Funkys Pizza & Daiquiri Bar

1012 E Jackson Ave, Oxford
(662) 259-2881

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Thais H

Peyton is a a great bar tender. We enjoyed the millennium feel in the square! We’ll be back! lol

Will Waddell

Lively environment with the best daiquiris and really good pizza. If you go later they stop serving pizza and it becomes increasingly packed but is a fun spot to go to as a group. Probably my favorite bar in Oxford!

Cooper Cunningham

It’s taken me a long time to write this review and I look forward to the day (if it comes) when I get to change it.Funkys has undergone a huge renovation/expansion that allows for more customers than ever. Good for business, bad for customers. Now Funky’s is just like every other XL college bar and nowhere near what it used to be.On my last visit, I had paid cover and had a tab open but had to leave and come right back. My family and I had ordered dinner and they were waiting on me. When I got back to Funkys, I was told I could not come back in under any circumstance, and had to wait in the very long line even though I had paid for dinner inside. They claimed “fire code.” Wish they were paying attention to other laws and regulations— maybe there wouldn’t have been so many kids under 21 drinking inside, but I digress.Someone was letting people in the side door, clearly violating this “fire code.” When I asked this woman about it, she physically shoved me out of the door and told me she was the owners wife and could do whatever she wanted. My friends and family were so appalled, as were multiple onlookers. The owner’s wife then went and got security to kick out my family inside and keep me from getting in- at all.In my original email to the owner/staff, I acknowledged it was a game weekend and things were crazy, and all I wanted was an apology from this woman who treated me (a paying customer) so poorly. It never came and I am still waiting to hear from her.So not only has Funky’s lost its charm, you run the risk of potentially being assaulted by staff just because. It really does make me so sad to type that out.There are many other bars in Oxford, I suggest you give those a try before coming here.

Scott Garland

There isn’t much booze in the frozen drinks here folks. My wife and I each had two, and felt zero effects. The pizza was good, but for $50 plus tip, it would have been nice to get what we paid for.Thanks for the reply. We’ve gone to a Fat Tuesday several times in the past and one drink will usually make me feel pretty lubed. At your place, two literally did nothing to me or my wife, who gets drunk on one beer.You might want to check on what your employees are doing. We saw one of them adding plastic milk jugs of mix into the blenders, and zero alcohol was going in with it.In a college town, with lots of competition, people will notice when you are losing dollars by trying to save pennies.

Zach Miller

Excited for renovations. Always quality.

Hayes Hershfelt

Everything was great about this bar from all the times I have been before but being told to turn your hat around in a bar after we had been in there for over 30 mins and had finished our food and drinks during a slow day due to “owner rules” is idiotic to me. I understand if it’s the “bar’s dress code” to not be able to have a hat on backwards but that should have been displayed or told when someone walks in immediately. And then having one of the bartenders come out of the bar as we left to say “Sorry if we offended you, it’s the owners rule” didn’t help the situation which is why I’m glad I didn’t give a tip after the fact of them doing that. Also we were not ID at any point of being there even if you look the part, you are legally required to ID all customers. This review won’t stop people from going to this place or hurt business with them at all but the owner needs to make a clear message on why hats can’t be worn backwards. Is it a security reason, pretty sure your face is better shown with it forward. Or is it a culture assumption that having a hat backwards signifies trouble. Regardless of all this, it was sadly my last time going to this bar.

Berndt Henriksson

College bar/pizza place. Good pizza, friendly service. Beer in a bottle and frozen drinks.

Evelyn Pearlman

Great service! Great drinks! Delicious pizza!

Latanya Wright

I absolutely had an amazing time. I will go again.

Newt Rayburn

Excellent pizza, daiquiris, and drinks!

Ashley Ammons

Nice atmosphere... Convenient bc it's directly nxt door to my work and its nice to have a drink after work sometimes

Ashley Ammons-White

Nice atmosphere... Convenient bc it's directly nxt door to my work and its nice to have a drink after work sometimes

Cindi Cook

Wait...they have pizza?! ?????

Carl Wilks

Great Service friendly staff.

Gary M

Best pizza anywhere and I'm including NYC, CA, and all places in between. Great frozen drinks. Reminds you of bealle Street or bourbon Street either one. Nice people. Loved it.

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