Iron Horse Bar & Grill

501 N Higgins Ave, Missoula
(406) 728-8866

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Paul Dunlavey

Excellent bar keeps, great food and fantastic music! Definitely worth a repeat visit! Bison and sweet potatoes below ?

Seth Thomas

Iron Horse charges a 3% processing fee for using a card and they *require* a card for certain drinks (the fishbowls). With the amount of better options downtown Iron Horse is really taking an L with their nickel and dime approach coupled with hit and miss service and food/drink quality. It’s tough to recommend this place. It’s decent, but you have better options.


Went here to have there Bison Burger and it was really good just way to raw on the inside. I thought if sending it back but I have heard to many bad stories of what they do when you send it back. So I ate most of it. Also had the chips and queso and it was so good I couldn’t stop eating it even though our food had come. We had a really nice waitress. Very helpful and friendly. If I were to go here again I would definitely ask them to make sure the meat was just some pink

Stephanie Watts

Staff is great and very friendly. The food is delicious including the huckleberry crisp and deep fried cookie dough! There is wonderful seating inside and out!

Patricia Vasko

Stopped in for lunch at 1pm. Finally were greeted by our server at 1:20, when she gave us menus and took our water order. We left at 1:45 when she still had not returned with our waters, never mind taken out food order. Went to The Notorious a P.I.G. BBQ around the corner and had a 5* meal !!

Zachary Jarvis

Had a tale of two experiences here. Went there late last Saturday night for a friend's birthday and had the best server. There were a lot of us which I know can always be stressful, but if she was stressed out I could not tell. She was friendly, kind, attentive, and went above and beyond for us. The three stars this review has are purely based off of how great this server was and the night time bartenders. Huge shout outs to how awesome they were. Thank you!Then I go on football Sunday, the very next day. Several of the TVs are left on screens that say "Thanks for watching the NFL Sunday ticket." But that game is over. A friend of mine requests that the TV be changed, the bartender says "People are still watching that game." There is no game on the TV. There is nothing on the TV except for a still image telling all of us there is no game. Ten minutes later our server comes over, we ask if the TV can be changed, she shrugs off the question. The one TV I was watching, that was right in front of our table, that was actually on a live football game, gets changed to an interview with some race car driver. Racing isn't even happening, it is an interview with someone that no one can hear. So not only were they refusing to change TVs to games for a good period of time, they then change the one TV that we were watching to something else entirely. Our server made us feel entirely unwelcome. Not even allowing us to order a second round of drinks before she brings us the ticket and is ready to close us out. Then there is the absolutely ridiculous 3% fee for running a debit or credit card. What?? Is the Iron Horse really charging people for using the most common form of payment now? Not a single other bar downtown charges such a fee. Not another restaurant. Nothing.After we closed our tab, we went to Meaghar Bar to watch the rest of the games, were greeted with better service, kinder service, and faster service. I don't know how a place can vary so much from performance level from one day to the next, literally less than a 24 hour difference split the two visits. Our night server was so great that we came back the next day to be greeted with the exact opposite of her service. It's a shame. But I know where I will not be going to watch football again.

Timberly Marek

Good food, vegetarian and vegan friendly, decent drinks, great tap selection. Be aware: they stop serving food at 10pm or earlier and have "since COVID." Signs on door say 11pm but apparently it takes at least 3 years to update? Good otherwise.

Johnny D.

Best food that we have had in Missoula! Wide variety of choices, fresh food, well seasoned and prepared. This is our second time here and have been to multiple places in Missoula. Friendly staff, clean restaurant, clean bathrooms, open atmosphere and great bar.


The server was very pleasant and the outdoor seating was great today, but two complaints… 1) I ordered a Kentucky mule and it was served in a pint glass instead of in a metal mug. The server explained that they’ve had a lot of metal ones stolen, but why not just require A driver’s license to get one of those metal mugs, which are essential for a proper mule. 2) we ordered a large plate of nachos and ran out of salsa and sour cream, so I asked for more. We were up-charged $5.00 to get another round of the condiments without being told that would be the case. We complained about that to the server and she took our complaint to the chef, who said “if it comes out of the kitchen we charge for it”. Unacceptable!!!! $5.00 for 2 tablespoons of salsa and 2 of sour cream, ridiculous!!!!

Ted-Marty S.

I have always loved this place. The food and service is great, but you took the best sandwich off of the menu-The Media Noche. It was by far the best Cuban in town . Please bring it back.

Brienna M.

Great spot for a happy hour (3-6p) in downtown Missoula. Enjoyed wings (traditional + hoisin) plus some pesto hummus. Generous pour drinks and attentive staff. Will return for full priced menu -- lots of great looking dishes for dinner. Love that we can sit with our dog but also love the spacious outdoor spaces in the restaurant. Large bar inside has tvs. Easy lot parking but also ample street parking.

Amy S.

Delish! We are out of seattle, we're looking for a bar & grill with good drinks and food. We really enjoyed our drinks, food and the wait staff was friendly and attentive, highly recommend!


The Iron Horse has great food and a really nice venue. Service is prompt and the staff is friendly. This is a perfect place for a relaxing experience.

John D.

5 star all the way! Feels like a neighborhood pub with a 5 star chef!!! Meals were all perfect and unique. The wait staff? Awesome! Took great care of us but NOT overbearing!

Matthew G.

Idk who the guy bartender was, if he was sober, drunk, or high, but ordered 4 drinks and they're not exactly what they're supposed to be, or even close for that matter. Visiting, but won't be back when I do visit again. There are such good bars around here, any other is great.

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