Freeway Tavern

2001 S Montana St, Butte
(406) 723-9083

Recent Reviews

Rachel J.

We love the Freeway Tavern when in Butte. Wop Chops are sooo good!! We actually ordered them and had them sent to California for a special event and couldn't be more happy with how they turned out! Can't wait to get to Butte soon!!

Tom B.

I was in a hotel lobby and heard people talking about this place they said it was a dive but had the best pork chop sandwich with jojos. Yep reminds me of the social clubs backin Pittsburgh WOW the sandwich was the best ever and I really liked the atmosphere with a few slot machines plus Evel Knievel hung out here. Love the barstools that's where I sat right at the bar. Bar maid was really friendly..

Jay Rowe

Woo Chop!Best sandwich you will ever eat!The Freeway was likely Evel Knievel's favorite Tavern. Stop in aamdcsee the pictures.


Great place! We ordered the fried chicken and it was awesome. Owner is very friendly.

Cheryl Fitzpatrick

Definitely the best pork chop around

Rodney Gottula

It is what it is. Good greasy food at great prices. Cold beer and a long tradition.

Tyler B.

This old school 1960's tavern delivers a signature Wopp chop (pork chop sandwich) that will fill you up, definitely worth the stop.

Larry White

If you don't like whopcops. You should have your head examined

Debra Doyle Wainwright

Best pork tenderloin sandwich. Just wished I didn't live so far away!

Tiffany Allen

Small time tavern...big time flavor! Excellent and quick service.

patrick shea

I hear good things but don't go to bars

John Dyer

Get the wood chop sandwich & a cold beer for comfort food goodness.

Jody Hanson Nugent

Awesome food as always and the help is awesome too!

Oleksandr Sobol

Nice small place. Food is really good.

Michael C.

Great little locals bar! Friendly and efficient staff and the Wop Chop was great! Not the place if you're on a diet, but worth stopping in. I will be back when I pass through Butte!

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