Funkys Pizza & Daiquiri Bar

1012 E Jackson Ave, Oxford
(662) 259-2881

Recent Reviews

Cameron R.

I love coming into to Funkys. This is one of the greatest bars in Oxford. The staff is welcoming and friendly. I brought my dog in here and they gave him a treat! The customer service is off the charts!

Jenessa H.

It's a bar. It sells pizza. But it's good pizza. And the daiquiris make anything better.

Boxford Beagle

Great bar. Great NY style pizza.

S McInnes

I love this bar. We recently purchased a second home in Oxford, we live in Destin Florida full time. The staff is always super great the bar is always super clean !!! Great environment.

Jake W.

Came during a game day weekend, I ordered 2 slices of pepperoni pizza, they only gave me 1

Captain Cambino

I love this bar!! The best pizza in Oxford and it is the truth. The Mosquito pizza is the Captain's favorite. The staff is phenomenal and the service is top-notch. The owner knows what he's doing and he's always taking care of business. The atmosphere is awesome during a football weekend and it's definitely the place to be. Lots of great photos and posters of celebrities as it really adds to the bar decor. I highly recommend spending time at Funkys. Thanks for the memories, Funkys. HOTTY TODDY!!

Aakash Upadhaya

Thanks for addressing the issue. I will be back as ya'll have great range of Scotch. Just a matter of advice if somebody asks for a specific drink, they know how expensive / inexpensive ( even tho its relative) a drink is.

John Cottingham

Really good Pizza. Sat outside. We stumbled in by accident because all the other restaurants on the square were closed on Sunday or full. I’m glad we did.

Walker Sisk

The new funky is amazing, double the size, less emphasis on the daiquiris which is a plus

Lisa W.

Made the mistake of going here thinking it had good food when we looked up pizza on Yelp. Didn't realize until we were already in that it's a bar. My son was starving and there were not many people so we stayed. Couldn't get service since we were not drinking. When we were almost done I asked for the check. Sat there forever waiting for the waiter to run my card. Finally got tired of waiting so I left cash under the salt and pepper shaker. We were way up the street when I hear someone running after us yelling "hey lady you didn't pay your tab". Boy he picked the wrong lady. I told him just as publicly that if he had provided any type of service he would have known the tab was paid. Do NOT waste your money on this place. It's nothing but a dirty bar with lazy staff.

Maggie T.

Their is a bouncer with messed up teeth and brown hair that is a total a******* His name is cory and he has no clue how to handle customers. He made two tables leave on a Sunday afternoon because of the way he treated them. He is a pos!

Pamela G.

We had a great, great time At Funky's! Who could imagine that pepperoni pizza at a bar could be so good. The 'Grove' and the ' Blue Tax' were fantastic too!! Tyler at the back bar was awesome. We will definitely be back!!!

Thais H

Peyton is a a great bar tender. We enjoyed the millennium feel in the square! We’ll be back! lol

Will Waddell

Lively environment with the best daiquiris and really good pizza. If you go later they stop serving pizza and it becomes increasingly packed but is a fun spot to go to as a group. Probably my favorite bar in Oxford!

Cooper Cunningham

It’s taken me a long time to write this review and I look forward to the day (if it comes) when I get to change it.Funkys has undergone a huge renovation/expansion that allows for more customers than ever. Good for business, bad for customers. Now Funky’s is just like every other XL college bar and nowhere near what it used to be.On my last visit, I had paid cover and had a tab open but had to leave and come right back. My family and I had ordered dinner and they were waiting on me. When I got back to Funkys, I was told I could not come back in under any circumstance, and had to wait in the very long line even though I had paid for dinner inside. They claimed “fire code.” Wish they were paying attention to other laws and regulations— maybe there wouldn’t have been so many kids under 21 drinking inside, but I digress.Someone was letting people in the side door, clearly violating this “fire code.” When I asked this woman about it, she physically shoved me out of the door and told me she was the owners wife and could do whatever she wanted. My friends and family were so appalled, as were multiple onlookers. The owner’s wife then went and got security to kick out my family inside and keep me from getting in- at all.In my original email to the owner/staff, I acknowledged it was a game weekend and things were crazy, and all I wanted was an apology from this woman who treated me (a paying customer) so poorly. It never came and I am still waiting to hear from her.So not only has Funky’s lost its charm, you run the risk of potentially being assaulted by staff just because. It really does make me so sad to type that out.There are many other bars in Oxford, I suggest you give those a try before coming here.

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