The Cave

452 W Franklin St, Chapel Hill
(984) 234-0293

Recent Reviews

Prakash Rangaraju

Oldest bar in Chapel Hill area. Easy to miss if you're not looking for it. Literally a cave in the basement and has that local intimate set up with dark lighting. You get the standard beer and few local beers. If you're looking for a bite with the sip, this isn't the place. Still a good stop by place for a quick beer!

Kayla Minger

Very rude people that work here. The place smells awful, hot and there is no ventilation.

Kevin Ohanian

cool place to chill and live music!!

Tito Ramirez


Jamie Tripp

love the place and the people

Francisco Cappai

Great underground vibes! Fifty years of tradition printed on its walls and decoration. An intimate place where conversations flow easily.


Horrible wet basement smell the time I went in there. Fans were on to combat it, but they were fighting a losing battle.

Tiffany Howard

Excellent service. Friendly and efficient staff. Really pleased with the whole experience.

Irene Rose Wolf

Best (and only) dive bar in town

Rob Dapirate

Great place to go. Music was great. Met the owner, she was very friendly. All patrons were friendly also. We are not locals from around here, but we were told this is usually where the locals hang out if you don't want to hang out with the college kids club. We will go back next time we come visit our daughter. Not your typical place, but that's what we love! Thanks, Autumn!

Veronica Yates

This place is cool if you are not a square. Listened to jammin' music and made a few friends. The owner is so cool and made us feel like part of the family. Not a place to dress up all fancy....just a chill place that is dark and cozy. We had a great time!

Javier Becerra

Great ambiance and vibe. Good live music

Shannon Sweeney (beauxbe)

The best.

Nona Poulton

Bartenders are the tits

Collin Kilmartin

One of my favorite bars in Chapel Hill. It’s a great vibe and a feel good place to go. The atmosphere is a nice change from He’s Not Here and MAW, and more chill charm to it. The love music there is amazing.

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