Cranky Sam Public House

233 W Main St, Missoula
(406) 540-4325

Recent Reviews

Sam L.

Amazing staff with great customer service! Beer has a great taste- highly recommend the tropical blond!

John C.

What a bar! Outstanding selection of beer and Robert was the best bartender I've had in a long time...he was super friendly and the bar was immaculate. Robert able to give the perfect beer recommendation after we described what we like. The "hidden lady" was our favorite and we enjoyed seeing the original hidden lady painting. Robert gave us the full history of the place..kudos to the owners for saving its history and doing it right. Do yourself a favor and have a beer or too here.

Sarah Greichen

This restaurant is ableist and violated the Americans with Disabilities Act. My sister has a service dog and because the dog is for psychiatric reasons the manager told her it “didn’t count” and that the dog had to leave. She relies on him to be able to go to restaurants and fully participate in society. We were outside and he barked, which is the reason why they kicked us out. She was in complete control (he is still training) and under law she was in the right. This is discrimination and a violation of ADA. It is NEVER okay to invalidate a disabled person and this restaurant should be ashamed for the way they treated her. If I could give zero stars I would.

Phyllis Ruana

The history of the building is as delicious as their crafted beers.

Rylee Gulde

Just wanted to take a moment to compliment the service we received from Natalie this evening. You guys were super busy and she was fantastic! I appreciate a server who does a great job, and she handled our table of 4 adults with a perfect display of relaxed competence. Well done! We will be back because for the service we receive from Natalie!

Paula Sinn-Penfold

The history of this building is remarkable! Hand crafted interesting beers.Order pizza from next door to complete the event.

Trenton Thomas

Good selection of drinks and neat atmosphere. You can see how full a keg is too on their screens!

Gary L.

Good beer, nice atmosphere, one star removed because their policy doesn't allow dogs on the back patio.

Jennifer Wright

We love this bar! The patio and live music provide an enjoyable atmosphere. The location is great, and staff is friendly. We especially enjoy seeing Rob there as he always makes great beverage recommendations!

Martin Cornes

I love the fact that they specialize in beers but allow you to bring in food. We ordered a pizza from Biga Pizza next door and delivered to our table on the patio. They have a really good ipa,

Rupert McGillicutti

Had a great time at Cranky Sam's. Lauren took excellent care of us and was very attentive. Beers are delicious, we tried several of them a few times for consistency. Great every time.

antonio hendricks

The place is great. Wonderful environment with great beer. Rob is an amazing server/bartender and makes it worth the visit.

Muir Jones

They've got sound panels lining the ceiling on one half of the inside to absorb echo and provide a good listening experience for everyone. Great venue and tasty beers. No bad seats in the house. Outside seating with fire pit is a nice touch. :)

Ashley T.

Great assortment of beers, ciders, even komucha! Nice outdoor seating area with live music. Huge bar inside with tons of seating. I guess they have a BBQ food truck out back but when we rolled up at 7pm, they were totally sold out. They seem to have a good relationship with Biga's next door as most people get a pizza and bring it over. We asked if that was OK and they didn't mind. Great bartenders who were attentive and friendly.

Stephanie S.

I loved our experience here! The beers were fabulous (mexi lager, biere de mars). Great setting and Melisa was fabulous :) I got the softest pullover with the infamous lady printed on it and am thrilled. Thanks, Cranky Sam!!!!!

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