Papa John's Pizza

825a Merrimon Ave A, Asheville
(828) 251-9800

Recent Reviews

Matthew Sherdan

Great staff and awesome delivery drivers

Mary Topper

We order from this Papa John's once a month - the team at Merrimon has never let us down. Food's always good, and the driver is always friendly. Also, if you're thinking about trying that new Shaq-a-roni pizza...DO IT. It's worth it. It is very foldable and very delicious.

Reid Presley

Late! Late! Late! Per app was to be delivered approximately 28 minutes. Of course app is a joke; it states pizza is “preparing” for about 20 minutes. Until I called after 45 minutes, they state it would be another 13 minutes. Then coincidentally it changes to “on its way” Of course pizza wasn’t hot. I’m only 2 miles away. So if you want a Papa Johns pizza, hot, then you need to pick it up.

Sophia H.

Great management and customer service was great too would come here again while visiting Asheville The pizza was very good as well

Freya Galaxy

I've witnessed 90% of them not washing their hands and then TOUCHING PEOPLES FOOD, and this includes managers, this place is discussing, there's bugs crawling around everywhere and nobody cleans dishes properly

Glasswizard. Brian Johnson

I live .4 mile from Merrimon store. It took 35 minutes from ordering to delivery. The delivery person drove to Tunnel Rd. , then delivered our pizza, which was barely warm. The pizza was not very good. The manager was not very nice, had no care as to our complaint with of taking too long . He wasn't congenial , bad customer service.

Ken Frizzell

Never got the pizza I ordered because of their faulty

Kristopher Fant

Called to place an order at 1032 and an associate answered the phone to say we're closed. Awful service before even placing an order.

Amy Roberts

Fantastic food and friendly service ?

Martin West

Love working there

John G.

On the website it said that it would get here at 7:48 and it didn't get here until 7:49. This is an embarrassment for the papa johns community now that Shaquille O'Neal is the head chief. My balls itch. Also the pizza was ass. - Michelle Obama

Autumn McGarity

I have a pizza problem. Also, this Papa Juan's is actually pretty good, comparatively.

LS Grillo

Always a wonderful late night pizza.

Autumn Heckman

Reluctant to even rate this restaurant a star, we called for a couple pizzas an hour and a half ago. Still waiting patiently for our pizza, we called to see where our pizza was and they informed us that they don't deliver to our address. After telling us that they made the pizza 30 minutes ago. Horrible customer service, they absolutely need more efficient staff.

Andrea Womack

Said 35 minutes. On time late night. Delivered to hotel room. Made perfectly as ordered.

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