China Buffet

1910 Brooks St, Missoula
(406) 829-8881

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Doreen F.

Finally found a pretty darn good Chinese restaurant. We've been there 3 times now and have found the items that we stay away from and those that we really enjoy. We also appreciate having customers use the disposable gloves. It's certainly worth a try as we have yet to find a regular Chinese restaurant that has great food. We'll be back.

Kristie Smith

Yikes.I'm sure this buffet was decent in its prime, but those days have long passed.The food is cold. Everything is dirty. They use styrofoam plates to avoid having to wash dishes, which creates an obscene and unnecessary amount of waste.I'd venture to guess that the only reason this place stays open is that it's the only Asian buffet in the entire region.

M C.

Won't go back. They've raised the prices which would be ok if they used regular plates and silverware but still using cheap styrofoam plates, and plastic forks that don't cut a thing and there's no condiments on the tables, sick of the gloves and the cold food.

John A.

Deceiving looks! The food was very good and the staff was friendly the entire time. There was only plastic utensils and styrofoam plates but the food definitely made up for it. Great spot for a inexpensive dinner!


The food is so good, you should get it, its filling, the buffet is just amazing. I have been going my entire life

Anna Osborne

Pretty horrible. Everything was bland and had barely any taste. Not to mention there was mold on the ceiling?? I stopped eating after trying just a few foods because it all made me feel uneasy. Absolutely don't recommend.

Donald Iarussi MFA

This place is definitely not worth the price anymore. I actually nicknamed it the Sneezy Cafe and do not go there anymore because the few times I went there I left sneezing for hours. I should have learned on the first time. But there was some of the stuff I enjoyed so I went back. This was a mistake because after eating there I had sneezing pits and felt horrible and sick. I once called and asked if they're using any stuff I would be allergic to do and they just hung up on me

John G.

The food was surprisingly very good. Locals said they heard so so. I would definitely come back. They did require gloves and you use plastic utensils but so what. We go for the food.


Can’t always trust reviews. Yelp gave mediocre reviews and locals said so so Well we were PLEASANTLY surprised. We both liked almost every little sample we tried. We went on a Saturday evening 6pm and all was great Sign says open 11 to 9pm

Shane Sterner

Hey, the food is still good, fresh and delicious. They have a great selection. I get the feeling that the management has decided that paper plates and plastic forks are a lot cheaper than hiring a dishwasher. This I find disappointing.

Chase Figueroa

I absolutely love this Chinese restaurant. The food is delicious and there are a lot of variety choices. You have to try their sugar donuts too. The sushi is also really good. The staff is very polite and always nice.

Carol Schmalzried

We drove an hour and a half just to eat here it is amazing! Great food

John S.

Very mid buffet. Almost like any standard Chinese buffet. Staff were decent, Food tasted fine, service was fine. Also they are still under Covid regulations. Styrofoam plates and plastic silverware and wearing gloves when serving your food.

Corinne O

My kids and I used to really enjoy China Buffet, but we feel it’s really gone down hill. It’s horribly filthy. I have a hard time believing it would pass any inspection and I would be terrified to see the kitchen. ??? Pretty sure this is the dirtiest restaurant I have ever been in.

Taylor O.

I personally like the food and the price is not bad at all for the amount of food I consume With that being said the place is very dirty in my opinion! They fixed their issue above the Buffay but if you look at their walls next to the tables that you're sitting at they are disgusting! That place needs a good old fashion bleach wipe down or something. If they need to close for a couple days to do it then so be it but in this day and age that cleanliness just is not acceptable!!!

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