere and I'm including NYC, CA, and all places in between. Great frozen drinks. Reminds you of bealle Street or bourbon Street either one. Nice people. Loved it.

Tina Mann

Pizza was absolutely fantastic. Drinks were great but honestly I am surprised there is not more hype over the pizza. It was sooooo good.

Jesse C.

Pizzas are huge and they ain't stingy with the toppings. Like a daiquiri bar on Bourbon but here in Oxford. Prices are reasonable and all the patrons seemed to be enjoying themselves. If anything get The Mosquito delivered through one of the apps, worth it.

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