Uncle Eddy's Homemade Custard

46878 North Carolina Hwy 12, Buxton
(252) 995-4059

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Marie Nolte

This has always been a must for our vacations. Our last visit in early September has turned us off. While the custard was fine, the mini-golf was a complete waste of time and money. No lights were on, so we could hardly see what was happening. They didn't have a selection of different colored golf balls, maybe 3 colors in total. From what we could tell, the course itself is in need of a complete overhaul. But worst of all were the MOSQUITOS. I am used to mosquitoes at the beach, but we were swarmed with them while trying to get through the 18 holes. It made the experience completely miserable for our group of 8.

Ian Collins

Played mini-golf. Course is really fun, but needs a few more lights for nighttime play. Staff were friendly and helpful.

Nikki P

Super cute spot that's open late! We aren't even big dessert people but we visited twice for dessert during our OBX vacation. The small custards are a perfect amount for one person.

Andrew Clark

A great place to grab ice cream (soft or hard) with a variety of toppings and reasonably priced. Also, if you’re able to, stay for a round of mini golf as you enjoy your dessert.

Beth L.

Visiting Frisco for the week, and we decided to visit Uncle Eddys for ice cream and putt-putt. No where to park and I asked if I could park in back of the restaurant, I was told by a worker that I could. Walked in to order some ice cream and the lady behind the counter started yelling at me for parking in back. She was standing right next to the lady that told me it was ok. I tried to apologize and explain, but she just yelled over me, telling me I'd have to buy her a new septic system, and that would be expensive. Never tried the ice cream. Never will. Rude and mean. Bye, Felicia.

Bill P.

Really tasty options, had a little trouble with one order, but got things squared away and enjoyed!


This place is not good, but not totally bad either. Let me start by saying, I was here years ago in the evening and was served by two women who were not very nice. They clearly didn't want to be there and it was painfully obvious to the customers. After hearing that this was not what the owner would want for their business, I decided to try again - after all they have homemade custard! Today, when I walked in, I was hit by the familiar mustiness of a former flood (which I now recall was present during my previous experience). We were greeted by a lady and gentlemen who seemed fairly indifferent. They didn't smile. Nothing made me feel welcome. I guess I didn't feel unwelcome, but I did feel uncomfortable. I ordered the mango margarita custard (I got the last of what was left) and my daughter ordered the vanilla soft serve. My daughter loved her soft serve. Mine didn't taste like mango or lime or anything close to margarita. It also had ice all over it like it was freezer burnt; although, it did not taste freezer burnt. It didn't taste bad, but it wasn't what you would expect from mango margarita custard. We walked outside and my husband and I simultaneously confirmed that nothing had changed, we wouldn't be back. It just isn't for us when there are other ice cream places in the area that offer, what we feel are, better tasting products served by smiling faces. Also, this establishment has a mini golf course. We have never played on this course, but we took a look at it when we went outside. Many of the holes are straight shots without obstacles or are very tiny squares (maybe 2.5ft x 2.5ft) where you hit the ball from the tee area directly into the hole. I'm sure this mini golf course was a fun afterthought to the business and they are working with the space they have, but it's a little odd. Maybe a nine hole course with better holes would have behooved them.

Cassie Brose

The best ice cream! We stayed at Lighthouse view and stopped twice on vaca - the soft serve is amazing! It's so cute and love the mini golf area.

Janet Spicer

Tastes better and more fun than how it looks from road! Custard and ice cream choices, plus milkshakes. Putt-putt course has age but is still fun. Ascend bonus is you can see the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse from different spots on the course!

Mitchell Strycker

Came in 3 min to close. Place was still packed. No complaints or issues. Took our order with a smile and got us our ice cream super quick! Highly reccomend

Megan Morelock

Ice cream is good but the service is awful and it's overpriced compared to other similar ice cream businesses in Buxton. Long wait, inconsistent service of tickets and customers and wait staff takes unnecessary attitude with customers, even when they are polite and understanding.

Nichole Kennedy

Good selection of frozen treats and beachy decor. And the little minigolf course is so cute, like a fun forest spot tucked in between business buildings!

Melinda Deann Beaver

Everything... great custard, service and golf

Sarah Haarsma

Great selection of ice cream and frozen custards (sundaes, milk shakes, etc). Delicious!


Great custard and has a mini golf course. Very nice owner. Good place to stop.

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