Funkys Pizza & Daiquiri Bar

1012 E Jackson Ave, Oxford
(662) 259-2881

Recent Reviews

Evelyn Pearlman

Great service! Great drinks! Delicious pizza!

Latanya Wright

I absolutely had an amazing time. I will go again.

Newt Rayburn

Excellent pizza, daiquiris, and drinks!

Ashley Ammons-White

Nice atmosphere... Convenient bc it's directly nxt door to my work and its nice to have a drink after work sometimes

Troy S.

Food was good. Friendly enough. Went up for parents weekend. Got there early so we could get a table. The main issue was that every three or four min they would walk by and look at our table and ask if we needed a go box. I understand in these times that every seat is cash. But we are ordering and drinking. Let us enjoy the game.

Cindi Cook

Wait...they have pizza?! ?????

Gary M

Best pizza anywhere and I'm including NYC, CA, and all places in between. Great frozen drinks. Reminds you of bealle Street or bourbon Street either one. Nice people. Loved it.

Tina Mann

Pizza was absolutely fantastic. Drinks were great but honestly I am surprised there is not more hype over the pizza. It was sooooo good.

Jesse C.

Pizzas are huge and they ain't stingy with the toppings. Like a daiquiri bar on Bourbon but here in Oxford. Prices are reasonable and all the patrons seemed to be enjoying themselves. If anything get The Mosquito delivered through one of the apps, worth it.

Rebecca E.

Come for the drinks but the pizza is great too ! Fun atmosphere and classic college town bar/pizza.

KD Luttrell

Delicious drinks and pizzaThey also have pretty good specials

Richard McGee

Good pizzas

Chandler M.

Best bar ever!!! Visited oxford for the first time this past weekend and the atmosphere of this place was amazing. Best pizza ever. Being from New Orleans I grew up on daiquiris and the daiquiris here were just perfect. Amazing bar staff. One of the bartenders, Kaitlyn, was by far one of the sweetest and friendliest ladies I've ever met. Kept a smile on her face the whole time we chatted and made me feel super welcome. 100/10!!! Will be coming back for sure!

Nathan H.

Fun decor, friendly staff, and excellent Cajun Eggnog during the holiday season. If you're looking for a fun bar to pop in to while visiting Oxford, this is a great choice.

Deb Thornton

Grove punch and 190 Octane. Delish!

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